Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 143 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 143: Requesting Help (Part 1)

Luo Tan woke up once at night.

Speaking of coincidences, Shen Xin and entourage were searching Shen Miao’s whereabouts in the Ding capital, and Luo Ling was watching over Luo Tan and Gao Yang in the residence when he suddenly got a report from his subordinate, that there were suspicious people seen in the western part of the city. Luo Ling thought of Shen Miao and entrusted Luo Tan to Gao Yang, before rushing over to the western part of the city with his subordinates.

Now only Luo Tan and Gao Yang were left in the room.

When Luo Tan woke up, there were only two maids taking care of her in the room, but they were Shen Miao’s Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang. When they saw her awake, they were incessantly surprised, “Biao Young Lady finally woke up.”

Luo Tan felt that her body was somewhat heavy, and pushed aside the blanket to look when she saw that below the middle garment, there was a white cloth wrapped around. When Bai Lu saw this, she thought that Luo Tan was worried that in the future a scar would remain and reassured her, “Biao Young Lady has survived a great disaster and will be destined to a good fortune. The injury that day was very deep, that Master and Furen were very much frightened. The doctors that were invited in succession, all had no way to treat. It was Imperial Physician Gao that had superior medical skills who treated one. Not only that, Imperial Physician Gao even left behind a prescription, that Young Lady only need to take the medicine for the scar to lighten till it would be almost impossible to identify it.”

Luo Tan rubbed her forehead and seemed to have remembered some matters before asking, “How many days have I been unconscious?”

“Replying Biao Young Lady, you were unconscious for almost three days.” Shuang Jiang said.

“Three days?” Luo Tan jumped in shock. She suddenly remembered something and asked hurriedly, “How about Biao Youngest Sister? Has Biao Youngest Sister been found?”

Bai Lu’s and Shuang Jiang’s expressions dimmed, and they shook their heads.

Luo Tan’s heart gradually sank and she said, “How is GuGu and GuFu now?”

“The city is sealed off. Master and Furen would run about outside all day to search for Young Lady’s whereabout, but there is still no news.” Shuang Jiang said, “One do not know what is the situation of Young Lady.”

“It had been three days. How is it that there is no news at all after all this time? Those people do not know any evil spell, how could they make a living person disappear?” Luo Tan said emotionally.

Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang looked at one another, but could only lower their heads and kept quiet.

Luo Tan clenched her fists and her heart was filled with endless anxiety. At that time she remembered seeing two persons knocking Shen Miao unconscious and bringing her up the carriage. After that… Luo Tan’s heart moved as she suddenly remembered the words that Shen Miao spoke to her in the horse carriage.

“Remember, if you succeed in escaping, think of ways to send a letter to Prince Rui’s residence. Just say that there is a transaction to be done and prices will be discussed later.”
Shen Miao said to Luo Tan in the carriage that if something happened, to go and look for Prince Rui. Even though Luo Tan did not understand how Shen Miao and Prince Rui of the Great Liang would secretly have any friendship, but in the two years in the Xiao Chun City, Luo Tan knew clearly Shen Miao’s personality, and she would not do anything unnecessarily. She stood up and wanted to head out, but Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang jumped up in shock when they saw this, and quickly came over to support her, “What does Biao Young Lady want to do? Let us servants do it. Biao Young Lady’s body have not yet recovered, and one must not let the wounds reopen.”

When Luo Tan stood up, her body felt sluggish. Most probably it was due to lying on the bed for far too long, that her legs were as soft as cotton. This made her feel somewhat angry as she had felt that she was strong due to practicing of martial arts. However she said, “I have some stuff to do. Leave me alone.”

As soon as she finished her words, an unfamiliar voice was heard from outside, “Where are you going?”

Luo Tan looked up and saw a young male walking in from the outside of the room. The male was clad all in white and had the air of a graceful gentleman. He was also very good-looking and one of his hand was bent at the waist and the other was placed on a small table. As he took out a fan from his waist pocket and gently waved it, he then asked another time, “Where are you going?”

Luo Tan frowned, “Who is he?”

