Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 2)

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Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 2)

Because of this interruption, it was already at night when one returned back.

When Tang Shu saw her finally returning, he then gave a sigh of relief. Luo Tan had returned from outside and learned from Jing Zhe and Gu Yu about Shen Miao’s pregnancy and was both shocked and happy.

Tang Shu was so happy that he did not know what to say. Shen Miao instructed them not to tell Xie Jing Xing as it was the critical juncture of the war thus it was not good for Xie Jing Xing to be distracted. Tang Shu nodded his head continuousy but his heart was sighing and he said that he wanted to burn some incense to Empress Xiao, so that Empress Xiao would also know of this good knews.

Luo Tan was instead very surprised and curious. She wanted to touch Shen Miao’s abdomen but she didn’t dared. At the end she carefully put her hand on it and felt it for half a moment before vented, “Why is there no movement?”

“It is only a month. How would there be movements?” Shen Miao laughed.

“But.” Luo Tan looked at her, “Youngest Biao Sister, we also don’t tell GuFu, GuMu and the rest? If they were to know of it, they would definitely be very happy.”

Shen Miao thought about it and shook her head, “Now Father, Mother and Eldest Brother are confronting Fu Xiu Yi and at such a time one would become their soft underbelly. If a child in included that it would only be tying their hands and legs. Moreover Xie Jing Xing would reach Ming Qi sooner or later and would be meeting up with Father and Mother. If Father and Mother knows about it then Xie Jing Xing would also know.”

Luo Tan thought about it and felt that it made sense before saying, “Even though they do not know, me, the YiMu, knows.” She said softly, “Although one do not know if it would be a little nephew or little niece, one really like the thought of thinking about the little meat ball.”

Luo Tan seemed to be somewhat quiet these days. She originally had a lively personality and that made everyone in the residence of Prince Rui somwaht surprise. Now she finally regained some liveliness.

“This is a big auspicious event in these days.” Tang Shu smiled, “It is necessary to be lively.” He then smacked his head, “Almost forgotten. One should take note on some food. Now that Furen is focusing on health, there must not be any mistakes. And also all the corners of doors and furniture, one must cover it up with cloth.”

He spoke like he was extremely nervous.

Shen Miao laughed. In her past lifetime when she was pregnant with Fu Ming and Wan Yu, she had not experience this kind of treatment. Even Consort Dong Shu did it like a routine and asked her if everything was alright and sent some supplements. If the Shen family did not show concern, Shen Miao feared that she would be in a mess.

Now she was instead calm but the people in the residence of Prince Rui were all so nervous.

She laughed, “There is no need for trouble. Tang Shu, you too pack up. Because I am pregnant, Her Ladyship the Empress wants me to enter the Palace. Leave some guards in the residence and leave some more people. All the important people will be following me to the Palace.”

Tan Shu was startled and seemed to understand Shen Miao’s meaning, “Alright, this old servant will arrange it now.”

“Youngest Biao Sister, do I also go?” Luo Tan asked.

“Naturally so.”

“But I… I don’t know any Palace etiquette. Would it not be good?” Luo Tan asked.

Shen Miao said, “How could it not be good? Your footwork is good and everyone knows that your martial arts skills is high and is close with me, thus I would be even safer. The safety of my child and me would all be depended on you for protection.”

“Youngest Biao Sister, don’t tease me.” Luo Tan comprehended, “But you said correctly. With you and me together, two people is better than one. I will follow you to the Palace.” She then stood up, “I will pack up first.”

After Luo Tan left, Shen Miao stood up.

She did not expect that she would be pregnant at this time but felt that this was also destined.

Pushing open the windows, the autumn mood was very bright and it was beginning to shape to a full moon. After some days, it would be the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Families would have reunion during Mid-Autumn Festival but she was separated with her family. Be it Xie Jing Xing or Shen Xin and the rest, they were all not by her side. This year was destined to be a difficult year but… Sen Miao touched her lower abdomen, because she had a child, because she had become a mother again, she seemed to be able to appreciate the full moon.

Heaves would never treat a person coldly foreer. At least at this momen, the Heaves was a good person. He had gave Shen Miao a rebirth lifetime, bestowed her a man who loved her deeply and a new life.

The past had passed. This was a completely different moonlight.

She asked the child in her womb softly, “Look. You and your Father is looking at the same moon.”


