Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 159 (Part 1)

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Chapter 159: The Incident Happened (Part 1)

Huai Sheng opened the door and once one entered, there was a strong alcohol scent that wafted over. Even though Shen Miao had a mask on, she could not help but frown. Seeing Shen Miao frown, Huai Sheng seemed to blush with shame. He ran to the other side to take a oil lamp and lit it up.

The flame was ignited and swayed around, making everything in the room slightly lighten up. One then saw that there was a middle-aged man lying on the bed. This male was very thin and his complexion was of a glazed yellow in colour as he snored in his sleep.

Huai Sheng looked at the two people in front uneasily. The female said, “Wake him up.”

Huai Sheng nodded his head and walked over to the man’s side and gently shook the man’s arms as he said softly, “Father. Father. Someone has come.”

Initially there was no response from that man at first. Afterwards he seemed to be annoyed by Huai Sheng’s shaking and unconsciously slapped before yelling, “It’s in the middle of the night. What are you crying about?”

On instincts, Huai Sheng closed his eyes but the slap did not came down. He carefully opened his eyes and saw his Father’s fearful gaze and followed the direction. That beautiful male who had been looking on coldly and indifferently had reached in front of him at some point and the slender long hand was holding on to the man’s throat.

“Immortal, immortal…” Huai Sheng got anxious. He was scared and worried but at the end he still resisted his fear and said, “My Father did not deliberately offend you. I beg of you to spare his life.”

Shen Miao swept a glance that that male who was so scared that there was no more traces of sleepiness before quietly saying, “Let go of him.”

Xie Jing Xing only then released his hand.

Huang Shen was somewhat afraid.

His father knelt on the floor and as he stared at the two people in front, his body trembled uncontrollably, he most probably felt that the dangerous air that the other person had, especially the seeming beautiful male.

Shen Miao said, “You are Tian Li?”

Tian Li nodded his head, “This lowly one is.”

Shen Miao swept a look at Tian Li. From the rumours, at the beginning in Liu Province, Tian Li
was also a handsome and suave scholar. He was talented and thus was able to win Chang Zai Qing’s heart and marry her. It was only afterwards when he had failed in repeated examinations that gradually self-deprecation grew and he started to drink and gamble. Chang Zai Qing hated this kind of lifestyle thus she ran away. Seeing Tian Li’s current appearance, she could slightly understand why Chang Zai Qing left. There was not even a little grace that Tian Li once had left now, and the man in front was obviously a disappointment and in dire straits.

“Is Chang Zai Qing your wife?” Shen Miao asked.
Hearing that, Tian Li’s entire body trembled as he raised his head to look at Shen Miao. Even though he had tried his best to cover up, Shen Miao could see the anger and humiliation in his eyes.

“Do not worry, I am not Chang Zai Qing’s friend. It is alright to speak your mind.” Shen Miao said.

Tian Li looked at Shen Miao seriously and seemingly trying to confirm if what Shen Miao said was true or not. Shen Miao looked at him openly and broad levelled. After half a moment Tian Li spat and said, “That slut of a wife ran away with my money. Shameless!”

Huai Sheng shuddered for a moment and his gaze was somewhat laden with grief.

Shen Miao’s gaze fell onto Huai Sheng and she said, “Huai Sheng, go to the courtyard. I have some things to discuss with your Father.”

Huai Sheng looked at Shen Miao and then looked at Tian Li but he did not say anything before he quietly walked out with the blanket.

After Huai Shen left, Shen Miao then let Tian Li elaborate of the ins and outs.

It was similar to what was found out by the people that Shen Miao sent. Chang Zai Qing’s husband was Tian Li. In the beginning when Tian Li and Chang Zai Qing gotten married, it was an anecdote that spread far and wide. Chang Zai Qing was a talented female in Liu Province and Tian Li was also a talented scholar. Tian Li’s family also had several shophouses. Even though they were not considered as a wealthy family, they could be considered as a slightly rich family.

It was just that later on, others picked a fight with the Tian family business and the shophouses were mortgaged. The husband and wife of the Tian family was unable to withstand the blow and passed on and thus Tian Li was affected by it and failed to pass the examinations that year and subsequently every year was worse than the previous. At that time Chang Zai Qing was already pregnant and gave birth to Huai Sheng, thus there were more areas that required money. As the saying went, poverty couches a marriage, and both of them kept on quarrelling. Tian Li fell in love with alcohol and gambling and Chang Zai Qing despised these kind of days as it was not how she wanted to live. Thus on one fine day, she sold the last remaining land deed and took the money to run away.

