Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 103 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 103: Female Charms (Part 2)

Shen Yuan strode towards the courtyard and the veins on his forehead were throbbing.

These few days he kept receiving strange looks from everyone. In fact it was not that others were unable to see that Shen Yuan was schemed against, since it was not the first time the matter of one sleeping with some family’s daughter when one drank too much had happened in the Ding capital. Be it be intentionally or not, there were many of such things in recent years. What everyone was concerned with was that Shen Yuan, such a young talent, would actually fall into such shallow and direct schemes from those married women in the inner courtyard?

In particular, this time it seem that the Shen family’s idiot was involved.

Even though Fu Xiu Yi did not find any fault with him, but these days his attitude towards Shen Yuan had lightened a lot. It was very simple, Shen Yuan was Fu Xiu Yi’s secretly developed confidant but at the end of the day, Shen Yuan had to stand up in the light. But with such a stain, it would not look good on Fu Xiu Yi. For Fu Xiu Yi, who was one who strive for excellence, this mistake of Shen Yuan was annoying.

Shen Yuan himself was also nursing grievance. After becoming a joke to others, he still had to marry Jing Chu Chu, a good looking but without any substantial ability female. Everyone knew that Jing Chu Chu was an uncouth daughter of an insignificant family who only recognised money, and he had to marry such a female. Even if in the future some official’s daughter took a liking to him, she would not marry him for fear of being ridiculed.

He took a deep breath and stared at the oncoming person.

Shen Miao was walking over from the garden with her two maids. These days she stayed in the Western courtyard without leaving, and despite of the skies and earth turning upside down for the Second household, she was also indifferent and instead seemed much more invigorated than before.

Seeing Shen Yuan, she stopped and greeted, “Second Older Brother.”

Shen Yuan could not control himself as he clenched his fists. Ever since the matter with Jing Chu Chu, he had not encounter Shen Miao at all. Naturally Shen Yuan knew that Shen Miao was the only person in the Shen residence that could do it, but in the beginning it had all the while been Old Furen who was instructing others to make arrangements, so he could not be involved. And the more important thing than accountability was to appease the demanding Jing family’s people.

But thinking of how he had fallen into such straits and it was all thanks to the young female in front, Shen Yuan could not wait to strangle Shen Miao.

Seeing Shen Yuan not speaking, Shen Miao started to laugh herself, “Speaking of which, Second Older Brother and Biao Older Sister are engaged now and I have yet to give my congratulations. Congratulations to Second Older Brother for being able to bring the beauty back.”

Everyone could hear the ridicule in her words.

Shen Yuan said coldly, “Many thanks to Fifth Younger Sister.” After pausing, he looked at Shen Miao again, “Fifth Younger Sister have good abilities.”

Shen Miao accepted it. Every time she portrays an agreeably look it would make one so angry that they could go mad. Shen Yuan sneered, “Fifth Younger Sister, it is better for one to understand the logic that the wind would damage the flourishing trees in the forest.”

“I have never think that I am the flourishing tree and everyone know that I am an idiot.” Shen Miao said lowly, “It is however that Second Older Brother is outstanding and since the wind need urging, it would generally not be me.”

“Is it?” Shen Yuan slowly retorted, “Do not Fifth Younger Sister think that success is within the grasp? Do not you think that with me marrying Jing Chu Chu, I would lose this round?”

“How can it be?” Shen Miao was very modest, “I know that Second Older Brother is all the while tenacious and have a high level of perseverance. These little small-scale things would definitely not even enter Second Older Brother’s eyes. It is still too early from the chess game to end.”

“Perhaps it is not that early as you thought.” Shen Yuan suddenly smiled strangely, “Perhaps it will end very soon.” The strange smile that was on his face made him look particularly shady. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu were frowning but they saw Shen Miao raising her brows to ask, “Second Older Brother wants to scheme against me again?”

“Are you afraid?”

Shen Miao nodded, “I am not afraid of being schemed but only fear that others will not scheme against me.” Her eyes were so clear, reflecting a childlike innocence as she smiled, “If others do not scheme against me, how would I have any opportunity?”