Shen Miao entered the Palace.

Empress Xian De treated her very well and gave her the side hall beside Wei Yang Palace. Shen Miao still used her own people thus there was no inconvenience. Normally Empress Xian De would like to talk to Shen Miao and brew tea. Luo Tan also followed along and since she had a lively personality, Empress Xian De also liked her a lot.

The days passed calmly and if there was anything unexpected, it would be about Ye Hong Guang.

Ye Hong Guang was also taken to the Palace. He did not wake for a long time but unexpectedly woke up one day. Upon waking up, his mind was like a three year old child and did not know anything. When the Imperial Physician took a look, they feared that he had nearly gone mad due to receiving such a big shock.

Like this, Emperor Yong Le did not bother to manage it. Raising a fool would not waste too much rice. Ye Hong Guang would chase butterfly and catch crickets all day in the garderns and was very happy.

Sometimes when Shen Miao saw his and Fu Ming’s face, she would feel that Ye Hong Guang’s life was as miserable as Fu Ming. Both of them were born in good families and it has destroyed their innocent lives.

When Empress Xian De saw her serious face, she thougth that she felt sad for Ye Hong Guang and patted Shen Miao hands to console her, “There is no need to be sad. It is not necessarily a bad thing like this. Now that the Ye family is no longer here, if he was clear minded and knew this when he woke up, one would not know how sad he would be. Even if there was no hatered, there would be pain in his heart. Moreover when the Emperor takes action, it would be cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots thus his life would definitely not be remained. Like this even though he is a fool, he need not need to face those heartbreaking matters and forever be as carefree as a child. Isn’t this good?”

Emperor Yong Le had been suspicious if Ye Hong Guang was pretending to be a fool but the Imperial Physician had taken a look and he had also sent people to monitor secretly and Ye Hong Guang was indeed a fool. The most important thing was that he was already poor of health and now with this injury, his health had become worst. It was also unknown how long he could live.

Perhaps Ye Hong Guang’s experience reminded Emperor Yong Le of his youth. He was also poisoned heavily during his youth and did not know how long he could leave. Just this same encounter made Emperor Yong Le felt a rare compassion and spared Ye Hong Guang’s life.

However Ye Hong Guang was currently a fool and did not know that his life and death was controlled by the Emperor. He had already rolled passed the King of Hell’s hall but still smiled carelessly every day.

However not everyone in this world could be like Ye Hong Guang, living like a child and smiling that openly.

Two months later, Xie Jing Xing had reached the edge of Ming Qi and started to fight with Ming Qi’s army. At the same time th Luo family and the Shen family had meet up at Han Gu Pass and lured the Qin army to the pass.

Both Qin country and Ming Qi had joined forces and was currently confronting the Great Liang army that was led by Xie Jing Xing.

War was always ruthless and once it was started, it was not easy to end it. Moreover two countries fighting one, made it evenly matched.

Shen Miao would bring out the military defense map that she gave to Xie Jing Xing to study. Initially she was unable to see any inkling to it but gradually, some sprouts became to form. It was like the chess pieces that had their routes set were moving step by step according to the road designed by the other party.

Shen Miao knew that if one did not guess wrongly, that military map has reached the hands of Fu Xiu Yi.

In Great Liang and Qin Qi’s battles, there were wins and losses, thus at the moment others were unable to see who actually won. Xie Jing Xing, unlike previous lifetime, did not sweep all the troops off because Qin country and Ming Qi were not in alliance in the past lifetime. At that time it was Great Liang who attacked Qin country first before destroying Ming Qi. However there was also another point, which was Shen Miao knew that Xie Jing Xing had changed his strategy. He was like a smart and savvy hunter that was leading his prey to his trap.

It was indeed the Xie family style of eliminating in one stroke cleanly without any entanglement.

Fu Xiu Yi was being hooked. At the same time of Shen Miao feeling gratified, she could not help but admire Ye Mei’s means. Many things had changed but she could still gain Fu Xiu Yi’s heart and present that military map up, making Fu Xiu Yi trust her.

Sure enough, shortly after that, Xie Jing Xing’s letter was sent back to Great Liang.

The situation of Ming Qi was stated in the letter.

