Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 163 (Part 2)

Chapter 163: Suspicion (Part 2)

Shen Miao unconsciously withdrew her hand but Su Ming Feng held on tightly. Moreover he did not directly hold on to Shen Miao’s wrist as there was a layer of sleeves that was separating. The posture was indeed very strange. Shen Qiu’s and Luo Ling’s gaze became cold at the same time before Shen Qiu spoke, “Gentleman Su, you are too impetuous.”

Su Ming Lang watched with wide eyes. Most likely this was the first time someone said that his Eldest Brother was impetuous.

But Su Ming Feng quickly let go of his hand and cupped his hands towards Shen Miao, “Just now this was was too abrupt. My apologies.”

He after all did not do anything thus Shen Miao would not mind it at all but she did not know what Su Ming Feng had discovered. In the next moment, one heard Su Ming Feng questioning, “One dare to ask Fifth Young Lady, where one obtained this Tiger Head Bracelet?”

Shen Miao’s heart jumped and Luo Tan and the rest were flabbergasted. Su Ming Feng was a male so why did he ask a female where she obtained her jewelry from?

Even Su Ming Lang’s looked strangely at Su Ming Feng.

Su Ming Feng remained unmoved and continued to look seriously at Shen Miao, as if he was very persistent in getting an answer from Shen Miao.

Shen Miao recovered to her senses and said with a gentle smile, “It was bought from a travelling merchant. He only said that it was an imported product. One did not expect that Gentleman Su know of it. Is this bracelet called Tiger Head Bracelet?”

Su Ming Feng’s expression was disappointed for a moment but in the next moment he spoke with vigor, “Correct, it is called Tiger Head Bracelet. Can Fifth Young Lady part from your love and sell me this Tiger Head Bracelet?”

“Ke. Ke.” Luo Tan had choked on her own saliva. The people of Ding capital was sure strange, this handsome youth in front actually like to buy female jewelry. One heard that in some big families there would be a few weird hobbies, like some would like to collect females’ dudou (undergarments) or some would like to put on females’ rouge. It seemed that this Gentleman Su liked female jewelries.

Su Ming Land said, “Eldest Brother, you want to buy this Tiger Head Bracelet to gift to the young lady of your fancy?”

Upon hearing it, Shen Qiu and Luo Ling was startled. Luo Tan was also stunned. So it was not because one like it but to buy it for the young lady of his fancy.

Shen Miao’s mind quickly turned and she smiled slightly, “This is after all my personal jewelry. No matter if one sells, buys or gifts, it is not appropriate for it to land in the hands of a male outside. Moreover if Gentleman Su wants to buy for a young lady of your fancy, one should not gift a jewelry that I used before. If Gentleman Su as intention, I do know that there are several good jewelries in Ding capital’s jewelry shops that are much better than the one on my hands.”

The conversation had been said till like this that even one’s innocence was brought up. To give one’s jewelry to a male outsider, what would others think? No way!

Shen Qiu nodded his head, “Correct.” The matter was related to his younger sister’s reputation, not a single jewelry could be leaked out.

Su Ming Feng could only say in ridicule, “Since this is the case, the one can only regret it.” After saying a few more superficious words, Su Ming Feng took Su Ming Lang to say their goodbyes with Shen Miao and entourage.

Just as when they were about to leave, Su Ming Feng seemed to have suddenly remembered something and looked at Shen Miao. He hesitated for a while before asking, “Did Fifth Young Lady seen the Little Marquis of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An?”

Shen Miao was startled and the few people beside her were also startled.

Xie Jing Xing had been dead for two years and everyone knew about it. Was Su Ming Feng crazy?

Shen Miao lose her smile, “The Little Marquis of the Xie family had died in his youth so how would I be able to see him? Does Young Master Su have any prejudice against me? Else why does one curse me?”

Su Ming Feng no longer said anything and this time really took Su Ming Lang away.

When one was unable to see both of their figures in the crowd, Luo Tan rubbed her shoulders, “One has goose bumps all over. Youngest Biao Sister, why would that person asked if you have seen a dead person without rhyme or reason?”

Shen Miao said, “Being possessed?”

“I think so.” Luo Tan was under that impression.

