Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 102 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 102: Scandal (Part 2)

The Shen family was of indomitable spirits. This was what the Old General Shen’s sincerely advised to Shen Xin. If it was in the past, Shen Xin would give Old Shen Furen face and would swallow down this unspoken grievances. But this year after returning back to the Ding capital, the disagreement between the Old Shen Furen and his household got deeper and deeper, once he heard this sentence and saw Old Shen Furen’s face, he felt an unspoken amount of hate and a fire of anger lit in his heart. Shen Xin raged, “I had said before that Qiu-er would not do such a thing like this!”

“But…” Shen Dong Ling, who had always been hiding at the back where no one noticed, suddenly said, “Why if nobody gone in yet, but it is said that the person inside is Eldest Brother? Is Eldest Brother really inside?”

When those words were said, everyone were stunned.

That was not wrong. Was the person inside really Shen Qiu? From the start till now, no one went in to take a look, and what could be seen was two overlapping bodies. In fact the Furen’s roughly understood in their heart that this matter was complicated. Even though it was said as an misunderstanding after getting drunk, most likely it had been schemed by others. But since one had been schemed to such a state, Shen Qiu could only called as being unfortunate.

Chen Rou Qiu laughed, “What is Dong Ling saying? Only Qiu-er left the banquet drunk else who can it be?”

“There is still Second Older Brother.” Shen Miao said breezily, “Why is Second Older Brother also gone? Why only my Eldest Brother has to take responsibility?”

“Younger Sister, what responsibility are you talking about?” An unexpected voice suddenly sounded. That voice mind blew everyone as they turned back and saw that not far away, Shen Qiu was standing there clad in refreshing clothes with Feng An Ning standing next to him, looking at everyone puzzledly.

“An Ning!” Feng Furen jumped in shock and quickly pulled her over to reprimand, “Why did you run around!”

“I got lost after going to the toilet.” Feng An Ning innocently said, “One had walked around for a long time and was unable to come out, coincidently one encountered the Eldest Brother of the Shen family. He then brought me over. What happened?”

Shen Xin and Lou Xue Yan were only startled for a moment before Shen Xin roared in laughter. When that laughter landed on everyone’s ears, there was some sense of elation.

Shen Qiu was standing perfectly alright here so who was the person inside?

“One has seen enough.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “Someone come, let us see clearly who is the person that has to take responsibility?”

It was already too late for Old Shen Furen to block them. Lou Xue Yan’s servants were all strong and courageous, without waiting for Chen Rou Qiu to give out instructions, they had already rushed in first. Their actions were too fast that everyone has yet to react to them when they heard groaning from inside. Two of the maids were already supporting that man to show everyone his looks, “Replying to Furen, it is Second Young Master!”

Shen Yuan clothes were messed up as he appeared in front of everyone with a flushed face. As compared to just now when one was shouting Shen Qiu’s name but did not go in to check, this kind of evidence was almost irrefutable thus everyone eyes all turned towards Shen Gui and Old Shen Furen.

Shen Miao sarcastic voice rang out, “What? So it was all a misunderstanding. Without any rhyme or reason Eldest Brother almost had to be unjustly blamed. You servants better open your eyes bigger the next time. If one were to spread a matter like this to harm one’s reputation, one would be imprisoned!”

“Younger Sister, what are you talking about?” Shen Qiu scratched his head, “What am I unjustly blamed for?”

“Qiu-er, someone wanted to push a wife to you.” Lou Xue Yan was able to say that out. Just now Old Shen Furen and Chen Rou Qiu were forcing her but now since it was now a false alarm, anger started to raise up and her words were no longer polite, “Just as I said, our Qiu-er’s wife must be someone I have seen and approve of. Qiu-er is one who abide by the rules, how would he just so casually bring a wife back.”

It was Feng An Ning who suddenly came into realisation and said, “What? I was all the while with the Eldest Brother of the Shen family and most likely he has already sobered up. One have only heard about forcing a marriage (forcing female to marry), can it be that there is also a forcing to marry (forcing male to marry)?”

Feng An Ning was also talented, she deliberately said it so exaggeratedly that Feng Furen’s facial expression changed and she scolded, “An Ning!” Feng An Ning stuck her tongue out and no longer spoke.

