Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 64 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 64: Returning to the Residence (Part 1)

The doors slowly opened but no one went up to look.

The guest rooms in Wo Long Temple were rather empty and were not as gorgeous as one’s own house, coupled that this was a specially selected room, it was even more spacious. The bed was in the middle of the room and there was not even a screen cover blocking it. Thus because of that, everyone was able to see how the room was.

Shen Yue was the first one who screamed.

Seeing the clothes scattered on the ground, they were really ripped into pieces and the blanket on the bed was thrown aside casually, and all the books on the table were swept onto the ground. The tea set was smashed into pieces as if it had experienced a catastrophe.

But the most surprising thing was not this.

The female on the bed laid in disarray. She was almost not covered by the quilt and just half laid on the side of the bed and with her back facing out, there were red bite parts with some bloodstains and bruises which shocked one’s eyes and astonished one’s heart. There was also a bloodstained whip under the bed that was split in two. Looking back at that traces on the female’s body, one would know that the whip was used to cause those injuries.

“Heavens!” Shen Yue clutched her mouth and stepped backwards, “Who, who is that… It is not Eldest Sister right?” She suddenly turned and looked at Ren Wan Yun.

Since Shen Miao had said that she and Shen Qing had switched rooms, so at this moment the person who was supposed to be in the room should be Shen Qing. But from what everything in front had indicated, Shen Qing had met with a mishap! Even though Shen Yue was an unmarried female, she knew that this scene was obviously traces of a female being defiled!

Gui Momo also did not expect that there was someone in the room. When Shen Miao spoke just now, she thought that Shen Miao had already spoken to Ren Wan You and only wanted to go into the room to continue. As a result when she opened the door and saw that there was a female, she was surprised, could it be that there was another female that was also been played by Prince Yu last night. If that were so, then she had mucked up the job. But Shen Yue’s words made her soul fly and scattered away. Shen Qing? The female laying there was Shen Qing?

When Yan Mei and Shui Bi saw Shen Qing like this, their hearts practically chilled. For such a thing to happen to their own Young Lady, there would not be a living road left for them. Both of them looked at each other and saw the despair in one another’s eyes before going down on their knees accordingly and kowtow continuously to Ren Wan Yun.

Ren Wan Yun stood staring blankly at the scene.

“Second Shen do not let one go up and see?” In the silence, Shen Miao softly opened her mouth. Her tone was calm, as if she had not seen this scene of tragedy. Ren Wan Yun tilted her head and saw that young girl looking at her quietly.

Her chest was thumping as though it was in a perilous situation but she still continued to quickly walk into the room with a pale face before half kneeling to the female at the bed.

The female’s hair was dishevelled and there were many fallen hairs on the floor, which was apparently ripped out by someone. Ren Wan Yun’s hand reached out trembling and turned the female over.

A rumbling sound was heard, as if it was reflecting her mood, the curtain of rain that had stopped suddenly returned. In the heap of dark clouds, thunder was heard by everyone.

Ren Wan Yun closed her eyes painfully. The female in her arms was Shen Qing!

The more one looked closer, the more shock one felt. Shen Qing’s face was swollen. Apparently the abuse was not light at all. And based on looking at her body, there was no clean area that was unharmed. And one of her hands was soft and folded into a strange posture, it actually seemed – Broken!

Prince Yu was extremely cruel!

However the one she hated the most was Shen Miao!

All these should have fallen on Shen Miao but now her Qing-er had to suffer. To be tortured to such a state, the next half of Shen Qing’s life was finished. She could not wait to break Shen Miao’s neck, drink Shen Miao’s blood and eat Shen Miao’s meat!

Ren Wan Yun was after all the one who managed the Shen residence, thus even at such a time like this, she was able to control herself and did not go crazy. Instead she instructed Xiang Lan, who was beside her, with a trembling voice, “Go and find a horse carriage to go down the mountain immediately.”

“But…” Xiang Lan looked at her scared, “Furen, it is raining outside heavily and travelling is not possible.”

The mountain was located deep in the valley and the roads were already bumpy. With such a rain, it would be extremely muddy so that one would not be able to move forward. If one were to forcefully go down the mountain, one would fear to be caught in an accident. It was not possible to go out in such a weather.

