Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 131 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 131: Person Not As Good As A Tiger (Part 1)

On the second day, Shen Miao received an invitation. This invitation was not from others but from the Qin country’s Princess Ming An, inviting her to have a gathering at the residence on the Yan Qing Lane.

This invitation was sent by a close servant of the house and was brought in by Gu Yu to Shen Miao. Initially one thought it was Feng An Ning that sent it over to invite her out to play, thus she did not want to open it but it was Princess Ming An instead. Jing Zhe said worriedly, “This is fake right? Else why would Princess Ming An send an invitation over without rhyme or reason? Princess Ming An does not have any friendship with Young Lady, is not this pretentious?”

Gu Yu shook her head, “There is the Princess seal on the top, one think that it is not a fake.” She looked towards Shen Miao, “This Princess Ming An was humiliated during the tribute banquet by Young Lady, one fear that she is finding an opportunity to get revenge. It is better for Young Lady to push it away, else it would be bad if that Princess Ming An have ill-intentions.”

Jing Zhe also nodded repeatedly, “Yes. Yes. Yes. It is better to tell Master and Furen of this matter and let them decide.”

Shen Miao thought about it for a while and shook her head, “Do not tell anyone of this matter. With Father’s and Mother’s temper, they are bound to use tough tactics, but the current relationship between the Qin country and the Ming Qi is sensitive. If it was only a fight between me and Princess Ming An, it would still be alright, but if it involve Father and Mother, one fear that it would also involve the court and it would be shooting oneself in the foot.”

“Do not tell Master and Furen.” Jing Zhe then asked, “Can it be that Young Lady want to accept this invitation?” Jing Zhe was very unwilling in her heart. To be together with a Princess with ill-intent and it was not at one’s territory, if Shen Miao were to suffer, it would be too late to save anything.

“No harm in it.” Shen Miao said, “Since Princess Ming An gave me an invitation, and the invitation is in my hands, if something went wrong with me, Princess Ming An will be involved. When the Qin Crown Prince know of it, he would also block it. She will not dare to do anything, and it will be nothing more than some small tricks and means. I am not afraid.”

“But.” Gu Yu was still very worried.

“No more buts. Just do it. The date in the invitation is two days later, so I will take a trip down two days later and do not let others know about it.” After pausing she continued, “I will let Mo Qing follow. The invitation will remain in the residence and if anything really happened, let Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang to look for my Eldest Brother with the invitation.”

Even if Jing Zhe and Gu Yu have ten thousand of unwillingness, they could only promise Shen Miao helplessly.

Coincidently, in the outermost mansion of the Yan Qing Lane, where the the Qin country’s Imperial family was residing, Princess Ming An received the reply from a servant. She opened it to take a look, and suddenly became a little angry and threw that letter down on the table. She said coldly, “Really courageous indeed.”

“Why are you angry again?” A male pushed open the door to enter from behind, and asked with a frown when he saw Princess Ming An’s appearance.

When Princess Ming An saw the oncoming person, she stood up and walked over before handing the reply over to the other person and threw a tantrum, “Crown Prince Older Brother, you see that Shen Miao. I send her an invite, she actually replied and agreed to the meeting. She is really not afraid of death.”

“You gave her an invitation and if she really did not accept then she is really gusty. Now she accepted it and you are not happy, do not be so unreasonable.” Even knowing Princess Ming An’s temperament, HuangFu Hao still did not follow her line of conversation, and instead poured cold water over Princess Ming An’s head.

“Crown Prince Older Brother.” Princess Ming An stomped, “Are you helping me or helping her? On that day during the tribute banquet, she humiliated me and deliberately gotten me to bite that apple. It was clearly to embarrass me and let our Qin country lose face. Now not only you are not helping the Qin country to regain one’s face, but still blame me. What is the meaning of this? Even if one go to Imperial Father upon returning to Qin, it still does not make sense.”

HuangFu Hao looked coldly at Princess Ming An, and remembered the events during the tribute banquet and his face became solemn. Although Princess Ming An’s words were not entirely true, after all the archery competition with Shen Miao was initiated by her. But when later Shen Miao made Princess Ming An bite the apple, she was somewhat overbearing. So much so, that even the last few light and soft words had a ridicule meaning in them. He was not sure if Shen Miao did it intentional or not, but once the matter gets relayed back to the Qin country, the Emperor of the Qin country would definitely criticise him. HuangFu Hao did not know why, but he felt that Shen Miao was very special, as others would take many days to get used to Princess Ming An’s bow but she was so skilled, as if she had pulled it thousands of times. Sometimes when she looked over, there was a touch of hostility.

