Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 130 (Part 2)

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Chapter 130: My Jiao Jiao (Part 2)

At the other end, Chang Zai Qing returned to the Western courtyard. The Western courtyard in which Shen Xin’s entire family stayed at, was now almost empty. Previously there were a number of servants in the Western courtyard, and because Shen Xin called his personal guards over for training, everyday it would be bustling with noise and excitement. Later Shen Xin’s family moved out and Chen Rou Qiu reduced the number of servants in the Western courtyard. Without the soldiers practicing daily, the gigantic Western courtyard became deserted.

When Chang Zai Qing’s nanny, Zhao MaMa, saw Chang Zai Qing returning, she quickly went up to take off Chang Zai Qing’s cloak and said worriedly, “Young Lady, how was the conversation with Third Shen Furen today?”

It was Zhao MaMa idea to let Chang Zai Qing to enter the capital to seek the Shen family for help. If there were no other ideas, Chang Zai Qing really did not have any other roads to walk. But the Shen and Chang families had not came into contact for so many years, and people’s hearts were volatile. Originally the Old General Shen might be willing to take care of the Chang family, but now that the Old General Shen was no longer present, who knew how would the Shen family treat Chang Zai Qing.

Chang Zai Qing rubbed her forehead and sat on the soft couch in the middle of the room, “Third Shen Furen is very enthusiastic and agreed for us to stay for a period of time. Even if those people come to the Ding capital, one think that they dare not come to provoke the Shen family.

Zhao MaMa then patted her chest in relief, “Amitabha. Originally, Master said that everyone in the Shen family has a Bodhisattva’s heart, and one was originally worried for Young Lady and feared that the Shen family was not willing to help. Now it seems that one can be reassured.”

“MaMa is oversensitive.” Chang Zai Qing smiled coldly and her face did not change, “How would there be a free lunch under the Heavens? Even if the Old General Shen took care of the Chang family, it was because Father blocked that knife for him all those years ago. There are no one that would treat other people well for nothing. For Third Shen Furen to be this enthusiastic, it is only because I am of some use to her.”

Zhao MaMa was surprised and looked at Chang Zai Qing, “Young Lady’s meant that Third Shen Furen is not someone good? Then what can be done?”

“MaMa rest assure.” Chang Zai Qing comforted her but her eyes were filled with a chilling sensation, “Third Shen Furen have something to beseech of me, I too have some needs from her. Even though one do not know what kind of play she is planning, one can always find a solution.”

“But.” Zhao MaMa was somewhat uneasy.

“Rest assure MaMa.” Chang Zai Qing said with a smile, “We have overcome the hardest matter. Reaching today and seeing that there is a route to live, what is there for me to be scared about. The Shen family is a springboard, naturally one must make full use of it. Since Third Shen Furen want to make use to me, I would also make use of her.”

Zhao Mama looked at Chang Zai Qing and finally nodded her head, “This old servant only want good things for Young Lady. Whatever Young Lady say it is, it will be.”


The Ding capital was Ming Qi’s capital city and naturally the land would be expensive. The most expensive land in the Ding capital, other than outside the Palace was the Yan Qing Lane. The Yan Qing Lane was located at the southern part of the city and not far from there, there were the most bustling of restaurants and shops, and faced the river with wonderful scenery. The reason to the high value of the Yan Qing Lane, other than having former dignitaries previously residing, was that a particularly famous Taoist priest one day came to see the geomancy of the area, and mentioned that other than being expensive, this place had dragon energy and other than descendants of royalty, no one was able to contain the dragon energy in this area, and only the honoured one under Heavens could do so.

The Ming Qi’s Imperial family was not located at the southern part of the city and could not be rebuilding the Palaces, as the commoners would complain and there was not so much money in the treasury. But whoever dared to stay in a place with dragon energy would be dismissed by the Emperor, and even those who were not afraid were unable to afford that much money. Thus the Yan Qing Lane was very empty and became a decoration for so many years.

But at the moment, finally someone moved into the Yang Qing Lane. They were not others but the guests from the Qin country and the Great Liang. The one that came from the Qin country was the Crown Prince, and from the Great Liang was the Prince of First Rank and both of them, were more than justified descendants of royalty. Money was not an issue, so speaking of which, there was no place more suitable than the Yan Qing Lane for them. After all they could not stay in the Palace, else Emperor Wen Hui would not be able to rest during the days and nights. It was after all not pleasing to have one’s Palace occupied by the enemies and disturb one’s sleep.

