Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 214 (Part 2)

Chapter 214: Previous Lifetime II (Part 2)

The abbot was an old monk and he shook his head while looking at him, “An illness of a heart would need a medicine for a heart.”

Was there a medication for regret in the world?

Pei Lang begged for the Enlightened Monk for guidance and he said, “Benefactor dream of the person because one owed a lot to the person. She could not be dissipated from your dreams because there was unresolved resentment. There is no way to carry on living and no way to be liberated.”

Pei Lang was terrified and asked if there was a solution.

The monk asked instead, “Leave the mistakes of the past and seek an opportunity of a redo. If it requires benefactor’s life, is benefactor willing to give?”

Pei Lang said, “Willing.”

That monk said, “May benefactor return.”

“Why return?” Pei Lang did not understand.

“Benefactor is willing to pay with one’s life but that opportunity requires waiting.”

“That opportunity… What kind of opportunity?” Pei Lang asked.

“The person that benefactor owed to, still have a wish. When the wish is resolved, benefactor can give one’s life and perhaps there would be a chance.” The enlightened monk then said, “This monk could not say more then this.”

Pei Lang thanked the monk and returned to the Palace.

What was Shen Miao’s unfulfilled wish?

Shen Miao’s entire life was miserable. Both children and clan died so what she wanted to see the most was most likely the enemies in hell and the Shen family’s reputation was cleared.

There was an opportunity to redo everything but it would require one to wait. Would one wait or not?

Wait. Pei Lang had made a decision.

This lifetime was so long. It was so long that he was willing to use his live to save a mistake.


Winter passed and spring arrived as the wild goose came and went.

When an Imperial dynasty was nearing the end of its fate, the atmosphere of defeat would be hung over it.

The current Ming Qi was not like the former Ming Qi. Exorbitant taxation, forced labour and servitude, unhappy commoners, corrupt officials, chaotic court and a muddleheaded Monarch.

The Crown Prince was busy forming cliques for one’s own interest and could not wait to be the new Emperor as soon as possible.

The military power had been consolidated and returned but there were no capable Generals to lead them. Ming Qi was a piece of fatty meat that everyone wanted a bite.

The distant Great Liang had attacked and swallowed Qin country and finally launched an offensive against Ming Qi. It was like breaking a dead branch from a tree, it was just too easy to win as they fought all the way to the city towers of Ding capital.

As they stationed their camps, all the people in Ding capital felt the danger and the commoners’ household were tightly closed and the atmosphere of a destroyed nation filled the air.

In the biggest tent, there was someone listing and wiping a long sword.

“Ming Qi has reached it’s end.” A white clad gentleman walked over with a folding fan and one was unable to hear any emotions in his voice, “One heard that the Imperial Palace is currently cleaned out tonight.”

What was cleaned out was the womenfolk in the Palace, namely the consorts, concubines, palace maids and Princesses, all will be cleaned out. Instead of being insulted by the enemies, it was better to die first to protect one’s dignity.

But was it really to protect one’s dignity? How many of those people did not want to die?

The movements of wiping the sword paused and the man looked up, revealing a beautiful face. He had a pair of peach blossoms eyes but his gaze was of indifference, “Oh. Has the corpse of Empress Shen found?”

Ji Yu Shu opened the doors of the tent and walk in. He heard those words coincidently and said, “One had inquired and it was not found. The Cold Palace was burned cleanly down in a fire that there was not even any clothes.”

Gao Yang sneered, “Fu Xiu Yi really fears of others gossiping and managed it so cleanly.”

“The Shen family is pitiful.” Ji Yu Shu sighed, “If the Shen family was present, how would he have fallen to such a state?”

Xie Jing Xing said faintly, “One is only digging one’s grave.” He then looked at the red string in his hand.

The colour of the string had somewhat faded but it was still tied tightly. He later wore it to many battlefields but the red string had not fallen off at all.

Thinking about the bright and clear voice of the female that night, Xie Jing Xing shook his head as that promise was ultimately unfulfilled. Who knew that in a short period of a few years, the empire of Ming Qi would be annihilated that quickly? Even without Great Liang, it would not last long.

