Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 143 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 143: Requesting Help (Part 2)

Luo Tan turned her head around. That elegant white cladded fan-waving ‘Doctor Gao’ was supporting her to stand up.

“You followed me?” Luo Tan shook his hands off and said angrily.

“Mm.” Gao Yang admitted readily and asked, “You suffered untold hardships just to come to the residence of Prince Rui? What are you looking Prince Rui for?” Gao Yang could probably guess the purpose of her visit, but he had never heard Xie Jing Xing speaking about Luo Tan, thus the only link between Luo Tan and Xie Jing Xing would be left only with Shen Miao. Luo Tan looked for Xie Jing Xing for Shen Miao, and most likely because of Shen Miao’s whereabouts.

Luo Tan looked vigilantly at Gao Yang as he stood in front of her with an anxious heart. She had not expected that she would meet Gao Yang at such a timing, and was feeling half dismayed and half furious. This person has a look and appearance of a human, but would actually follow and track other’s private matters. She was angry at her current weak self, otherwise how could she not discover that there was someone following her? However Luo Tan did not imagine that with Gao Yang’s ability, even if she had already recovered, she might not even discover Gao Yang’s presence.

Luo Tan had already calculated in her heart. The relationship between Shen Miao and Prince Rui must not be known to anyone, moreover this person was from the Palace. What if he returned and spilled it out to Emperor Wen Hui, and trouble arises out of it? One could not help but say that even though Luo Tan was normally thick in her thoughts, in some matters she did think quite in long term.

“You are familiar with Prince Rui?” Gao Yang asked her.

“How could I know Prince Rui!” Luo Tan refuted resolute and decisive, “His Highness Prince Rui is noble as gold and revered as jade, and I am only a ordinary daughter of an official’s family, so how could I know him!”

“Then why did you come to look for him?” Gao Yang did not overlook anything.

Luo Tan stammered, “Because, because…” Her gaze landed on Gao Yang’s face, and she was suddenly struck with a bright idea and quickly said wittily, “I heard rumours in the capital that His Highness Prince Rui was a rare peerless beautiful man, thus wanted to catch a glimpse of that beautiful face!”

She did not study well, thus the idioms that she used were in a mess, and even use the phrase of ‘peerless beauty’. When Gao Yang heard it, he burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Just for a glimpse of the beautiful face, you did not care that your body is not recovered, and dragged your injured self all the way here with great difficulty? It is just for a glimpse of that beautiful face?” Gao Yang asked.

Luo Tan argued with the courage of one’s convictions, “What do you understand? It is very difficult to find good looking people in the world and if there is, one glance is also precious.”

Gao Yang shook his head, “This one is also very good looking, so then why is Young Lady not looking at this one? And purposely come here?”

Luo Tan said, “It is important to know one’s own limitation.” She continued, “I do not want to continue talking to you. I want to see His Highness Prince Rui.” Finishing talking, she then went up the steps and reached the front doors of the residence of Prince Rui and naively said, “Would trouble both of you to report in that I have an important matter to see His Highness Prince Rui on.”

Gao Yang followed behind closely and gave a look to the two guards. The guards naturally recognised Gao Yang and immediately did not say anything before opening the main doors. One of them said, “I will bring both guests in to wait.”

Luo Tan looked at Gao Yang, “What are you following for?”

Gao Yang said, “I also want to take a glimpse of that beautiful face. If Young Lady do not let me enter, then this one can only return back to the Shen mansion. When Shen Furen and General Shen return and ask…”

“Wait!” Luo Tan thought about his words and glared at him hatefully before speaking, “Follow me in then.”

The two guards looked at each other in dismay, as they were puzzled with the situation in front of them. One had thought that Gentleman Gao had brought this Young Lady to the residence of Prince Rui, but currently why did it look like… That Young Lady came to the residence of Prince Rui and brought Gentleman Gao?

Gao Yang and Luo Tan waited in the main hall for a moment and after half a incense, His Highness Prince Rui who was wearing a mask appeared.

Luo Tan’s heart became anxious. If it were previous times, to be in such close contact with Prince Rui for the first time, she would definitely open her eyes wide to see what kind of person is Prince Rui. However with the current situation that did not wait for others, every moment of waiting would bring Shen Miao additional danger. She took a glance at Gao Yang, who was still drinking tea, and said to Prince Rui, “Requesting Your Highness Prince Rui to step aside to speak.”

