Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 190 (Part 2)

Chapter 190: Face Off (Part 2)

Xie Jing Xing snapped his fingers and his eyes fell onto the chess board that the game was just finished. Most of Shen Xin’s white chess pieces had been swallowed up on the chess board whereas Xie Jing Xing’s black pieces were filled on the board. Shen Xin had lost terribly but it seemed that this game was not intense. Xie Jing Xing said, “The game one played with Father-in-law was me using the identity of Ming Qi’s Imperial family to play with Father-in-law. Didn’t Father-in-law discover it?”

Shen Xin suddenly looked up and said angrily, “Nonsense.”

“Weather it is nonsense or not, both of us are clear.” Xie Jing Xing’s smiled suddenly disappeared and the lazy expression was put away. What was left was a somewhat harsh and sharp look, “What attitude Ming Qi have of the Shen family, I do not believe that Father-in-law did not see it before. In fact, if it was not Shen Miao who deal with it on the sly, the Shen family would not be able put safety before matters of principle. I am not one with a Buddha’s heart but is not willing to see Shen Miao protecting your Shen family but you all do not know anything about it. She is only a young lady but she become a bad person. I cannot bear it.”

The beard by Shen Xin’s lips were straight but he was able to grasps the pivotal meaning in Xie Jing Xing’s words and questioned closely, “What happen to Jiao Jiao? What is the meaning of your words? Explain to me.”

“Father-in-law and Mother-in-law are often stationed in the Northwest region and have hearts that are filled with everything under Heavens so naturally you would be too busy and unable to look after Shen Jiao Jiao but I am fortunate enough to know. What kind of good people do you think that Shen family’s Second and Third households are? At the beginning they ganged up with Prince Yu of the First Rank and wanted to send Shen Miao to Prince Yu’s bed and even used a bewitching incense. How did Shen Yuan die? How did Ren Wan Yun go crazy? How did Shen Gui and Shen Wan get into trouble? How about Jing Chu Chu and Jing Guan Sheng? Its alright if the Shen family schemed against Shen Miao but the Imperial family of Ming Qi had never have any qualms in taking your head.”

“When you withdraw to Xiao Chun City at the beginning, who do you think was dealing with it that the Su Yu of the Su family suddenly appeared personally and succeed by a lucky stroke to let the Emperor to give a way out? Was it really a coincidence that the Shen family would withdraw safely every time?”

Shen Xin seemed to be stuck by lightning.

These matters had happened upon his and Luo Xue Yan’s return to Ding capital and he too was suspicious that there was somethings that were not right but every time he investigated, nothing would be found out at the end and afterwards as there were too many matters in army, he did not have much time to be entangled in to and thus thrown it to the back of his mind.

Shen Miao did not mention it so Shen Xin had neglected it. Now to hear about all these things from Xie Jing Xing, Shen Xin could not tell if he was shocked or angry and just became speechless.

“For the Second and Third household of the Shen family to walk to such a point, it was all Shen Miao’s plans. General Shen should not blame her for being vicious and merciless. If she did not do so then the grass at her gravestone would be more than a Zhang (1 Zhang = 10 feet = 3.3m) high.” The words from Xie Jing Xing’s mouth was sarcastic but his eyes were so sharp that it did not allow one to breath. He said, “Perhaps Father-in-law is considered a good General to everyone under Heavens but I felt that it is otherwise for Shen Miao. I do not know why she place all these matters on herself to carry as if she owed the Shen family. Even though I view that General Shen is not a good father, the Shen family is very lucky to have raise a daughter like Shen Miao.”

“In order to help you all manage, she had thought of thousands of plans and hundred of tactics to protect the Shen family. The Imperial family of Ming Qi is one of which she have to deal with in the future so when General Shen said that Shen Miao would be in a difficult situation, I do not understand if you really understand Shen Miao.” He said it coldly and mockingly.

Shen Xin sat on the chair and at this moment he suddenly did not have any expression.

