Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 179 (Part 1)

Chapter 179: All Belong to You (Part 1)

Matters seemed to have changed beyond recognition overnight. One did not thought that the previously spring breeze that was filled with glory had become troublesome in a moment.

Wang Bi and Shen Dong Ling did not expect that HuangFu Hao would be killed by the Crown Prince. No one knew what exactly went on between both of them. Even though the Crown Prince did their best to emphasis that the Crown Prince did not take action towards HuangFu Hao and when the Crown Prince reached Yi Feng Pavilion, HuangFu Hao was already dead. But HuangFu Hao’s guards were not convinced of it.

Since the misunderstanding was created, not to mention it was a misunderstanding with blood so what ensues was a shocking criminal offence.

Shen Dong Ling tried her best to maintain her calm expression as she comforted Wang Bi, “Ther must be some misunderstanding in all of this. As long as the misunderstanding is clarified, everything would be solved.” But her heart was sinking into the abyss.

From the eyes of the outsiders, it was Wang Bi who found the incense to gift to the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince then presented Buddha with borrowed flowers and invited HuangFu Hao to appreciate incense. Thus Wang Bi was the source of the disaster of this bloody case. Even if the matter was not related to Wang Bi at all, the wrath of the Imperial family was something that was impossible for Wang Bi to escape safely.

Moreover even if the Crown Prince was lucky and proved his innocence, it was Wang Bi who made the suggestion and because Wang Bi presented it, HuangFu Hao died so the Qin country would not be willing to take things lying down. If the allies of the Crown Prince die, how could the Crown Prince not vent his anger on Wang Bi?

So be it left or right, Wang Bi, the sacrificial lamb could not run away.

Wang Bi obviously thought of this level and his expression became extremely ugly. He was after all calmer than Shen Dong Ling and only said, “Return to the residence first. Go and visit the Crown Prince residence and ask what is going on.”

How did the perfectly fine HuangFu Hao die? Who was the one who assassinate? Why did HuangFu Hao shout the Crown Prince’s name? All the complications and confusion was simply incomprehensible. No matter what one had to first figure out what was going on in order to find a solution to it.

The driver turn the horses around and headed towards the city. Shen Dong Ling suddenly seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Why did one not seen Fifth Younger Sister?”

Wang Bi was startled.

One had to know what this entire strategy that the Crown Prince used was for Shen Miao. Because Shen Dong Ling calculated the timing, they should reached Yi Feng Pavilion around the same time as Shen Miao so that one could portray ‘sisterly love’. They had stopped here for a while so logically speaking Shen Miao and the rest should have also arrived. One could see out to the mountain road at a glance from where they were but there were no horse carriage in front or behind at all.

Why was Shen Miao not here?

Wang Bi only knew that Shen Miao was the TangMei of Shen Dong Ling and because Shen Xin’s strong military power she was able to live well but he did not know anything about Shen Miao’s temperament at all. Shen Dong Ling however had seen Shen Miao’s tactics on the Second and Third household so her entire heart sank straight down.

How would it be so coincident if Shen Miao did not come? Could it be that Shen Miao had long knew that something would happen today? No one had the ability to know the future so could it be that today’s matter was related to Shen Miao?

Even if she was supernatural, how would she be able kill the Crown Prince of Qin country this easily?

Wang Bi heard Shen Dong Ling’s words but misunderstood Shen Dong Ling’s meaning. He said, “Yes, if Fifth Shen Lady is present than matters would be smoother.”

Wang Bi thought that with one more person, the blame would be shared around and if Shen Miao was present, then taking Shen Xin into consideration, Emperor Wen Hui would not make things too difficult for him but if he only punished him alone then it would look biased. Thus in order to show justice and equality, if Shen Miao was present, it would help Wang Bi on many matters.

He said, “Let’s go back to the residence first. Maybe Fifth Shen Young Lady had returned. Let’s see how it is at the Crown Prince end first.”

Shen Dong Ling nodded her head but there was a bitter smile in her heart. She did not know why but she always felt that Shen Miao would not have ‘gone back already’. One feared that Shen Miao had never planned to come to Yi Feng Pavilion from the very beginning.

This opponent, Shen Miao, was much more scary that she had thought to be.