Shuang Jiang quickly said, “This is Imperial Physician Gao from the Palace. It is him who treated Biao Young Lady. Currently he is staying in our Shen mansion, as it is convenient to treat Biao Young Lady with acupuncture.”

Luo Tan frowned. Even though Luo Tan had some masculine air and less femininity, she was the same as the tens of thousands of females who like to look at good looking stuff. Previously when she was in the Xiao Chun City, there would be the occasional pretty things in the theatre and Luo Tan would drag Shen Miao to reward those actors. This was enough to say that Luo Tan value the appearance of a male. If it was on a normal day, if she had encounter such a handsome white clad gentleman, Luo Tan would most probably be in a good mood, but today she was very worried for Shen Miao that even if a fairy came down, she had no mood to appreciate. “Doctor Gao, I have something important to do.”

Gao Yang could not help but choke. He had heard people calling him ‘Gao Daren’ or ‘Imperial Physician Gao’, but he had never heard anyone calling him ‘Doctor Gao’. This made him feel that he was just like a doctor in some random medical hall, just like those type of barefoot doctors that would carry a medical box on his back and rush out in a hurry.

This was simply unbearable for Gao Yang, who had always been critical and cherished his good name.

He looked at Luo Tan again. The young female’s complexion was not as fair and delicate like those females in the Ding capital, but was a healthy wheat colour. Even though she was weak and just stood there, she was a vibrant character. She stared with a frown at Gao Yan and her beautiful facial features appeared more three-dimensional. It was Gao Yang first time seeing someone who had been stabbed three days ago to be this lively. Thinking of the first time when his heart was so shocked when he saw Luo Tan’s injuries, Gao Yang did not help but exclaim in admiration. For a normal person to have such injuries, even males would not be able to persevere through them, much less Luo Tan, a young lady. But she proved herself up till someone discovered her, showing that her survival instinct was very strong.

Gao Yang had considered himself as one who had tender and protective feelings for the fairer gender, but he did not like Shen Miao type of scary tigress with schemes and trickeries, and he also did not like females like Luo Tan who were coarse and strong minded, that have not softness of a female. He immediately said, “General Shen and Shen Furen had invited me to treat Young Lady so this one had treated, but Young Lady running all over the placard would cause the injuries to recur again. One is unable to accept the label of not doing one’s best on medical treatment, so may Young Lady not walk around as one wishes.”

Although Luo Tan’s heart was anxious, she could only endure and explain to him patiently, “I have to leave due to an important thing, and will definitely tell Youngest GuGu and GuFu personally upon my return that this matter does not involve you. Is that alright?”

“No.” Gao Yang said. “As a ‘Imperial Physician’ one must be responsible for one’s patients.” He emphasised the words ‘Imperial Physician’, hopping that Luo Tan could understand that he was different from those doctors living in the marketplace.

But Luo Tan had failed to notice his emphasis, and instead became angry and exasperatedly said, “You are a doctor that treat illness. On what basis can you control me?”

“First of all, this one is an Imperial Physician. Second, Young Master Ling had entrusted Young Lady to this one before leaving, so if Young Lady really have something important, this one can help Young Lady to run the errand. There is no harm for Young Lady to say it.”

Luo Tan bit her lips. At that time Shen Miao said that the matter with Prince Rui could not be told to others at all, and it was because Shen Miao trusted Luo Tan that she told the matter to her. Luo Tan was one who was on a one-track mind and coupled with the sensitive status of Prince Rui, she knew that no matter what, this cannot be known by outsiders even if they were Shen Miao’s maids, they could not know about it. She glared at Gao Yang ferociously.

“If Young Lady changed her mind then it is better to drink the medication first. After drinking the medication, Young Lady’s body would heal faster and naturally be able to do important things.” Gao Yang said with a gentle smile.

Luo Tan let Bai Lu bring the bowl of medication over and drank it down in one shot, with some heroism that could reach the clouds. After finishing, she put the medicine bowl down and said to Gao Yang, “Is this enough!”

“This one respects.” Gao Yang cupped his hands towards Luo Tan. Good medicine taste bitter and Luo Tan’s injuries were serious, so the concoction was extremely bitter that it was unpleasant for one to even smell it, but Luo Tan did not even change her expression when she drank the whole thing down. One could praise her as a firm and unyielding brave person!