“Then how about Qing-er?” Ren Wan Yun finally was unable to suppress and screamed out. With a ‘pa’, she gave Xiang Lan a slap and ferociously said, “How about my Qing-er?”

Outside the room, Shen Miao looked on quietly.

She stood under eaves and looked at the curtain of rain that covered the landscape, seemingly covering up all the dirty schemes.

Originally the person that would be dishonoured was her. But now the person who let Shen Qing be dishonoured was also her.

Ren Wan Yun personally heard her own daughter being humiliated the entire night. Originally she could save her, but she watched on with folded arms the entire night. Would not Ren Wan Yun feel a bone-piercing, heart wrenching pain every time she recalled it? Would she feel the pain she felt when she heard of Wan Yu’s death?

To now want to bring Shen Qing back to the city for treatment but having to remain here due to the rain, Ren Wan Yun could not move forward or retreat. Would the flushed with success Ren Wan Yun feel any traces of despair?

“Go seek a physician! No matter what kind of method, go and get a physician! If you cannot find a physician, you will die here!” Ren Wan Yun shriek at Xiang Lan.

Xiang Lan had followed Ren Wan Yun for so many years but had never been reprimanded by Ren Wan Yun before. She felt both wronged and afraid and agreed before running out quickly. As she ran out, she could not help but glance at Shen Miao.

Everything was undoubtedly planned ahead and the one who was supposed to be resting here was Shen Miao. How would there be such a coincidence? Shen Qing was not one who was easy to speak with, moreover she had a grudge with Shen Miao so she would not have agreed to exchange the room with her. This matter was odd. She looked at the plainly dressed young slim female. She looked pleasing to the eyes but one did not know why was there a murderous feeling oozing out of her body.

“Cai Ju, go and call a few people over and close the doors.” Ren Wan Yun fumingly said with rage between gritted teeth.

When the doors were closed, the inside and outside of the doors were like two different worlds.

Shen Yue had yet to recover to her senses as she turned to Shen Miao and said unbelievably, “Fifth Younger Sister, is Eldest Sister insulted by some evildoer?”

Shen Miao did not express an opinion. Prince Yu indeed really intended to just play with the other and leave before dawn. He also understood that for the daughters in noble families, the most terrible thing was having their reputation destroyed by someone unknown. But it seemed that Prince Yu was also not a fool so he would eventually find clues to it. After all this substitution tactic was actually so simple that it was shocking.

She still held on with her words but did not know that when Shen Yue saw her look, Shen Yue’s heart trembled and she quivered, “Fifth Younger Sister, it should not be you who harmed Eldest Sister…?”

It was undoubtedly Shen Qing who was resting in the Southern pavilion last night and Shen Miao was resting at the Northern pavilion but at the end both of them changed their locations and this thing happened. If the rooms were not exchanged then the person who was laying here would be Shen Miao. And with Shen Yue’s understanding of Shen Qing, she would never give the room up to Shen Miao.

Could it be that everything here was Shen Miao’s doing? Shen Yue looked at Shen Miao like she was looking at an extremely scary thing.

But she only heard and saw Shen Miao smiling lightly, “Second Older Sister, rice can be eaten indiscriminately but words cannot be said indiscriminately. How would I have such an ability to harm Eldest Sister, you have thought too highly of me.”

“But…” Shen Yue still had some suspicions in her heart but she did not know why she felt that there was something off about Shen Miao. And the matter last night would definitely be associated with Shen Miao.

“If you have the heart to worry about these thing, why not worry about yourself.” Shen Miao said.

“Me?” Shen Yue started to tense up, “What about me?”

“Do you think that your two maids beside you will be able to live after seeing this private matter of Eldest Sister?”


“It seems that Second Older Sister really did not know how sinister the world is.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “Those servants who knew the masters’ secrets, especially when the secret is a scandal, how long would you think they can live?”

Huang Ying and Qing Luan, who were beside Shen Yue, suddenly turned pale. They naturally knew that in higher ranked big families, there were no shortage of filthy and shameful secrets. If any servant were to witness any, there was only a dead ending for the servant as only the dead could keep secrets. Both of them had seen Shen Qing been insulted by someone and naturally there was no way out.

Shen Yue turned pale with fright. She had only just cared about her shock and had even forgotten about this matter. It was not that she was a sentimental person but in order to train up a maid by one’s side would require lots of energy. How would one be willing to sacrifice for nothing just because of this matter, moreover it was sacrificing the most handiest two?

