Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 75 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 75: Intended Plan (Part 2)

“Prince Ding?” Shen Miao heard it and lightly said, “His Highness Prince Ding is a descendant of the Heavens, how can I claim connections? In the beginning, I was ignorant but now have calmed down and know that I have overstepped the proper boundaries. At present, one no longer mention about the matter anymore.”

Luo Xue Yan was surprised again for a moment. Shen Xin and Shen Qiu were after all men and did not understand. Even though she had a carefree character, she was still a female. A female can understand another female’s love situation. She thought that Shen Miao only said it verbally but after carefully looking at Shen Miao’s expression, she discovered that when she was talking about Prince Ding, there was no trace of being emotional in Shen Miao’s expression, as if one was mentioning a stranger in general.

Not waiting for Luo Xue Yan to speak, Shen Xin himself first shouted, “Jiao Jiao, Father do not agree with your words. No matter who we the Shen family match with, you can claim connections. Which one of the sons of Ming Qi dare to abandon you, even if…”

“Ke.” Luo Xue Yan lightly coughed and stared fiercely at Shen Xin. It did not matter that Shen Xin was praising his daughter but it was difficult for Shen Miao to dispel the idea of Prince Ding. Was not Shen Xin finding trouble for himself?

Shen Xin also knew that he had said the wrong thing and quickly looked elsewhere as if nothing had happened.

Lou Xue Yan too a good look at Shen Miao and after seeing her calm expression, she was then relaxed and smiled, “Jiao Jiao is still young of age and there is no rush to get married. There are many more good males in Ming Qi and our Jiao Jiao has extraordinary looks, how will one be afraid of not marrying well? Do not worry. Our Jiao Jiao’s husband would be a hero that can withstand the skies and earth.”

Shen Miao smiled and did not say anything. With regards to the fantasy of the person beside her pillow, she was disheartened time and time again during her last life in the Inner Palace. In this life then, she had already not intended to marry but these words cannot be told to Shen Xin and wife.

When normal females heard about their marriage, they would always be a little shy, moreover in the eyes of the couple, Shen Miao was not one who had a cold temperament. But after Luo Xue Yan finished, she did not see any reaction from Shen Miao and the both of them could not help but feel some frustration. Previously even though Shen Miao was not close with them, they could still understand Shen Miao’s temperament. But upon returning this time, Shen Miao became unfamiliar and had matured so much overnight, making Shen Xin and wife not know what kind of attitude have to face their daughter. If they were to coax her like how they did previously, they would seem even more of a fool if Shen Miao looked at them quietly.

When Shen Qiu saw his parents being embarrassed, a laughter burst out. Shen Xin and wife made one frightened when hearing their names but when facing Younger Sister, they were totally helpless. But… Shen Qiu’s gaze gradually sank. There would not be just a big change of character overnight that made an arrogant young lady to become so cool and calm. There must be that something else happened.

“Father,” Shen Miao suddenly said, “In a few days’ time, there will be a returning banquet that will be held in the Palace?”

The returning banquet will be held because of the defeat of the enemy by the Shen family army, and in order to celebrate the meritorious deeds. All the civil and military officials would attend and was considered as the Imperial family working to be closer to the officials. In the returning banquet, the Emperor would reward the meritorious services rendered.

In the last lifetime, after a few days from the returning banquet, the Emperor wanted to promote Shen Qiu’s official position but because of Shen Miao’s matter, Shen Xin fought with all his meritorious services and made the Emperor agree to bestow marriage, and gotten Shen Miao the position of Ding Wangfei.

It was already considered as overstepping the boundaries of what was proper when a female proposed to a male. Shen Xin was at the mercy of the battlefield for his entire life but at the end of the day, used all his services to beg and was almost ridiculed by the entire court. At that time Shen Miao did not see Shen Xin’s bitter smile as she was jumping up from joy of becoming the Ding Wangfei.

From the moment she married into Prince Ding residence, it meant that the Shen family was tied to Prince Ding’s boat and Fu Xiu Yi had all the reason to squeeze every last drop of value from the Shen family army.

“Yes.” Shen Xin asked with a smile, “Does Jiao Jiao have any more requests? Father can help you to request His Majesty for them.”

Such a level of doting love, it was almost like a pearl in one’s palm. Shen Miao’s mouth was somewhat dry, how could she not discover her father feelings for her in her past life? The Shen family’s death was controlled by the enemies but it was because of her stubbornness and blindness.

“I do not have things that I want.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “But if His Majesty want to reward Father…” She paused and when she look up again, she said with a pair of clear eyes, “Father can request His Majesty to be able to stay in the capital for half a year to accompany me. How about it?”

When the words were spoken, Luo Xue Yan, Shen Xin and Shen Qiu were all stunned.

Shen Miao had never retained the couple because they were not by her side when she was young, and thus feelings were shallow so it was natural that there was nothing much. Every year after the end of the year, Shen Xin and wife would leave the capital to defend the Northwest region and even if there were no enemies, they had to guard the territory to prevent foreign invasions. Actually this was not necessary but the Emperor would still hand-pick them and moreover the Old General had this habit to do so when he was alive thus, they had never refuted before.

Shen Miao’s intention just now was obviously to retain them. She was retaining Shen Xin and wife so that they would leave half a year later, and this was actually somewhat outrageous but when Shen Xin and wife heard it, they were ecstatic as this represented that Shen Miao did have feelings for them.

