Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 159 (Part 2)

Edited by Angel

Chapter 159: The Incident Happened (Part 2)

Following Shen Miao’s words, a lot of things flashed in front of Tian Li. Chang Zai Qing’s looks of disgust and disdainful eyes, the pointing and talks about him by the neighbours after she ran away, Huai Sheng always sitting alone in a corner thinking of, what he did not know, and also thinking that they could only wear worn-out clothes. If there was a day that he could change his life and could be like those wealthy and noble family and give a good life for Huai Sheng, Tian Li lifted his head and made a choice with determination, “I will agree and do as you have instructed but you must give me enough money so that both father and son are able to leave this place without worrying of clothes or food.”

Shen Miao’s eyebrows raised, sometimes rumours could not be trusted. It is said that Tian Li was a scoundrel but she did not expect that it would be this easy today. Tian Li was not difficult to deal with. Perhaps it was because of Huai Sheng, even though this man did not have a good disposition, he still had a conscience.

“The money will be given to you.” The person speaking was Xie Jing Xing. He stood in the shadows as he leaned against the door and said lazily, “Do not think of any other thoughts otherwise…”

Tian Li shook his head fiercely and lowered his head quickly before speaking fearfully, “This lowly one dare not.” He did not know why but facing this male would make him feel an unspeakable fear. From the beginning till now, the one speaking was the female wearing a mask but the purple clad male’s aura filled up the small house.

Shen Miao took a glance at Xie Jing Xing. Xie Jing Xing really did a good job. To scare a person, he need not need to even say anything serious and just show the look that Xie Jing Xing usually put on, the other person would be paralysed.

After Xie Jing Xing and Shen Miao left the room, Huai Sheng came over and looked at Shen Miao before timidly asked, “Can you all find Mother?”

Shen Miao looked at Huai Shen and her brows became collected, “Sleep early.” Then she walked out first.

Her steps were rather rapid. Xie Jing Xing followed and after walking out from the alley in the Eastern part of the city, they reached the streets outside. Xie Jing Xing took a glimpsed of Shen Miao’s expression, “You felt apologetic towards that child.”

“Apologetic but one will continue to do it.” Shen Miao said, “I am also a selfish person.”

Xie Jing Xing raised his brows, “Why say that?”

“Accompanying me in the middle of the night and helping me to threaten Tian Li, you are a disciple of Buddha. Else how could one be this kind?”

Xie Jing Xing chuckled, “You do not seem to appreciate it.”

Shen Miao’s lips slowly raised. The relationship with Xie Jing Xing had gradually changed and there was no need to oppose one another with equal harshness as the other person was very clear and broad levelled. It was like many things were not completed by one person and it was much relaxing. Just like at this moment, walking in an empty street on a snowy night, it was just like taking a stroll. She was like that Empress Shen in her bones but there seemed to be something else that was not there before.

“Is my help required for Chang Zai Qing’s matter?” Xie Jing Xing said lazily, “If you ask me, I can think about it.”

“That matter does not need Your Highness Prince Rui to bother.” Shen Miao smiled, “There will be no complication regarding that matter.”

“You have a plan ready?” Xie Jing Xing gave her a look and said with a half-smile, “Sometimes one wants to know when will there be a difficult situation in the world that you are unable to resolve, so that you can perhaps ask me.”

“Most likely there will not be such a matter.” Shen Miao replied.

“That is regretful.” Xie Jing Xing’s words contained some pity.

Shen Miao laughed.

There was always something new happening in the Ding capital and the new fresh happenings of the day would quickly cover the things of the days past. Just like the lawsuit between the Shen and Chen families, everyone took it as watching a joke and promptly forgot about it after seeing it. As for the Shen residence, it was the same. The servants still did things that they should; the only difference was that Qiu Shui Yuan has changed to a new mistress. The new mistress was able to gain Shen Wan’s favour, seemingly catching up to that year Third Shen Furen married in.

