Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 1)

This is not a normal length chapter… Our dear author squeezed sooooo many chapters into one that I find it insane when translating it. Do expect many parts for this chapter as I would post to a max of 3k words per release. Actually I am still translating this chapter as it is being released…

**I am pulling my hair out due to the shear length… Why can’t the author just make this to another 5 chapters or sth? Why label all of it in 1 chapter?!?!?!

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 1)

Xie Jing Xing only left ten short days but the days seemed to be much slower than he was present. It was obviously still the same Prince Rui residence but it did not seem right.

The Mo Yun Army left a few guards in Prince Rui residence to defend the place. Tie Ye followed along with Xie Jing Xing and so did Gao Yang. Ji Furen did not let Ji Yu Shu go since the Ji family only have a single seedling but knew knew that Yu Ji Shu had an unaffected personality that he left a letter and mixed with the expedition troops and left. When Ji Furen discovered it and wanted to chase, Ji Daren held her back, “Ji Yu Shu is impetuous and ignorant. It is good for him to tempted to sharpen his mind.”

And thus in the big Long Ye, most of the people that had good relations with SHen Miao seemed to have left overnight. Gao Yang left so the Gao family send over his younger junior over to look after Ye Hong Guang. Ye Hong Guang was still not awake and just continued sleeping.

Luo Tan seemed to have grown up a lot overnight and no longer provoked or tease others all day or even hang around the streents. Occasionally she would stop and care about the situation at Ming Qi’s side. From the beginning, Luo Tan was entangled in the war between Great Liang and Ming Qi thus Shen Miao told her the entire situations and happenings in Min Qi. That included Fu Xiu Yi, Emperor Wen Hui and also included the suppression of the Luo and Shen families. The more she listened, the quieter she became and afterwards she no longer said anything.

Shen Miao did not console her as there are some matters where one would slowly understand clearly. It was only sooner or later.

The days became much quieter and there were no signs of panic within the commoners in Long Ye. Perhaps they were particularly confident with the soldiers that went for the expedition or perhaps were used to the peace for so many years that they had no recollection of war and thus were not afraid.

Nowadays Shen Miao and those noble families’s Furens had good relations. This was naturally because of her deliberate enthusiasm and these Furens were also very smart. The Imperial family’s biggest threats, the Lu and Ye families, had disappeared from the living and currently only the Imperial family was powerful in Great Liang. Prince Rui residence was related to the Imperial family and Shen Miao had good relations with Empress Xian De, so naturally they were in a hurry to please her.

Speaking of Empress Xian De, Shen Miao would often enter the Palace to visit her. Shen Miao liked to chat with Empress Xian De as Empress Xian De was an extremely talented female and Shen Miao had a wide exposure of knowledge due to her past life of being an Empress. When both of them chat, they could talk about anecodotes all the way to the current situation and their opinions were unexpectedly fitting. Empress Xian De also liked her and everytime they chat, time seemed to go by very quickly.

On this day, Shen Miao wanted to go out again as she planned to enter the Palace to visit Empress Xian De.

The more one enter autumn, the more would one feel the cold. Tang Shu came in with a bowl of goat milk, most likely because Xie Jing Xing left, Tang Shu was just too free every day. Other than being occasionally instructed by Shen Miao to manage the stores, most of the time he had nothing to do. Thus he would think of ideals for meals and even said, “When Master comes back and see Furen become thinner or weaker, he would definitely blame this old servant. It is better to let this old servant make some nutritious meals that will make Furen’s health better when taken.”

Jing Zhe said, “This goat milk smelled really fragrant.”

“If it were other families’ goat milk, it would not be that sweet.” Tang Shu said, “Furen drink this bowl before going to the Palace so that one’s heart would be warm and would not catch a cold during the journey.” He then took a look outside, “These days the weather has turned cold.”

Shen Miao smiled, “Many thanks Tang Shu.” She then picked the bowl up to take a sip.

After only taking a sip, she felt a tumbling in her tummy and almost vomited. She put the bowl down and covered her mouth as her brows wrinkled.

Gu Yu and Jing Zhe jumped in shocked and Tang Shu quickly asked, “Furen, what is wrong?”

Shen Miao shook her head, “Most likely one had caught a cold last night that one felt the goat milk fishy. Since I cannot drink it, I would not drink it.”

“In this case.” Tang Shu said, “One would instruct the servant to get some medicine. May Furen not drink this goat milk first else one would not be comfortable. Later one will instruct the kitchens to make some lighter soups.”

Shen Miao nodded her head and grab onto the cloak as she spoke to Gu Yu, “Let’s go.”

Mo Qing and Cong Yang were already outside and the carriage was prepared. Both of them did not follow Xie Jing Xing to Ming Qi but they were not able to sleep in comfort without worries. Both of them were highly skilled in martial arts and Shen Miao was comfortable in using them thus they remained in Long Ye to carry out Shen Miao’s instructions.