He indeed return in triumphant and intended to give her a wish for that cup of wine and also accompany her to watch fireworks but the person was gone and there would not be any opportunity in this lifetime.

He said, “Attack the city tomorrow morning.”


Great Liang’s flag was flying high up. The weather of the sixth month was changing rapidly that the black clouds were pressing down onto the city and the wind was raging on, as if it was going to rain in the next moment.

There was no one in the Palace and corpses were laying everywhere. There were some females that had ‘committed suicide’ and there were some servants that were beheaded by Great Liang’s army.

Blood flowed throughout the field as corpses piled up to hundreds of thousands.

Pei Lang sat in the tea hall and pouring a cup of tea for himself. He poured it slowly and steam rose from the corner of the table as it gave of a scent, like a beauty’s whisper that made one intoxicated.

He glanced outside the window.

The day when Shen Miao died, also had such a weather like this. The skies was gloomy and suddenly the rain came pouring.

He had waiting for a long time and finally this day had come.

Great Liang’s army has arrived and Ming Qi was at its end. Fu Xiu Yi and Mei Furen had lived the end of the road and Shen Miao’s wish was about to be fulfilled.

He finally had the opportunity to turn back the mistakes that he made.

He poured the small bottle into the jug and poured a full cup for himself.

Your wish is about to come true. It’s a pity… That the person who fulfill it is not me.

On the city tower, under the pressure of the army, the Emperor’s and Empress’s hands were bound and they were tied to the flagpole.

Humans were selfish and would end another’s life for their own. This was something that Mei Furen and Fu Xiu Yi often do and not it was their turn to have a taste of it.

The officials in Ming Qi’s Palace had tied up their Emperor and Empress to flatter Great Liang. They were willing to use the heads of the Emperor and Empress to gain a way out from the other party to let oneself live.

When the tree toppled, the monkeys scattered. When a wall was about to collapse, everyone would give it a push. No matter how favoured Mei Furen was, at this moment she was unable to move.

Oh. There was still the new Crown Prince, Fu Chen. But he was long beheaded by Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao, who were great at bootlicking, and they went to the Great Liang army with it.

Under the city tower, there sat a male on horse, with a pair of lazily narrowed eyes. One did not know when did the dark clouds scattered and the golden sun shone onto the entire city.

His robes were gorgeous and stained with blood but the noble air was not suppressed. The Emperor who were captured and treated like fish meat, paled in contrast.

“Xie Jing Xing.” Fu Xiu Yi gritted his teeth.

The heir of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, Xie Ding’s Son, Xie Cang Wu’s and Xie Change Chao’s brother. No one had expected that the youth that died early in the battlefield, the youth who died along with the Marquis of Lin An, would reappear so many years later in this manner.

He was the younger blood brother of Emperor Yong Le of Great Liang, the revered and noble Prince Rui of First Rank and also the Commander of Great Liang, leading Mo Yun Army, that one would lose one’s gall upon hearing them in the wind.

“Long time no see, youngest son of the Fu family.” Xie Jing Xing greeted him.

Everyone knew that the younger blooded brother of Emperor Yong Le of Great Liang was the most impressive. He warred against the world for him and was bold and uninhibited. Such an heroic person was originally the heir of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An.

Mei Furen stared at that male.

She was very scared. No matter how she was able to grasp the winning hand, when it comes to life and death situation, she would lose all composure. She had always relied on men to get what she wanted step by step but at this juncture, all the tricks were useless. She blamed Fu Xiu Yi for being useless for making such a perfectly fine dynasty be annihilated like this. Upon looking down on the beautiful features of the male, she stared at him involuntarily, with moving eyes.

Xie Jing Xing frowned and asked Ji Yu Shu, “Shen Miao lost to this female?”

Ji Yu Shu said, “Correct.” He also added, “Only such an ordinary appearance. One really doesn’t know if this Ming Qi Emperor is short sighted.”

Both of their voices were not concealed and the entire army of Great Liang laughed while Mei Furen’s cheeks flushed red with hate. Fu Xiu Yi was annoyed and he looked at Xie Jing Xing, “If you want to kill then kill, why the need to spout nonsense.”

“Still putting on a manly act now?” Ji Yu Shu said with disdain, “Third Older Brother, this Ming Qi Emperor is anxious to die.”