“Then you better seek more blessings.” Shen Yuan laughed coldly, “One fear that when that day come, you would not be smiling that happy.” Finishing speaking, he strode off.

After he left, the smile on Shen Miao’s face disappeared without a trace. When Jing Zhe and Gu Yu saw this, their hearts were in shock. Gu Yu questioned, “Young Lady, is there anything inappropriate with Second Young Master?”

Shen Miao shook her head. Shen Yuan was a person that if he had nothing up his sleeves, he would not have said those words. But what was it that he felt that would impact Shen Miao so much that he felt that she would not even have the opportunity to emancipate herself? Uneasiness started appearing in her heart but she quickly forced it down. Shen Miao looked at Shen Yuan’s back figure and softly said, “It is still very early in the chess game but the game will quickly end.”


In the Bao Xiang Lou in the Ding capital, song and dances were all around as music spirals up and the women’s fragrance accompanied with laughter were the best seductive drugs that attracted frequent looks from passers-by. The gazes were filled with envy but embarrassed due to their shortage of money, since they were unable to perform the act of staking a thousand pieces of gold on one throw.

In a tearoom in a small building, the tea that was placed on the table had long cooled off after an entire night. The person inside was taking a nap when he almost overturned the teapot. He was so shocked that his sleepiness flew away, and his foot reached out to caught the teapot from smashing with his toes before setting it back on the table.

Mo Qing was secretly relieved. In this Bao Xiang Lou, even the most unremarkable teacup was also made by a good artisan and if it was broken, one would need to pay money. Even though Shen Miao gave him a lot of money, but the money was for him to look for a specific young lady and there was no extra amount to use for such a thing.

Applause was heard as the beauty on the bed looked at the scene coldly and said in a deadpan compliment, “Good martial arts skills. Really an eye-opener.”

Mo Qing looked away to not look at that female’s bare shoulder. He became happy when he looked at the skies outside the window as the sun was coming up and the night was over, so he could relax for three more days. As he was thinking about this, a trace of relaxed joy appeared on his face as he stood up to leave.

He was happy but someone’s fair face pursed upon seeing his delighted expression. Before he stood up, Liu Ying sat opposite him and said, “Gentleman Mo.”

Mo Qing looked at the other person without a single expression.

Liu Ying looked at him from top to bottom to size him up. Mo Qing had come to Bao Xiang Lou and picked up Young Lady Liu Ying for more than a month, and would come over every three days. He gave the money very easily but every time he picked Liu Ying, he would not do anything at all and just lean against the window and sit all night. In the beginning Liu Ying though that Mo Qing was playing some game so she played along. Since young she was taught by Mamas that some guests have their own quirks, and thought that most likely Mo Qing was one of those quirky customers. But after a number of such instances, Liu Ying also felt strange.

She tried to entice Mo Qing and if that did not work then she would make his eyes crave, but naturally he remained unmoved. Even though Mo Qing would be teased till his ears turn red, he would still put on a solemn and indifferent look. Apparently he was still a virgin. But Mo Qing’s martial skills was high thus Liu Yin was unable to get closer to him. She was always been held by men and it was the first time to be driven away, and felt that her status was lowered so she did not do any more unnecessary things.

But every second day of every encounter with Mo Qing, even though she was relieved, she felt anger in her heart. She was not extremely dangerous or a fierce beast so why was Mo Qing dodging her?

“If Gentleman Mo despise that Liu Ying’s body is not clean, one can look for other young ladies in Bao Xiang Lou.” Liu Ying’s face turned cold and spoke like in a pique, “Everyday there will be new young ladies and they are extremely clean. There are also many of them who are virgins. Gentleman Mo need not waste money here with me and arouse misunderstandings.”

Mo Qing felt embarrassed in his head and did not look at Liu Ying. The task that Shen Miao gave to him really made him sit with pins and needles. He would rather go on a night duty at the Shen residence’s doors than come to this establishment.