At the other side, on the streets, Luo Tan was sitting in the horse carriage as she wiped the sweat on her forehead, “What can be done? One had been delayed for such a long time that if one rush to Yi Feng Pavilion, one fear that it would be too late.”

Just now when the Shen family’s horse carriage passed through a bustling place in the city, they accidentally knocked onto an old woman. That old woman was unconscious at the very spot and the Shen family was not a small family in Ding capital and Shen Xin was a great hero that everyone respected thus naturally they would be concern. Shen Miao and Luo Tan would definitely not leave the old woman alone and leave. The guards were instructed to send the old woman to the nearest medical hall and they kept watching as the physican took the old woman’s pulse and only left when the old woman woke up.

Their actions naturally won the approval of many commoners and only felt that the Young Ladies from the General residence were not arrogant or spoilt and instead were considerate of the ordinary people and had a rarely seen character.

The praise earned was not false but a lot of time was delayed. If one were to rush over to Yi Feng Pavilion now, it would be noon when they reach.

Shen Miao thought about it before saying, “Don’t go anymore.”

“Oh.” Luo Tan was still thinking of how to resolve this problem and could not help but be surprise when she heard Shen Miao’s words, “Why not going? Doesn’t Youngest Biao Sister hated people who does not keep their promises the most?”

Shen Miao smiled, “The most important factor of appreciating incense is the timing and location. The best time for Yi Feng Pavilion is during the morning as it is during this time when appreciating incense, the air would be the freshest. If one were to appreciate incense during the afternoon, the earth scent would be mixed in and it would not be ideal to appreciate the aroma of the incense. One cannot let others wait for us. This is not nice.” She reached her hands out to call for Mo Qing to let him pass a message via pigeon to Yi Feng Pavilion indicating that Luo Tan and she would not be able to attend due to some matters.

Although Luo Tan had some regrets, she had no interest in appreciating incense at all. It was difficult for her to come out so naturally she pulled Shen Miao to shop around.

Shen Miao saw that it was still early and with Ah Chi and the rest of the guards accompanying, there was no problems in walking around thus she agreed to it.

Who knew that Luo Tan was so excited that after this walk, it was already nearing to evening when they returned to the Shen residence.

When their horse carriage reached to the doors of the residence, the servant that was at the doors smiled, “It is good that Young Lady has returned, Furen and Master have also just returned.”

“Just in time to have dinner.” Luo Tan was in all smiles as she pulled Shen Miao by her hands and stepped in.

Who knew that upon entering the main hall, Luo Xue Wan was talking to Shen Xin and upon seeing that SHen Miao and Luo Tan had returned, she was first startled before giving a sigh of relief, “Jiao Jiao, Tan-er, where did both of you go?”

“Today Wang Furen of the Minister of Land invited us to Yi Feng Pavilion to appreciate incense but during the journey the horse carriage knocked onto an old woman. Older Biao Sister and me were busy taking care of that old woman and missed out on the timing thus we have send over our apologies and did not go. Older Biao Sister and I then walked around. Father, Mother, did something happen?”

Shen Miao called Shen Dong Ling as ‘Wang Furen of the Minister of Land’, deliberately drawing a line on their relationship, not wanting to be any closer to Shen Dong Ling.

Luo Xue Yan did not take note of this point and only took a deep breath, “This really scared me. The Qin Crown Prince was assassinated and died in Yi Feng Pavilion and every single person related was taken to the prisons to be interrogated. That Wang Bi said that you were also there but no one had seen you. Your Father and me rushed back and saw that you all were not in and feared that something had happened.”

Luo Tan was startled, “Assassinated and died. Who have such a courage that would even dare to assassinate the Crown Prince of Qin country in broad daylight? Aren’t the Qin Crown Prince’s guards highly skilled? How could they not even protect their own Master’s life?”

Unlike Luo Tan’s shocked face, Shen Miao was very calm as she said, “Don’t worry, Biao Older Sister and I did not go to Yi Feng Pavilion. During the day when one knocked onto the old woman, there were numerous of commoners who witness it. In case of future trouble, we also had reported it to the authorities. These commoners can testify for us as we were busy with taking care of the old woman so how does one have time to go to Yi Feng Pavilion?”

