Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 102 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 102: Scandal (Part 1)

“Open up the doors!”

When Old Shen Furen were saying those words, her face was already a little sullen. The Furens present came over to watch the commotion so not one of them left.

Chen Rou Qiu soothed, “Mother you must not get angry. Perhaps some guests went into the wrong room.” Finishing she gave a look to the maids by her side and they went forward to push the door open.

The doors looked tightly close but it was not the case as they opened up with a light push. After that, one heard a shocked shout and both maids jumped in shock and took two steps back.

Seeing them being like that, it made one’s heart suspicious. Old Shen Furen snapped, “What is going on?”

One of the maids did not seem to be able to stand up properly and supported herself against the door but inadvertently opened the door wider, exposing the situation inside the room to everyone. Everyone outside could not help but to suck in a lump of cold air.

The tea room was very small as it was originally a place to rest temporary thus there was only a small cupboard and a small table set. Currently the teacups were smashed into pieces below the cupboard and at a narrow small couch, there were two overlapping figures. One could clearly see that there was a male pressing on a female body. The noise that sounded just now was most likely caused by the falling cups during the dispute.

At the moment this chaotic appearance was exposed in front of everyone without any concealment. Those Furen immediately covered their own Young Ladies’ eyes, fearing that they would see any filthy things.

Xi-er who was standing outside called out in shock, “Biao… Biao Young Lady!”

“Chu Chu!” Chen Rou Qiu also shouted.

“What?” Old Shen Furen was surprised for a moment and almost fainted on the spot. Fu-er standing beside quickly went over to support Old Shen Furen.

“What is going on with this?” Chen Rou Qiu had a slightly panicked look on and in the eyes of others, it was a scene of confusion after all a scandal broke out inside the residence. The two people in the room seemed not to be aware of the situation as even though it was a ruckus outside, the male lying on top of the female did not make a move, but the female was expending great efforts to push the male up.

“Heavens.” Xi-er covered her mouth and had a look of surprise, “Did not Eldest Young Master go back to a room after getting drunk? Why would he be…”

With that one sentence, those who were listening roughly understood what was going on.

The Young Master of the residence was drunk and encountered the Biao Young Lady who went back to change her clothes, and could not control his lustful heart and had taken her innocence.

“Qiu-er is always composed so how would he do such a thing.” Chen Rou Qiu shook her head, “It is all the fault of drinking too much!” When she spoke to this part, she had a painful look on her face.

Between her words, she had already determined Shen Qiu’s charges.

Shen Miao looked on silently as this was a scene almost the same as in the previous lifetime. After Shen Qiu woke up, he could not explain himself away even if he had a hundred mouths. Even though Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan believed Shen Qiu, the facts were laid out right in front and the most disadvantaged was the female party. If Shen Qiu did not marry Jing Chu Chu, then all the Furens that came would be able to drown Shen Qiu with their saliva. At that time what did she do? Shen Miao thought deeply and felt a deep shame as she felt at that time it was shameful to have an Older Brother who took other people’s innocence, and along the others she also spat at Shen Qiu.

Shen Yue suddenly said, “Fifth Younger Sister, why are you not speaking?”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly looked towards Shen Miao. Shen Qiu was Shen Miao’s Eldest Brother and for Shen Qiu to do such a thing like this, it would also not look good on Shen Miao, but one did not know if Shen Miao would help Shen Qiu or have a righteous attitude instead.

Yi Pei Lan liked to see Shen Miao fall into misfortune, thus at this moment she was rejoicing at it but said fakely, “Shen Miao, actually this matter is not related to you since your Eldest Brother is your Eldest Brother and you are you. Even though you both are in the same family, one cannot generalize different matters together.”

But the more she said so the more it reminded everyone that Shen Miao was Shen Qiu’s younger sister and with Shen Qiu misconduct, how would Shen Miao be anywhere better.

“I am only just very curious.” Shen Miao said lightly, “One do not solve the matter but just talk about it here. Why not let someone call in the people outside the Shen residence doors to come it, and watch the commotion and make it more crowded.”

Her sarcasm was like a knife, in a single moment it pierce into one’s heart.

