Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 64 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 64: Returning to the Residence (Part 2)

In the temple hall, a huge towering gold Buddha statue stood overlooking benevolently at the believers.

In front of the grass mat, Shen Miao was kneeling on the ground while holding the incense, but no one knew what she was thinking.

From morning till now, she had knelt here for a few Shichens (1 shichen = 2 hours)

“Young Lady, it is better to get up and take a rest.” Jing Zhe soothed, “It is not worth it to harm the body by kneeling too much. Buddha must have seen your sincerity and your request would definitely be achievable.”

Request would definitely be achievable? Shen Miao heard the words and a bitter smile appeared on her lips. Her request was long unachievable. There were opportunities to make changes in this life for the mistakes that were made in her past life, but those who died in that wronged life would no longer return. Her Wan Yu. Her Fu Ming. Would they have the opportunity to return?

One fear that in the fated world of mortals, there was nothing left.

Moreover, she was not a believer.

Shen Miao raised her head and looked at that gigantic golden Buddha statue. It was only an ice cold statue and could not really save any beings. If the Heavens had eyes, how could good people suffer such miserable fates? On the contrary, the bad people were free and enjoyed life?

She knelt here and keep burning sticks and sticks of incense, not to worship Buddha but for the people who died in her former life. Those people who died because of her.

After her rebirth, she did not had any opportunity and reason to pay respects or observe religious rites to these people, including her no longer existing son and daughter. Now that she was here, she could offer incense to Buddha and pay homage to the death.

“Shen Miao!” An aggressive voice suddenly broke.

Shen Miao smiled gently. The people in the world were often impatient.

She rubbed her sore knees and stood up. When she turned her head, she looked at Ren Wan Yun with all smiles, “Second Shen.”

Seeing Shen Miao’s smile, Ren Wan Yun felt irritated and stood forward to raise her hand with the intention to slap Shen Miao’s face.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu wanted to stop it but it was too late. Before the expected crisp sound of a slap rang, Shen Miao grabbed onto Ren Wan Yun’s arms forcefully and that palm stopped just in front of her face.

“One does not know why is Second Shen being so impulsive. Although you could discipline me on behalf of Father and Mother, but that does not mean that one can be beaten. I am afraid that there is no such rule in ordinary families.” She said.

Ren Wan Yun had never expected that Shen Miao would actually stop her slap. The young female in front was slim but the hand that she grabbed was very painful. She did not know when did that previously consenting and easy to coax niece actually grew a head higher. She could no longer use the same look at her like when she was young as if one was a little inattentive, or one would be plotted against by this little slut.

She was not willing to let go of the matter, “Shen Miao, stop acting silly. Regarding Qing-er’s matter, were you the one that did it?”

As of now, Shen Qing’s state of mind was not clear and no one knew how the matter got to that point. But Ren Wan Yun was clear that if this matter was not related to Shen Miao then she would not believe even if she was beaten. She did not know what method did Shen Miao used, but she would definitely not take it lightly if anyone touches Shen Qing or let Shen Qing become like this!

“Eldest Sister was harmed by someone and I am also very sorry about it. But how can Second Shen be suspicious of me?” Shen Miao gently smiled, “If one did not change rooms with Eldest Sister then the person who would have met with such misfortune would have been me. I would not be able to do such ruthless things.”

Then the person who would have met with such misfortune would have been me!

It would still be alright if she had not said it but once she said it, Ren Wan Yun felt her head jumping in pain. She clasped her hands tightly and her expression was like that of an insidious snake, “That was something you should have borne. It is you who let Qing-er suffer in your stead.”

When Jing Ze and Gu Yu saw Ren Wan Yun as such, they were both shocked and angry. They were shocked that this Second Furen who usually put on a kind expression would actually shed all pretenses of cordiality and be that brutal. They were angry because if it was not for Shen Miao’s alertness last night, it would be the three of them, mistress and servants, that would be suffering today. But Ren Wan Yun actually still blamed her. This was clearly the case of the guilty party filing the suit first and did not even have a sense of shame!