“On the contrary, although my friendship with Shen Jiao Jiao is not too deep, in any case we have suffered from the same pains and sorrows. Together hearing of good people having short nights and coming out of plans during the night. I have saved her life and resolve her distress situation.” Xie Jing Xing said, “Why can’t I marry her?”

Suddenly an unbounded exhaustion appeared in Shen Xin’s heart. That Shen Miao that Xie Jing Xing mention was not what he was familiar with. Even those matters that Shen Miao had experienced were something that he was totally unaware of. Just like what Xie Jing Xing said, to his daughter, he only knew how to dote but did not have the basic understanding of. Just what was he doing all these years?

He looked at the remaining chess pieces on the chess board. After looking for a long time, till his eyes began to feel sour, he then said lightly, “Tell it all to me.”

“All matters of Jiao Jiao that you know, tell all of it to me.”


When Pei Lang was awake, he was at an unfamiliar place. There were many well-dress maids that were supporting him to drink the medication. In Pei Lang’s memory, before he fainted, he was at the underground prison in the residence of Prince Ding and a black clad person rescued him from the fire. Perhaps because he was rescued, he was still alive now.

He did not know who was the person who rescued him and did not know why did that person want to rescue him. After asking the maids that were serving him, he only knew that this was the residence of Prince Rui.

Pei Lang was faintly aware that Shen Miao might have some friendship with Prince Rui but he did not know where the friendship between the two persons were at. He thought that Prince Rui would not keep him here for no reason and if he were to keep him here, it would definitely due to Shen Miao. Shen Miao did not give up on him and thinking about it, his heart was slightly moved.

It was as if everything that he has persisted were worthwhile in this moment. Even though Pei Lang did not understand where did this inexplicable idea came from.

Just as he was thinking, the doors of the room opened and a young man walked in from outside. Carrying a medical box and sitting down in front of him, as if he wanted to take his pulse.

Pei Lang initially did not look carefully and thought that it was a doctor that was invited by the residence of Prince Rui. When he saw clearly that doctor’s appearance, he was slightly startled before calling out immediately, “Imperial Physician Gao.”

His action was too big and touched the wounds on his body thus winching at the pain. Gao Yang quickly pressed his wound and said, “Don’t need to be this surprise. Be careful of aggravating the injuries.”

Pei Lang looked at Gao Yang and a lot of thoughts appeared in his mind. Gao Yang was the youngest Imperial Physician in the Imperial Medical Institute and no one could say clearly of the level of his medical skills. However the Imperial family like this young Imperial Physician a lot and it was most likely because he knew how to speak and would always make Emperor Wen Hui happy. In addition to his handsome features, it made him look much more pleasing to the eyes of the Consorts then those old men.

Since he was an Imperial Physician in the Palace then one would not treat others outside the Palace for no reason, let along this was the residence of Prince Rui. Pei Lang’s first thought was that could it be that Prince Rui had requested Emperor Wen Hui to borrow Gao Yang but this thought was quickly rejected by Pei Lang. Even though one cherished doctors with high medical skills in Ding capital, Gao Yang would not be the only one and Prince Rui need not need to insist on Gao Yang and alert the Imperial family.

Then the second possibility was that Gao Yang have some secret friendship with Prince Rui.

This possibility was as shocking as setting the world on fire. He looked up at Gao Yang and his gaze was somewhat doubtful but he still put on a gentle and elegant smile as he asked, “How is Imperial Physician Gao here?”

As Gao Yang took Pei Lang’s pulse, he said, “Prince Rui called me over to take a look at you so I came over.” As he was feeling his pulse, he said, “It is almost stable. But previously Prince Ding had used torture on both of your legs and the muscles and bones were harmed. I have to give you acupuncture else both of your legs would be crippled not long after.”

Pei Lang was stunned. Fu Xiu Yi was really vicious towards him and seemed to hate people that betrayed him. Even though he did not want his live, he did not think of keeping him. Thus he did not care much of one’s physical disabilities. In face if no one saved him during that big fire, accordingly to Fu Xiu Yi’s instructions, his kneecaps would be dig out in these few days.

Hearing Gao Yang’s words at this moment, even though Pei Lang was always calm, he could not help but feel like he had gain a new lease of life in his heart.

