Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 104 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 104: Homicide (Part 1)

Finally the Jing family came down to the Ding capital after a few days.

As a small family from SuZhou, the Jing family had perfectly learned the villains’ mouth. After the Jing family’s husband and wife were aware of Jing Chu Chu’s and Shen Yuan’s matter, they first cried in anguish of their daughter’s bitter life before making a ruckus and threatened to report to the authorities for Shen Yuan to provide an answer, and they even did not agree to an engagement. On the surface it was as such but everyone was well aware that the Jing family’s husband and wife had gotten an advantage, and demonstrated their cleverness as they wanted to show that Shen Yuan married Jing Chu Chu willingly.

If one were not a family, one would not enter the family household. Old Shen Furen was unreasonable for so many years in the residence, and her family’s rampant overbearingness was exactly the same as hers. After a few moments of contesting, she was actually on the disadvantageous position, and had to agree to bringing Jing Chu Chu into the family with a palanquin with eight carriers during the wedding, and had to compensate with a large sum of dowry.

Old Shen Furen was like having to eat a bitter gourd and be unable to speak about the bitterness, and every day she had to look at the Jing family’s husband’s and wife’s faces. This made her so angry that her eyes and mouth twitched, almost leading to a stroke. In a burst of anger, she hid herself in Rong Jing Tang and did not see anyone.

The Jing family took the casual action for a warrant to give commands, thus in a few days’ time all the commoners in the Ding capital knew that Shen Yuan would be marrying Jing Chu Chu from SuZhou. The commoners were not aware of the secrets during the family banquet in the Shen residence, so the rumours outside were only that Shen Yuan love Jing Chu Chu’s gentleness and beauty and was sincerely treating her well.

The Jing family was hard at work portraying Jing Chu Chu as a moving beauty, but one do not know how others would see it as it made Shen Yuan seem extremely oppressive.

In the Minister’s residence, Sun Cai Nan looked at the invitation in his hand and crumbled it into a ball before throwing it into the paper basket.

“Shen Yuan that bastard!” He said hatefully.

It was not easy to meet a female that he fancied and after seeing so much of the Ding capital’s females, SuZhou’s Jing Chu Chu was particularly different. There was never once a female that had slip out from his grasp after he had taken a fancy, and in addition he had played it big and spent especially more effort on Jing Chu Chu. He had never thought that at the end Shen Yuan benefited at his expense.

A young servant cautiously said, “It is also a misunderstanding that caused Jing Young Lady and Second Shen Young Master to have no alternatives.”

One would not care what rumours were spreading out among the commoners, as the noble families knew what was going on. Sun Cai Nan already heard everything about what happened in the Shen family banquet. His face darkened, “Jing Chu Chu that slut, received this Young Master’s things and played with this Young Master.”

Sun Cai Nan was filled with displeasure even though he had seen a lot of females like Jing Chu Chu. As long as money and benefits were given, they would be won over easily. As for the matter of the Shen residence banquet, one fear that it involved Jing Chu Chu too. That woman accepted his things at one side and also schemed to marry to the Shen family at the other side? For Sun Cai Nan, the most humiliating thing was to be played by a female.

“But now, what does Young Master intend to do?” The young servant asked, “Jing Young Lady’s invitation should be accepted or not?”

Sun Cai Nan lowered his head and looked at the invitation in his hand. There was a especially light fragrance on the invitation, like the scent of a female. Just like Jing Chu Chu’s harmless appearance was always hiding a restless heart. Even if she was about to marry another, she still came over to tease him one last time.

“Of course, accept.” Sun Cai Nan laughed, “This Young Master had given her so much money and have yet to sleep with her. One is already not happy that Shen Yuan was quick footed and climbed up first, how can one not sleep once?” He stared at the young servant, “Go and respond to the invitation.”


Shen Yuan was often not in the residence these days and no matter what mischief the Jing family was up to, he rarely appeared. But the one suffering the most was Chen Rou Qiu as she needed to deal with Old Shen Furen’s anger, and also to satisfy the greedy appetite of the Jing family. The money in the residence had gotten a lot less and there was only out but no in, making one worried when seeing it.

“Why is Furen so worried these days?” Shen Wan returned back from court and asked when he saw her.

Chen Rou Qiu reluctantly smiled and since she did not want to talk about money with Shen Wan, she then said, “The Jing family keep causing chaos in the residence thus it is inevitable to worry about it.”

