Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 132 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 132: This Prince Help You (Part 2)

Just at this time, one saw that Prince Rui chuckled and suddenly took off the big black cloak that he was wearing, and lightly threw it over Shen Miao’s body and it covered Shen Miao up nicely. This kind of action made the people around surprised for a moment, as this Prince Rui of the Great Liang had always been a loner since coming to the Ding capital, and did not have any relationship with the Ming Qi and also did not deliberately made any relationship with the Qin country, so why did he inexplicably helped to pull Shen Miao out from a difficult position?

HuangFu Hao’s gaze at Shen Miao became very meaningful, but Princess Ming An was so jealous that she bit her lips.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu supported Shen Miao to stand up. Princess Ming An was unable to hold back and said, “It is obviously clear that it was you who pushed BenGong down. If it was not you, how would BenGong fall into the water? Could it be that it was my servants who pushed BenGong?”

Shen Miao laughed. Even though her hair was totally wet, her calm appearance when compared to Princess Ming An who was bursting in anger, seemed much more dignified. She said, “This official’s daughter’s servants had already explained for this official’s daughter. This official’s daughter fell into the water first, so how would one be able to push Your Highness down? Perhaps it is Your Highness that accidentally slipped.”

Princess Ming An said angrily, “If it was BenGong who slipped, then how would one slipped and fall into the middle of the pond?”

“Then that would be a coincidence.” Shen Miao did not say it lightly, “This official’s daughter is not a warrior with extraordinary strength, and it is impossible for one to push the Princess to such a faraway location, the middle of the pond.”

Suddenly a light laughter escaped and everyone looked over, and saw that Prince Rui’s lips had hooked up. It was just that even though he was smiling, one was unable to see what expression was under the mask, which made others feel that he was somewhat unpredictable.

Princess Ming An bit her teeth and looked toward Prince Rui, “Since Your Highness is here and is not people of the Ming Qi and the Qin country, one would invite Your Highness to uphold justice and say if BenGong or Shen Miao is lying.”

HuangFu Hao wanted to stop Princess Ming An but it was too late, thus the fury in HuangFu Hao’s heart soared up to Heavens. Princess Ming An was proud and arrogant but had no brains. Even though he knew that Princess Ming An’s anger was directed at Shen Miao, he did not expect that Princess Ming An would use such a stupid method. If anything went wrong, Shen Miao could use the trick of injuring herself upon her return, and Princess Ming An would end up at a bad position. Moreover today Prince Rui of the Great Liang suddenly came over to visit, and saw this chaotic scene. HuangFu Hao just simply wanted to squash Princess Ming An to death.

Shen Miao dropped her eyes and Princess Ming An looked at him full of hope. There was some embarrassment on HuangFu Hao’s face as Prince Rui’s lips hooked up, “Why should this Prince be bothered about this matter?”

Princess Ming An was stunned for a while, while Shen Miao rolled her eyes secretly.

“Your honoured residence is sure lively.” One was unable to hear if Prince Rui’s words were of ridicule, but that light tone of voice made HuangFu Hao unhappy. He looked at Shen Miao who was draped in Prince Rui’s cloak and suddenly smiled gently, “This is only a misunderstanding today. One did not expect that Young Lady Shen would be involved in it. BenWang will apologise to Young Lady Shen on behalf of one’s Younger Sister, and hope that Young Lady Shen would not be concerned about it.”

“Crown Prince Older Brother.” Princess Ming An did not expect HuangFu Hao to give in to Shen Miao, and got anxious and spoke in dissatisfaction. However HuangFu Hao glared at her coldly and she dared not say anything else, and just looked at Shen Miao with jealously and hatred in her eyes.

Shen Miao looked at HuangFu Hao and said lightly, “Your Highness the Crown Prince had spoken, this official’s daughter dare not disobey.” This generous words were said unwillingly and reluctantly. It made Princess Ming An’s heart furious again, and HuangFu Hao who was also stunned looked at Shen Miao meaningfully.

Shen Miao’s eyes hung down with thousands of emotions passing through them. HuangFu Hao on the surface looked broadminded and polite, but in fact was the most vicious and cruel. His type of viciousness was different from Fu Xiu Yi as even disgust could not be concealed. Previously when she was in the Qin country, there was once a time when HuangFu Hao was drunk and wanted to dishonour her, and if it was not for Gu Yu who desperately protected her innocence, one fear that upon her return to the Ming Qi Palace, what would be waiting for her was a long piece of silk, as the Ming Qi Imperial family would not accept an unfaithful Empress.