Tian Li and also send people to search but was unable to find Chang Zai Qing’s whereabouts. It was likely that Tian Li did not know that Chang Hu and Old Shen General had some relations thus he did not know that Chang Zai Qing came to Ding capital.

When Tian Li was speaking of Chang Zai Qing, he was still clenching his teeth, “That poisonous woman took the land deed that was supposed to be be left for Huai Sheng to marry when he grows up. She actually took that and sold it. She does not even have Huai Sheng in her heart. She is a slut.”

Shen Miao sighed as Xie Jing Xing folded his arms and stood at the other side, looking outside the window, as if he was not interested in Tian Li’s words in the room. However even if he just casually stood there, no one could ignore the chilling atmosphere.

At the end Tian Li asked, “Someone brought both of us here and said that we can see that woman. Young Lady, are the people that brought us over to Ding capital you?” Tian Li could see that the two individuals had an unusual identity, especially that male. How would normal people able help to have the guts to budge into a commoner’s residence in the middle of the night? Such an arrogance like this was not what a normal person had.

“It is me.” Shen Miao said, “I know where Chang Zai Qing is at.”

Tian Li was stunned and when he spoke again, his voice shook as he asked, “Where is she?”

Shen Miao frowned slightly. In Tian Li’s voice, other than anger, there was a trace of longing. Perhaps it was because he had been husband and wife with Chang Zai Qing for a number of years or perhaps it was because Chang Zai Qing was in the end Huai Sheng’s mother. One feared that this Tian Li was not as good as he said and was soft-hearted towards Chang Zai Qing.

This was not what Shen Miao wanted to see.

She said, “Chang Zai Qing is currently in the former Shen residence of the Formidable Great General and has became the concubine of the Shen residence’s Third Master, Shen Wan. Currently she is pregnant and Shen Wan treats her very well. She has all of Shen Wan’s favour and one thinks that soon she would be able to give birth to Shen Wan’s Di son. There are no other Di heirs in Shen Wan’s residence, thus once the child is born, perhaps Chang Zai Qing could be raised to the official position. Even if she was not raised, that child would be brought up with brocade and jaded food for its entire life.”

Tian Li’s expression changed. First it was being angry due to the green hat he was wearing (aka being cuckold) then it was humiliation and it became complicated. That little trace of softening of his heart disappeared after hearing Shen Miao’s remarks.

The child that Chang Zai Qing gave birth to could be brought up with brocade and jaded food for the entire life but in retrospect, Huai Shen in the future would not have anything since the land deed for him to marry a wife was also sold. Many years later, the two children who both crawled out of Chang Zai Qing’s stomach would be so far apart, like dirt and clouds. One was most afraid of comparison thus Tian Li’s heart was irreconcilable.

Shen Miao smiled gently, “Not only that, Third Shen Master even divorced his wife for Chang Zai Qing and went to court with his wife. One thinks that he truly love Chang Zai Qing. Now the former Third Shen Furen has become a street rat that is scolded by everyone. She is rather pitiful.”

Tian Li sneered, “This Third Shen Master is also one without a brain.” Towards Shen Wan, Tian Qing had no good feeling as he hated that his wife was shared with others and moreover as a poor person, one would always be hostile to the rich. Especially so since Chang Zai Qing would often express her direction to head towards the wealthy, therefore Tian Li was very resentful of Shen Wan.

“To be honest with each other, Third Shen Furen entrusted this to me.” Shen Miao said, “Third Shen Furen was forced by Third Shen Master and currently felt that she had no way out. Third Shen Furen planned to make it so that either the fish dies or the net splits, and to make Third Shen Master and Chang Zai Qing not live well, thus she found you.

“I…” Tian Li looked at Shen Miao and gradually realised what she was going towards and said, “Your noble one meant?”

“At the most appropriate timing, clarify to Third Shen Master that Chang Zai Qing is your wife. Let Third Shen Master stop this mistake as early as possible.”

Tian Li said, “I…”

Shen Miao did not give Tian Li time to hesitate and said, “Could it be that you are willing to watch your own wife growing old with others? Your feeling for her has not ended and you want to give her a route to live? She however did not even consider you for one little bit. If she still had a conscience in her heart, do not mention yourself, she would be reluctant to part with Huai Sheng. But in actual fact, she even left with the last land deed that was for Huai Sheng’s future. Chang Zai Qing’s heart only had herself and had never put you both father and son in it. To even requite evil with good, Tian Li, could it be that your Tian family are all disciples of Buddha and all do not discriminate right and wrong?”