Shen Qiu frowned, “In the future, reduce one’s contact with the Su family.” Of all things one asked Shen Miao if she saw a dead person and now without a good cause, one was stained with bad luck.

“But why would he ask you that?” Luo Tan asked curiously, “Does Youngest Biao Sister have any friendship with that Little Xie Marquis?”

“There are no connections or relations.” Shen Miao replied in six words.

Luo Ling looked at her strangely.

Shen Miao did not know that on this day, Su Ming Feng who had seen the ‘Tiger Head Bracelet’ on her wrist, was restless the entire day.

Even Su Yu also noticed that Su Ming Feng was not right and asked him what had happened. Now that the Count of Pin Nan, the Su family had kept a low profile, everyone knew that the current situation was like raging in the midst of the storm. The Su family was already accustomed to such carefree days and Su Ming Feng did not enter officialdom, so what was the point of putting up such a face?

Su Ming Feng only vaguely said some things while eating and returned to his room after a few mouthful of food. Following that, Su Yu and Su Furen looked at each other. Su Furen asked, “What is wrong with him?”

Su Yu shook his head. Su Furen then asked her younger son, Su Ming Lang, “Ming Lang, today when you went out with your Eldest Brother, who did you meet?”

Su Ming Lang was picking the dishes and thoughtlessly said, “Meet Older Sister of the Shen family. Eldest Brother asked the Older Shen Sister for her jewelry but Older Shen Sister did not give it. Older Shen Sister said that this was not appropriate and Eldest Brother not was not happy.”

Su Furen and Su Yu suck in a breath of cold air.

Su Ming Lag’s words were incomprehensible but to the both elders it was that Su Ming Feng was close to the Young Lady of the Shen family and the Young Lady of the Shen family cared of her reputation and did not give thus Su Ming Feng got angry.

Su Furen put down her chopsticks and asked, “I ask you in detail. The Older Sister of the Shen family, is it Fifth Shen Young Lady?” Now that the Second and Third household of the Shen family was executed, naturally it was not Shen Yue. Shen Qing died two years ago. Shen Dong Ling was married into the Wang family. The remaining unmarried Older Sister of the Shen family, was only left with Shen Miao. Su Furen’s first thought was the Great Formidable General’s Shen family since this Shen family was the most famous in Ding capital.

Su Ming Lang nodded his head with strength.

This time Su Yu could not sit still. He faltered as he said to Su Ming Lang, “Your Eldest Brother as for another’s jewelry?”

Su Ming Lang’s head nodded like it was a chick feeding on rice.

Both husband and wife looked at one another and saw the incredulous look in their eyes. To put it bluntly, Su Ming Feng was twenty three recently and normal people would already be long married and those married earlier on would have sons. However one did not know what was wrong with his brain as he was not willing to marry at all. Early on there was still Xie Jing Xing, of the residence of Marquis of Lin An, thus Su Yu was not at all worried since Xie Jing Xing was one who females liked. Thus it was not bad to follow with Xie Jing Xing. However when Xie Jing Xing died, his son could almost be a monk. One did not see him showing any interest in any young lady for these two years. No matter if one’s expectations was high or not, if this went on, the husband and wife of the Su family would suspect that Su Ming Feng had broken sleeves.

At this moment hearing Su Ming Lang saying that, both husband and wife were half happy and half felt difficult. The good news was that Su Ming Feng was a normal male and liked females. The difficult thing was that of all females he liked, the one he fancied was Shen Xin’s daughter. Shen Xin had military power in his hands and if one were related to Shen Xin, when Emperor Wen Hui decided to take care of Shen Xin on one fine day, the Su family had to also be in misfortune. It was so difficult for them to get out of the fire pit and now they have to jump in to another fire pit.

Thinking like this, one’s head started to ache. It was Su Furen who was considerate, “Don’t rush first. Ming Lang did not say it clearly. If Ming Feng really like the Young Lady of the Shen family, there would definitely be other signs. Jin Feng, go and get the servants in Eldest Young Master’s courtyard here. I have things to ask them.”

In the room, Su Ming Feng was pacing back and forth upon his return.

He did not see wrongly. Even if it was just a short moment, it was enough for him to see and touch clearly. The jade bracelet on Shen Miao’s wrist was clearly the tiger head bracelet.