“Not only the both of them.” Shen Miao smiled gently and her eyes swept across the scene and landed on Gui Momo and gave a long meaningful look, “No one can escape.”

Gui Momo and that two maids immediately almost fainted.

What was there to fear? What was so scary? When one attains power, even one’s poultry and dogs would rise to Heavens, but if the master was not good, not one servant could escape. In the past life when Shen family’s house was searched and possessions were confiscated, those servants who relied on force to bully others were all helping others secretly. Following whichever master they would have to accept with whatever the outcome was.

Otherwise, would not it be wasting too much talents on a petty job if the move only harmed one person?

She turned to leave and Shen Yue hurriedly called her when she saw it, “Where are you going?”

“Is not the purpose of coming to Wo Long Temple to pray?” Shen Miao replied lightly, “I too have a lot of perplexing matters and naturally want to ask Buddha about it and burn some incense, else it would be a wasted trip.”

The plain dress just left like that and that indifferent back did not even paused as if there was not a catastrophic event that just happened today. Everything was just as planned. Sleep the entire night then go up to burn incense and pray for safety and peace.

“It is not right!” Shen Yue suddenly said, “Why are her two maids not here?”

Gui Momo was also in a daze.

This morning when Shen Miao saw Shen Yue, she let Jing Zhe and Gu Yu go to the kitchens to bring over the food and till now, they had yet to appear so they did not know about the matter of Shen Qing. Now to think about it, how would it be such a coincidence that Shen Qing’s and Shen Yue’s maids witnessed the scandal and would not be able to escape from the consequences but only Shen Miao’s maids were not present. It was clear that she had deliberately sent them away.

She had knew earlier on that this would have happen. She had knew that misfortune would befall on Shen Qing. Shen Qing’s matter was arranged by her!

When Shen Yue looked back and walked along the eaves, Shen Miao’s figure was no longer there. But those clear yet hidden eyes seemed to appear in front of her, making her feel a chill she had never felt before.


Nearing noon, the rain finally stopped.

Xiang Lan travelled the entire mountain but she could not find a physician. Usually other than the occasional pilgrims, there was no one to ask. If the monks were sick, they would just pick up some herbs to boil and drink. Xiang Lan could not find the one she was looking for, and could only look for a monk to get some calming herbs and medication for external wounds for Shen Qing to use.

The room was filled with the smell of herbs and some other scent that even if it was cleaned up, it still lingered for quite some time. The female on the bed had her eyes closed as Ren Wan Yun sat and leaned against the window. Just a few short Shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours) and it seemed that she had aged over ten years.

The maids in the room dare not even breath loudly as they were afraid that the mistress’s anger would lash out after such a big matter had occurred.

When Ren Wan Yun was looking at the curtain in a daze, suddenly there was some movements on the bed. She quickly looked down and called, “Qinger?”

Shen Qing opened her eyes and at first glance saw Ren Wan Yun before her face turned into a frightened colour and her hands reached out to scratch Ren Wan Yun’s face, “Let go of me! Go away! Help!”

“Qing-er, it is mother! I am your mother! No need to be afraid, mother is here!” Ren Wan Yun felt as though her heart was cut out but Shen Qing was not aware of it. She just continued struggling while staring fixedly at the ceiling and screaming frantically.

Xiang Lan and Cai Ju quickly went up to help hold her down but Shen Qing was like she had gone crazy, completely without consciousness at all and could not even recognise Ren Wan Yun. With her struggling, all the medication that was applied was all over the place and the wounds were exposed to Ren Wan Yun. Ren Wan Yun’s face was filled with pain and she could not help but scream.

“Furen.” Xiang Lan and Cai Ju were shocked and scared in their heart. Ren Wan Yun was all along one who was decisive. No matter how big an event was, she was able to calmly deal with it and the winds and waves that she had went through all these years were not small neither. However facing such a situation she was forced to such a point. The two maids that had followed Ren Wan Yun for so many years could not help but be shocked.

“Where is Shen Miao?” Ren Wan Yu aggressively spoke.

“Fifth Young Lady… Is in the temple hall.” Cai Yu carefully said.

“Take good care of Qing-er. If she encounter any more mishap, both of you will not live.” Ren Wan Yun turned and walked out the door.

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