Xie Jing Xing smiled lazily, “Initially this Prince did not want to kill you and was to lazy to do it oneself but this Prince owed your Little Empress a wish. Coincidentally this ending is the ending that you had prepared for this Prince so be it official or personal reasons, one have to return it as thanks.”

He spread his hands out and Gao Yang brought the bow over and handled a silver arrow to him. Xie Jing Xing pulled the bow and one could hear a ‘pak’ sound.

Mei Furen, who was on top of the city tower was shot.

That arrow did not go straight to the chest and avoided the critical organs. Blood flowed nonstop that it made onlookers widen their eyes in shock. Mei Furen was in so much pain that she felt faint. Fu Xiu Yi’s calmed face changed.

The scariest thing in the world was not death but waiting for death.

Xie Jing Xing smiled and stretched his hands out. Gao Yang handled another two arrows over.

He put both arrows together on the bow before whistling.

One saw tens of thousands of Great Liang troops all pulled their bows and aimed at the two persons at the city tower.

The wind was blowing the flags on the platform strongly like it was a ghost howling. But at the end the last trace of dark clouds dissipate and light shone onto the ground.

That male’s purple clothes swayed lightly with the wind and his smile was cold and sharp but there seemed to be some boyish stubbornness between his brows. He stood below the city towers and look on ambiguously before laughing.

“My apologies Little Emperor, one is indebted to a Young Lady to take your dog life.”


Tens of thousands of arrows fiercely shot towards the two persons. It was as if a beast was startled and it was almost obscuring Heavens. Not even a trace of sun was seen as it swallowed the two persons.

Nothing could be seen.

In the Palace, the green clad male had fallen onto the table in front, seemingly sleeping.

Near one’s foot a lantern was tilted and the candle in it fell. In half a moment, the curtains started to burn and fire slowly spread, burning Zhong Hua Palace, through Jin Yu Dian till the entire Imperial Palace was surrounded by flames.

“Third Older Brother, the Imperial Palace has caught fire.” Ji Yu Shu watched from afar and said in alarm, “Do one send people over to extinguish the fire?”

“No need.” Xie Jing Xing stopped him.

“This Imperial Palace of Ming Qi is not clean and it is better to burn it down.” His brows raised, “Fireworks during the daytime. At least one did not break one’s promise.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Yu Shu did not understand.

Xie Jing Jing looked at the skies that was redden by the fire but what appeared in front of his eyes was the lonely figure drinking under the clear bright moonlight.

“This Imperial dynasty had failed you so this Prince will destroy this Imperial dynasty for you.” He said lowly, “This is most probably your wish.”

He however did not notice that the red string, that was tied tightly on his wrist that it had not fallen off for a few years, suddenly broke apart and gently fell onto the fire on the ground, turning into ashes.

No one had heard a long female sigh in the ashes.

So it turned out that this was a calamity and this turned out to be fate.

What one saw might not be real. What the ears hear might also not be real. In the past and current lifetimes he had stood at a distance and smiled without a care and only when one was nearly, one could only then understand what kind of person he was. He was frivolous but was the most sincere and was full of schemes but was righteous. He could send thousands of troops for one cup of warm wine and could stand up for a stranger that one met by chance and said ‘my apologies Little Emperor, one is indebted to a Young Lady to take your dog life’. He lived most seriously but also the most chicly. From among the despicable he was an unlimited honesty and in the world where on look upon indifferently to fight, at the end one did not turn one back but placed that bit of light on one’s palm.

This was her question. It was her question but only he could resolve it.

“It is raining.” Gao Yang put away the fan, “Summer days are sure strange.”

Xie Jing Xing’s lips raised, “Enter the city.”

“For what?”

“Take over the Imperial power.”

Translator thoughts: So many emotions go through my heart and a hundred thoughts passed my mind. Every times I read to the end of this chapter, I will be so overwhelmed that I do not know what to feel or think. A sense of relief that SM could let go? Sorrow for PL’s regret? Regretful that XJX did not get to see SM? Reassured that evil was punished? Bitter that SM did not get to see their ending? Joyous at Fu Chen’s ending? Thankful that XJX is there to fulfill SM unspoken wish? Bittersweet with the scene of the ‘fireworks’? Why did XJX did what he did? How about the 2nd and 3rd household?