It was not the time for the Ming Qi and the Qin country to be hostile, and they were not previously acquainted, so why did Shen Miao treat both him and Princess Ming An that hostilely? Shen Miao’s revengeful heart was just too heavy if it was merely because Princess Ming An made things difficult for Shen Miao.

Seeing HuangFu Hao not speaking and thinking of something, Princess Ming An widened her eyes in surprise suddenly, “Crown Prince Older Brother, it cannot be that you are fascinated by that kind of slut? You better not forget that before this, she was obsessed with the Ming Qi’s Prince Ding, and this was spread all over and she was an out and out idiot. She was only being this calm and level headed because there was guidance by someone behind. You must not be bewitched by her.”

HuangFu Hao waved his hands somewhat impatiently, “What are you talking about. On the contrary it is you. Do not forget about what Imperial Father instructed to do during this trip to Ming Qi. I do not care about what you want to do to Shen Miao, but no action is to take place in this residence. It does not matter if it is somewhere else, as long as no one have anything to hold against you. One Shen Miao does not matter, but currently the Ming Qi’s Emperor rely on Shen Xin and by touching Shen Miao, Shen Xin will definitely fall out and the alliance between the Ming Qi and us would be considered ruined. You better put the interest of the bigger picture above everything else.”

Even though Princess Ming An was directly torn into with such a warning, she looked calm on the surface. However if one were to carefully observe, the anger in her eyes was even more intense. She smiled, “Do not worry Crown Prince Older Brother. I will not find trouble for ourselves. I invited her over to take a look at what kind of person this Shen Miao is. When one really take action, one will not use the name of our Qin country. You had forgotten that our favourite pastime when we were young, was to watch dogs biting dogs. There are so many dogs in the Ming Qi, it is not difficult to find one to do things for us.”

HuangFu Hao also smiled, “It is good that you have a sense of propriety.”

As the skies gradually dimmed, in the Shen residence of the Ding capital, there was a lamp lit in the Western courtyard as Chen Rou Qiu and Chang Zai Qing were talking.

Chen Rou Qiu smiled and said, “This handkerchief that is embroidered with poetry, really looks good. Even the scholarly GuGu cannot compare to Young Lady Zai Qing’s poem. Originally one did not know what dexterity was but after seeing Young Lady Zai Qing, one thoroughly understood.”

Chang Zai Qing pressed her lips into a smile, “Furen has flattered. It is just that Zai Qing could not be of any help here, and felt very apologetic about living and eating for free here, so one can only embroider some handkerchiefs. It is not worth much money, hope that Furen will not despise.”

“Do not dislike.” Chen Rou Qiu looked at that handkerchief and carefully folded it before putting it into her sleeves and smiled gently, “This kind of good stuff, I must hide it well. Else when Yue-er sees it, she would take it away from me. She would always pester me for anything that she likes from me. This handkerchief is exquisite, I am reluctant to give it to her.”

Chang Zai Qing laughed, “As long as Furen does not despise. If Second Young Lady likes, I will embroider another one.”

“That will be good.” Chen Rou Qiu also laughed, “Like this, one will not fear of Yue-er doing as she likes.” She smiled as she looked at Chang Zai Qing, “Speaking of which, previously those things that I have said to Young Lady Zai Qing, have Young Lady Zai Qing consider it?”

Previously when Chen Rou Qiu chatted with Chang Zai Qing, she spoke about Shen Xin’s matter. Currently Chang Zai Qing had seen that everyone in the Shen residence accepted that the First household moved away. So Chen Rou Qiu proposed that since she was the daughter of the Old General Shen’s subordinate, and since Chang Hu was also the Old General Shen’s benefactor, naturally Shen Xin would not reject seeing Chang Zai Qing. Moreover Shen Xin was the Old General Shen’s eldest Di son, be it be the situation or reasoning, Chang Zai Qing should go and pay a visit.

Hearing those words, Chang Zai Qing hesitated for a bit before shaking her head with a smile, “Now that I came over and disturbed Furen, one already felt very apologetic about it, so how would one dare to disturb General Shen? Moreover Zai Qing is here at the Ding capital to avoid that gentleman from an official family. Once the matter pass, Zai Qing will leave. It is better for General Shen not to know of the matter.”

“I did say, Young Lady Zai Qing is good at everything but just overly polite.” Chen Rou Qiu feigned an exasperation, “The relationship between the Chang and the Shen family is this good that you are a family to us. What disturbing or not. One heard that when Young Lady Zai Qing was young, Eldest Brother had seen you before, so you are Eldest Brother’s younger sister, so how would Eldest Brother be awkward in seeing you? If you are in the Ding capital and really did not go and see Eldest Brother, when he is aware of this, one fear that he would be angry instead.”