At this moment, in the deepest part of the Yan Qing Lane, there was a mansion that was guarded by soldiers. Even though it was a mansion, it seemed to be a smaller palace as it was decorated luxuriously and the area was very huge. Even those officials’ residences would have to be combined together to compete with this mansion.

This mansion was Prince Rui’s place of residence. There were a number of mansion sites, and the Crown Prince of the Qin country chose the mansion at the outermost, while the innermost mansion was selected by Prince Rui. It was not know if he deliberately wanted to keep a distance from the Qin country. But no matter what, this mansion was the most expensive of the entire Yan Qing Lane, and was twice more expensive than the one chosen by the Crown Prince of the Qin country. That Prince Rui did not even blink his eyes at the cost, making others wonder if the Great Liang’s treasury was truly filled up with gold.

Prince Rui of the Great Liang was extremely arrogant. On the first day moving in, he instructed to remove the door plaque and put a golden-bright and dazzling plaque up with ‘Prince Rui’s Residence’. This made one felt laughable and ridiculous. This Prince Rui of Great Liang ran to Ming Qi to buy a mansion and even put up such a plaque. Could it be that he really wanted to live here?

At this moment in one of the courtyards of Prince Rui’s residence, there was a snowy white thing that was flopping on the floor.

“This thing is dexterous but it is just too fierce. Just such a little thing and it is already so fierce, why does Master want to keep it?” A yellow clad female squat on the floor and was holding a stick to tease the snowy white fur ball in front. Upon looking nearer, one saw that thing was covered with fur like a door and when it looked over, a pair of clear eyes could be seen, rolling like a child with an intelligent appearance. At this time it was scratching the female with its paw when suddenly it changed to its teeth to bite. This was not something else but a tiger cub. Most likely it was newly born and was very young. The fur on its skin was a rare light in colour that even the strips could not be seen. From afar, it was like a snowy white tiger and was indeed lovable.

That female teasing it suddenly gave out a hiss, and threw down the wooden stick in her hands and said angrily, “This animal looked so gentle but actually is one that bites people. It is really painful. Later I will rip into you.”

“Better forget about it.” The other female voice sounded. It was a conspicuously charming female clad in a light red robe. She looked at the bundle on the floor and said, “It is personally brought back to raise by Master. Ye Ying, one fear that before you can touch it, you will be torn apart by Master.”

The female by the name of Ye Ying stood up and the white tiger cub went forward to grasp the corner of her skirt, and held it in its mouth and pulled it before it was kicked away by Ye Ying. She walked to the red clad female’s side, “Huo Long, is Master insane? Why raise what tiger without rhyme or reason? The tiger looks good and cute but its temper is savage, what if in the future it injures people?”

Huo Long shrugged her shoulders, “Most likely it has a sudden temper. After this tiger was brought back it kept on eating and sleeping and then sleeping and eating. After opening its eye for a few days, it then know how to bite people.”

“In the future when Master bring back a big tiger, His Majesty would have a headache upon the knowledge.” Ye Ying showed a bitter face.

“What are you two lazing around for?” A man snapped loudly. The two females turned around and looked at a middle-aged man striding over. He walked to the cage and looked at the bowl before looking displeased at Ye Ying and Huo Long, “Let you both feed but you all only know how to laze around.”

“Tie Yu.” Ye Ying said angrily, “We came out from the prison tower and thought that following master around is a good job to do, but who knew it was to feed the tiger. We are the Mo Yu Army and not those breastfeeding nannies. How can one let others do nothing but play with the tiger?”

“Just do well what Master instruct to do. Ask so many question for what.” Tie Yi squatted down and took the bowl from the floor and fed the white tiger. The cooked meat was minced and mixed with eggs. That white tiger went forward to sniff before eating up happily. Tie Yi rubbed the white tiger head and the tiger and human looked joyful.

He, a big and powerful guy, and a petite tiger sitting together was such a warming scene that one felt somewhat strange.

The tiger ate half a bowl and refuse to eat more. Tie Yi picked the bowl up and when he turned around he saw Huo Long and Ye Ying bowing toward the direction behind him, “Master.”

