Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 178 (Part 2)

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Chapter 178: Kill (Part 2)

However there was no regret pill in the world and HuangFu Hao quickly paid a hefty price for his own conceited decision.

While HuangFu Hao was heading up from the mountain waist, the Crown Prince was taking another path up Yi Feng Pavilion with his guards. Both of them coincidently kept a distance from one another. The distance was not big but because it was not the same path or direction, thus they arrived staggered.

After the time when it takes two incense sticks to burn (modern timing: 30mins), HuangFu hao reached Yi Feng Pavilion.

At the end of Yi Feng Pavilion’s long corridor, there was someone sitting at the moment. When that person saw HuangFu Hao, he immediately stood up. It was the Crown Prince.

HuangFu Hao was somewhat surprise as he did not expect the Crown Prince would arrive earlier than him. Like this, the timing indicated in the invitation was not at all unacceptable, after all the other party came even earlier.

He looked around and said, “Why have the rest of the people not yet arrive?”

Since it was a ‘love at first sight’ scene, then how could it start if the others had not arrived?

The Crown Prince smiled, “No rush. Today one called you over this early because BenGong have some things to speak to you alone.”

HuangFu Hao felt somewhat strange but he did not think too much about it as his guards were by the mountain waist and it would be in time to rush over. Moreover there were guards by the Crown Prince thus nothing could go wrong thus he spoke, “Please speak.”

The Crown Prince walked to HuangFu Hao’s side and said, “Don’t Brother HuangFu feel curious why this Prince call you over this early and why Brother HuangFu’s guards needs to remain at the waist of the mountain?”

“Most probably there are very important matters to discuss.” HuangFu Hao was somewhat impatient as the Crown Prince beat about the bush. Both of them had reach to such a point so there was no need to conceal anything.

“Don’t Brother HuangFu feel that this is like murdering one to ensure silence?” The Crown Prince asked.

HuangFu Hao laughed out loudly, “Joking is not your style.”

The Crown Prince did not reply. HuangFu Hao turned around to look at him and his heart could not help but jump.

The Crown Prince’s expression was calmly and had no other movements but it was because of such calmness that made HuangFu Hao’s heart suddenly felt uneasiness. He suddenly felt a child chill crawling up his back. But why would the Crown Prince want to murder to ensure silence? Unless the Crown Prince could kill everyone in the residence of Prince Qin else the Crown Prince would not be able to shake it away. Moreover HuangFu Hao could not think of the reason that the Crown Prince would kill him.

But before he could hear the answer, he saw a flash in the Crown Prince’s eyes and his heart was shocked before he unconsciously turn to his side to avoid and evaded the sliver sword from the back.

That was the personal guard of the Crown Prince.

HuangFu Hao was shocked and scared. He finally realised that something was wrong at this moment. The Crown Prince brought guards but his guards were left at the middle of the mountain. HuangFu Hao could not figure out the reason for the Crown Prince to take action thus he fell into it easily. He said angrily, “What are you doing?”

The Crown Prince looked at him expressionless, “Apologies.”

Several guards flew over to HuangFu Hao at the same time, making HuangFu Hao shout in despaire, “Fu Xiu Yan, you harm this Prince. The Qin country would not take things lying down.

Fu Xiu Yan was the Crown Prince’s name.

His voice stopped abruptly. There was a silver sword light that flashed at his chest that seemed to be a silver snake that was reflecting white light and the blood slowly seeped out seemed to be glued with the thin ice on the ground.

The back of Yi Feng Pavilion was the canyon and HuangFu Hao had exhausted all his energy to scream angrily so the sound echoed as it bounced around the canyon.

Echo after echo, like ripples on the water.

At the other end, the Crown Prince’s entourage what was heading towards Yi Feng Pavilion suddenly stopped. They were on the shady side of the bottom of the mountain and the echoes were not clearly. The Crown Prince said with a frown, “Did someone called out this Prince’s name?”

The guards all looked at one another as they could not hear it clearly.