These remarks were really impolite that even Xie Jing Xing who was listening at the side also lifted his lips and looked at Shen Miao meaningfully. Tian Li’s face turned red upon listening but he did not dare to refute Shen Miao’s words.

“The most important thing is that on what basis does Huai Sheng have to live through such hardships while Chang Zai Qing’s and Shen Wan’s son could live freely? If there was one day that Huai Sheng encounter this younger brother of a different father but the same mother, the younger brother would be a person above others whereas Huai Sheng could only serve him like a subordinate. Chang Zai Qing would only acknowledge the younger brother and not acknowledge him, so what would Huai Shen think? Tian Li, just think carefully if you are truly reconciled to this?”

Shen Miao’s words always had a faint enchantment that would make others unconsciously follow her words to think, moreover what she said was obviously what Tian Li was most concerned of. No matter how bad Tian Li was, even if he treated Huai Sheng crudely, he had more conscience than Chang Zai Qing, otherwise even though he was a gambler, he still kept the last land deed for Huai Sheng to marry a wife.

Tian Li said, “Noble person. I understood. I am unreconciled, but she is after all Huai Sheng’s mother. I only want her to come back; and if she was beaten to death by others, Huai Sheng would be upset.”

“Just do not let Huai Sheng know of the matter.” Shen Miao said, “After the matter is successful, Third Shen Furen will give you father and son a large sum of money. This amount would be much more than the value of the land deed you had before. With this sum of money, both of you can go as far as you want, to a place where no one knows of you and start anew. In this world, there are two things that cannot be detained, one is water that was splashed and the other is people who leave. Chang Zai Qing took the initiative to walk out of your lives and is now living in brocade and jaded food so how would you be able to get her back? With your sincere heart or the mother and son care for Huai Sheng? Do you think it is possible?”

Tian Li closed his eyes in pain.

Shen Miao said correctly. Chang Zai Qing was living so well and one could not think of any reason to go back to the previous lifestyle. If she really thought of him and Huai Sheng, she would not have sold the land deed and run away.

The female wearing a mask stood in front and said calmly, “One looked out for oneself, else Heavens and earth would destroy you. It was her who was heartless first so why do you still speak of righteousness? Now that there is an opportunity for you to change your life. If you miss this one, there would not be a second time. Even if it is to step on Chang Zai Qing’s life to walk forward, you are not wrong. Because this is what Chang Zai Qing owes to both father and son. Will you do it or not?”

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  1. Excellent episode, I’m dying to see the reaction of everyone in the Shen residence when the husband presents himself and no one will think it was SM’s work, in the end I only use XJX as a bodyguard, or like going on a date(💖˘ ³˘(˘︶˘💖)ㄘゅ💖
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    • Especially SW reaction, wonder what he’ll do with the baby though??? Will be let it live however considering the fact that SW was technically wearing a green hat he might not🤔🤔

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      • Technically Tian Li is the one who’s wearing the green hat. Meanwhile SW became the adulterer. The humiliation that SW is going to suffer will be a great show (who else wants to be a fly on that Shen family wall with me))!! His colleagues will surely mock him. His scholarly image will be ruined as people will say he is ruled by lust and even abandoned his wife for a woman with loose morals. As for the baby, I think CZQ will have a miscarriage due to a struggle. What a messy situation it will be for accusations will fly and pitiful crocodile tears will be shed..and the brilliant part is Shen Miso did not even have to lift a finger to get them to destroy each other! Third Shen household…tsk, tsk! However I do feel bad for CZQ’s son for having such a horrible mother. Honestly he is better off without his parents. Maybe SM can take him in but a certain vinegar pot might object. 😛

        Waiting anxiously for next chapter while being grateful for this chapter. Thanks!!

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  2. Kill with a borrowed knife, huh? Use Chen Rou Qiu’s name to stir everything up while Shen Miao watches the play from the side.

    Now I want to see how Tian Li proves his relationship with Cang Zai Qing to Shen Wan. CZQ is obviously going to deny everything and Shen Wan’s an idiot, so this won’t be easy…

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  3. Shen Miao is really returning to Cang Zai Qing and Third Household the gift they gave her.

    I cannot wait to see how Tian Li proves that Cang Zai Qing is his wife and what is the effect of this for Shen Wan.

