Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 75 (Part 3)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 75: Intended Plan (Part 3)

At the moment, it was a mess in Cai Yun Yuan.

Shen Gui just left but before he did that he gotten into a big quarrel with Ren Wan Yun. Ever since the day Shen Xin returned on Old Shen Furen’s birthday, Shen Gui was in conflict with Ren Wan Yun on the matter. In fact Shen Gui knew about Shen Miao’s confinement but to him, once anything went wrong he would push everything to Ren Wan Yun.

For him and Shen Wan to walk to this point today, it was all due to the people’s connections that Shen Xin left behind. Even though they both have a certain status in court today, if Shen Xin had the intention to do them harm, Shen Gui’s and Shen Wan’s careers would inevitably be in a mess. This was a world where military were respected. Even though the civil officials ridicule the Generals for being unruly and brute, whoever had the military power, whoever will be the most important force in Ming Qi. The Emperor would naturally protect the General as compared to the civil officials.

In the past both brothers were able to keep the act up without leaking a drop of water, and Shen Xin was also willingly to look after them. Who knew that this time Shen Xin saw for himself that Shen Miao was trapped in a sea of fire. Shen Xin valued Shen Miao like his life and would do anything in a fit of anger which made Shen Gui flustered. Ever since Shen Xin returned, Shen Gui was extremely irritable but Ren Wan Yun happened to mention about withdrawing from the marriage at this time. It was practically adding oil into the fire, so all the dissatisfaction that he had with Ren Wan Yun was unleashed.

Today was the same, he got into a furious fight with Ren Wan Yun and put his foot down that Shen Qing must marry into the Huang family. Shen Gui flicked his sleeves and left Ren Wan Yun who was gasping for air as she almost fainted.

“Animals! Animals!” Ren Wan Yun stroke her heart and her lips were trembling.

Shen Gui did not care for the happiness of his daughter, and set his heart climbing up the Huang family for his own career advancement, and that made Ren Wan Yun so angry that she could throw horses and men off their feet. Now that Shen Xin had returned, Luo Xue Yan was not someone who one could get along easily. If it was not because the matter was extremely confidential, if Shen Xin and wife knew that she had the idea of exchanging the marriages, she was afraid that they would have the heart to kill her. Even if Shen Xin and wife did not discover it this time, the matter on the fire at the ancestral hall had already estranged the First household from them, thus it would be harder to do harm to Shen Miao in the future.

Ren Wan Yun could not wait to cut Shen Miao up into thousands of slices. In the beginning it was Shen Miao that schemed against Shen Qing. If it was not for Shen Miao, then how would Shen Qing end up being forced to marry a cut sleeve. Now that Shen Miao had Shen Xin’s protection, it would be difficult to take action in the area of marriage.

“Furen, please cool down.” Xiang Lan cooled down Ren Wan Yun and spoke, “One’s must not destroy the body with anger. The returning banquet is in a few days’ time. If that happens then it would not be convenient to move it.

Ren Wan Yun eyes moved and a grim smile appeared on her face, “You are right. I must not destroy my body with anger. During the returning banquet… During the returning banquet, I want that little slut to live worse than death!” She turned her head and looked at Cai Ju, “Did the letter reached to Prince Yu residence?”

“It is already sent over.” Cai Ju carefully said.

“Since my Qing-er’s ending is not good, that little slut better not be thinking of escaping!” There were traces of a sneer in Ren Wan Yun’s expression as she coldly laughed, “I cannot do anything to her as Shen Xin is there protecting her, but if they have the ability then they should go against Prince Yu.” She was alike to a vicious snake as she said gruesomely, “There will be someone that will take care of her!”


The residence of Prince Yu of the First Rank.

In the magnificent and grand main hall, there was a beautiful Persian dancer wearing a thin piece of clothes dancing. Those fair bare feet were stepping on the soft carpet and there were coloured bells dangling around her ankles, as they rang a sweet dingling sound following the dance moves. Her snake-like body was dancing vicariously.

High up on the seat was a male who had an ugly and hideous face and an empty left leg. It was Prince Yu. At the moment there was a petite girl kneeling next to him. That young female was around eleven or twelve and she was very young and very beautify but her eyes were filled with fear. At this moment she was no more than an inch away, pounding lightly on Prince Yu’s leg.

This young female’s fair body was covered with purple and blue bruises. Upon a closer look, there were red whip marks. It was obviously she had experienced a painful and excruciating torture.

Prince Yu looked at the contents of the letter and he suddenly laughed and violently smacked the lion head on the seat. The young female screamed in shock and quickly fell onto the ground as her entire body could not help but trembled.

“Shen Xin…” A few words were chewed out of Prince Yu’s mouth. “Shen Miao… Actually dare to play around with this Prince.”

After what happened that night, because he had found other interesting things, he had thrown it to the back of his mind. For Prince Yu, these young ladies were only interesting toys and were the same as rearing those cats and dogs. As for what would happen to them later, he does not care one bit. Combined with Shen Gui’s concealment, he did not discover anything wrong.

Until this letter came, he finally recalled that there were some odd things that day. That Shen Miao had such good means that not only she counter checked Ren Wan Yun, she also played with him.