Yes, such a matter had already happened. If it was an ordinary family, one would immediately think of ways to cover it up, but this Old Shen Furen and Chen Rou Qiu seemed to be anxious to let more people know of the matter, and even talk about it at the doors. As for what intentions did they have, it would not be one from a good heart. And why was it done for?

Chen Rou Qiu and Old Shen Furen were somewhat embarrassed but then heard Shen Miao continue speaking lightly, “Even if my Mother is not here, there should be someone who can preside over the overall situation. Can it be that now with Third Shen replacing Second Shen, Third Shen do not know what to do?”

Suddenly Chen Rou Qiu’s face turned green and even Shen Yue’s face did not look good. To mention Ren Wan Yun at this moment, everyone’s gaze became more meaningful. Chen Rou Qiu got angry, as it was obvious that Shen Miao was saying that her abilities to handle the overall situation were inferior to Ren Wan Yun’s, and this was as good as slapping her.

Shen Miao was after all one who had stayed in the Inner Palace for so many years, and which female in the Inner Palace was easy to deal with. Even an argument with words were also swordfights and one sentence could have ten different meanings. Currently her words does not seem light or serious but made one think far ahead.

Was it because one took advantage that Lou Xue Yan was not here, so one could purposely bully Shen Qiu? Now one took advantage of Shen Qiu’s scandal and spread it out so that everyone would know about it? The most important thing was that these Furen’s were not fools. Previously they were shocked by the scene in front of them and forgot about other things, but Shen Miao’s attitude made them calm down and after looking inside again one felt strange. Even though this was a scandal, who could know if it was man-made or not?

Old Shen Furen raged after Shen Miao’s few sentences, “Fifth Girl, Eldest Boy had make this kind of situation, what is with your attitude! You still keep on being stubborn!”

Shen Miao almost laughed out but she shook her head instead, “This matter is considered a big matter. It is better to invite Father, Second and Third Shu over before a decision is made.”

Old Shen Furen and Chen Rou Qiu were stunned. Even all the Furens present stood rooted. This was a situation where the less number of people that know, the better it would be, but why now Shen Miao could not wait for more people to know about it? Chen Rou Qiu’s heart was somewhat unsettled . She did not know why even though everything went accordingly to her imagination, but she felt that something was wrong.

Those doors were wide open and there was no movement from the people inside. Old Shen Furen wanted to close the doors but heard Shen Miao speaking with a cold smile, “Do not close. Since what could be seen is seen, it would be burying one’s head in the sand if the doors are closed. Whoever still want to look can take a clearer look at it.”

This was the time when Old Shen Furen felt that something was wrong. She wanted to let people to go into the room but Shen Miao’s aggressive attitude was just too surprising. Since she is already riding on the tiger it would be difficult to come down, thus by trying to hid it would only make it more conspicuous. Old Shen Furen could only restrain the uneasiness in her heart, and helplessly looked at Shen Miao as she instructed people to invite Shen Xin and the rest over.

Jiang Xiao Xuan wiped her tears and said, “The Jing family’s young lady is still young and how would the rest of her life be now that such a thing happened?”

“One request for everyone to be my witness.” Old Shen Furen spoke, “My Shen family all the while have upright family manners. For such a thing that undermine the family principles to happen, naturally one will give everyone an explanation. Chu Chu is my maiden family’s Grandniece and is well-behaved and sensible. I had thought to retain her by my side so that one would be able to find a good family for her but who could know…” Old Shen Furen looked pained as she continued, “My Shen family is not one who bully others. No matter what happen in the future, Chu Chu is my Shen family’s Granddaughter-in-law. Without a doubt, one will definitely give Chu Chu an explanation!”

What a good pompous sounding reason! What a good fake expression!

If one had no knowledge of the inside information, Shen Miao would also agree with Old Shen Furen’s attitude and actions. Her eyes contained some taunting, indeed from a songstress background to be able to act out this play that lifelike.

Sure enough when Old Shen Furen finished speaking, she tentatively won the goodwill from those who were present.

“Indeed an aristocratic family. Dare to act courageous enough to take responsibility.”

