Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Imperial Bodyguard Ming Ze

“Be careful.” A deep male voice sounded by her ears and a large hand grabbed her arm. With this force of support, Qing Feng could stand straight and firmly. When the hand released, Qing Feng looked back and saw a familiar pair of cool eyes. That pair of eyes… It’s him?! The man who helped her on her most difficult night. She recognised that pair of eyes.

A trace of surprise also crossed the man’s indifferent eyes but it quickly disappeared and avoided looking at her again.

The cold indifference from the man was like a bucket of ice water, which made Qing Feng’s excited heart calm down. She silently recover her line of sight and look towards the thing that scared the daylights of her. The white image was like a cat yet also look like a dog and bit her clothes and not let go. She was afraid that it would sudden bit people thus Qing Feng dare not kick it. Fortunately another male approached and picked it up, enabling Qing Feng to get rid of it.

Two young palace maid was searching the entire way when they heard Qing Feng scream. They quickly ran over and saw the furry thing was in the arms of the man before both of them secretly sighed in relief. They greeted Qing Feng with half a bow, “These servants deserve to die for not watching Xue-er well and frighten her Ladyship. Seeking your Ladyship’s forgiveness.”

“Xue-er?” Qing Feng look at the man who was holding the furry thing. It has snow white fur but she was unable to tell if it was a cat or dog.

Fu Ling took a step forward and whispered into her ear, “It is the Emperor’s younger sister favourite dog by the name of Xue-er.”

So it was actually like this, no wonder when these two palace maids’ lips were begging for forgiveness, their faces showed no fear. One have to pay regards to its master when one wants to beat a dog. When Fu Ling explained so carefully, isn’t it a reminder that this Princess Chao Yun is someone that cannot be offended. With a light hook on her mouth, Qing Feng replied coldly, “It’s all right. In the future don’t let it run around like that.”

“Thank you your Ladyship.” The palace maids carefully carried the dog over from the man and run towards the direction they came from.

The man looks around thirty years old, tall and upright, with a handsome face and wearing a sword around his waist, portraying an air of valiant but as compared to the generals in the battlefield, he was lacking the air of a hero. Seeing him wearing a dark red military uniform, she guessed that he should be the Imperial Palace Guards and not of low rank. Qing Feng smiled and asked, “You are?”

The man replied in a deep voice, “The Imperial Guards Section Leader, Guo Yi, greets her Ladyship Concubine Qing.”

“Excuse the ceremony.” Looking at the person behind who helped her who was now taken a few steps back, Qing Feng casually asked, “And you?”

“This general is Ming Ze.”

Qing Feng nodded her head and no longer look at him. She looked at Guo Yi and politely said, “Thank you for the help that Daren gave.”

“We do not deserve it. Protecting the mistresses is part of this official’s duty.” Guo Yi’s reply was considered respectful but not warm. Qing Feng did not say anything else and brought Fu Ling to continue walking down the Palace road. After both of them have walked further away, Qing Feng then slowed down the pace and raise her lips with a smile in her eyes. So his name is Ming Ze. It was difficult to see his face in the dark night and it was actually he was actually that young and have a darker skin tone like those military personnels. His burly physique was different, his face was handsome and temperament was cool. Even under the strong sun, that indifferent made one feel that he is enveloped by a thin layer of ice. If it wasn’t his indifferent eyes, she was afraid that she won’t have recognised him.

Qing Feng’s faint smile was as gentle as the spring wind blowing the willow. What was it that made mistress’s mood this cheerful? Fu Ling was secretly speculating but did not speak out of turn and just quietly followed behind Qing Feng.

“You were just saying that Lou Xi Yan do not have a wife yet?”

Fu Ling cast away her doubtful eyes and truthfully replied, “Prime Minister Lou have yet married a wife but the Emperor and Empress Dowager have the intention of betrothing the Princess Chao Yun to Prime Minister Lou.” Everyone knows that Princess Chao Yun is in love with Prime Minister Lou for years and getting married was a sooner or later a thing.

That Princess Chao Yun again? A dog was treated so preciously is evident that she is favoured. If she become the official first wife of Lou Xi Yan, what will Eldest Sister do?

“Only not seeing you for a few days, you have the energy to get out of bed. You are indeed an aggressive kitten. It seems that Zhen have worried for nothing.” A deep voice sounded from a distance majestically ridiculing. Fu Ling quickly knelt down and call out, “Long Live the Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian! Qing Feng’s balled her fist unconsciously and her heart tightened. Even though every time she sees him she will feel a fear from her heart but she still forced her self to face him. Under the hot sun, he strode over wearing the bright yellow dragon robes with the vicious charm covered by the domineering air of a monarch. As his figure neared, that pressure made one unable to breath. Qing Feng silently took a deep breath and lowered her head with knees slightly bend, she said, “Long live the Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian’s black eyes were shimmering as he hook her chin up and laugh, “Little kitten, where is your sharpen claws?” Qing Feng has put on the palace dress and tidied up. From far, there was some sort of grace but this weak look was not like her.

Claws? Qing Feng coldly scoffed and the bright eyes look to Yan Hong Tian’s dark deep eyes as she replied with smile but yet not a smile, “The Emperor is joking, the cat’s claws are only for catching mice and entertaining its master. Really sharp claws are only for breaking the enemy’s throat.”

Her voice was no longer hoarse. The clear smooth female voice was said with a smile but also had a trace of unruliness and killing intent. After a moment, Yan Hong Tian laughed loudly, “Well said!” This is his impression of what the little wild kitten is light, if the hard to find toy became so docile, wouldn’t it be boring?

Yan Hong Tian laughed heartily but Fu Ling and the eunuch standing beside was frighten and broke into a cold sweat. Qing Feng’s eyebrows were knitted, what so funny about it? She hates this kind of feeling, like she was a pet he captured and her emotions are used to entertain him.

“Emperor, the Prime Minister and Dan Daren have been waiting for quite some time.” Only Gao Jing dared to cut in when the Emperor and concubines are speaking.

Yan Hong Tian nodded his head and headed to the Imperial Study but he stopped walking after two steps and clearly spoke, “Yes, inform the JingShiFang that tonight Zhen…” Yan Hong Tian turned back and looked at Qing Feng and laughed, “Will stay at Qing Feng Hall.”

Stay overnight? And not visiting? According to the ancestors regulations, only the Empress can share a night with the Emperor. Even the four imperial concubines could not do so but the Emperor want to stay overnight at Qing Feng hall? Even though it was not according to regulation but the Emperor insisted so no one dare to say anything else. Also with regards to the bed affairs, Gao Jing do not like to comment much, thus replying back, “Yes.”

Yan Hong Tian cheerfully walked away in big steps while Qing Feng’s face tuning from red to green then from green to black…

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  1. 😦 seems she will not have a good night… This guy is the worst male lead ever…but even tho I don’t like him it’s pretty pointless since he is main male lead…. Lets try to like him a little……and yay Ming Ze!!! I’m always happy when he is here C:

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  2. Keh!? Will the “first night” happen on the next chapter or will it be another night of massacre??? LOL. (>v<)

    Thankies for the update~

    She was afraid that it would sudden bit
    "sudden" = suddenly bit

    It is the Emperor’s younger sister favourite
    "sister" = younger sister's favourite

    in the dark night and he was actually that

    that indifferent made one feel
    “indifferent” = indifference made

    Prime Minister Lou have yet married a wife
    “have yet married” = have yet to marry a wife

    where is your sharpen claws?
    “sharpen” = sharpened

    the eunuch standing beside was frighten and
    “frighten” = frightened

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