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Please note that I will be travelling practically the whole of Apr and this has affected only additional translation releases. The two fixed updates per week (Monday & Thursday) will still go on but there will not be any additional releases till the first week of May.

I am so frustrated with WordAds and!!! They have such its-like-this-take-it-as-it-is attitude!!! I want to be able to translate and not be bothered about things like that!!! Should I move all my translations to another site or should I change to a different managed hosting service?


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  1. Have a fun trip!
    I’m used to WordPress, but if you feel the change is necessary, then go for it! No idea what’s a good alternative though. Join a large group like Volarenovels?

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  2. Please work at your own pace! We dont really mind, after all, you don’t even get paid yet still do this for us.

    There aren’t many over okay options for translation groups or domains other than WordPress, Volarenovels, and if you want to be rlly official, than Qidian. Either way is fine tho, please continue to bless us for more chapters about our empress! 😘

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  3. Have fun traveling! ❤️ Take the time to destress!

    Are you experiencing issues with hosting or monetizing via ads? I’m fine with whatever you decide since it’s all your work and time being invested into the translation for us but 🤔 I do know when I open your posts on my mobile app your posts are always pretty without any ad while everyone else required a link that displays their site where ads show! So if it’s monetizing maybe that’s the thing??

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  4. Volare novels or wuxiaworld both work quite well, not sure about their policies.

    But current site loads slightly faster on my phone, so in terms of user experience it’s by no means worse than those big sites.

    Qidian is far from optimal, it has bad reputation.

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  5. I think both Volare and Qidian is good host. However theres also mistycloud translation & moonbunny translation sites to option about…hehe… i love your translation and hope it continue at your pace. I am already grateful for all your works till todate 🙂 Love you ❤

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  6. Keep safe and enjoy your travels!
    I read from volare, radiant, misty too. Thanks for the chapters, you made me love our empress👸🏼


  7. Of the online novels I read. The things I can say about your page is that it is very well organized, Ads are not bothersome, graphics are nice, font and pages are easy to read. So best of luck finding the source that works for you.
    Have a nice trip.

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  8. i dont think u should join volare or any other group. u r fine like this. there no annoying ads. u can try or or site builder. they r easy n free.

    since u r working people, joining big community might stress u up in every kind of way, so for me its better on ur own with ur own pace.

    and, i hope u have enough rest coz its so tiring when working travelling.

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  9. Have a safe journey… And don’t worry there’s no hurry. Takenit slow.. We can wait.
    I think volare novels is a better solution… Just saying.

    Thanks for the update


  10. Have a safe trip 😊😊😊 am sorry i can give u any solution cause am not familiar with all of them.. 😂😂 but for me, i like how well you organize your page, i dont find any trouble when am here and could enjoy read bout XJX and Jiao Jiao as much as i like😍😍😍 so keep your spirit and take your time☺ but my selfish self honestly hope that you can back from your journey as fast as possible kekeke😆😆😆

    Fighting !!!😤😤😤


  11. Enjoy your travels and stay safe! And thank you for another wonderful chapter~

    As for another hosting site I recommend ao3 (archive of our own) since it’s free and not just for fanfiction/original stories. You can basically post anything on there ex. podcasts/podfics, translations, pictures, videos, etc. I know for sure there’s a group translating Nirvana on Fire there.

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  12. Im not from your country so don’t understand what are you asking but I want to regard all the hard work that you do to translate.THANK SO MUCH.(Sorry of my english is not very good)


  13. Have a safe trip! Enjoy 😀.

    But about your prob, unfortunately i don’t have any idea. I’m not familiar with hosting services. Sorry. I’m still a newbie with regards in reading cnovels. Though honestly I don’t have a problem in your wordpress . The layout is neat & organize. It was easy to navigate. The ads are not that bothersome in desktop while when in mobile app there’s no ads.


  14. So sorry i don’t have any idea about hosting service. as far as i read novel translation, some used blogspot or wordpress. Anything particular, mmm no idea. Hopefully you can solve your problem asap


  15. Aww. TBH I’m sad we can’t have he bonus chapters but can’t gelp it. Bon voyage on your trip(s) well WordPress is a money making site site and I’ve seen some translator unable to bear it so they chose other sites like .org and stuff. well no matter what decision you do I’ll follow along with Zazajunnie >u< I’m a faithful slave of yours~ (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)

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  16. though i hope you find ways to keep posting without having to join a bigger group,
    i do know that there is a power in number, i’ve seen it..

    take your time to consider it,
    take your time preparing for your trip,
    take your time to work on the translation,

    we are all right behind you to follow

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  17. Gracias por tu trabajo. Soy de habla hispana y es mucho más fácil para mi leer en inglés que en español.
    Espero que tus vacaciones sean agradables.
    Si hay necesidad de moverse te seguiremos.


  18. Not sure if anyone suggested this already but there is tumblr it’s and app and everyone would have download the app but it’s free. There was a group translating from there and it seemed like an easy peasy way to post. With no ads. But if that’s how you earn some cash through the ads then ??

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  19. Idk if this will help.. maybe you can make your own website using
    I’ve tried playing with it.. it seems easy.. but i’ve never fully utilise it so i’m not sure😅
    You can check it out when u have time☺

    Hope this could help!

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  20. If you hate WordPress that much I think you should try wix, it’s pretty easy and customizable with plenty of templates to choose from already. It’s definitely a step up from WordPress. I don’t suggest joining a translation group, although they’re great at what they do, I hate their ads. They always end up hijacking my browser or reloading while I’m in the middle of reading which drives me nuts. I’ve actually never had a problem on your site, it’s clean and fairly easy to navigate. Good luck finding a solution and safe travels!


  21. If you want to move website why don’t you move it to webnovel. Lot up people use the website has its own app of its own. You could translate it there.


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