Seeing Mo Qing not speaking, Liu Ying was so angry that she fought back, “Next time Gentleman Mo should not come. Liu Ying cannot afford to take Gentleman Mo’s money. Do not wreck my hard earned reputation by taking money and not do anything!” As she was speaking she turned her face over and no longer looked at Mo Qing.

Mo Qing touched his nose and felt that no matter what he said it would not help on the matter, after all he had come here to do such a thing every three to five days. Not to mention Liu Ying, even he himself felt that he was just like a fool. Bao Xiang Lou was not a place to drink tea and in Liu Ying’s eyes, it seemed that she too could not understand. Without saying anything, Mo Qing place a tael of silver down before leaving through the door.

After Mo Qing left, Liu Ying’s maid came in to clear the spill and saw the unhappiness in Liu Ying’s eyes so she consoled, “Young Lady must not get angry, be it right or left, Gentleman Mo always brought money every time.” Seeing that silver on the table, Liu Ying’s anger got bigger. This silver was given additionally to Liu Ying which was not required to be shared with the Mama. She turned her head and looked out of the window and said angrily, “Who cares about it!” Her gaze however landed on that person’s figure outside the window. Mo Qing pushed away uncomfortably the young lady that threw herself over, and opened the doors and headed out to the streets.

“Gentleman Mo is a good person.” The maid murmured.

“Who knows.” Liu Ying was about to retrieve her gaze back when she inadvertently swept her eyes to the corner of the streets. There was a person standing in the shadows that raised one’s head to look up and based on that gaze, it seemed to be directed at her.

She was slightly surprised for a moment. Because the distance was too far, she was unable to see that person’s appearance and could only see a green robe. Even though there was only a shadow, it was very stylish.

“Oh.” Liu Ying lightly shook the fan in her hands, “Could it be that I am becoming beautiful? Every one of their eyes look more satisfied at me?”

“Young Lady looks beautiful so there are a lot of people who want to take a look at Young Lady.” The maid sweetly said.

Liu Ying pursed her lips, “Really a weird person.” And the window was covered with a wave of her hand.

At the other end of the street Mo Qing halted and stared frowningly at a green road at the corner.

That person was looking right at Liu Ying’s building but… Mo Qing’s eyes moved. That green robed male’s face was very familiar. He remember that there was once a time when he followed Shen Miao’s horse carriage back to the residence, that he had seen that person once. From what Jing Zhe said before, that was Shen Miao’s teacher in Guang Wen Tang.

Someone called Pei Lang.

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  1. Hm… still waiting to see what the whole Mo Qing x Liu Ying play is all about. Shen Miao knows something but is unwilling to tell us!

    And Shen Yuan needs to die soon. Every chapter he stays alive is another chapter of anxiousness. I’m sure Shen Miao knows nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal, so she’d better put him out of his misery very soon.

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      • ^ Unfortunately.
        Being completely left in the dark like this is giving me the ohmaGa-adsgafdghaafgsdsf vibes.

        I usually like getting a little info, and trying to unravel it while expectantly waiting to see what happens.
        But knowing nothing at all hasn’t been kind to my heart.
        Oh, the anxiety.

        And now I agree with Eksentrysyti.
        Before I was all going to suffer SY! Mwahahah! (and I still want to see it but..)
        This SY thing has been going for too long.
        And the longer it goes, the more chance for something to go wrong, or something unkown to happen..
        Plus, he seems to be really going for the kill and to end it all this time…

        But.. but..

        I still want to see him wear a green hat >__<~

        Anyways, thanks for the chapter!
        Superb as Always!

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    • Completely forgot about Peilang, tbh. Who ever Li Ying is to Peilang, I am happy to know that Shen Miao got a bargaining chip against Peilang. Out of all the people, only he seems suspicious of Shen Miao. More than Shen Yuan Peilang worries me but you’re right, neither I like Shen Yuan’s guts but I doubt she’d do that. We have yet to see her give orders to kill anyone. Then again she has just started striking names off her target list. Who knows.

