Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 191 (Part 1)

Please take out a box of tissues because this scene will bring tears… I am having so much feels when translating and I became so sentimental for the few days that I took to translate. You peeps better cry… I WANT TO SEE TEARS!!!

Chapter 191: Secret (Part 1)

In this start of the year in Ming Qi, it was considered happy but also not very happy.

The happy thing was that the entire family was gathered together and the unhappy thing was that once the New Year was over, Shen Miao would be marrying to Great Liang. As the time passed and the day approaches, everyone in the Shen Family were so busy that their feet did not touch the ground. Shen Miao’s dowry would include guards, servants, maids and even which roads the Great Liang’s horse carriages would be taking had to be prepared.

Even though the dowry Shen Xin prepared for Shen Miao was not comparable to the betrothal gifts Xie Jing Xing gave, it was very substantial. He did not give shops or land because it could not be used in Great Liang, furniture were not brought due to the wearing the horses and carriages and other than some rare and precious jewelry, everything else was changed into taels of silver. In another country, other things perhaps were dispensable but taels of silver were indispensable. It was much more convenient to have silver on hand.

Initially Shen Xin and wife had prepared enough money for Shen Miao but Shen Qiu secretly pulled Shen Miao to the side and took out a thick wad of notes from his sleeve, “These are notes that can also be used in Great Liang.” (aka cashier’s cheques) He then said embarrassedly, “Eldest brother do not have extra things and only have these silver notes for you. Hope that Younger Sister do not complain it being little.”

Shen Miao looked at the crumpled silver notes that Shen Qiu was holding and a warm current passed her heart. Shen Qiu was after all a young man and those soldiers in the army worked hard for him so Shen Qiu should naturally return the favour and treat them a meal or something. Shen Qiu’s salary was not enough at all and most of it was rewards from previous military achievements. Shen Miao was touched that he did not keep it for when he set up a family and instead gave it to her, “Eldest Brother, the money that Father and Mother gave can feed one for an entire lifetime. Why do you give this to me?”

“Father’s and Mother’s are Father’s and Mother’s. Eldest Brother’s is Eldest Brother’s. How could what I give you the same as what Father and Mother give?” Shen Qiu became anxious and pushed the silver notes into Shen Miao’s hands and left without even turning around. Shen Miao did not know if she should laugh or cry as she watched his retreating back and thought to instruct Mo Qing to secretly return it back to him when there was an opportunity.

Just as she was thinking, she saw Shen Xin walking in from outside, “Jiao Jiao, Father have some things to talk to you. Come, let’s go to the study.”

When Luo Xue Yan heard it, she wanted to follow, “Just nice, Mother also has some words to pass to you.”

“It would not be late for Furen to speak after a while.” Shen Xin said, “Let Jiao Jiao and me say a few words alone.”

Luo Xue Yan snorted but did not follow in. She thought that Shen Xin wanted to secretly give some money or something else to Shen Miao and thus did not think much.

Shen Miao followed Shen Xin to the study and Shen Xin instructed the servants to guard the door outside before letting SHen Miao sit in front of the table and brought some snacks and tea for Shen Miao to eat. After sitting down opposite Shen Miao, he then sighed deeply, “In a few days, Jiao Jiao will be marrying off. I planned to let Mo Qing follow you to Great Liang.” After pausing, Shen Xin continued speaking, “Even though Prince Rui is Emperor Yong Le’s blood younger brother, and have someone of a status in Great Liang, there are a lot of matters in the Imperial family and some matters are not as simple as it looks. At that time, you must not suffer grievance. If someone bullies you, go and tell Prince Rui. You are one that Prince Rui married back with thousands of gold so he has to protect you. Don’t carry it by yourself and let him handle it.”

Shen Miao complied.

“If Prince Rui cannot protect you, you need not be afraid as there is still Father and Mother. I have selected a few people in the Shen family army that are not ordinary even though they cannot be compared to Mo Qing. They would be dressed up as guards that are part of your dowry to bring over. Anyhow, one cannot let yourself be in a disadvantage.”

Shen Xin was teaching and guiding untiringly and after Shen Miao thought about it, she finally could not help but asked, “Father, do Mother and you have thoughts of leaving Ming Qi?”

Shen Xin was stunned and looked at Shen Miao speechless.

Since the words were spoken, Shen Miao would say everything out, “Since I will be married to Great Liang, the Emperor would definitely be estranged with the Shen family. Even though Father and Mother are brave Generals, the Emperor would not value you in the future. The Monarch’s mind has always been difficult to guess and even the Emperor have other intentions then why not follow me to Great Liang on the pretext of worrying. Just let the military power go since if one stay in Ming Qi, there might be a day where the military power would be taken back.”