There were two tiger head bracelet, one was in the hands of Princess Rong Xing and the other appeared on Shen Miao’s wrist. Su Ming Feng had always thought that the second one would not appear since Xie Jing Xing died.

Under Heavens, only Xie Jing Xing knew how to make the tiger head bracelet.

That time Su Ming Feng and Xie Jing Xing were youths that would go to brothels on horseback. One day he saw Xie Jing Xing grinding and carving a bracelet like thing and laughed at him. In fact he was very curious as Su Ming Feng understood Xie Jing Xing. Even though Xie Jing Xing was a handsome beauty and frivolous, he had no interest in these ornaments, let alone female objects. Out of curiosity Su Ming Feng asked about it and Xie Jing Xing rolled his eyes and said that it was a hidden weapon.

Afterwards Su Ming Feng grilled Xie Jing Xing so much that he was annoyed and let him see. That bracelet was connected into two and there was a secret weapon hidden inside, a poisonous needle, that could be used as self-defence.

Su Ming Feng felt that it was interesting and wanted it but Xie Jing Xing said scornfully, “This is for females to wear. You wear it for who to see?”

Su Ming Feng felt suffocated to death. Afterwards he saw that Xie Jing Xing gave that bracelet to Princess Rong Xin. Ever since Princess Yu Qing passed on, Princess Rong Xin had treated Xie Jing Xing very fondly and Xie Jing Xing had an affectionate relationship with her thus it was understandable for him to gift it to Princess Rong Xin.

It was called tiger head bracelet because Xie Jing Xing carved a tiger head on it himself. His carving was not flattering at all and was as ugly as a dog. Su Ming Feng laughed at it a lot but Princess Rong Xin liked it. Xie Jing Xing’s mood went up and said that he wanted to carve one more.

But that jade was difficult to look for and one was unable to find it. It was not until two years ago when Su Ming Feng gave him a piece that he found from a rich merchant abroad. However the quality of the jade was not as good as the one before and had some shallow white marks that could be seen if one looked at it seriously. When Xie Jing Xing went for the expedition, he took that piece of jade and said that he would make a tiger head bracelet when he was bored on the road but who knew that man and Heavens would be separated.

And now that tiger head bracelet in Shen Miao’s hands had shallow white marks in the jade when it was under the sun and it was the same mechanism and the same workmanship. Moreover that ugly engraving was exactly the same as it was from Xie Jing Xing’s hands.

Xie Jing Xing left the capital two years ago and Shen Xin headed to the Northwestern region two years ago. Shen Xin left first before Xie Jing Xing left and when Xie Jing Xing left, he still had that piece of jade. Could it be that within the past two years, Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing had met up?

But at that time Xie Jing Xing was already dead.

And the marks on the bracelet were not old and seemed to be polished recently as it was not smooth enough.

Su Ming Feng’s heart was palpitating fiercely and he waved his hand to call his servant over, “Go and get some people to guard at Shen Xin’s residences and monitor the Fifth Shen Young Lady’s movement. It is also alright to bribe the servants in Shen mansion. I must know Fifth Shen Young Lady every single move.”

Naturally Su Ming Feng did not know when his words reached to Master Su’s and Su Furen’s ears, what enormous shock was there.

“Heavens.” Su Yu said, “Ming Feng really have deep feelings for this female.”

“I originally thought that Ming Feng did not look like one who will take jewelry from others. One still thought that iit was Ming Lang who spout nonsense and did not think that it was true.” Su Furen’s head hurt and she said after drinking a sip of tea, “How could one be so reserve previously and now becomes another person? Even bribe others to be an informant. This is not how one should be chasing a female. What is the difference between this and those ruffians outside?”

“Perhaps it is bittersweet emotions.” Su Yu somewhat sighed, “This child follows me. Everlasting amorous.”

Su Furen rolled her eyes, “Going along with this, if one do not let Ming Feng marry then Ming Feng would die first. It is better to send one’s card over to the Shen residence.”

“Send over the card for what?” Su Yu did not understand.

“What else can it be for? To see the daughter-in-law for your son.” Su Furen’s words were startling.

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