Under the eyes of the public, nothing was fake and moreover Shen Miao did not have the ability to split herself so how was she able to appear in the Yi Feng Pavilion.

Shen Xin scoffed and there were some anger in his expression, “Wang Bi is so courageous to actually dare to splash dirty water on my Shen family.”

“It seemed that the Wang family want to pull us into the water.” Luo Xue Yan had understood and said hatefully, “Shen Dong Ling is relatives with us and one had never thought that she would have such vicious intentions. How would one scheme against one’s family?”

Shen Miao smiled coldly, “In the Second and Third household of the Shen family, which one actually treated us sincerely?”

Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin were silent.

Luo Tan felt that the atmosphere was somewhat heavy and smiled, “Oh. Speaking of which, Youngest Biao Sister and my fortunate is good today. If one did not knock onto that old woman, one fear that we would have really went to Yu Feng Pavilion to appreciate incense. Since HuangFu Hao was assassinated and even his guards could not save him, the assassins must be highly skilled. If Youngest Biao Sister and I went, most likely we will also be implicated. Speaking of that, we must thank that old woman.”

Shen Miao smiled and was about to say something when she heard Luo Tan mumbling, “But previously when the invitation was sent to us, it did not mention that the Qin Crown Prince is also going to appreciate incense. Why would the Crown Prince of Qin go to appreciate incense? Is there other people present and were there casualties?”

Before anyone could answer, Luo Tan continuously questioned but one saw two people walking from outside. They were Shen Qiu and Luo Ling. When Luo Tan turned around she shouted, “Older Brother Qiu, what happen to you all?”

Shen Qiu’s and Luo Ling’s clothes were all somewhat messy and there were some traces of blood on their faces and bodies. They looked like they were in a poor condition.

Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin also jumped in shock. Luo Xue Yan quickly went up and looked over both of them hurriedly, “What had happened?”

Shen QIu quickly explained, “Don’t worry. It is not my blood but someone else’s.”

Luo Xue Yan then felt assured but before she could totally put her heart down, she heard Luo Tan asking, “Older Brother Qiu, did you and Older Brother Ling went to arrest the assassins who killed the Qin Crown Prince today? Are the assassins very powerful and difficult to deal with? It seems that it looked difficult for you.”

Shen Xin frowned and asked, “Shen Qiu, is that the case?”

Shen Qiu and Luo Ling looked at one another and their gaze was somewhat strange. After a moment, Shen Qiu instructed the servants in the main hall to withdraw before looking thoughtfully towards Luo Tan and Shen Miao. Shen Miao said, “Older Biao Sister and me would not say it out. Eldest Brother, just speak directly.”

Luo Tan quickly raise her hand to indicate that she would never reveal any one bit of it.

Seeing Shen Qiu being so solemn, Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan was somewhat suspicious. Luo Ling nodded his head towards Shen Qiu and Shen Qiu only spoke after sighing, “Today the army squadrons of the Ministry of Defense went to arrest people but it was not for the assassins who killed HuangFu Hao but HuangFu Hao’s guards.”

“Guards?” Luo Xue Yan frowned, “Could it be that they want an explanation from Ming Qi but things had escalated to such a level?” Luo Xue Yan did not have good feelings towards the Qin people, one did not know if it was because the Qin country was only established the shortest among the three country and did not have any history thus from the Imperial family down to the commoners, everyone had a look of arrogance. Even though the Qin country’s power was currently slightly better than Ming Qi, they would always express their arrogance in Ming Qi which was really unsightly to one’s eyes.

“That was not it.” Shen Qiu hesitated before speaking, “HuangFu Hao’s guards said that the one who assassinated HuangFu Hao was the Crown Prince and were heading to the Eastern Palace to kill the Crown Prince to avenge HuangFu Hao.”

“The Crown Prince killed HuangFu Hao?” Shen Xin suddenly stood up, “That is not possible.”

Not mentioning that the Crown Prince had a weak stature and it would not be possible, currently Ming Qi was trying to form an alliance with the Qin country to deal with Great Liang so how would one take such a self-destructive plan into action? Killing HuangFu Hao would only arouse Qin country’s anger and the Crown Prince was not a fool so how could he do such a thankless matter?

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