Comparing Chang Zai Qing and Chen Rou Qiu, she was more able to manage the relationships with the people around. Most likely it was because she did not have the arrogance and aloofness that Chen Rou QIu had and since she was frank, it made others feel comfortable. Not only did Shen Wan liked her, even Shen Gui and Old Shen Furen also felt that she was good and felt that it was a wise choice to let Shen Wan divorce Chen Rou Qiu.

Shen Wan treated Chang Zai Qing very well and Old Shen Furen even specially found a senior monk to take a look and he said that Chang Zai Qing was carrying boy. At the end Old Shen Furen did not fuss about Chang Zai Qing’s background at all. The Shen residence’s most urgent task was to gain a male descendent as soon as possible, else others would look at laugh that the Shen residence was unable to pass down its lineage.

Shen Wan was always smiling. Chang Zai Qing not only advised him on tactics but everything in the residence was arranged properly, seemingly very skilled, making him even happier and relaxed. To be able to do poetry and calligraphy, manage the household and help in one’s career, most likely no man would not like it.

On this day, Chang Zai Qing and Shen Wan were chatting in the courtyard. Chang Zai Qing had a thick fur coat around her, a brazier next to her feet and a hand warmer in her hands. Because Shen Wan feared that she would catch a cold, he had instructed the maids around her to serve her well.

Chang Zai Qing said, “Master is a little free today.”

Shen Wan took her hands and placed them in his and smile, “Not only today. These days there is nothing in court thus one can accompany you and the child more.”

“This is really good.” Chang Zai Qing smiled, “The child can get closer to Father.”

These words made Shen Wan feel good and he hugged Chang Zai Qing and sighed, “Currently what my heart hopes for is nothing but for you to give birth to the child, then it would be worth what I have done.”

Chang Zai Qing became aware of it and saw that Shen Wan’s heart was not smooth thus asked, “Is Master still troubled by the matter of Fifth Shen Young Lady from a few days before?”

Be it letting Shen Miao marry Prince Zhou or to let Shen Miao have some relations with Prince Zhou, no matter which one, he was unable to create any wind at all. Even though Chang Zai Qing did not know why Shen Wan needed to do so much, she knew that the matter must be related to Shen Wan’s career.

Shen Wan shook his head and laughed bitterly, “These days Shen Xin watches over Shen Miao very well and Shen Miao does not even leave the residence so it is impossible to find an opportunity. Such flawless barrel, where can one start?” As he spoke, he became listless, “This cannot continue like this.”

Chang Zai Qing’s eyes turned and she smiled, “What so difficult about this? If Fifth Shen Young Lady does not leave the house then just let Fifth Shen Young Lady take the initiative to go out. Speaking of which, when Fifth Shen Young Lady leaves, General Shen will know and inevitably let her bring a squad of guards. With General Shen’s background, the people around would definitely be highly skilled thus if one really takes action, it must be successful on the first try. It is better to let Fifth Shen Young Lady leave the residence herself secretly, thus not letting General Shen discover. Like this, it would be much easier.”

Shen Wan’s gaze flickered and he thought for a moment before shaking his head, “Shen Miao does not have any secret in her normal life so it is difficult to coax her out.” Before Shen Miao was in good relations with a Young Lady by the name of Feng An Ning but these days she also obediently stayed in the Feng residence and if one were to get Shen Miao out by using Feng An Ning’s name again, Shen Miao would definitely be alert.

“A young girl, no matter how calm one is normally, will always be timid and one’s heart will always be troubled.” Chang Zai Qing smiled softly, “Why not Master try to walk from the side? For example, use Fifth Shen Young Lady’s parents or older brother as bait, saying that they are in danger or something. Once her heart is in panic, no matter how calm Fifth Shen Young Lady is usually, one would think that she would lose her mind when it concerns her blood family. Master may wish to take advantage of this opportunity.”

When Shen Wan heard it, he first thought it carefully before grabbing Chang Zai Qing’s hands tightly, “Even though there are some loopholes, it is still a good idea. After adding more details, perhaps one can use it.” He looked at Chang Zai Qing with some excitement and appreciation filled his gaze, “You always surprise me.”