In Ming Qi, Prince Yu of the First Rank was considered a son of the Imperial family. Other than the Emperor, everyone would have to be courteous and give in to him. Shen Miao was a little girl and even dared to step on his dignity under her feet. If previously he only felt interested in playing with Shen Miao, this time Prince Yu had truly became furious and his murderous intention was ignited.

It is just that now Shen Xin was still protecting her in the Ding capital. How can he take action? Or could it be possible to eliminate Shen Qiu.

Prince Yu of the First Rank touched his chin and a trace of extreme viciousness flashed in his eyes.

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    • AGREE! Completely agree with you! It was obviously them who schemed first but now they are acting like the victim who got schemed against. Talk about shameless! A well, soon enough they are going to suffer under our empress hands without even the chance to fight back. Humph! Thanks for the chapter.

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    • It’s always like this in these types of stories though. These author’s must not be able to think of other ways to make conflict. I don’t even read the trash talking and blame games from any of these vile disgusting bishes and bastids. I just skim through it to the important parts while thinking to myself, yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah…..


  1. Ugh that Prince Yu is so sick!!!! Can’t wait for SM to deal with him, since I know she can lmao! He thinks he’s so high above her, but he can’t really see her abilities and intelligence. What a disgusting man, he deserves to be tortured and beaten – a taste of his own medicine, let’s see how he likes it 😤

    And that RWY, at this point she’s just marching herself and her daughter to their ends. Not that I care much, she deserves everything she’s getting.

    Can’t wait for the banquet 😈 That’s when SM will probably reveal SQ’s pregnancy so she can’t get out of it lol.

    Thank you for the chapter 💖💖💖

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      • He’s a narcisstic and pedophilic serial abuser, who’s on a power trip. Don’t know how much worse this could get.

        That said, I am not liking the undertones of the demonization of the disabled here. While I enjoy Shen Miao, I’m gonna be honest and say that I would not like or enjoy knowing this author personally, especially since they use sexual assault as a plot device. 🙄


  2. “In the beginning it was Shen Miao that schemed against Shen Qing.”

    Uhm… haha you must have hit your head somewhere.

    I’m gonna wait for that Yu’s punishment in the future. A punishment that something Jun Wu Xie would do…

    Thank you for the update!

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  3. Mother’s love are blind but I kinda think her daughter does not deserve this…for this timeline at least. She needs to be hanged for her future counterpart but she’s mostly harmless right now.

    Well, it’s her mother’s fault to be that cruel to jiao jiao to begin with anyway.

    Also its nice to see Yu got the bait. I wonder how SM will deal with it after this

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    • There’s the Chinese proverb of cutting grass from the root or something. Pretty much meaning to get rid of the cause of the problem entirely before it comes to bite you in the ass….because we all know with crazy jealous female logic, they totally will. She was a nasty child that was guaranteed to grow up to be just as vicious as her mother if not more. Considering the way they bullied Shen Miao personally, they aren’t harmless at all. They knew what they were doing when manipulating Shen Miao to choosing obnoxious jewelry and gross clothing outfits. It wasn’t just their mothers, they had a hand in it too

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      • Harmless as in they never did anything that much life threatening unlike their future selves which brings ruin to Shen family. But you’re right, its better to kill her off right now before they manage to be more cruel later on

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  4. I sort of agree with the feeling that Shen Yu’s fate in this was kind of harsh…but then again…during that entire chapter there was the sense that she and Shen Qing were aware that something was up, even if they didn’t exactly know what was up, which I’m pretty sure they did….they knew “something” bad was coming and said nothing, I’m not evening asking for action, I’m just asking for a whisper a word, a simple flash of conscience…

    ….good will is answered with good will, sure Empress Shen could have chosen some slightly less ruthless means, but they didn’t really give her a reason to

    …when your so cold sisters purposely leave you in the dark where a monster is waiting…well… let’s just say turnabout might not exactly be fairplay, but my sympathies are limited and somewhat general, restricted to the realm, “ah, that’s messed up…

    Also…is Prince Yu also mental defect as well as physically disabled? What the hell?

    “Ah little girl, you escaped me raping you the first time!?…Huhuhu…watch how I’ll get my revenge!”

    Is he stupid as well as crazy?…That imperial status of his will only get him so far…Or does he not know that the most powerful, notoriously hotblooded general of the Empire, would likely disregard his own survival, if he found out any harm had come to his only daughter? Especially if he found out that the rest of the family, the rest of anything that he might have been concerned about in doing so…was in on it….Idiot.

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    • Sexual assault should never receive justification, y’all. Just accept that Shen Miao is just as cruel as her older sisters and move on with the story.

      (Also, Shen Yue and Shen Qing are children. They’re lil sh-ts, but children nevertheless. Stop trying to hold them accountable for the actions of the adults.)


  5. Death will be too good for Prince Yu, hope he is put through the same torture that he inflicted on those young girls. Shen Miao, destroy the sadistic prince!

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  6. Oo, thanks for the chapter!