However when that happened, Gu Yu was stabbed to death by HuangFu Hao using the guard’s sword, as she had offended HuangFu Hao. Shen Miao could never forget the moment when HuangFu Hao stabbed and made a few holes on the already dead Gu Yu. Blood keep flowing out, but HuangFu Hao only ordered people to throw Gu Yu’s body to the heap for wolves.

She could not do anything at all. She lost the closest person in the Qin country, and could not even bury Gu Yu at all.

If one were to say Shen Miao was somewhat disgusted with Princess Ming An then towards HuangFu Hao, she was filled with hatred. It was just that she now had no way to make HuangFu hao pay the price.

HuangFu Hao’s gaze was suspicious and Shen Miao collected herself in a moment. It seemed that he had discovered some obvious emotions that made him feel somewhat cold. He did not understand what that was, but instinctively wanted to enquire into it.

Just as he wanted to speak about it, Prince Rui suddenly stood sideways. He was tall and the petite sized Shen Miao, was blocked by his movement that one could almost not see her at all.

“It was really not the time to come over today.” Prince Rui gave a glance at HuangFu Hao and Princess Ming An. They clearly did not see his expression, but both of them felt that Prince Rui’s eyes were somewhat cold. He continued, “Will come back in the future.”

HuangFu Hao wanted to say some words of persuasion as the current situation was still not clear, but in any case the Qing country did not want to be enemies with the Great Liang. If this meant that the Great Liang’s Prince Rui has intention to be closer to their Qin country, the Qin country would be glad to see it happen. One thought that today one would be able to get closer to Prince Rui, but did not think that Princess Ming An would mess it up. He stared fiercely at Princess Ming An and helplessly said, “It is BenWang that entertained inconsiderately, the next time Your Highness visits again, BenWang will definitely show great hospitality.”

Prince Rui chuckled and no one knew what did it meant before he suddenly turned around and left, but then suddenly stopped his steps and looked at Shen Miao with a smile but not a smile, “Since Young Lady Shen is soaking wet, it is better to return to the residence early. Is one willing to leave together with this Prince?”

Shen Miao took a deep breath and a gentle smile burst forth, “Many thanks to Your Highness Prince Rui.”

HuangFu Hao and Princess Ming An looked on as the two brushed their sleeves and left. Princess Ming An almost bit her lips till they were broken, “Crown Prince Older Brother, that slut seduced Prince Rui and also pushed me into the water. This matter cannot just let it be.”

“Shut up blockhead.” HuangFu Hao glanced at her coldly and warned, “Today BenWang spare you this time. If there is a repeat and things are mucked up, BenWang will not protect you when Imperial Father pass the blame down.” He then turned around and left after brushing his sleeves.

After Princess Ming An was lectured by HuangFu Hao, she dared not say any contradictory words, and her level of hatred for Shen Miao went up by a level. Especially the back view of the two leaving together made her feel like her heart was cut up by knives. She had all the while been wilful and selfish, but knew of her own beauty and was blue blooded nobility so she had never fancy any man. It was difficult to found a man that she fancied, but he seemed to look after Shen Miao. How could she tolerate it? Princess Ming An clenched her fist and said hatefully, “Shen Miao, BenGong will definitely make you rather die than live.”

Outside the Qin country’s residence, Shen Miao’s horse carriage was still outside the doors. Seeing that Shen Miao was draped with a unfamiliar man’s cloak and her hair was wet, Mo Qing suddenly tensed up, “Young Lady.”

“No harm.” Shen Miao waved her hands and said, “Let us return to the residence first.”

“This Prince has helped Shen Young Lady, but Shen Young Lady did not say a word of thanks. This is a bit too heartless.” Prince Rui hugged his chest and spoke unhurriedly, but it was Jing Zhe and the rest that were stunned for a moment.

Shen Miao looked at him coldly, “Did Prince Rui played happily today?”

“That would depend if you are happy or not.” He smiled and even with the mask on, Shen Miao was able to guess the nasty look on this person’s expression at the moment.

“You are responsible for Princess Ming An’s fall into the water.” She leaned close to Xie Jing Xing and whispered, “Why did you do this?”

Xie Jing Xing lowered his head and looked at her. She was petite so when Xie Jing Xing wanted to whisper to her, he needed to bend down slightly. When their lines of sight were levelled, it however looked overly close and somewhat ambiguous. His voice was low and sweet with a light tease in it, “What kind of thing she is considered to be to be able to also bully you.” Xie Jing Xing paused and stared at Shen Miao “Are not I your people? It is within reason to help you in this.”

Shen Miao unexpectedly took a step back and pulled the distance away from him before saying, “Then many thanks to you.”

“Thanks is not a matter of saying some words.” Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up, “This Prince need to think carefully.”