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        That her spirit could breath a sigh in the first life, it’s just that small relief when everything has already gone to ruin (and don’t misunderstand me, to have even it makes it more valuable, not less).


    • I’m not so sure…but with FXY’s personality, I don’t think he will ever end up seeing SM’s value. He might hate Mei Furen for what she has done but he probably wouldn’t ever ‘long’ for SM or regret because he doesn’t care about her at all. He only cared about using Shen family’s power for the throne, then clean them up after. SM also didn’t get to show her ‘girlish’ side to FXY since she always had to act regal and somewhat cold as the empress so FXY probably never develoled even a little affection for her. So….I guess that’s how things would always be for FXY…the blind man who maybe can see the value and talent of certain officials but not the value of women.

      As for Pei Lang, I believe it was mentioned in the past chapters that he tried convincing FXY to be wary of Mei Furen because MF’s ambitions were starting to show but FXY won’t listen at all. He probably didn’t become very useful as an advisor anymore and just decided to wait for the moment that the monk was talking about. He probably did not know how the moment will come about but I guess when it came, he realized that it was time. Although Pei Lang was powerful, he was only an official who probably is not charismatic enough to win the hearts of people to overthrow the imperial family so it was probably not in his abilities to fulfill SM’s wish. In the end, he could only wait for that moment while seeing Ming Qi sink deeper because of FXY and MF.

      As for XJX, I guess Great Liang have always had ambitions to unite all 3 nations so whether he met SM or not, Ming Qi would still be destroyed. However, because he met SM, he decided to kill FXY and MF with his own ‘hands’ (uhmm the thousands of arrows from XJX’s soldiers). Knowing XJX, he normally wouldn’t even care about seeing this insignificant Little Emperor and his concubine but because he made a promise to SM to fulfill a wish, then he fulfills what he thought her wish would have been.

      It was already mentioned in the monk’s reading of SM’s fate/ divination that a ‘benefactor’ will help her (something like that) and XJX’s fate was to lend his hand to ‘help’ someone so I guess the way the past life turned out will be the same in this life. If MF somehow finds her way into Ming Qi and FXY’s harem…the ending would be the same.

      Although it ended too quickly, in this current life, I think it would still be best that SM use XJX’s hand for her revenge because if she does things on her own, her family will in greater danger and it would be difficult to ‘play chess’ with someone (FXY) so far away so it would be very risky. I personally don’t mind that because I think rather than revenge, what I want in this new life of SM the most is for her to be truly happy and free ❤ Even if she got her revenge by herself, she will only feel empty afterwards so her happiness and freedom is definitely more important than how the revenge will play out

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      • +1!
        Yup. I don’t think FXY would value her as a woman, or in a romantic way.
        He never even saw her this way. And he being like that would be completely ooc, unrealistic and way too overdramatic.

        Plus it wouldn’t mean much to him.

        Now. Now…
        Let’s say he realised that all he did, all the pain, humiliation (in the sense his ego is too big, and perceived pain/injuries to his person. He must have felt humiliated laying low all that time) and scheming he had to go though, all the ppl he used and sacrificed..

        All he got was all for naught because of this one woman and how his feelings for her made him destroy/corrupt everything with his own hands…
        To have what in the end?

        Not an ounce of real feeling from her, and the son he favoured so much.

        In such a landscape, he’d probably look back to SMs and their kids and go “ah. They were genuine” and go remorseful.

        In such a case, their loyalty and honestly would shine even more brightly and be glamourised.

        And then he would give them the value they were worth.

        This is what I wanted. He’d be regretful, but not in a pinning or romantic way.

        And it’d hurt much, much more, because he is not someone that understands feelings, only cold logic.

        Because he’d be able to see rationally everything he gave up because of a love that was worth nothing.
        That was merely lies and love for power and not himself.

        Which was how he treated everybody basically.

        So the irony of it all would come back to him.

        And after all of this, I wanted to see this from first person, and not this briefly narration that didn’t go in detail.

        I must say, seeing FXY pov/feelings when XJX waltzed in with his army and he knew he’d lost would have been much more interesting, and his speech, and his poise much more enjoyable.