Chang Zai Qing lowered her head slightly and smiled, “Master really know how to joke. Now that one has followed Master, one would do one’s best to help Master. Even though the matter is not upright and aboveboard, Zai Qing also know that there are no fathers and sons in court, so Zai Qing will put Master first.”

Actually with regards to scheming against Shen Miao, it was considered a malicious scheme if one were to speak about it. Even though currently Shen Wan was very appreciative of this marvellous tactic that Chang Zai Qing had thought up but in the future if he thought about it, he might find that Chang Zai Qing had a vicious heart. Chang Zai Qing said it out first with the rationale of there were no fathers and sons in court and afterwards kept on mentioning putting Shen Wan first and not only would this make Shen Wan feel good, he would also appreciate Chang Zai Qing even more and find that she is open-minded. He would surely think that she is indeed a rare talented female who did not think of herself one bit.

Thus Shen Wan looked deeply towards Chang Zai Qing, “With such a beauty, what other wishes does this husband have?”

Chang Zai Qing said docilely, “Encountering Master is Zai Qing’s blessing. The good treatment that Master showed to Zai Qing, Zai Qing dare not forget.” The more she lowered herself and made herself insignificant, the more Shen Wan would dote on her, but he did not see a glimpse of pride that flashed in Chang Zai Qing’s eyes.

In Chang Zai Qing’s eyes, men and feelings are all nothing but smoke and clouds that passed one’s eyes. Only when one really experienced poverty, one would really know how valuable wealth was. She must firmly grasp onto Shen Wan but it was not because of Shen Wan, the person, but the lifestyle of not needed to worry about clothes and food that Shen Wan could give to her. Chang Zai Qing was different from Chen Rou Qiu. Chen Rou Qiu loved Shen Wan in her heart thus Chen Rou Qiu would lose her sanity because of Shen Wan’s actions. Chang Zai Qing loved the Shen residence’s wealth and the position of an official’s wife thus she was clear-headed and understood what needs to be done.

Just like Shen Wan, this kind of man, Chen Rou Qiu, a clever and skilled female, would at the end fall into such a state. Chang Zai Qing understood in her heart that just with poetry, songs and romance would not be enough to grasp this man’s heart. She had to demonstrate her talents and let Shen Wan feel that she was useful to him then Shen Wan would not abandon her.

Chang Zai Qing did very well.

Shen Wan accompanied Chang Zai Qing for a quite a white before leaving as he still had some official duties to deal with. After carefully instructing Chang Zai Qing’s servants, he then left with his servants.

After returning to his study, the personal servant went up to him and handled him a letter, “Master, the people at the door said that someone brought a letter and specifically mention to pass it to Master, but one do not know who sent it.”

Shen Wan took the letter and saw that the top of the envelope was empty. It was obvious that one feared that it would be noticed by others. Officials of the court like them would occasional have confidential documents thus Shen Wan dare not hold it up and quickly opened the letter.

After opening up the letter, the first line of it left Shen Wan stunned on the spot.

That line was, ‘Third Shen Master, do you know that your favoured GuiQie is a worn shoe?’

Shen Wan almost could not steady himself. He held onto the table and collected himself before quickly reading the letter.

The letter was written simply but the content of the letter was not at all simple. In it, it mentioned that Chang Zai Qing was already married to someone in Liu Province and even had a son. Now she had entered the Shen residence and became Shen Wan’s GuiQie, the most important thing currently was that Chang Zai Qing had not separated from her original husband. If this was true then it could be said that Shen Wan had snatched others’ wife and could be sued in court.

Initially Shen Wan did not believe it and looked disdainfully at this letter. He even wondered if this was an evidence of Chen Rou Qiu’s provocation. However when he read the last line of the letter, he became stunned and went blank on the spot.

‘At Chang Zai Qing’s private area, there is a small red birthmark.

This was indeed a fact.

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