Xie Jing Xing waved his hands and walked out of the room. The two person following him were of course Ji Yu Shu and Gao Yang.

Ji Yu Shu saw that white tiger and his eyes widened, “This is a dog?”

Tie Yi trembled as Gao Yang said, “Are you stupid? This is clearly a cub.”

A cub.

Tie Yi said, “Young Master Ji, Gentleman Gao, it is a white tiger.” His tone was protesting unfairness for the white tiger. Unfortunately the tiger cub did not understand and started to chase its tail under the sun after eating its meal, like a cat.

“Tiger.” Ji Yu Shu looked towards Xie Jing Xing, “Third Older Brother, are you alright? Why now you are even raising tiger?”

Ye Ying voiced out, “Young Master Ji, Master saw this on the way to the Ding capital. Some hunter was selling this tiger’s skin for high prices and our Master saved it.”

Gao Yang squinted his eyes and looked at Xie Jing Xing, “Since when are you so kind hearted? This kind of thing is not something that you do.”

Xie Jing Xing did not care about both of them. He wore a dark purple robe with gold embroidered flower patterns and as usual was gorgeous. No matter how gorgeous the clothes were, it was not comparable to his outstanding looks. He walked leisure over to the white tiger and when the white tiger cub saw the sudden appearance of a figure, it did not do anything else but to open the claws and pounce up with the jaws opened.

But it was picked up by the person first by the fur at the neck.

Xie Jing Xing raised the white tiger cub mid-air, and that tiger cub seemed to be very uncomfortable as it put in an effort to flop its legs around. Xie Jing Xing was blind to it as he sized it up thoughtfully.

“Probably not wanting this tiger now?” Ye Ying gave a beheading gesture to Huo Long. Huo Long shuddered and shook her head.

At the end Xie Jing Xing looked for a while before opening up the white tiger cub back legs and laughed after taking a look, “It is a female tiger.”

Everyone, “…”

So what it was a female tiger? Was it possible that Xie Jing Xing planned to bring it back to the Great Liang as Rui WangFei?

The tiger cub whimpered but because it was too young, its voice was very soft. Xie Jing Xing place it on his chest and embraced it. After the white tiger lay on his chest, it looked at him and whimpered non-stop and looked very adorable and pitiful.

Xie Jing Xing extended his fingers to play with the white tiger’s whiskers to tease it. Ye Ying was surprised and exclaimed, “Master must not do that. This white tiger hate other people touching its whisker and would start biting.”

The voice hardly landed when that white tiger bit Xie Jing Xing’s finger. Huo Long and Tie Yi also jumped in shock, while Ji Yu Shu covered his mouth with both hands and had an exaggerated look of panic on, but Gao Yang was rejoicing in other’s misfortune.

Xie Jing Xing calmly exchanged looks with the white tiger and after that white tiger looked for a while, it suddenly felt somewhat guilty and let go and turned her head to another place. Xie Jing Xing’s finger had shallow teeth marks and it was quite obvious.

“The eyes resemble and the temper also resemble. Even the habit of biting people is also the same.” Xie Jing Xing lowered his head and looked at the white tiger in his embrace and did not get angry, but instead stroked the white tiger’s head.

The white tiger seemed to be a little sleepy and yawned before stretching. It did not struggle and let Xie Jing Xing ravage its head and did nothing at all but just lay onto Xie Jing Xing’s chest and rest.

With the golden rays of the sun shining down, the purple clad man’s looked gorgeous and handsome as he looked down at the white tiger. His eyelashes was very long but was unable to hid his gentle indulgence look. That white tiger’s fur was extremely beautiful as it lay in his arms. One person, one tiger, was like a very good painting that Tie Yi who was just feeding the tiger felt a strange sensation.

Xie Jing Xing raised his brows and looked at the tiger cub which eyes were almost closed, “Still short of a name. How about this, in the future you are called Jiao Jiao.”

Ji Yu Shu clapped his hands, “Third Older Brother, what kind of name is this? It is too strange for you to give this kind of delicate name to this female tiger.” He protested, “Change the name. Tiger Chief, Hammer or Tiger Brother is also quite good.”

Gao Yang had an expression of unable to look as he used the fan to cover his eyes.

Xie Jing Xing gave Ji Yu Shu a glance and continued to tickle the cub unhurriedly and said blandly, “Shut up, this is my Jiao Jiao.”

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