Shen Miao was too lazy to say more to him, and went up the carriage without a second word. Mo Qing was worried Shen Miao would catch a cold and rushed back to the Shen mansion without stopping, so their figures quickly disappeared from this lane.

Seeing that the horse carriage was no longer seen at the distance, a tall and burly man appeared behind Xie Jing Xing. Xie Jing Xing’s eyes turned cold, “Investigate if HuangFu Hao has ever been to the Ding capital before.”

The man bowed before leaving. Xie Jing Xing turned around and glanced at Prince Qin’s residence’s doors, and the corners of his lips hooked up but his eyes gave out a cold light.

On the way back to the residence, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu dared not speak, as no one thought that Shen Miao would be put in such difficulties when she went out today. This Princess Ming An’s guts were truly too big as she dared to push others into the water in broad daylight. Jing Zhe’s eyes were all red. At the midst of danger, she did not have any apprehension as she took not the other party’s identity into consideration but now thinking about it, that person was after all the Qin country’s princess and she was just a humble servant. If one were to really do anything to her, Jing Zhe herself would have no solution at all. Now thinking about that, she then became scared.

Shen Miao however was actually feeling calm. She already knew that Princess Ming An had ill intentions but due to the interest of the bigger picture, even if no one came today, Princess Ming An would also let others fish her out from the water and will not truly want her life. However one did not know that a fiend would suddenly appear, who then pushed Princess Ming An into the water.

This was naturally Xie Jing Xing messing around. Xie Jing Xing was lawless and did not consider anyone, and just schemed against Princess Ming An in front of HuangFu Hao. One only fear that when HuangFu Hao thought back about this, he would also realise that something was wrong. After all when Princess Ming An fell, she fell into the centre of the pond, and it would not be possible if one did not have any martial skills. Moreover other than the guards who had martial art skills, there was only Xie Jing Xing. Even though one did not know if it was Xie Jing Xing’s act, one would always be suspicious.

But Shen Miao’s eyes moved slightly. This action of Xie Jing Xing put Princess Ming An in such a difficult position, and it indeed made one feel rejuvenated. If today there was no Xie Jing Xing, she most likely would suffer a lot but now with this situation, she still suffered but seeing Princess Ming An also suffering, one find that whatever bitterness that she tasted was worth it.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu were actually somewhat worried as they looked at Shen Miao while Shen Miao was thinking, her lips hooked up and seemed to be somewhat happy. Both of them looked at one another and both scratched their heads, as Shen Miao was pushed down to the water by others and how would one be happy about it.

Upon returning to the Shen mansion, because Shen Miao was drenched, she could only sneak in from the back doors. Jing Zhe quickly brought a handkerchief to wipe Shen Miao’s hair and helped her change into a new set of clothes, while Gu Yu went to the kitchens to instruct them to make ginger tea. After Shen Miao sat down for a while, she asked, “Why have one not see Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang yet?”

Before she left, she had instructed Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang to stay in the residence waiting for news, but there was not a single one of them around at present. Just as she was speaking, one saw Bai Lu returning from outside and said in surprise joy when she saw Shen Miao, “Young Lady finally returned. Just now Furen asked this servant where did Young Lady went, and why was Young Lady not back yet.”

“What is the matter with Mother?” Once Shen Miao managed to dry her hair, she asked.

“Heard that the daughter of the Old General’s benefactor came to the house. Furen is currently outside chatting with that young lady, and wanted Young Lady to go over to take a look.”

Shen Miao’s hand that was holding the handkerchief paused and her gaze became sharper, “What is that person’s name?”

Bai Lu was surprised as she found Shen Miao’s gaze was somewhat cold and subconsciously replied, “Hear that she has the surname of Chang.”

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  1. Oooh another things from the past! I am curious about what kind of scheme it will be with this Cheng.
    And that HuangFu Hao really asking for his death once he stare discourteously towards Shen Miao! 😦
    Jing Xing u better keep an eye on her 24/7 very well!! XD

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  2. This felt very weird :/ it’s not like our empress to be at a disadvantage and she rarely does things unless she gains something from it. This just felt like she went over there just to make the princess hate her even more, took a dip in ice cold water and then went home. Like what was the actual purpose for this???


    • Her purpose for going was to allow the Princess to vent some of her anger and so the Qins can’t say that she was being disrespectful and looking down on them


    • It was mentioned tho. If she refused the invite, they’ll say she’s gutsy thus she accepted it. And when she waited, if she were to leave right away instead of waiting outside patiently, they’ll say she’s being disrespectful towards Princess Ming An. The purpose is to not let the opponent have a hand on SM. Maybe you missed that part? Idk.


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