        Now one thing I have been thinking… It’s interesting how both characters (PL and FXY) that were in their own rights considered genius (in regards to IQ) were brought so low and self destructed because they were so glaringly dumb/dull emotionally speaking (EQ).

        That’s a lot to say and show specially to us, that still live in a society that glorify high IQ, status and material achievements, and still doesn’t give the true value of being good, healthy and balanced and fulfilled ppl emotionally speaking.


  18. First of all let me say this: I was right XJX did survive in Shen Miao’s past. My guess is that at the time he departed he decided to leave for his home country. And just like in the current time he survived the assassination attempt. And damn giving FXY the same death as the one he nearly got. That’s gruesome though much too quick. At least he gave Mei furen one big face slap. It seems as if XJX has a way better judge of character.

    As fort he 2nd and 3rd household: weren’t Shen Quing and Shen Yue promoted to princesses (chapter 1)? So I would assume that they killed themselves or were killed. And Shen Yuan is most possibly dead too since he was one of FXY’s advisors. Perhaps their parents are still alive though given XJX’s character he might wipe them out too. At least the backstabbing bastards didn’t enjoy much of their ill-gotten wealth


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  21. …that was a way too quick and certainly good ending for the emperor and his white lotus. Am disappoint.

    Not with the release though. Thanks for the translation! 😀

    This “revision” of Pei Lang is kinda… eh. If you gotta die, at least sell your life dearly, or attach some meaning to your death, you gormless chump. Granted, maybe he (by action or inaction) meddled with court matters to speed things along, or the plan to tie the emperor and empress to those poles originated from him, or other stuff that hasn’t been revealed. Still, suicide is so anticlimactic. In some way, befitting the him in this life, though. A complete waste. I get that he was told to wait, but… it’s just so unsatisfying. There’s “wait” and “wait”, dammit.
    Thankfully the “real” version has improved leaps and bounds above that.

    Also: Iunno, I’m not really feeling all that moved by XJX’s actions. He would’ve conquered Ming Qi regardless of his interactions with Shen Miao, as it was ripe for the taking and part of the plan anyways. The former emperor and empress would have been killed either way. “Committed suicide out of shame”, etc. It’s just logical to tie up all loose ends, why allow two well-known schemers with legitimate claim to the throne to live, that’s just asking for trouble.

    Now that arrow. That was a good one, and certainly outside the “normal” proceedings, but since they got turned into porcupines the very next second, it hardly counts as taking revenge, IMHO. His comments about the former empress are nice and add a melancholic air to the proceedings, but in the end it’s just business as usual with some flowery words attached. Not romantic enough for me. Then again, I just finished re-reading Mulberry Song for the umpteenth time, so I’ve probably overdosed on the sirupy “good sad” stuff.

    I’m most thankful to Ji Yu Shu, though. That snarky comment about Mei Furen being ordinary. Soundly slapping her face for Shen Miao, in front of everyone. The best! You da man! Squee! Hope he gets some payoff in the “next” life.

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    Me complace que Mei Furen y el perro del emperador hayan terminado así, ja! de qué le sirvió todos sus planes cuando empezó a gobernar mal (?), el hijo elegido por él tampoco sirvió para nada y su dinastía cayó, eso fue justicia para SM y su familia, me pregunto sí este sueño, lo estará viendo SM.
    En cuanto a PL, al parecer ya ha usado su vida para pagar, será que su vida es salvada en esta por el favor dado (?). Me pregunto, qué pensaba nuestro príncipe sobre la emperatriz SM. Pero, en esta vida ella es su esposa.
    Espero, que al despertar SM deje ir. En cuanto a la pequeña Mei, algo me dice que tampoco terminará bien en esta vida, es absolutamente despreciable. Lo que me intriga, es cómo demonios llegó a otro país.
    Muchas gracias.


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  26. I have to admit I’m genuinely surprised at the this fate-clusterfuck that is taking place here.

    Through various means Fei, XJX and PL are all connected to SM… one way or another.

    Not to mention behind all those connections stands some asshole monk, that is being smug about all of it. Yeah, for people who preach all the time they can’t reveal “the will of the heavens” they are awfully involved in everything.

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