Emperor Wen Hui was seriously ill and crowned the Nineth Prince, Fu Xiu Yi, as the Emperor. When Fu Xiu Yi was enthroned, he had good relations with the Emperor of Qin and had gotten the support of the Monarch of the Qin country thus both countries had launched an offensive to against Great Liang. The other Princes of Ming Qi, including Prince Zhou and Prince Jing had been imprisoned. When dealing with family, Fu Xiu Yi had always handled the butcher’s cleaver with ease.

The Shen family and the Luo family alied with other old familys that were suppressed by Emperor Wen Hui and publicly rebelled, thus crowned as the ‘rebel party’ in Ming Qi but the commoners did not seem to buy it. The Shen family’s clean reputation had exsisted for so many years and would not be discredited that easily.

Xie Jing Xing’s people were in secret contact with the people of the Shen family and not too long, the Shen family would surrender and allied with Xie Jing Xing, formalising their change in sides.

At the end of the letter, Xie Jing Xing indifferently added a few more words, as if it was a dispensable rumour and was added at will.

It was said that there was an Imperial family affair that was circulating in Ding capital. There was a beauty that entered the Palace, who was a far relative of an Imperial merchant. She was as beautiful as a fairy, very intelligent and knew how to speak. The new Emperor loved her like precious stones and placed her on his palm. She was even the title of Mei Furen and in a short time, her favour far aceeded the other consorts in the Inner Palace.

Shen Miao floded the letter and smiled.

Luo Tan asked, “Youngest Biao Sister, isn’t it just a letter? You have read it over and over again and even smiled three times.” Suddenly she looked towards the other side, “Oh. Why did the cat climb till there? And even climb that high?”

Not far away on the tree in the garderns, there was a black cat that was climping up the tree truck and headed towards the taller branches. It was as if the branches could not withstand the weight of the cat, making it swaying and looking dangerous.”

“The faster one climbs, the taller one climbs, one would then fall faster and the pain would be worse.” Shen Miao smiled, “Just watch slowly.”


Another half a year had passed.

Once the war begins, it would not be stopped easily. This was especially true for the war between three countries. Now the fire beacons on all sides were lit, tomorrow the soldiers would meet on the battlefield. There were losses and wins, andn there were retreats and advancements. The Qin country and Ming Qi broke the boat with this war thus their investment to it would be more.

In contrast, the troops that Great Liang brought were considered to be little.

However despite this and the alliance between Ming Qi and Qin country, there was no benefit to be gained from Great Liang. It seemed to be a long and slow tug of war and the pace of Qin country and Ming Qi had gradually discrupted.

It was especially so recently.

In the previous battle, be it small or big, the Qin Qi alliance would win some, especially at the beginning. One would be able to taste sweetness every time and even thought it was not sumptuous, it greatly boost the morale. Both Qin country and Ming Qi troops were very motivated.

Later on, the advantages for the two countries, Qin country and Ming Qi, were no longer obvious. Although there were wins, but there were outward appearance of loss.

All the way to the thirteen mounts of You Zhou.

To Ming Qi and Qin country, the thirteen mounts of You Zhou was the junction of the three countries, Great Liang, Ming Qi and Qin country. It had always been Qin country’s land and as to why it belonged to Qin country, one had to go to the period of the founding of the country. For so many years the thirteen mounts of You Zhou had been firmly standing at the border and it wasn’t because Great liang and Ming Qi did not have thoughts about it but because the complex landscapt of thirteen mounts of You Zhou, it was easy to defend but difficult to attack. If one wanted to conquer it, one feared that a lot of effort was required and with a mistake, it would even tire one out.

Such a difficult bone to gnaw. Even if one wanted it, other than having ambitions, one had to have great courage.

Xie Jing Xing was leading Great Liang troops and was about to launch an attack on the thirteen mounts of You Zhou. This battle was crucial and critical that it could be said as the key point to determine the entire situation. If Xie Jing Xing successfully conquere the thirteen mounts of You Zhou, afterwards he would be able to end the war quickly and he would be able to ruin Ming Qi and Qin country surprising smoonthly.

On the other hand, if Xie Jing Xing was unable to gnaw this bone down, it would only make the Great Liang troops vulnerable. Not mentioning fighting with Ming Qi and Qin country. It would be difficult to resist the attacks from these two countries.

No matter if it was for Ming Qi or Ming Qi and Qin country, all bets were on this battle. It seems that they had placed everything on this gamble.

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