The Crown Prince thought about it before saying, “Most probably it is this Prince that heard wrongly.”

Under the skies, other than the Emperor and Empress, no one would dared to call him by his full name. Moreover there should not be anyone in Yi Feng Pavilion at this moment as the appointed timing in the invitation was SiShi (modern timing: 9 – 11 am). The Crown Prince had the habit of arriving earl thus he went up the mountain during ChenShi (modern timing: 7 – 9 am). He should be the first to arrive.

As he was thinking as such, he then thought that what he had heard just now was only an illusion from his ears. However the Crown Prince did not know why but there was some restlessness that formed in his heart, making him speed up his steps.

Upon reaching Yi Feng Pavilion, he could see someone sitting in the pavilion with one’s back towards him and with one look, he recognised that it belonged to HuangFu Hao. The Crown Prince was somewhat surprise as he did not expect that HuangFu Hao would actually come this early. He went up with a smile to greet, “One did not expect that Brother HuangFu also come this…”

Before he could say the word ‘early’, the Crown Prince’s hand just lightly pat on HuangFu Haos shoulder but HuangFu Hao fell off with a ‘dong’ sound. The Crown Prince jumped in shock and immediately reached out to pull HuangFu Hao. With the pull, HuangFu Hao directly faced him and the Crown Prince should out in surprise before letting go of his hands.

HuangFu Hao’s eyes were wide open and his mouth was also opened, as if he was extremely angry and horrified but his clothes were wet and cold. It was because around his chest area, the silver robes had been stain with large patches of blood.

“What is going on here?” The Crown Prince panicked and his mind was momentarily stunned. HuangFu Hao was dead.

How could this be?

Before he even had time to react to this matter, he suddenly saw a large group of people suddenly rushing in, dressed as guards. Seeing that HuangFu Hao was laying on the ground and one did not know if he was dead or alive, they rushed towards the Crown Prince and said angrily, “Audacious. How dare you harm His Highness the Crown Prince. Lay down your lives.” Without another word, they descended on the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince had also brought his own guards and naturally the guards would not let the Crown Prince be harmed, thus fighting with those guards. The Crown Prince only understood at this moment that the ones who drew their swords on him were HuangFu Hao’s guards. But where were HuangFu Hao’s guards just now? Why did they only rush in now?

The Crown Prince remembered to explain and shouted out, “This Prince only just reached this place and Brother HuangFu was already harmed. It is not of this Prince doing.”

One of the guards who seemed like the leader heard it and responded with hatred, “What a bunch of nonsense. Just now when I was waiting at the wasist of the mountain for His Highness the Crown Prince’s order, one heard His Highness the Crown Prince shouting that you were the one who harmed him. We hated that we could not immediately arrive and now with the evidence all around, how could you deny it?” Finishing, he then raised his sword and approached.

The Crown Prince was protected by his guards and his tongue tied. HuangFu Hao shouted that it was he who harmed him.

This was simply a joke.

He had only arrived at this place and HuangFu Hao was already dead. Why would HuangFu Hao slander him? The Crown Prince’s heart suddenly moved. Just now when he had not yet reached Yi Feng Pavilion, he seemed to have heard someone shouting his name. It was just that he walked from the back of the mountain and could not hear it clearly. Could it be that it was not an illusion but real?

But why would HuangFu Hao call out his name?

The Crown Prince’s mind was in a mess but he still said, “This Prince only just came here so how would this Prince harm him?”

“You Ming Qi dog. You had swindled our Crown Prince over and even indicated in the invitation for the Crown Prince to leave us halfway up the mountain. How can the Qin people be humans if one does not take revenge on people like you?

The Crown Prince seemed to be struck by lightning.

The invitation to HuangFu Hao was written by him personally so that this ‘love at first sight’ scene would be more natural and realistic. The Crown Prince invited HuangFu Hao out to appreciate incense and this incense was coincidentally the exact same one that Wang Bi found. Who knew that Wang Bi’s new Furen was ‘not sensible’ and invited her Younger Sister to take a look at this novelty. The four of them would inadvertently encounter and events subsequently would naturally go with the flow.