    Especially for clarifying this part. I always thought this sentence:

    In Ming Qi, even royal family members, with the exception of the emperor, has to respect Yu Qinwang.

    The MTL is so confusing x_x

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  7. Come, all of you disgusting fools! SM will take all of you down and the sooner you move, the quicker your downfall will be! The pieces have started to move and all of you sickos will suffer under SM’s scheme mwahahahaaaa
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  10. I don’t understand y u people r sympathizing Shen qing, if shen qing atleast had bit of humanity she should have warned Shen miao about her mother cruel plans but instead she grinned at her mothers plan, if Shen miao was d one who got tortured and raped they all would have laughed and spread those rumors all over ding capital, miao just used d thought “precaution is better then cure” simple and den wan yu should know ‘what goes around comes around’ in this battle of Witt’s I really support her, even if Shen miao even really gouged their hearts out with her bare hand I would still say that wasn’t enough……..

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    • I’m not sympathizing with Shen Qing, I’m just wondering why her mom can’t see that marrying the gay guy is the best solution… not that I think SQ deserves the best solution, but that Wei guy shouldn’t have to suffer. If she married the Huang (??) guy he wouldn’t suffer cuz he’d just keep his boyfriend and ignore her.

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  11. Woah, is there something inside their nrain or something? Really, logically SM is just a little girl, then they come up with scheme, when the scheme failed, they blame SM! I mean for real? RWY must be sick, what scheme againts SQ, she scheme againts SM and when it’s backfired, she lost it. Grr, really made me angry. Wish I could give her one or two slaps. And that the same with Prince Yu. What a psycho! Our Empress must be though! Destroy them all!

    Ahem, anyway, thanks for the chapter!

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  12. An update on my bday? Wooho lol. Thank you sooooo much for the update!! Anyways, that Ren wan Yu’snwords “In the beginning it was Shen Miao that schemed against Shen Qing. If it was not for Shen Miao, then how would Shen Qing end up being forced to marry a cut sleeve.” Srsly, wasn’t she the one who plotted to have that fuck up prince to rape Shen Miao. Now she acts she was the one who experience a grievance if a lifetime. Like bitch please.
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    Prince Yu.. just wait and see i kwant to know what will happen with you in the future

    Anyway thank you for the update 😘😘😘

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      • Only idiots will try to scheme against intelligence people. I see the 2nd & 3rd branch as idiots except i guess 3rd branch knows when to slow down. And nor only they hate so much. In their eyes, the main branch merely the source of income for whole Shen family.

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      • Thank you for this chapter. There will always be people who are jealous of other people achievements or cannot see others better than them especially their enemies. They will do anything to reach their goals even though it is really inhumane and the worst thing is they think they have the right especially Prince Yu and RWY.

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  15. I don’t know what to comment anymore. I’m dumbfounded. I’ll just watch patiently for the drama and action to unfold. Thank you guys for the chapters 😘😘

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  16. I just don’t understand why Ren Wan Yun doesn’t consider what will happen to the Shen family without Shen Xin.

    Also “Shen Miao was a little girl and even dared to step on his dignity under her feet.”

    What dignity does a man have that sneaks into the room of a young girl to torture and rape her? What dignity is he talking about?

    Worried for Shen Qui and I cannot wait to see how the banquet will go. I want to see the Fall of Prince Yue. Also the face of the Emporer should be smeared when light is shown on the doings the the evil prince.

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    Well I want to see that stupid prince to suffer really hard. I’m quite interested how’s the emperor will react to this. I mean there will be some point where the information can not be hidden. I really interested how were his children fight for the power of the throne and lose it all.

    It is quite obvious from the title that at some point of the story is she will be Empress. That means that the current emperor will be dethroned. Could it be that the incidents that this stupid pic of a prince has caused over the years will rebound onto the Imperial family and will cause of its downfall?

    What could happen or not I don’t know it’s just my thought about this.

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    • Thanks for supporting!! Its great to read your comments and thoughts and do continue to write them 😀

      There would be one part where the author would explain why the Emperor is so bias to Prince Yu and tbh, he covered everything that Prince Yu done


  19. Thank you so much for fast update chapter 😄 I pray that you stay healthy and happy.

    I really enjoy it!

    Shen Miao, don’t hold back in this lifetime!#gooo princesss!!!

    Time to take an action! No sit and watch, it is not enough just waiting for karma.

    “The axe forgets, but the tree remembers.”- african proverb

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  20. Even though he’s the eldest, he’s abusive, incompetent, and ugly to top the cake. If he ever rose into power, the country would fall into shambles with attacks and internal conflict…
    In short, he doesn’t deserve to be a member of the imperial family, much less his royal title.

    Thanks for the chapter. I can’t wait to read how SM crushes those delusional schemers…

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    • Thanks for supporting!! Prince Yu is not the eldest in his gen, he is ranked eleventh but as of now, he is the only Royal Uncle (cause the Emperor killed the rest of his bros)


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    Ren Wanyun probably said “畜生” in the raws….it meant animals but have another meaning when scolding someone….’Animals!” -> Beast


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    I really like Shen 1st house hold, such an ideal family. Sadly they never live longer on Shen Miao’s previous life


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