Shen Wan also sighed, “Mother this time really suffered a double loss after trying to trick the enemy, and Yuan-er was caught in the hind legs.”

Everyone in the Shen residence knew clearly what had happened between Shen Yuan and Jing Chu Chu. As to what happened at that time, the Third household chose to sit on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight. At least compared to Shen Yuan, the Eldest household was more fearful. But unfortunately the Eldest household came out of it perfectly fine, and the ones who were in misfortune was the Second household and now even brought them worries.”

“These days are also hard for you.” Chen Rou Qiu said gently, “You will also be pointed out when something happens in the Shen family.”

Naturally the nobility circles would be like watching a joke when the residence is in such chaos. Shen Xin was a coarse person and was not afraid of others pointing at him, but Shen Wan was focused on his name, so these days it would most likely not have been easy for him.

Shen Wan held Chen Rou QIu’s hand and shook his head, “This is nothing. It is just that when Yuan-er marry Jing Chu Chu, if one were to mutually help one another in official circles in the future, it would be troublesome.” He sighed, “Originally Yuan-er was the one with the most expectations.”

Hearing that, Chen Rou Qiu’s heart somewhat panicked. Shen Wan did not have his own sons so in the next generation of the Shen residence, only Shen Yuan could take up the heavy load. The most important thing in the officialdom was a nepotistic relationship, and if Shen Yuan married a young lady of an official family in the future, then Shen Wan’s road in court would be much easier, but now by marrying to Jing Chu Chu, it was tantamount to cutting off any future of growing wings.

Chen Rou Qiu lowered her head and said, “Who knows? Now even Fifth maiden is that powerful, Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao entire family… Really make things difficult for others.”

“One need not worry about it.” Seeing Chen Rou Qiu worry, Shen Wan patted her shoulders, “Yuan-er is not an ordinary person. Since Little Five have schemed Yuan-er, Yuan-er will definitely get it back. There will be times when Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao are also helpless.”

“Husband’s meaning is…” Chen Rou Qiu’s heart moved.

“Yuan-er is being strange recently.” Shen Wan said softly, “One feels that something is about to happen.”

In the Western courtyard, Shen Miao put down the book in her hand and frowned, “What does Shen Yuan want to do?”

Mo Qing said softly, “Young Lady let this subordinate to guard Bao Xiang Lou for a long time, now…”

“Continue.” Shen Miao interrupted his words and Mo Qing’s face suddenly collapsed. After some thoughts he said again, “But Gentleman Pei from Guan Wen Tang has appeared. Does Young Lady have any additional instructions?”

It had been for all these time that Mo Qing did not know why Shen Miao let him go to Bao Xiang Lou to see Liu Ying. That day when he left and inadvertently saw Pei Lang, Mo Qing did not know why, but he had the feeling that Shen Miao let him go and see Liu Ying in Bao Xiang Lou because she knew since early that Pei Lang would appear. Every single thing that Shen Miao made him do, all had her own intentions but this time when she heard that Pei Lang had appeared, Shen Miao did not say anything at all.

“Nothing.” Shen Miao said, “Just do your task well.”

“Did not expect that Gentleman Pei, who looks like an upstanding person, would also go to Bao Xiang Lou kind of place.” Gu Yu blinked, “Really does not look like one.” After pausing, she added another sentence, “Guard Mo also do not look like.”

Mo Qing’s face started to be frantic.

“Mo Qing, other than going to Bao Xiang Lou these days, do occasionally pay attention to the movements of Shen Yuan in the Eastern courtyards.” Shen Miao said. She did not know why but Shen Yuan made her feel somewhat uneasy.

Mo Qing complied and after he left, Jing Zhe asked, “Young Lady, will Second Young Master still have any bad intentions?”

“Very strange.” Shen Miao said.

After the thing with the Jing family happened, Shen Yuan did not investigate the course of the day and also did not do anything to block it. Of course Jing Chu Chu had to marry Shen Yuan but if Shen Yuan used other methods, most likely it could be dragged on. But Shen Yuan did not even drag it at all, thus this could only say that he had a more important thing to do. Shen Miao really could not think of any matter that was more important.

Shen Miao was unable to snoop into what Shen Yuan was scheming as he was often not in the Shen residence.

“Young Lady need not worry. That is right.” Jing Zhe suddenly thought about something, “Tao Yuan said that Biao Young Lady sent a message to that side and had received a reply, so she will go for the appointment tomorrow.”