After entering the Palace, Empress Xian De was already waiting for her in Wei Yang Palace as she said with a smile, “You are a little late today.”

“There was a little disorder before one came out.” Shen Miao smiled as she spoke and asked, “Is His Majesty bestter these days?”

“It is still not bad and could even accompany BenGong for a walk in the gardens. But…” Empress Xian De smiled bitterly, “Perhaps it is all deceiving BenGong. Anyways he loves to deceive BenGong and would not speak of anything at all.”

Shen Miao paused and soothed her, “His Majesty fear that you will worry and hope that Your Ladyship would not be worried. This is thinking of you in one’s heart.”

“Perhaps so.” Empress Xian De smiled, “Don’t talk about these. BenGong have some new tea leaves today and the kitchens also made some osmanthus cakes. There are ancient text that indicated that the previous dynasty scholars would put tea leaves in osmanthus cakes as the tea leaves have a light fragrant. With tea, it is call tea cusine. One felt it was not bad thus knowing that you are coming today, one instructed the Imperial Kitchens to make it. If the Emperor knows, one feared that BenGong would be teased. BenGong could only thicken one’s face and look for you.”

“Your Ladyship has praised this official too much.” Shen Miao smiled flightly. “This official wife is from a family with military lineage and has always been rough. One do not know anything about these elegant matters.”

“Save it.” Empress Xian De rebuked, “Even those self-proclaimed civil officials of great erudition and scholarship in Long Ye are not as knowledgable as you. If you are considered rough then won’t the entire civil officials be scorn upon?” She handed the tea over to Shen Miao, “Quickly try it. How is it?”

Empress Xian De liked to brew tea as she liked to watch the tea leaves boiling in the water. The water temperature should be just right, a little more or less would not do. Time had to be controlled well. As for what time of tea leaves, what time of spring water, what type of honey, all these required learnings. All these were trival matters but as an Empress, she did not find it troublesome at all. As to why this was as such, one temprement was trained to be that calm. SHen Miao liked to be with Empress Xian De because her peaceful temperament made one feel that the years were peaceful and one had lots of time.

Shen Miao said, “Deference is no substitute for obedience.” She then picked the teacup up to take a sip. The tea was very fragrant and the aroma was slightly bitter but the aftertaste is dry and sweet. Shen Miao was just about to speak when she suddenly felt nausea and her hand shoke. Half of the tea was spilt as she covered her mouth to tamp down the nausea feeling.

Empress Xian De was startled and quickly took the tea over from her hands. Seeing that her face was not good, she asked, “What is it? Is there anywhere that you fill uncomfortable?”

When Shen Miao felt that the tumbling in her stomach had subsided a little, she then shook her head, “It is nothing. Apologies to Your Ladyship, one is really sorry. Lately it is most likely because one had gotten a cold that one’s stomach always felt uncomfortable. Today when leaving the residence, one also…” Her voice stopped abruptly and an unbelievable expression appeared on her face.

Empress Xian De initially did not understand but after seeing Shen Miao’s expression, she seemed to have thought about something and said in shocked, “Could you be…”

Shen Miao’s fists tightened before releasing quickly, “This official’s wife does not know.”

“Quick, call the Imperial Physician over!” Empress Xian De stood up with excitement and called Tao GuGu, “Take BenGong’s card and invite the Imperial Physican over!”

Shen Miao looked at the tea on the table but her heart was strike by lighting.

She was pregnant before but she was unable to tell clearly if she was actually pregnant or not. Because Xie Jing Xing left a couple of dozens days and her period had always not been accurate thus she did not put it in her heart. She had only thought that she had caught a cold but who knew… Recalling it back, she felt that lately her appetite had been strange recently.

However she was unable to make any certainty to things.

Shen Miao’s heart was somewhat stirred up. Children were considered to her too far away. She was somewhat scared, fear that when the child came to this world, they would face the sorrows and suffering of the people and she was not all powerful and unable to protect them without a single mistake. On the other hand, she was very eager for the child’s arrival.

If it is here, this would be the best gift that the Heavens had gifted her.

The Imperial Physician quickly rushed over and Empress Xian De seemed to be even more excited than Shen Miao, instructed the Imperial Physician to immediately take Shen Miao pulse.

The white bearded Imperial Physician took Shen Miao’s pulse and after pondering for a long time, he then stood up and bowed towards Shen Miao before bowing to Empress Xian De before smiling, “Congratualtions WangFei of the First Rank. The pulse is like beads, it is an auspicious pulse. One is afraid thtat WangFei had been pregnant for more than a month. There would be a new born in the Prince residence.”

Shen Miao was still somewhat incredulous and she asked, “Really?”

It was rare for Empress Xian De to see this kind of dull Shen Miao and started laughing. She then said seriously, “WangFei is asking you, is this real? If there is any mistake, then a heavy punishment would be handed down.”