“Second Shen must not say so, there is still the presence of Buddha here.” Shen Miao chuckled as her eyes glanced fluidly as if there seemed to be some light, “In this world, everything and every matter are conclusive. If the matter last night did not fall on me but on Eldest Sister, maybe it was destined by fate. Second Shen first did not blame the evildoer and did not blame destiny but blame me instead. What kind of reason is this?”

Ren Wan Yun was almost angered to death by Shen Miao. She sneered, “You are sure eloquent. It was I who have underestimated you in the past.”

“Oh. So it turns out that Second Shen used to see me like that.” Shen Miao gave an uncaring smile.

Ren Wan Yun looked at Shen Miao in front of her. This plainly dress young female had a gentle deportment and her delicate features were starting to change and had started to gradually lose the original sentimentality. She did not know since when did that stupid and silly idiot Shen Miao had disappeared. There was no trace of the past Shen Miao in this person in front. The tactics that she played in the inner courtyard all these years had fallen through because of this young female’s hands and with such a painful price. And Shen Miao still remained elegant which reminded her of the tragic Shen Qing.

“Shen Miao, since you are clear and not confused, I would also tell you honestly.” Ren Wan Yun suddenly sarcastically smiled. Since all pretenses of cordiality were shed, there was no need to put up any loving mask. She said, “You think this matter will end like this? Old Furen will not let you off. Your Second Shu will also not let you off. That person… Will also not let you off. Your fate would definitely be tens of thousands of times more tragic than Qing-er. You will definitely be… Ridden by thousands of people and forever be a slut that cannot be seen in public!”

“Furen do guard one’s tongue!” Jing Zhe and Gu Yu said out loud together. This Ren Wan Yun was the Second Furen of Shen residence, and after all Shen Gui was someone in the official circles, would actually curse this viciously and vulgar. Never mind if it was a sworn enemy, Shen Miao was still young, how would it become if these foul words affected her ears?

Ren Wan Yun only then was aware of Gu Yu and Jing Zhe and sneered, “You even worked hard to protect these two maids. I want to see how long can you protect them!” After finishing, she looked at Shen Miao slyly before brushing her sleeves and left.

After Ren Wan Yun left, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked at Shen Miao with some panic. Gu Yu worriedly said, “Young Lady, is it really good to shed all pretenses of cordiality?”

“At the end, the pretenses must be shed. No matter how good she could maintain them on the surface, there will not be any soft-hearted or effortless actions from her. Why the need to maintain any pretenses?” Shen Miao said.

The truth about surviving in the Inner Palace was that if the enemy was in the light, let them be in the light. If they were in the dark, one would need to find ways to bring them to the light. She had no intention of playing and putting on a performance with Ren Wan Yun. This game was filled with violent winds and rainstorms since the beginning and Ren Wan Yun had now lost all sense of sanity by her, thus would definitely take her revenge like crazy.

“But… Once back in the residence, Old Furen would definitely be biased towards them…” Jing Zhe whispered. Old Shen Furen was most biased and favoured most the Second household. It was not only because Shen Gui was Old Shen Furen’s birth son and also because Ren Wan Yun gave birth to two sons for Shen Gui. Without mentioning Shen Yuan Bo, the eldest son of the Second household who held an office position once he became of age, and would also return to the capital. With two grandsons, how would Old Shen Furen not be biased towards the Second household.

Moreover Ren Wan Yun’s mouth could please Old Shen Furen so much that she would be confused and disoriented. So upon their return, what happened would only be in accordance to Ren Wan Yun’s words. Who would believe Shen Miao’s words?

“If there is bias, then let it be. Do not expect these people to call the shots for me.” Shen Miao laughed.

When her laughter landed in Gu Yu’s eyes, her nose felt sour and she suddenly said, “If this is the case, then this servant would bring the matter out to blackmail. If anything bad happens to Young Lady, this servant will even use this life to fight to the end to inform the entire world of it!”

“Correct.” Jing Zhe’s expression also became cold, “Even though this kind of method of killing thousands of the enemy and harming ten thousands of one’s own is somewhat stupid but in the time to come, one would not let them live well!”