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    • Correct me if I am wrong… but isn’t a wife’s name recorded in the genealogy books? Since CZQ is the legal wife and she gave birth to a son then that information must be recorded. Besides there must be witnesses/guests who attended the wedding since the Tian family was a prominent family back then. An investigation will reveal the truth. CZQ cannot silence all the witnesses (does she have enough money to buy all those people’s mouths) and SW’s ex-wife (can’t recall her name) will make a big fuss. SW will not be able to show his face in public 😆

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    • I feel so bad for HS. Empress can you keep him by your side? He has the potential of bringing cuteness in our always serious novel. Just look at his innocent and considerate attitude. Pretty please? *looks at the empress with puppy eyes*

      A certain little marquis: *thinks about the future whers another bug being with his wifey that makes her smile and frowns* this prince hates third wheels! Be gone!

      Me: *runs away* ;-;

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  4. Soooooooooo XJX was so beautiful that Tian Li mistook him for an ‘immortal.’ The author never really misses an opportunity to remind us of XJX’s beauty.. (≖ _ ≖)

    And I was also thinking that SM could take in Huai Sheng because he can’t stay with that abusive father buuuuuut what if he finds out in the future that SM had a hand in his mother’s downfall or something.. ◉ ͟ʖ ◉

    Thanks for the update!! 😆

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    • You’re right about HS’s living with a bad father. But I’m not so sure that he’s really abusive. He’s at least still better than the mother.
      But your suggestion is not feasible. 1st, SM can’t just rob child from it’s parent. 2nd, there is no reason to burden her self with other person who could be a potential problem in the future if he finds out she had moved hands and feet to ruin his mother. 3rd, how can she explain to her family why she takes in the little boy? SM is only an unmarried 16 yo girl, she couldn’t even raise him as a personal servant beside her.
      All she could do perhaps giving them enough money to start a new life. The father became a loser because they lost their fortune afterall, out of depression instead of by nature. He might turn a new leaf if given a chance.

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      • Hi, Kobold! What I meant with the 2nd paragraph in my comment was exactly as you said in your 2nd point. ☺️ I was saying SM *could* take HS in because we all know she has a soft spot for children esp. because of what happened to her children. But, as you said, it would be problematic in the future.

        I actually agree with the rest of your reply except for your points regarding TL not being abusive and for the 3rd point.

        With your 3rd point, I thought the fact that she was able to take in Mo Qing when she was 14y/o was testament enough that she, as the Di daughter of the General (or even just through her craftiness alone), can decide to take in servants on her own.

        And about TL, we can say that he is at least better than CZQ in a sense that he didn’t send out people to kill his child in cold blood. But he is, imho, still an abusive father. His substance abuse and gambling addiction has been going on for years. It was said that the problems that caused TL and CZQ’s way of living to fall apart started right before HS was born. HS is around 12y/o now (accdg to SM, when she compared him to SML). Just because he has the sense not to touch that last deed of land for HS, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t put that child under emotional and physical abuse for years. There’s also that scene where HS was trying to gently wake his father up. TL responded with an “[unconcious] slap and yelling” and HS knew in instinct that a slap is coming his way. This isn’t the first time that HS had to wake up his drunk father and during those times, there’s no XJX to stop that slap from reaching HS.

        tldr: I agree with you except for TL not being abusive and the 3rd pt. Aaaaaaaaaaand sorry for the long post, was lurking hoping for more incidental updates haha Back to the shadows I go then

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      • Well ok, about the abuse thing is complicated to define. According to our value in modern time I would consider it abusive only for the constantly yelling and cursing… I didn’t mean to say that he’s a good father, neither wanted to say that he’s not abusive enough to scare a child. I didn’t doubt that he would probably hit and scold HS wjenever he is not sober. However I somehow have an impression that he was not that fierce when he is in a sober condition. Considering how bad their financial condition he still didn’t sell HS to be a slave and even still think of his future, one still can say that he’s not beyond cure, not that homeless.
        Children are still the best living with their own family if there is still a hope for a better condition, it’s still way much better than being a slave servant. HS was originally a heir of a scholar family at least.
        And the only thing SM could offer him is a position as a slave servant right? That would be a pity.
        MQ is also technically being a slave servant of SM since she helped him with his problem in the past.
        Your point about SM’s ability to take MQ in as own servant is correct, I did forget that one.
        However, there is a justified reason to take a capable guard in for her. He’s a martial art master anyhow, he has a good use, so there is no reason to question that.
        On the other hand, HS is a child, there is no reason for her to take him in. He can’t be a personal guard.
        And to get another servant for some errands, it’s illogical to get a servant boy for a noble lady, it’s rather inappropriate actually.
        Personal servants are gonna be in and out her boudoir, they should only be girls.
        Only a castrated man would have this privilege to serve a lady.
        That makes this move not really feasible.
        The only possibility if she could persuade Shen Qiu to take him in, but this way she would have to reveal another secret to him, that’s the last thing SM want to do unleas there is no other way out.
        HS is not that valuable for her to disrupt her bigger plan. She feels sorry for him, yes, but she is not a softhearted girl, she would still prioritise her own goal.