“Grandmother, Biao Older Brother, Second Shu, now matters have become like this so what can be done?” Shen Miao said in a distressing manner but her expression was as if she was unconstrained and carefree. Everyone could see that she had the attitude of a spectator watching the scene.

What was slapping one’s face? This was! This was called slapping one’s face!

Old Shen Furen was in some panic as today’s event was instructed by her, so naturally she had made full preparations for it. But why did Shen Qiu became Shen Yuan? She absolutely did not know what had happened but when she saw Shen Miao’s smiling look, Old Shen Furen understood that the matter definitely involved Shen Miao.

Shen Gui’s mind also went blank. He heard that Shen Qiu made a mistake and purposely came over to watch the fun. One had to know that the rumours of a person would also affect the career in court, else those censors would not have such high salaries. Now that Shen Qiu became Shen Yuan and that this happened when Shen Yuan just returned back to the capital, was not this cutting off his official route!

The Young Ladies present were still somewhat muddle-headed but the Furens were able to see clearly. Today’s event was clearly a play acted by the Shen family themselves. It was clear that someone wanted to use Jing Chu Chu to defraud Shen Qiu, but who knew that at the end it became Shen Yuan the defrauded one and not Shen Qiu. Thinking about Shen Miao’s attitude from the beginning till now, naturally she could not get away from how the situation became as such.

Everyone said that the Di Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family was an idiot and was treated as a love crazy fool. But from now onwards, no one would dare to treat her as such. The person who set up this trap most likely did not expect that there would be a counter-check. As for them who were invited over to become ‘witnesses’, at this moment they also became Shen Miao’s leverage.

Old Shen Furen had rode a tiger and it was hard to get off, so she rolled her eyes back and wanted to pretend to faint so that she could get out of the matter, but she then heard Shen Miao saying, “Biao Older Brother, Biao Older Sister had encounter such a situation, you as her older brother would definitely be very upset. Do not worry, Grandmother just now said that she would definitely be responsible for Biao Older Sister.”

Suddenly Old Shen Furen no longer felt dizzy and glared at Shen Miao, “Yuan-er is at the moment still unconscious, obviously schemed by other. Fifth girl, you better not speak nonsense!”

“Old Furen, what words are you talking about.” Not waiting for Shen Miao to talk, Luo Xue Yan burst out, “Just now when you said that the person inside was Qiu-er, one never heard you speaking for his sake. Yuan-er is your grandson then is not Qiu-er also your grandson? This bowl of water is held extremely at one side!”

Luo Xue Yan was not afraid to shed all pretense of cordiality, she had a fiery temper and with those rattling words, Old Shen Furen could only say furiously, “Are you rebelling!”

“Grandmother, let us still talk about how to handle Second Older Brother’s matter.” Shen Miao gently smiled. Her tone of voice was warm and did not display a childish disposition from the start till now, which made Old Shen Furen much more embarrassed. She said, “What did Grandmother said just now? Grandmother said that Yeye (aka Paternal Grandfather) said before that the Shen family is of indomitable spirits and since one had destroyed other’s innocence, then one must definitely take responsible for others. Second Older Brother must marry Biao Older Sister!” She deliberately learned Old Shen Furen’s righteous tone of voice making Luo Xue Yan burst out in laughter. Shen Miao looked at everyone, “All the Furens had all seen this and Grandmother’s words are always trustworthy thus in such a short period of time, one would not forget about it.”

The noble Furens around all knew that Shen Miao had used them as guns but they could only laugh dryly. Old Shen Furen’s face turned red and white by Shen Miao sarcasm and could only repeat again, “This matter is fishy, this matter is fishy!”

“I also felt that the matter is fishy.” Shen Miao raised her brows, “So it is better to report to the authorities. Father, your subordinates are faster so it is still in time to report this to the Administrator of the Capital.”

Her voice hardly ceased when one heard Shen Gui’s shout, “No!”

Shen Miao was surprise, “Why not?”

Shen Gui looked at her fiercely, once it is reported then the matter cannot be hidden. The censors in court were all very leisured so if this matter was known to them, it would be strange if they did not write a report on him. Moreover this was after all a scandal, so it would not be good to make a big ruckus about it.