“With these words, that Jing family Young Lady considered to have someone to dependent on for the rest of her life.”

“The Shen family’s upright family manners are indeed true. Old Shen Furen’s choice is wise.”

“One did not think that Old Shen Furen still had such a bearing.”

More than half were praising Old Shen Furen on remedying the mistake, and half of them were pitying Jing Chu Chu for encountering such a storm. As for Shen Qiu, it was portrayed by the crowd as a shameless wolf.

Just at this moment, one heard a burst of hurried shouts, “Chu Chu! Chu Chu!” When one looked over, the people that Shen Miao had instructed brought Shen Xin and entourage over.

But this was considered alright as they did not bring those official colleagues over. There were only Shen Xin and brothers with Luo Xue Yan and one who was right in front them, Jing Guan Sheng. He strode forward and when those Furens saw him, they gave way to him. Jing Guan Shen stood in front of the door and did not go in, but just looked on blankly as if he was struck by lightning.

“What is going on?” Luo Xue Yan anxiously said.

Chen Rou Qiu wiped her tears and said, “Eldest Sao must not be anxious, one would not blame Qiu-er about this matter, he is after all making a botch of things after consuming too much alcohol.”

Shen Gui and Shen Wan who were on the way overheard about the matter. Shen Gui could not wait for Shen Xin to have a misfortune so he immediately put on an ashamed attitude, “It is all my fault, I should have stopped Qiu-er when he was drinking. If he was not drunk, how would this matter happen?”

“Second Older Brother must not blame yourself.” Shen Wan sighed, “No one want such things to happen. It is better to think what can be done next.”

“What else can be done?” Jing Guan Sheng’s eyes reddened, “My Younger Sister came to this place perfectly well, but was set up in an conspiracy and lost her innocence. Naturally one must have an explanation!”

“You better clean your mouth!” Shen Xin got angry when he heard this, “This person watched Shen Qiu that brat, grow up and it is not possible for him to do this kind of thing!”

“Correct.” Luo Xue Yan sneered, “Jing Chu Chu is not a national grace or divine fragrance, when Qiu-er is at the frontier, how many Darens want to marry their Young Ladies to him and any one of them is much better looking than Jing Chu Chu. Do you think Qiu-er is silly to destroy his future because of one Jing Chu Chu?”

Shen Xin was one who kill enemies in the battlefield and was unmoved by force or persuasion. Luo Xue Yan was also very fiery and would not put her words out tactfully thus when the words were said, Jing Guan Sheng face became pale and Old Shen Furen got so angry this time that she was speechless.

But if one were to think about it, it also made sense. Jing Chu Chu’s appearance was good but was not considered anything in the world. Jing Guan Sheng’s mention of a conspiracy was considered exaggerated.

Shen Miao wanted to laugh because in the previous lifetime Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan also defended Shen Qiu like this. Unfortunately Jing Chu Chu spared no effort to look like she did not have any schemes, and at that time under the watchful eyes of everyone what else could be said? One could only admit defeat. Old Shen Furen called so many noble Furens over to ‘witness’ so that Shen Qiu would not have any way out.

“Witness and material evidence are all present, how can one quibble!” Jing Guan Sheng said angrily, “Could it be that my Younger Sister, a weak female, could force Shen Qiu! I initially thought that Shen Qiu was a gentleman, but who knew that one may know a person on the surface but would not understand his true nature. I want to report to the authorities!”

By reporting to the authorities on this household matter made everyone know that the matter has blown out of proportions. Old Shen Furen fumed, “Enough!” She looked at Jing Guan Sheng and said, “Guan Sheng, you are my Grandnephew and you also know how do I treated you these days. Chu Chu this girl is someone I like, so I am not willing to let her suffer from grievances even if others are willing! Do not worry, I will give you an explanation!”

“Oldest one!” Old Shen Furen turned her attention around and spoke angrily to Shen Xin, “The fault of the matter starts from Qiu-er. Like how your father taught you previously, the Shen family is of indomitable spirits and since one had destroyed other’s innocence, then one must definitely take responsible for others! Since Qiu-er had done such things, he must marry Chu Chu and treat her well for the rest of her life!”

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