Under Luo Tan’s perturbed wait, Prince Rui nodded his head slightly. Luo Tan’s heart was secretly happy as she thought that this Prince Rui was not as difficult to get along with, like the rumours say.

When she entered the separated side, Luo Tan fell onto her knees without a second word, “Begging Your Highness Prince Rui to save my Youngest Biao Sister!” She then tell told him the words that Shen Miao taught her and said at the end, “Since Youngest Biao Sister believe in Your Highness Prince Rui, then this official’s daughter also believe that Your Highness Prince Rui, would definitely be able to save Youngest Biao Sister. Even though this official’s daughter is unable to bring anything out now, if Youngest Biao Sister can be found, the Shen family will definitely provide remuneration to Prince Rui. Begging Your Highness Prince Rui to save a life!”

She then pressed her forehead onto the ground.

Even though Luo Tan had pride ingrain into her bones, but it was different from those who would rather die then kneel to others. Luo Tan was a realist and from her view, Prince Rui was after all in the Imperial family of the Great Liang, so it was not a disadvantage to kowtow to him. If by speaking good stuff would make him happy and save Shen Miao, then why would one care about doing this? She kowtow straightforwardly, and did not see that her action had made that person to jump in shock.

“I got it.” Prince Rui said.
Luo Tan felt somewhat weird but was unable to tell what was strange. She subconsciously said, “Your Highness Prince Rui has promised to save this official’s daughter’s Youngest Biao Sister?”

Prince Rui nodded his head lightly.

“Many thanks to Your Highness Prince Rui!” Luo Tan delightedly gave him another kowtow before standing up. But who knew when she stood up, everything went black and she suddenly fell down. She had unexpectedly fainted.

Prince Rui jumped in shock and reached out to scoop her as he called out, “Someone come! Gao Yang!”

Gao Yang came in from outside and was also startled. He then quickly went forward to take Luo Tan’s arm to take her pulse, before putting it down after a while and sigh, “Her body is too weak. Go make her a bowl of ginseng soup, I will send her back to the Shen mansion when she is awake.”

Two maids came in and helped the fainted Luo Tan to lie on the bed. Gao Yang and Prince Rui walked out of the room, and Prince Rui violently took out the silver mask and said, “Stuffing me to death. Why do you let me pose as Third Older Brother?”

This person was not Xie Jing Xing but Ji Yu Shu.

“One did not know when he will be returning. One cannot just let Luo Tan wait in the residence of Prince Rui till nightfall. At that time when the Shen family’s people come knocking, nothing can be cleared up. Anyways Third Xie has already gone to inquire about Shen Miao’s whereabouts, so you just need to pose for a while so that she would leave earlier.” Gao Yang said.

Ji Yu Shu waved his hands, “I cannot stand it if it goes for a few more times. I have grown so old, but still this is the first time that someone kowtow to me. I am not a Bodhisattva, do your think if this will impact my predestined life-span? This Young Lady is indeed too vigorous, that one kowtow just now almost made my heart jump out. Fortunately there were no mistakes, else if Third Older Brother think that I have destroyed his image, he would definitely beat me up.”

Gao Yang said, “Fortunately she is silly.”

“Are you saying I did not act the part?” Ji Yu Shu said angrily, “I acted until others kowtowed to me. How is there not a resemblance?”

Gao Yang waved his hands, “I cannot be bother to talk to you.”

“But why does she call you Doctor Gao?” Ji Yu Shu said suspiciously, “You are no longer in the Palace, but have become a doctor in a medical hall?”

Gao Yang, “…”


When Luo Tan woke up from this fainting spell, it was already in the evening. When she woke up, coincidently Gao Yang brought the medication over. Luo Tan did not stand on ceremony and took it and drank it all down with ‘gudong gudong’ sounds. This air of an heroine made the corner of Gao Yang’s mouth twitch.

After drinking the medication, Luo Tan wiped her mouth and looked at the darkening skies outside, “I have to return. Where is His Highness Prince Rui? I have to give him my thanks.”

Gao Yang looked at her from the side of his eyes, “No need. Prince Rui had already left. If you want to give thanks to him, it might be the day after.”

Luo Tan was first startled before becoming overjoyed. Thinking about Prince Rui leaving so quickly, it must be to save Shen Miao. She had only spoke to him about the matter and he had taken action so quickly, it seemed that Prince Rui was a person who was kindhearted and value relationships. The more she thought about it, the more Luo Tan’s impression of Prince Rui went up a level.