“Never mind.” Shen Miao waved her hands troubled, “This matter have to depend on Biao Older Brother’s interest.” He looked at the gloomy Jing Guan Sheng and gently smiled, “Biao Older Brother is the one who is in most pain.”

Jing Guan Shen did not speak.

Old Shen Furen angrily said, “First call a Physician over to take a look!” Jing Chu Chu and Shen Yuan did not make any movement and one fear that they have fallen into a scheme, and Old Shen Furen could not let it go. One knows that originally it should be Shen Qiu who would be encountering this trouble, but who knew it now became Shen Yuan’s and she could not say anything about it.

Chen Rou Qiu was busy organising the various Furens. Those Furens and Young Ladies had watched a good show, and know that today was just a fight between Shen Miao and the rest of the Shen family, but at the end it was Shen miao who won. They all kept saying that they promise not to tell others about it before leaving. Feng An Ning winked at Shen Miao before leaving with Feng Furen. Shen Yue looked at the messy courtyard and left in disappointment.

Just left with a little bit and one could destroy Shen Qiu. Why had it become Shen Yuan at the end?

Shen Xin and the rest also followed Old Shen Furen to the main hall as this matter has to be dealt with. Coupled with the reputation of the Shen family this had been seen by so many people, it was no longer a minor issue to be solved.

Shen Miao was walking right at the back when she was being stopped by a voice. When she looked back, it was Jing Guan Shen that walked up to her.

Shen Miao was small in stature and Jing Guan Sheng was slightly plump and tall, so it looked quite oppressive when he stood in front of Shen Miao. He had always been gentle and cordial but the normally slightly smiling face had disappeared and now there was only ferociousness, as if the wolf has shed off the sheep skin and finally showed its true colours. He said, “Fifth Younger Sister, this is your doing right?”

“Yes.” Shen Miao admitted frankly.

As he did not expect Shen Miao would say so, Jing Guan Shen was first surprised before he lifted a fist at Shen Miao. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu quickly went up to block as Shen Miao coldly looked at him, “It is done by me, what can you do to me?”

“You are shameless!” Jing Guan Sheng growled.

“The shameless one is me?” Shen Miao looked at him, “Biao Older Brother, do you dare to say you do not have any knowledge of today’s matter?”

Jing Guan Shen was stunned as he glared at her. As Jing Chu Chu’s older brother, how would Jing Guan Sheng not know Old Shen Furen’s plan? It was very beneficial for him if Jing Chu Chu became Shen Qiu’s Furen, but who knew that at the end it became Shen Yuan’s!

“Letting one’s Younger Sister to become a bargaining chip but now call me shameless. Biao Older Brother, do you not find that you are just too nauseating?”


“Since the matter has become a foregone conclusion, why not Biao Older Brother think in a different way.” Shen Miao looked at him calmly and unruffled in the midst of chaos, “Since Biao Older Sister has lost her innocence in front of so many people, it would be difficult to be Biao Older Brother’s bargaining chip and marry a good family in the future, as who would be willing to marry second hand shoes?”

She said it so viciously making Jing Guan Shen to clench his fist, but he had to admit that what Shen Miao said was not wrong. He finally understood the meaning of losing the bait along with the fish. With Jing Chu Chu current situation, in the future no good family would be willing to take her, much less wealthy families.

“Biao Older Brother, seeing that we are cousins, let me remind you.” Shen Miao smiled cordially, “For you all, as long as one married into the Shen family, it is considered as climbing up the high branches. Since it is that case, what is the difference between marrying to Eldest Brother or Second Older Brother?”

Jing Guan Shen’s mind moved a little as he looked at Shen Miao without saying a word.

“Speaking of which my Second Older Brother entered officialdom at a young age and his future prospects are also bright. As compared to my Eldest Brother, he is also excellent. Since both ways are using one’s Younger Sister to pave a way for the future, since the person on the bed has become Second Older Brother, then is not good to change from becoming Eldest Sao to Second Sao? Anyway, there would not be any harm to you at all.”

She looked at her fingernails and one do not know who she was talking to, “In order to live, one must know how to change.”

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