“Naturally it would be no problem!” Delighted with the change on his daughter’s attitude, Shen Xin did not think of the problem behind and agreed to it. Luo Xue Yan was also somewhat excited but Shen Qiu, who was standing at the side pursed his lips. He did not want to remain in Ding capital as for him, he felt that there was nothing interesting in the Ding capital. Those noble heirs were boring and it was better for him to be sent to the northwest region’s desert to fight battles. However after looking at Shen Miao’s face, his heart softened. At least with him by her side, the best thing was that no one would dare to bully Shen Miao.

After saying much more stuff, the Shen Xin couple and Shen Qiu left. After they left, Shen Miao put the books on the table and walked to the side of the window.

“Young Lady…” Gu Yu spoke softly, “Have already spoken to Chun Tao. Eldest Young Lady’s abdomen is fine. This one heard that Second Furen and Second Master were quarrelling because of Eldest Lady’s marriage.”

Shen Miao smiled coldly. Ren Wan Yun’s good scheme of marrying the sisters together was gone with the eastward flowing streams. But Ren Wan Yun naturally would not be willing to let Shen Qing marry to Huang De Xin. But the birthday character cards were exchanged and both families have come into a conclusion. It would not be an easy matter to go back on their words at this time.

The saying of ‘lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet’ talked about this. Naturally when Ren Wan Yun’s idea was up in the air, she would not let her live well and keep attacking. If that poisonous snake wants to strike, she would do it during the banquet. Just nice, she also wanted to grab onto Ren Wan Yun’s tender spot and catch Prince Yu unaware.

Outside the door, Luo Xue Yan’s and Shen Xin’s faces became sullen. Luo Xue Yan angrily said, “What is going on with Old TaiTai and your Younger Brothers? To plan Jiao Jiao’s marriage for inexplicable reasons. This is the first time hearing such a thing in my life.”

“Furen need not be angry.” Shen Xin said, “I will immediately go and get a clear explanation from Old TaiTai and once there is such a matter, I will immediately clarify things with the Wei family. With such a concealment, the matter is strange.”

“I guess that Jiao Jiao has suffered a lot this one year.” Luo Xue Yan snapped, “Later I will call Jiao Jiao’s maids over and ask clearly what exactly is going on and that Gui Momo has also disappeared.” After all she was one who fought in battlefields and had some sensitivity to these things. She said, “I find that what Jiao Jiao said was correct. If one do not stay in Ding capital for half a year and punish these monsters, our daughter’s life will be gone!” As she said, she glared at Shen Xin again.

Shen Xin touched his nose as naturally he knew that Luo Xue Yan was dissatisfied with his two brothers. Not to say Luo Xue Yan, his belly was also filled with anger. He instructed the two guards by his side, “Guard Young Lady well these few days, if anything is wrong, immediately inform me. If Young Lady suffer anything, you will be punished according to the military code!” Finishing, he turned towards Shen Qiu and frowned, “Rascal, why are you in a daze?”

Shen Qiu recovered to his senses with Shen Xin’s roar. He vaguely spoke, “Oh, was thinking of something.” He was all along thinking about Shen Miao’s matter. Today the people that were sent to Wo Long temple had returned to report that there was not anything wrong that happened that day, and no one else know about the matter. Shen Qiu was not a fool and knew that it was because all those who knew of the matter were sent away. To do it in such a level where not even a hint was detected, it was not the Shen family’s abilities. Shen Qiu became even more suspicious about the truth and why Shen Miao was hiding it from him.

Unconsciously, this Younger Sister of his became someone who one could not see through.

“Look at the time already.” Shen Xin directed the frustration that he had gotten from his Furen to his unlucky son. “You go and investigate the matters in the residence. I will question you tomorrow.”

“Ah.” Shen Qiu face became bitter. He already knew the reality of the details of the events but Younger Sister did not let him speak about it.

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  1. Reading about her family now, make it’s so sad to know they all died in her previous life like they meant nothing at all…their deaths were shameful and their names got dragged in the mud. That was what blood, sweat and tears earned them…i want to lock up the entire imperial family, throw away the key and let them bite each other til none left (ノToT)ノ ~┻┻

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    • She was their weakness, as all children are, but they left her exposed. If I read this at 15, perhaps I would have no sympathy, but now that I’m older its obvious her parents let her down, because they trusted their extended family too much

      Liked by 10 people

  2. Awww,,
    SM wants to be a daughter like they used to know, fool and pampered, but she can’t do it… No matter how many times I reread, the tragedy upon her lovely family made me sad…

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  3. Her family is absolutely adorable, but let’s be honest even without her being blind and stubborn in her past life her family was bound to be schemed against by their enemies. And with their honest in straight forward personalities it wouldn’t have been hard to make them meet their downfall. They need someone like Shen Maio who’s reincarnated to help them face their enemies who scheme against them from the Shadows.

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  4. Although I truly disliked the fact that Shen Miao’s parents basically left her to the wolves, I still commend their sincere love her. If only they were smarter in the past they could’ve avoided this altogether. Hopefully during this time they smarten up so at least Shen Miao won’t have to do all the work by herself or worse, they affect or askew her plans unknowingly.

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  5. I just realized that this line, “The Shen family’s death was controlled by the enemies but it was because of her stubbornness and blindness.” is totally wrong.

    Part of the reason they fell was also because of Shen Xin pouring his efforts to ensure the marriage of Shen Miao to Prince Ding. Had he pulled back and restrained Shen Miao though their reputation would have fallen, she might not have to encounter that terrible demise. Although, in the end I think the Shen family would have perished sooner since the Imperial family was killing all the old autocratic families..

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  6. Her father, mother and brother are too pure and straightforward peoples because they don’t experience the scheming and dirty tactics of the inner courtyard, sadly they can’t protect Shen Miao from it.

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