She spoke tactfully and if it was before, after hearing Shen Miao’s words, Shen Xin would certainly be confused. But after that day where Xie Jing Xing spoke to him for a long time and then listening to Shen Miao’s suggestion, Shen Xin immediately understood. He could not help but laugh bitterly, so it turned out be it covertly or overtly, his daughter had already warned him so many times. Why did he not take those words to heart? Was it because of the Shen family’s training of being loyal to the country? Or was it he did not trust from the bottom of his heart that Shen Miao’s words were true?

Shen Xin said, “The Imperial family wants to suppress the Shen family and fearing of the military power in my hands, they would not let the Shen family leave Ming Qi that easily. Moreover, they still want to use the Shen family to control you.”

Shen Miao was startled. All along she was apprehensive towards Shen Xin and would not make Ming Qi’s Imperial family’s indifference too clearly. It was not because she felt that Shen Xin was stupidly loyal but because Shen Xin was taught by Old General Shen since young to be loyal to the Monarch and dedicate himself to the service of the country. To make one overthrow the thing that one revered for so many decades was a long process that at the end, some people would not be able to do it in their lifetime. However Shen Xin’s words seemed to have penetrated through it.

Shen Xin said, “Father knows of Jiao Jiao’s concern but Father cannot leave.”

“If Father makes up your mind and some means are used, one can be able to leave.” Shen Miao said, “The What a good scheme. Heaven family wants to use the Shen family to control me or use me to control the Shen family. They are not afraid that they would suffer a double loss.” Saying till the end, there was some viciousness in her brows and her tone became sharp.

Shen Xin laughed out loudly, “One used to feel that Jiao Jiao is too soft and does not seemed to be like a Young Lady of my military lineage family. Now seeing you like this, like this Father, there is some heroic sense. Not submitting to force and heart is firm. Very good.” He drank a mouthful of tea and said, “Jiao Jiao is so intelligent so it is not difficult to find a way out but how about the future?”

“Future?” Shen Miao was doubtful, “What future?”

“Jiao Jiao.” Shen Xin suddenly said, “The Heaven family view the Shen family as a thorn in the flesh so even if there is one day Ming Qi is flourishing, the Shen family will still become the fish on the chopping board that anyone could slaughter.” Shen Xin gave a big sigh, “Our Shen family are straight and do not fear of crooked shadows that one do not even fear death. It is just that one is not willing to see your Mother, Eldest Brother and even you to be implicated and even more reluctant to see the cleanliness of the generations of the Shen family and the loyalty that your Grandfather and ancestors to be insulted by others.”

Shen Miao’s entire heart was beating loudly. She had guessed what Shen Xin was about to say but she somewhat dare not believed it.

In the next moment one heard Shen Xin’s voice rang out, “This loyal servant of the Heaven family, I, Shen Xin, no longer want to be one.”

Shen Miao looked up suddenly and said, “Father.”

“Jiao Jiao do not need to persuade me.” Shen Xin smiled heartily, “Even though your Father, I am loyal, I would not be loyal to people who have hearts of wolves and lungs of dogs. And would not bet the entire family’s life in. Moreover one could clearly see that if our Shen family follow you to Great Liang, if one day Great Liang attack Ming Qi, the commoners under Heavens would scold our Shen family for being rebels and traitors and would also scold you for giving succor to the enemy. We cannot carry such an unfathomable dirty reputation.”

“Moreover if we remained in Ding capital and you marry afar, if there is a day where Ming Qi’s and Great Liang’s troops meet, you should not make an appearance. You are only a female and live like a duckweed as one is alone in a foreign country, everything is not of one’s own volition so the commoners would not blame you. Our Shen family will be in Ming Qi and it would not be possible to collude with Great Liang and naturally it would be unwarranted for one to carry those reputation.”

Shen Miao shook her head, “Like that then could it be that Father wants to use to Shen family army to represent Ming Qi to go to war with Great Liang?”

“No.” Shen Xin smiled, “Before that, His Majesty would take action against the Shen family. Even if the Emperor do not take action, I have ways to let him take action against the Shen family.” Shen Xin looked at the tea on the table, “The Heaven family is full of suspicion and only some actions needs to be taken before the Emperor would hear some empty rumours. The Emperor is already jealous and fear the Shen family for very long and would definitely not be able sit still and take action.” He said it sarcastically. After going to the battlefield for Emperor Wen Hui for so many years, protecting the country, risking life and limb but as long as some vile character say some rumours to Emperor Wen Hui, he would forget the loyal that the official had shown and did not hesitate to eliminate the other party.