However in that invitation there was no mentioned of ‘leaving one’s guards at the waist of the mountain’.

A guard that was protecting the Crown Prince said, “Your Highness, one can no longer withstand it. These people do not want their lives anymore. It is best that Your Highness leave first.

The Crown Prince looked at the other party. HuangFu Hao was obviously dead and the dead could not be resurrected. These guards most likely knew that their master was dead and even if they returned to Qin country, they would be charge with the crime of unable to protect the Crown Prince by the Qin Emperor and would also die. Thus it was easily to put all the crimes onto the Crown Prince and planned to die together with the Crown Prince.

Each of their moves were deathly but the Crown Prince’s guards still had to protect the Crown Prince, thus it was difficult to resist the enemies. The Crown Prince was somewhat hesitant. If he just leave like this, without resolving the problems, it would seemed that he was the defaulted criminal but if he did not leave then with the other party’s vicious moves, the Crown Prince did not know if he could still return safely.

He gritted his teeth and took a glance at HuangFu Hao on the floor again and said hatefully, “Leave.”

The events of Yi Feng Pavilion were still not known to outsiders yet.

Shen Dong Ling and Wang Bi were sitting in a horse carriage and it was still on the way up to the mountain and there was a distance before they reached the mountains. They were only here to be ‘witnesses’ so it was not ideal to go too early. Moreover the Shen mansion was much further from Yi Feng Pavilion, so if Shen Miao did not go, it would not be convenient to interrupt the Crown Prince’s and HuangFu Hao’s conversation. Thus Wang Bi deliberately told the carriage to slow down.

Shen Dong Ling cuddled in Wang Bi’s embrace, “Husband is in a good mood today.”

Wang Bi looked at her, “When one marry a beauty, of course one’s mood is naturally good.” Thinking about today, his position in the Crown Prince’s heart would rise and Wang Bi could not help but be happy.

Although the residence of the Minister of Land was wealthy due to the salt smuggling business, but it was all hidden riches and one had to constantly be wary of being discovered by others and implicate the entire residence. Humans would always look forward and previously Wan Bi’s path had always been firm and steady and when one had no shortage of money, power would become more important.

He also wanted to soar to the skies in one move.

Wang Bi was the Crown Prince’s people. Even though the Crown Prince occupied the official title among the Princes, he was not outstanding. However now that the fight between the other Princes intensified, Emperor Wen Hui instead valued the Crown Prince and felt that he could better grasp the Crown Prince. Since Emperor Wen Hui had the heart to support the Crown Prince then the Crown Prince gradually changed his usual style and those who were following the Crown Prince had also gradually developed their ambitions.

Wang Bi took a glance at the beauty in his arms. Ever since marrying Shen Dong Ling, he felt that previously he was firm and steady but it was not easy to get ahead of others. One would be old in a few decades so what was the point?

Shen Dong Ling was suitable to his taste and would always encourage him to do things that he would have not thought before. Wang Bi’s heart was rejoicing as once Shen Miao’s matter was successful, the Crown Prince chances of inheriting the throne would be far greater. Once one was able to attain Tao, even their pets would also ascend to Heavens. He would finally able to achieve success.

Just as he was thinking, the horse carriage suddenly stopped.

Wang Bi parted the curtains and asked, “What happened?”

One of the guards ran over. Wang Bi recognised him as he was a person by the Crown Prince’s side. The Crown Prince had send this person to pass message to Wang Bi for a few times so naturally Wang Bi was familiar with him.

However at this moment the expression on the person was not good and not only that, his clothes were in a somewhat mess, “Wang Daren, something went wrong.”

Shen Dong Ling was stunned as she listened in the carriage.

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  1. Their plan doesn’t seem that foolproof and excellent but because of the power and resources of Great Liang they can afford it and gain benefits from it. It seemed more like a prank rather than a careful move

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