Luo Tan said, “I want to rest, thus would trouble Doctor Gao to leave earlier. Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang should also withdraw, as I am unable to sleep with someone in the room. It is just too noisy.”

Gao Yang had a smiling expression as he left with the two maids.

After everyone left, Luo Tan stood up and ran over to the window to look out, and saw Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang sweeping the other side of the courtyard. She quickly pulled out the outer garments and cloak from the room and put on them in quick succession. After some thoughts, she dumped all the bottles of medication on the table into her sleeves, and pushed a wooden stool to the window and started to climb over!

With regards to slipping out of the residence secretly to play, the siblings Luo Tan and Luo Qian had practiced so much, that it was brought to the point of perfection when they were previously in the Xiao Chun City. At the end, even if Luo Lian Tai used iron locks to lock the both of them in their rooms, Luo Tan and Luo Qian would still pry open the locks and sneak out.

So Luo Tan did not really care if was to be locked in the Shen mansion, moreover the top priority was to quickly go to Prince Rui’s residence and look for Prince Rui. Luo Tan believed Shen Miao’s words without a doubt, and felt that as long as she was able to meet with Prince Rui, he would certainly be able to rescue Shen Miao.

It was just that the injuries on her waist had not been healed, and just a light movement would be painful. At this moment Luo Tan could not be bothered by it and pressed on her wounds with one hand, and successfully flipped herself over the window. At the other side, she familiarly found her way to the corner of the courtyard and pulled off the weeds at the corner of the wall, uncovering a dog hole and squeezed into it without any burden.

Luo Tan did all of this extremely easily, but did not see that a white figure was standing afar staring at her movements flabbergasted.

Gao Yang just could not believe his eyes.

Even if the Luo family was one with a military lineage, and even if the people of the Xiao Chun City were valiant or even if… But Luo Tan was still a Young Lady of an official’s family. To flip over windows and squeeze through dog holes. Gao Yan felt It would be a tough job for Luo Tan to even think of doing all this. He thought that it was already a marvel for Shen Miao to come from the Ming Qi, and did not think that Shen Miao’s Older Biao Sister would not be outdone. It was really a case of only a family of people that would enter a family residence. He shook his head but still followed up.

Luo Tan had almost gone crazy.

When she went out she was afraid of alerting others, so she did not use the horse carriages of the Shen mansion, but when she came out it was not ideal to look for another carriage, so she could only walk over by herself. Even though the distance of the residence of Prince Rui was not far from the Shen mansion, but for a person like her, who just crawled back from the line that divides life and death, it was just too far away.

However Luo Tan did not give up at all.

The Luo family’s descendants’ perseverance was not a joke. Even Luo Qian who would normally laugh and joke around, would be able to hold on quite a while at a truly serious moment. Luo Sui had taught the younger generation of the family discipline, of never to give up. Although Luo Tan felt dizzy at the moment and found difficult to walk, she did not think of giving up halfway.

Gao Yang watched from afar. He was initially gently moving his fan, as if he was watching the bustle, but at the end the fan no longer moved.

The entire young female’s body was under the cloak, and even though others could not see clearly, he could see that Luo Tan could not stop trembling. After every two steps, she would need to stop and support herself against the wall to rest. No one was clearer than Gao Yan on how serious Luo Tan’s injuries were. Just now in the Shen mansion, even though he had the intention to tease, Gao Yang’s words were not wrong. Luo Tan’s wound would split open, thus the recurrence of the wounds would definitely be very painful. He could almost guess that Luo Tan’s forehead was filled with sweat continuously.

However what made one astonished was that even when it was like that, Luo Tan did not stop at all. Every time Gao Yang thought that Luo Tan was not able to head forward after stopping for a long time, Luo Tan would again continue. This made Gao Yang curious and wanted to see if Luo Tan would not care about her own safety, and crawl out and what exactly she wanted to do.

This short section of the road seemed particularly long and Luo Tan could not help but miss her previous bubbly and energetic self. When she caught sight of the words ‘Residence of Prince Rui’, both her legs went soft and she almost knelt down.

But at the end she did not kneel down as a pair of hands supported her from behind.

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