Chang Zai Qing did not speak as Chen Rou Qiu patted her hands, “Moreover since you want to hide from that Liu province’s family, it is more convenient over at Eldest Brother. There are more soldiers in their residence and they guard the place very securely. Even if that Liu province’s family chased to the Ding capital, they would not dare to act rashly on the account of Eldest Brother. I take you as one’s own people, so I will tell you clearly that Eldest Brother’s place is the place where you will be truly protected.”

At the mention of Liu province’s family, Chang Zai Qing’s face changed colour and her expressions started to waver constantly. Chen Rou Qiu said, “Young Lady Zai Qing, just take it as though one goes to one’s own Eldest Brother’s residence as a guest for a period of time. What is there to worry about?”

“Third Furen does not know.” Chang Zai Qing forced a smile, “After all, so much time has passed, it would be inevitable if General Shen does not remember Zai Qing. Moreover Shen Furen, Fifth Young Lady and Eldest Young Master are there, so one fear that it would be a burden for one to stay without a good cause.”

“This is something you need not worry.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled upon hearing this, “That Eldest Sao of mine has the best temperament. Because she is from a military lineage and a heroine General, she is straightforward and sincere without any intentions. She also treat others kindly so upon knowing of your matter, she would be compassionate. Moreover there are no other females in Eldest Brother’s family, and it would be difficult for Eldest Sao to find someone to talk to. Upon meeting with you, she would definitely treat you very good. As for Eldest Boy and Fifth Girl, they are both sensible kids and would not have any dispute with you.”

Chen Rou Qiu saw Chang Zai Qing’s wavering expression and smiled, “How about this, if Young Lady Zai Qing feel alright, upon my return I will let Young Lady Zai Qing write a card over and not mention our Shen residence. With Young Lady Zai Qing’s name, this would not cause any misunderstanding. Young Lady Zai Qing can go and pay Eldest Brother a visit first, and see what is Eldest Brother’s attitude. If one thinks that it is inappropriate, then one can just return.”

Chang Zai Qing thought for a long time before nodding her head upon deciding. She gratefully smiled to Chen Rou Qiu, “Third Furen considered everything for Zai Qing. Zai Qing is very thankful to Third Furen.”

“Now you are being too polite.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled as she stood up, “The skies are getting darker and I must not bother your rest. Tomorrow I will write a card to send over. Young Lady Zai Qing do not need to bother about anything. You are an intelligent and pleasant person, there will not be anyone who will dislike you. One fear that after Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao sees you, they would be happy to have gained a younger sister like you.”

Chang Zai Qing smiled and declined. After sending Chen Rou Qiu away, Zhou MaMa came over to tidy up, and since she heard the conversation between Chen Rou Qiu and Chang Zai Qing just now, she asked, “Young Lady, why does that Third Shen Furen suddenly mention about General Shen without rhyme or reason? Could it be that she is driving Young Lady out of the house?”

Chang Zai Qing sneered, “At first I still did not understand what exactly Third Shen Furen wanted me to do, but now I understood. Third Shen Furen really scheme very well, and actually want me to deal with others.”

Zhao MaMa was surprised, “Young Lady, what does Third Shen Furen want Young Lady to do?”

Chang Zai Qing sat in front of the table and her expression became unfathomable. She was not a fool so she could hear the implied meaning in Chen Rou Qiu’s words. She said that only Shen Xin could protect and shelter her, and if one could stay in the General residence one’s entire life, then one do not need to fear that those Liu province’s people will come knocking for one’s entire life. By saying that Luo Xue Yan has a military lineage and is a heroine General with a straightforward and sincere personality, it meant to say that Luo Xue Yan was stupid and easy to deal with. As for the lack of females in Shen Xin’s courtyard, the hint was even more obvious. If Chang Zai Qing could enter, other than a not so smart Luo Xue Yan, one would not need to worry about anything else.

She said, “Since Third Shen Furen value me so much, I should first go over to check out what is going on.”

“Young Lady want to go to the General Shen’s residence?” Zhao MaMa was stunned for a moment, “Even knowing what kind of ill-intention Third Shen Furen has, Young Lady still want to go?”

“It is not a bad idea if one can use it well.” Chang Zai Qing waved her hand, “It is not a long term plan to stay in the Shen residence. I must make plans for myself. It is of no harm. I am only going to take a look. If there is anything wrong, naturally one will not jump in.”

“If…” Zhao MaMa looked at her carefully.

“If one find that it is not bad.” Chang Zai Qing smiled lightly, “Then Third Shen Furen can be considered as knowing my heart.”

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