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  2. Its kinda amazing to think that if those people didn’t scheme against Shen Miao and her family, they wouldn’t have been schemed against in return. If they had just left her and her family alone, they wouldn’t suffer such bad fates now or in the future but then again, they’re too greedy and arrogant to ever stop

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  3. Well I have a bad feeling about this…. Shen Miao doesn’t know or has any ideas of what Shen yuen has been planning with Fu Xiu Yi. To think that Little Marquis Xie will be helping Shen Yuen in encomplishing his plan to destroy Shen mioa’s family, gave me a prediction that shen miao’s will have a tough time this time around. She will manage to protect her family but that not as easy as before. Little Marquis Xie is really a selfish person . Just because he wanted to avoid any disaster fall upon his family, he pushed Shen miao’s family onto the butcher’s block. I think the only reason for him to keep guard the princess’s palace (his aunt) is to avoid the princess from helping Shen Mioa when the time come. Recently, I have this kind of feeling that Little Marquis Xie may be a reincarnator himself same as Shen Miao. He tried to avoid disaster by scheming against the emperor and his family . Pity him, he meet Shen Miao……..

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    • Let’s not go to conclusion first. There might be a bigger reason for XJX to be doing that. And I don’t think he’s going that far just to protect his clan, when he’s not attached to them in the first place. There’s a bigger conspiracy here and I’m living for it!

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    • Yes. I said this many chapters ago. It all makes sense if he’s a rebirth!!!

      He didn’t know SM very well but she and her family indirectly became his enemies and hence the current laissez-faire attitude towards them.

      Maybe in his mind she might still become Empress hence his ruthlessness.

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    • He is not. If he was he wouldn’t have needed SM’s reminder in the earlier which caused him to move his plans ahead. Pretty sure that is what will allow him to avoid dying this time around.

      As for whether or not SM knows about SY’s plans … that remains to be seen. Seems like he would have done a similar thing in the previous life though with the timing being different.

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      • He died before Shen Mioa married Fu Xiu Yi and at that time he was (may be ) not aware of his shu siblings’s involvement with Fu Xiu Yi that caused him, his death. Shen Miao reminded him to settle his brothers before they become a serious problem to him. Based on his previous life, he took it as a very inportant information that can changed his plan of action.

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    • Huh? Why would you think he’s scheming AGAINST Shen Miao? I’m confused. Also how would she NOT know what Fu Xiu Yi and Shen Yuan’s plans were? Finally, I don’t know how others didn’t pick up on it, but I have had my suspicions that Little Xie Marquis did NOT die in the battle when he was shot full of arrows in the previous lifetime ever since Shen Miao wondered how someone with such great intellect could be felled so easily….


  4. Hi. Thanks for this great work. I’m feeling uneasy, that despicable Shen Yuan is too confident, adding the fact that he’s siding with awful FXY. I do believe in our awesome Excellence, but this matter may cause her headache.

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  5. Pei Lang is latently ambitious. Maybe his ambitions awoke because of the essay and he is looking to get into FXY’s good books. Its an open secret in the imperial family wants to get rid of the old military families and spying on SM is his way in.

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  6. The evidence msut be almost ready to harm Miao’s cute family…dang, i hope she can manage to doge the bullet or at least not lose much… and Pei Lang? interesting…

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  7. I don’t know if pei lang know liu ying but he’s seems interested in shen miao’s business to the point of following her. Also, I think shen miao is testing mo qing loyalty to her, when she asked her brother about loyalty he said that it was to serve the emperor and etc and her issue with pei lang was that he didn’t helped shen miao’s son because he believed he was being loyal to the emperor. So maybe she only want people by her side who is loyal to her only and will follow her no matter what


  8. Here is the thing:
    I aint relly finding a solution for the trashy Shen Yuan or anything, this was a way out that I dont see how he (or darling Shen Qiu) didn’t see.
    But couldn’t either of them in their timelines take Jing Chu Chu as a concubine? It was okay back then to take a concubine before getting an official wife? I think it was common though…
    Ugh idk 🙂


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