“Fu Xiu Yi is really cruel.” Gao Yang took out a row of golden needles from the medical box and rolled up his sleeves before slowly applying the needles on him as he said, “One could not see the ruthlessness in his heart from his appearance.”

Pei Lang’s heard moved. Gao Yang was after all Ming Qi’s official and an Imperial Physician who specialised in treating the Imperial family but he actually called Prince Ding’s name and not only that, when he spoke of Fu Xiu Yi, there was no traces of respect in his tone, as if this was an insignificant person. With Gao Yang’s identity, he was not cautious which made this somewhat strange.

Gao Yang did not even life his head as he concentrated on inserting needles for Pei Lang when he suddenly said, “Do you want to ask what kind of relationship do I have with Prince Rui?”

Pei Lang paused and smiled, “Is Imperial Physician Gao willing to tell this one?”

“Not to hid it from you, I am Prince Rui’s people.” Gao Yang said.

This time it was Pei along that did not believe it. He was in total shock of Gao Yang’s identity but what was most shocking was that Gao Yang told him of this secret without hiding anything. Then what was Gao Yang considered? A spy that Great Liang sent to Ming Qi to spy on the Imperial family of Ming Qi? For what reason? To poison Emperor Wen Hui?

Or was it that he was simply bought over by Prince Rui and became a traitor?

“Are you surprised why I would tell you such a big secret?” Gao Yang seemed to be able to guess Pei Lang’s thoughts and continued speaking.

“Correct.” Pei Lang said frankly, “I indeed do not understand.”

“What is so difficult about it?” Gao Yang smiled, “A big fire was set in the residence of Prince Rui and after the fire is extinguish, Fu Xiu Yi will sent people to look for the corpse and would not be able to find yours. Fu Xiu Yi is not a fool and will know that someone had rescued you and the person who did that had set fire to his underground prison. Fu Xiu Yi will place this entire account would on your head naturally. By angering the residence of Prince Ding, only the residence of Prince Rui in the entire Ming Qi could protect you. Whether you are willing or not, you are tied to the residence of Prince Rui and since it is as such, we are all insiders so what secrets cannot be said?” Gao Yang looked up and smiled at Pei Lang, “We are all ants in the same boat.”

Pei Lang did not know what had happened that he was forcefully tied together and even ‘ants on the same boat’ was used. His heart was not gloomy but also not depressed. However he quickly caught the key point in Gao Yang’s words, “The fire in the residence of Prince Ding was set by you all?”

Gao Yang, “Of course.”

Pei Lang breath in a mouthful of cold air. That underground prison was considered the most important place in the residence of Prince Ding and all the people locked up was considered very useful to Fu Xiu Yi. To be burned down with a fire, Pei Lang was able to guess that Fu Xiu Yi’s heart was erupting in angry flames. There was actually a person under Heavens that would do such a thing. Gao Yang was correct with his words, in the entire Ding capital, the only place that Fu Xiu Yi was afraid off would be the residence of Prince Rui and only the residence of Prince Rui could protect him.

Pei Lang hesitated for a moment but still asked the question that he wanted to be answered in his heart, “Did Prince Rui rescue me?”

“Otherwise who would have such an ability to rescue you?” Gao Yang said, “No one would dare to take such a risk.”

“But why would he rescue me?” Pei Lang asked probingly, “Because others request him to do so?” He did not know if Gao Yang know about Shen Miao’s matter and thus dared not speak of Shen Miao as he feared that he would bring trouble to Shen Miao.

Gao Yang looking at him profoundly and inserted a golden needle into his knees. Pei Lang frowned slightly and heard Gao Yang speaking, “Correct, because our WangFei requested.”

“WangFei?” Pei Lang was startled. He had not heard that Prince Rui had a consort and did not know what relations Prince Rui Consort would have with him and asked, “Why did WangFei?”

“Most likely it was because of the teacher and student relationship with you.” Gao Yang smiled thoughtfully, “Rui WangFei after all was your student before.”

Pei Lang, “She is?”

“Shen Miao.”


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