Gao Yang looked unfathomable at the suddenly pleased Luo Tan and said, “In that case, then tidy up and leave.”

“Alright.” Luo Tan happily climbed out of the bed and wore her shoes, when she suddenly thought about something and asked, “You are also returning back with me?”

“Naturally so.” Gao Yang said, “If it was not General’s and Furen’s intense urge for me to stay, this one would not have. There are many noble people and Ladyships in the Palace that are waiting for this one to treat.” Gao Yang emphasised.

Luo Tan looked at him with some sympathy, “It is toiling for Doctor Gao. If this is the case, then it is better to hurry back to the Palace first. It is not good to interfere with the job else your salary would be deducted.”

Gao Yang, “…”

How did Luo Tan always managed to put ‘Imperial Physician’ as a job that everyone was competent to do? So much that he had no status at all? Gao Yang thought about it for a long time but was still completely puzzled. He gritted his teeth, “No need. This one had already taken a leave of absence from the Imperial Medical Institute.”

Luo Tan made an approval sound but she then turned her head and rolled her eyes, hiding her look of despise.

This man was indeed very handsome but for nothing better to do, followed those maidens and still lustfully looked at His Highness Prince Rui’s ‘beautiful face’. No matter how high one medical skills was, he had no medical ethics. Shameless! Sick!

In any case, Gao Yang eventually returned to Shen mansion with Luo Tan. On the return back, as one feared that Luo Tan’s wounds would worsen, Gao Yang found a horse carriage.

Upon returning to the Shen mansion, Shen Xin and entourage had all came back. Seeing both of them returning, everyone was relieved. Shen Qiu asked, “Younger Biao Sister and Imperial Physician Gao, where did you go?” Everyone thought that Luo Tan was kidnapped by others again, and Shen Qiu even suspected if Gao Yang was some spy, and if Gao Yang was the one who kidnapped Luo Tan.

“Tan-er, your body has not recovered yet, where did you go?”

Luo Tan’s expression stiffened. The matter of Shen Miao and Prince Rui could not be spoken out, and one had to find another excuse. She hemmed and hawed, “I… I am…”

“It is this one that brought her out.” Gao Yang cupped his hands and said, “Young Lady Luo’s body has not recovered yet, but to stay in the room all day would make her feel depressed and would not be conducive for the recovery. This one brought her out to take a walk so that Young Lady’s injuries would be able to recover faster.”

Hearing it, Luo Xue Yan’s suspicious then only disappeared but her words still had some blame as she spoke to Gao Yang, “Imperial Physician Gao has good intentions but if there is a next time, it is better to inform the servants. Tan-er did not even bring a single maid, we thought that she had an accident.”

Gao Yang blushed with shame, “It is this one who did not consider it thoroughly and must apologise to Furen.”

“Forget about it. Forget about it.” Luo Xue Yan waved her hand.

Luo tan sighed in relief. Even though she did not look at Gao Yang with friendly eyes, it was much better than before. Gao Yang had carried such a black pot for her, so Luo Tan’s heart was thankful for it. The Luo family emphasised on comprehending kindness and giving back in return, so Luo Tan was thinking to give Gao Yang more treatment fees and not nitpick about what happened previously.

“But why have one not seen Older Brother Ling?” Luo Tan stretched out her neck and looked around. Shen Xin, Luo Xue Yan and Shen Qiu were all here but only Luo Ling was absent.

“Not together with you all?” Shen Xin asked with a frown.

Luo Tan shook her head.

“Then that is strange.” Luo Xue Yan said, “Before leaving today, I instructed Ling-er to look after you and upon returning, one did not see your presences and thought that you went out together. It is only you and Imperial Physician Gao?”

Luo Tan nodded her head.

“Did Younger Biao Brother go out to buy something?” Shen Qiu asked, “Even if it was searching, it is getting late and he should return back.”

In order to exchange information, the Shen family would return to the Shen mansion in the evening to recount the result of the search. Thus even if Luo Ling went out and search for himself, he should also have returned by now.

“Could it be that she was found?” Luo Tan’s heart moved, “Could it be that Older Brother Ling has found Youngest Biao Sister, thus returning late?”

Shen Qiu and Luo Xue Yan were stunned before delight appeared on their faces, “If that is the case then it would be good.”

However just at this time, someone from outside frantically shouted, “Bad news! Bad news!”

Everyone looked over. The oncoming person was Luo Ling’s subordinate and his entire body was doused in red colour, “Bad news, Young Master Ling has gotten into an accident!”

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