Once there was a threat to his Imperial throne or there was a little doubt, Emperor Wen Hui would not leave any future problems for himself.

“Upon waiting till that day,” Shen Xin’s gaze suddenly became solemn, “On the day when the Imperial family is unjust and heartless to the Shen family, it will be the time for the Shen family to rise up in arms.”

Not willing to smear the Shen family name but not willing to sacrifice the people because of one’s innocence and become the victim of the despicable Imperial power, thus one had to let all the commoners under Heavens see clearly it was the Imperial family that was heartless to the Shen family, thus the Shen family became disloyal.

Perhaps comparing to the Imperial family, the Formidable Great General with heroic and meritorious achievements had much higher prestige in the eyes of the people of Ming Qi. Shen Xin wanted to make use of this point to compete with the Imperial family.

This was the Shen family’s counterattack against Ming Qi’s Heaven family.

But Shen Miao’s thoughts at this moment were not about this. She was thinking that this was not the Shen Xin’s style of action.

The Shen family was straightforward and honest, saying as it was and would not play or scheme with people’s heart. Other than being on the battlefield, most of the time they would be as clean as a piece of white paper. This was the reason why from Shen Miao’s rebirth, she took everything onto herself. First the Shen family could not scheme people’s hearts and second, she feared that her current appearance would be considered as sinister, treacherous and vicious in the eyes of the Shen family.

However what Shen Xin was currently doing was planning a scheme at the background. It was not possible for Shen Xin to take the initiative to do so, unless he had heard something from someone or someone had made a request. The first thing Shen Miao thought of was a person, Xie Jing Xing.

She looked at Shen Xin and wanted to speak but for a moment she was speechless.

Shen Xin seemed to have seen her internal entanglement and patted her head with a smile, “I used to feel that Jiao Jiao did not grow up but afterwards when Jiao Jiao stayed in Ding capital alone, Jiao Jiao grew up. I used to feel that as a Young Lady, it is not good to be so matured but now, Father is very happy.” He spoke with a gentle smile, “Like this, even if Father and Mother is not by your side, Jiao Jiao can still protect yourself.”

Shen Miao said, “Father, if the Shen family cannot protect oneself then write to Great Liang. I am the daughter of the Shen family, I will find a way.”

“These are things that men should do. You are a young lady, do you really treat yourself like a boy?” Shen Xin laughed, “But our Jiao Jiao is the best Young Lady in the world. Thinking about it, it is a loss to marry off to Prince Rui.”

Shen Miao felt her nose was sore and it seemed that from this moment on, she clearly understood that in this lifetime, after rebirth, she would be leaving her family.

“Even though this person Prince Rui is deceitful and vicious, he is considered trustworthy. Since he promised to marry you, he will protect you. If you like him, don’t need to have any apprehension. Like what you like, do what you want to do.”

“I understand.” Shen Miao said softly.

Shen Xin looked at Shen Miao and after looking for quite a while, he then said with a smile, “After a few years. Just after a few years, Father promises you that one will definitely go look for you.”

Shen Miao smiled slightly, “I will wait for Father.”

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  1. I didn’t cry, but I did feel a bit sad but also a bit warm…she did all she could to protect her family and now her father has to take over as she leaves for another country 😥 Let’s hope it’s not a tragedy…because then I will cry for real

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  2. This is one of my favourite chapter. It truly did make me cry. Thinking back to all her hardship protecting the shen family, bearing the burden of being the bad guy and her unfathomable guilt from the past. Finally, shenmiao can put her heart to rest. I would love to give her a hug and say ” I saw (or read😅) Everything, you did a good job. So I shall be with you till the last stage.

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  4. This was so heartwarming and genuinely brought tears to my eyes (I’m an emotional person). SM did all she could to protect and make sure her family survives and I really really hope nothing will happen to the Shen family and even their trusted servants . Please keep your promise papa Shen and reunite as a family once again with Jiao Jiao and live happily after with XJX :’((

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  5. This was so heartwarming and genuinely brought tears to my eyes (I’m an emotional person).

    SM did all she could to protect and make sure her family survives and I really really hope nothing will happen to the Shen family and even their trusted servants .

    Please keep your promise papa Shen and reunite as a family once again with Jiao Jiao and live happily after with XJX and many grandchildren :’(( this family is so precious and wholesome ♡ ♡ ♡


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