Shen Miao was somewhat stunned. She did not expect that the two maids by her side would be this bold. After being astonished for a moment, she laughed. Yes. In the beginning in order to protect her, Gu Yu admitted to the charges of the theft of the Imperial jade artefact and was killed by the Crown Prince of Qin country. Jing Zhe used her beauty and became a concubine in order to help her draw support from high ranking officials. Both of them were very loyal to her but unfortunately she was unable to give them anything in her past life.

After her rebirth, no matter what, she would want to protect these maids. It is enough to make some mistakes once.

“No need, I do not intend to spread out this news. Second Shen would also ensure that it would not be spread out.”

“This matter was one that needed to be covered up, but eventually paper cannot cover up a fire. When Eldest Young Lady gets married, naturally it would be found out.” Gu Yu was somewhat puzzled. It can be concealed temporary but it cannot be concealed for a lifetime, unless Shen Qing did not get married in this life. Else once she gets married, the matter of her lost innocence would be discovered and everyone would know.

“So they would definitely find a way to hide it from everyone. As for what means would they be using to deal with me, they would just do nothing more than finding that person to help.”

“That person?” Jing Zhe questioned closely, “Who is that person?”

“Naturally it is that evildoer who abused Eldest Sister.” Shen Miao chuckled, “Do you really think that last night was truly an accident?”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu shivered. Even though they faintly guessed it through some hints but they was unwilling to believe it. They did not believe that someone would harm Shen Miao as this was such a vicious method, blocking her entire road. They did not believe that Shen Miao would predict it without being a clairvoyant and also did not believe that it was the Shen family’s Second household that did such a thing. Even though one new that the Eastern people had bad intentions but they did not expect that the situation was such. This kind of means was clearly meant for enemies.

“Young Lady… was it really Second Furen who ordered people to do it?” Gu Yu had a difficult time asking.

If it was only an accident, they would feel that it was fortunate that Shen Miao had escaped that night but if it was intentional, then the Second household would deserve the consequences of it.

“But why did Young Lady say that Second Furen would find that person for help. That person… Was is not some random person?” Jing Zhe felt somewhat faint. If Ren Wan Yun found some random person to destroy Shen Miao’s innocence, now with these accident, Ren Wan Yun would have killed that person. Why would she still let that person help?”

“Because that person is Prince Yu.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu suck in a mouthful of cold air. The things that they had previously been unable to understand were now all cleared up. If that person was Prince Yu then everything was clear. Prince Yu seemed to have some interest in Shen Miao from before, but what kind of person was Prince Yu? Normal females would have gone the other road when they faced him. If Prince Yu had made a transaction with Ren Wan Yun privately, then it was very likely that Ren Wan Yun would have helped Prince Yu on the matter with Shen Miao.

But now with a freak combination of factors between two of them, if Ren Wan Yun informed Prince Yu of the matter, with Prince Yu capricious temperament, he would definitely not let Shen Miao off as he was deceived under the skin of his eyes.

“Young Lady, then… Should a letter be written to Master?” Gu Yu and Jing Zhe were panicking.

Prince Yu was someone who was impossible to confront to. Not mentioning power or temperament, there was also the Imperial family that was shielding him.

“It is no bother” Shen Miao’s eyes brightened mysteriously, “Shen Qing is just an anecdote. The one I want to deal with is after all Prince Yu.”

She turned her head towards the smoke that was rising in spirals above the temple hall.

Wan Yu, your entire life was just too difficult and it just disappeared so quickly like a flower. Having the namesake of a Princess but was not even better off than wild grass. Mother could not even do anything for you. At least now, at least in this lifetime, Mother would help you to retrieve every single thing from those who had bullied you.


In one of the buildings in Ding capital, a white clad gentleman was playing with the porcelain cup in his hands and asked curiously, “So to say that Shen family girl turned out to be enemies with Prince Yu? To use her own TangJie hands to pull Prince Yu into the pit, such a method is indeed clever but being a female, it is truly too vicious.”

He shook his head and put on a rather sympathetic look.

“Prince Yu of the First Rank?” When he faced the purple clad youth, he had a smile on his face and the pair of eyes on that handsome face was as sharp as a blade. He lazily said, “I see Prince Yu is not the one she wants to deal with.”