The white bearded Imperial Physician smiled, “This old official does not dare to lie. If WangFei does not believe, then one can invite a few more physians to take a look.”

It was orginially a joke but Shen Miao said, “Alright, then one would bother you to invite a few more to take a look.

That shocked the Imperial Physican for a while.

Empress Xian De was unbearably happy and knew that Shen Miao was not willing to believe it and must confirm it again. However when she was pregnant, she too could not believe it. Thinking about herself, her gaze darkened but she quickly recovered to her senses and smiled, “Then follow what WangFei had said and invite a few more Imeprial Physicans over.”

Empress Xian De really took good care of Shen Miao and indeed invited over a number of Imperial Physicians to take Shen Miao’s pulse. The result of taking her pulse was the same, Shen Miao was indeed expected one month of pregnancy.”

This was really a coincident. Xie Jing Xing just headed for the expedition and a few dozen days later, Shen Miao was diagnose as pregnant. Like this, one would at least not be that lonely but it could be also even lonelier.

Empress Xian De was overjoyed. Most likely in the entire Imperial family, there were only Emperor Yone Le and Xie Jing Xing, two brothers. Emperor Yong Le did not have any sons and the Xie family did not have any younger generations. The one that Shen Miao was pregnant with was considered the first of the younger generation of the Xie family. Empress Xian De also instructed people to invite Emperor Yong Le over.

When Emperor Yong Le learned of the news, he could not believe it. Empress Xian De smiled, “Thinking about it, in the future if it is a little boy or little girl, they would be calling you Imperial BoBo and call me Imperial GuGu. Isn’t it very interesting?”

“What is so interesting?” Emperor Yong Le was still a little awkward. He did not like Shen Miao in reality because he had a dispute of Xie Jing Xing on Shen Miao. However Emperor Yong Le was unable to change Xie Jing Xing’s mind and was helpless towards Xie Jing Xing and thus he had viewed Shen Miao as if she was an evil female.

“You ah.” Empress Xian De looked at him, “This is an auspicious matter for our Imperial family. It would be good that WangFei give birth to a few more in the future. It is good that the Prince residence is bustling.” There was some envy in her eyes. It was odvious that Empress Xian De liked children a lot.

Empress Xian De’s envious eyes were seen by everyone and Shen Miao slightly pause whereas there was a trace of pain in Emperor Yong Le’s eyes. After a while he then said, “Tonight pack your things and move into the Palace. This matter cannot be spred out and the Palace can protect you.”

Shen Miao was slightly startled

Empress Xian De quickly said, “That is right. Even though Long Ye looks peaceful, there must not be any mistakes in this kind of situation. Also this matter must be treated with the highest confidentiality and must not be known by outsiders. As for Jing Xing’s side, send him a personal letter…”

“Your Ladyship.” Shen Miao suddenly spoke, “This official wife have a matter to request.”

Empress Xian De said, “Speak.”

“May this matter be hidden from His Highness.” She continued, “His Highness is currently in the expedition and if one come to know about the matter, it would be hard to avoid being worried. If someone sinister makes use of it, one would be in a disadvantage. It is better to be hidden.”

Empress Xian De and Emperor Yong Le looked at each other. Empress Xian De said, “What you thought of is not bad but WangFei, if you are not willing to tell Jing Xing then you would need to bear the bitterness and joy of this child alone. One do not know when Jing Xing would be able to return so you have to endure a very long period of loneliness. BenGong had seen many females in the Palace who would also hid the news of pregnancy for many different reasons but the process is filled with grievances. You will need to suffer these grivances.”

“This official wife does not feel grievance.” Shen Miao smiled gently as both of her hands unconsciously stroke her lower abdomen. Upon knowing that she was pregnant, she felt that there was a life inside her breathing together and that was a wonderous thing. She said, “If the result is good then even though the process is difficult, it would still be worthed it.”

“Alright.” It was Emperor Yong Le who spoke. He looked at Shen Miao, “Since it is as such, then he would not be told.”

Empress Xian De still wanted to say more but Shen Miao had already nodded her head slightly to Emperor Yong Le, “Many thanks Your Majesty.”

“Since this is the case then never mind.” Empress Xian De sighed, “But from today onwards you will move to the Palace. BenGong will say that one want you to enter the Palace for company so that those Furens would not come to look for you every three to five days and delay you in looking after your health.”

This time, Shen Miao did not evade it. It was indeed that there was only her, a female, in the residence of Prince Rui and even though there were some guards from Mo Yun Army protecting, there would inevitably be some people who were watching like tigers. On the contrary, because of the Lu and Ye families matter, the Imperial family’sprestige was unprecedently big currently and it was indeed safer to live in the Palace.

For the piece of flesh in her abdomen, Shen Miao did not mind herself to be like that.

When Empress Xian De saw her agreeing, she immediately instructed Tao GuGu to look for the nearest side hall of Wei Yang Palace and cleaned it up for Shen Miao to stay.

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