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      • Hi, it’s me again haha. Those are good points that you’ve raised there 😃, esp. about HS’s somewhat demotion from a fairly notable family’s heir to a mere household servant, the fact that TL didn’t actually sell HS after everything, and MQ being an actual immediate asset to the General’s household.

        I guess what just has me really worried about the situation with TL and HS is the fact that it’s just the two of them. Addiction can be treated. Like you said, it’s not entirely hopeless. But it takes time before recovery is reached.. SM (or XJX; whichever of the two is paying HAHAHA) might be able to provide them with enough funds for a fresh start, but there’s no one to supervise TL in order to prevent a relapse from happening. We don’t know when he might suddenly go on a drinking/gambling spree, wasting their money away and going back to square one. I guess what I’m saying is that he’s been struggling with addiction for years now and being given a huge sum of money might help but then again it might not..? ⋋| ◉ ͟ʖ ◉ |⋌

        Anyway, again, I agree with you that SM taking in HS is highly unlikely. My first comment was more of a passing thought that implied exactly that, only it focused more on the reason that keeping HS by her side poses future complications. Thanks for the additional input. This has been an enlightening exchange. ┬┴┤₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙├┬┴


  5. Thanks for the update!! 😆

    Soooooooooo XJX was so beautiful that Tian Li mistook hin for an ‘immortal.’ The author never really misses an opportunity to remind us of XJX’s beauty.. (≖ _ ≖)

    And I was also thinking that SM could take in Huai Sheng because he can’t stay with that abusive father buuuuuut what if he finds out in the future that SM had a hand in his mother’s downfall or something..

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  6. Wow Shen Miao is really good at picking on the weak points of a person and rouse their anger. But I never thought that Chang Zai Quin was this vicious. I mean yeah she is schemeing and left her family but even take the remaining wealth from her child. Now I am looking forward to the moment she and her new husband meet her old family. But isn’t Shen Miao lying here? Promising money from Shen Rou Qui to Chang Zai Quin’s family? Or has she already pulled th strings in the background by using the pawn shop?

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      • I guess she will. She let the cild go first before talking bad about his mother. That means, she is not without conscience and even still cares about the kid’s feeling.
        So I can imagine that she would give them enough money to let them start a new life only for the sake of the boy.
        The boy loves his parent despite everything, that’s obviously visible so he can’t possibly be happy to be an orphan even if someone gives him a better life.
        He would definitely prefer to stay with his father no matter what.
        He plead for his father although he shoved him harshly.

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    I’m going to agree with the plan our Jiaojiao made for these father and son.
    Bleed the Shen 3rd Household’s dry and go away and start fresh. Hope that the father can start anew and not squander this chance.

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  11. Woow!! SM wasn’t subtle at all. Every sentence was like a huge rock being thrown at Tian Li lol! Even if he wants to reconcile, she’s made that impossible with the seed of hatred she’s planted in him. Also, it’s interesting that she using CRQ’s name to accomplish this task.

    Side note, XJX gets to watch SM in action. I’m sure he’s gotten to understand how cruel she can be when she wants to.

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  13. So have her beaten to death with a child in her stomach….she can pity one but not the one yet to see a day….miss mc how sick of a mother can you be? Besides slim chance but maybe she was trying to find a safe nest for her son to be? Who knows her son could just be sick from the way the father treats him


    • Shen Miao made a good point, actually. If Chang Zai Qing cared for her son, why didn’t she run away with him? Live somewhere else? Why must she go to the capital and pretend that she’s still a maiden? She married Shen Miao’s father for _years_, and for all appearances, never concerned about the child she’d left behind after she ensured that Shen Miao’s mother died in pregnancy and grief.

      One gets the impression that she never intended to relinquish the position of being the general’s new wife if her old husband didn’t come around looking for her.

      As for Chang Zai Qing’s pregnancy having the potential to be lost–that’s a risk that Shen Miao is willing to take to bring her down. Also, it’s a little too early to blame her when she’s not paying _anyone_ to beat the adulterous woman.


  14. I can understand why the Third Uncle’s concubine did what she did. I also wouldn’t want to deal with an irresponsible husband. But it seems that she didn’t even cheer him up. She even sold the land that was for his son. What kind of a parent is that? And the son sounds so cute and pitiful. I want him to thrive in the future. Even if it’s off screen.


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