“Not Prince Yu? Then who?” The white clad gentleman paused and looked at the person opposite of him, “You think that…”

“How about using Prince Yu as an entry point and kill the entire Imperial family of Ming Qi?” The youth replied lightly.

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  1. Noo nooo!!! XJX you can’t talk about these things we can’t be sure the white clad guy can be trusted! 😱

    On a side note its kinda sad but also very satisfying. The second household getting their just desserts! But yea how about taking a look in the mirror before blaming others…
    Can’t wait to see how our little Lioness deals with Prince Yu the pervert!

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  2. Why would her maids not seeing the incident protect them? The person that’s going to be killing maids still wants them dead. It’s not like she needs an excuse. Even if she did for some strange reason, she could just claim that they were there too. Shen Yue would back her up.

    Also, she absolutely can keep it a secret forever. She just needs to find a husband for her daughter that doesn’t care whether or not she’s a virgin. Yes, it’ll require a larger dowry and likely some heavy political concessions, but it’s totally doable.

    Are we sure that the MC is the reincarnator here…?

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    • Why would any of that make you question whether the MC is the reincarnator here? Shen Miao just pulled much bigger wool over RWY’s eyes than it would take to kill a couple of Shen Miao’s maids, obviously. Also, why haven’t you noticed like Shen Miao just how greedy her aunt and cousin are? They will never settle for anything less than second best. Thanks.

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    • Of course her maids not seeing the incident by herself can protect them. Even if Shen Yue and RWY colluded to get her maids killed off too, she can fights back. If they said her maids saw it: tell her what is her maids’ reaction, what did her maids saw, how many bruises or which hand is broken; left or right, who opens the door at that time? By asking this questions to her maids in front of everyone in the households she can protect them. It is you who is too shallow in thinking. There is a reason why the whole household doesn’t dare to shed pretense fully against her and why her father, the great general Shen Xin is hold high and envied by Shen Gui and Shen Wan. Shen Xin is the financial backbone of the household.

      And she can find a husband that can keep the secret forever? Did you understand Shen Qing and RWY characters or not? Which husband want a broken shoes? Moreover someone of higher and nobler status. Because if you understand the characters like how other readers are, you should know Shen Qing and more so RWY won’t settle for small puny officials or merchant. Even if they can’t get Prince Ding, they must absolutely wants to marry into family that have higher social standing than Shen household. You think this kind of family will lacks money and can be coerce politically? It will be a blessing if Shen Gui didn’t cower from them in the court. So, do tell me will keep quiet once they know their newly married daughter-in-law is no longer pure?

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  3. Why are they so sure, her not being a virgin will be found out..? Is it because of the whole “women bleed the first time they have sex”-myth.. Becase, I mean only about 40% of women do, so what are the last 60% of women in this story doing..?

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    • Ummmm yeah it takes time to build up because more than one question needs to be resolved. Or do you think a story goes like this. Problem – solution (with no reason for how the solution was arrived at) – end? Ktbn.

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  4. I wish that it had happened to that woman in the place of her daughter.

    I’m glad that the useless old man that wanted to do those horrible things to a 14 year old is going to get what he deserves.


  5. It’s so strange seeing a no nonsense MC like this. Usually these reincarnators pretend to be their past selves for a long time, sometimes even suffering humiliation so they don’t expose the fact that they’re ‘smart’ now. But not here. From the beginning she never hid the fact that she’s a different person now and should be feared, but her enemies have been foolishly second guessing their own brains. Are our preconceptions about someone so hard to change? She’s been giving off ‘I hate all of you and don’t trust you one bit’ vibes for so long, she’s never attempted to hid it at all, but they still thought she wouldn’t clue in to their schemes?

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    • I hate when the MC play hide and seek with her enemy for to long like, i understand hiding your ability for some time but to hide them for the whole story is really annoying so i appreciate our MC here
      as for why they didn’t believe in our MC change here is because her past imaged were very strong and her changed happen so suddenly so


  6. Aiya, there’s some rather…aggressive responses to some questions in this chapters comments! Lol, I’m liking it!😁
    It was a pretty good chapter, it’s nice and a little unnerving to see how well the ML can read our Empress. Thanks for everyone’s hard work!

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