Shen Miao’s eyes brightened, “Very good.” Shen Yuan made her feel uneasy so it was better that some things happened as soon as possible.

They were discussing matters here and in the pavilion of Feng Xian Pawnshop, there were people also talking about this matter.

“Shen Yuan had already collected Shen Xin’s evidences and presented them to Fu Xiu Yi.” Ji Yu Shu said, “Three days later Fu Xiu Yi would have properly arrange it and report them to the Emperor. At that time, it would be hard for the Shen family to escape from this calamity.

“Defying a monarch’s order, agreeing overtly but opposing in secret. When this matter is dug out, the lightest punishment is to be stripped of from one’s armour and return to civilian life.” Gao Yang said, “This Shen Yuan of the Shen family have a little ability to be able to find such a thing back.”

“Was it not mentioned?” Ji Yu Shu was somewhat impatient, “Shen Yuan had been dealing with Shen Xin for so many years, and all the years of scheming and planning finally became handy, and now he would be able to raise up in the ranks and fortune. But it is a shame it was rushed, if he had dug for two more years, the Eldest household of the Shen family would have been beheaded.”

“So it is saying that Fu Xiu Yi really have a good eye.” Gao Yang said thoughtfully, “Shen Xin’s power is too great thus there are many people who want to deal with him. The most important thing is that the Imperial family of Ming Qi are happy to see that, and they would step on Shen Xin when he is out of luck.”

“So what can be done now?” Ji Yu Shu’s head ached, “Shen Yuan is one who know how to endure silently and that Fu Xiu Yi is also one. The Shen Young Lady will be so upset when the Eldest household of the Shen family fall into misfortune.”

“You still think of Shen Miao?” Gao Yang rolled his eyes, “If it was not Shen Miao who made he be caught with the cousin on bed, Shen Yuan would not have taken such quick actions. With his character, he would have tolerated for two more years before cleanly sweeping the Shen family off, and was only forced by Shen Miao to bring forward his plans.” Gao Yang touched his chin, “With the hate Shen Yuan feel towards Shen Miao, this time he would not let Shen Miao off easily. Perhaps the rest of the people in the Eldest household of the Shen family might be able to keep their lives, but Shen Miao’s fate would definitely be miserable.”

Ji Yu Shu anxiously scratched his ears, “Then what to do? Shen Yuan that scoundrel, would not resort to low tricks against Shen Young Lady. He even schemed against his own Eldest Bo, so his heart is certainly black.

“Do not worry.” Gao Yang said unhurriedly, “Shen Yuan’s heart is black but Shen Miao is not easy to deal with. This time I am really curious what moves will Shen Miao take to turn the tide. With her previous action of exterminating the entire household of Prince Yu and still manage to retreat safely, one feel that this time she would not be waiting to be captured with her hands tied.”

“Shen Young Lady is resourceful and full of stratagems so Shen Yuan cannot compete against her.” Ji Shu Yu suddenly thought of something and looked towards Gao Yang. “Before Xie Third Brother left, he did not allow us to intervene in the Shen family matters so… If she wins, you are not allowed to help Shen Yuan.”

“You are sure confident of her.” Gao Yang started to wave the fan, “It is only that I also want to watch what kind of methods she will use.” Seeing Ji Yu Shu giving a sigh of relief, Gao Yang mercilessly poured cold water over him, “But you better not be so assured. Ever since Third Xie’s plans are brought forward, the situation in the Ding capital has changed a lot. But there is one thing that did not change and that is the ambitious heart of Prince Ding. He will definitely make use of the fatty meat that the Shen family sent right to the doorstep. No matter what, Shen Miao is still an unmarried female and Prince Ding is not as stupid as Prince Yu. It is difficult for one power to contend with so many forces. This time Shen Xin’s official hat would be lost and once Shen Xin loses that hat…” He half sighed and half lamented, “For the Eldest household of the Shen family, this is a disaster and he would not be able to protect those he want to protect.”

Ji Yu Shu’s face slowly sank.

“Third Xie also mentioned that no matter what, the Eldest household of the Shen family would not be able to escape the inevitable fate of death.” Gao Yang’s hands stopped waving and his eyes flashed slightly, “Just similarly like the Xie family.”

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    The Imperial Family is a sad sack of sh*t. Instead of worrying about enemies, they scheme against their own people that support them. Foolish and paranoid Emperors a dime a dozen, hard to find a wise emperor.

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