Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Keep on Living (Part 1)

The old man left like that and Qing Feng was brought back to the prison cell. Sitting by the cell door, Qing Feng stared straight at the small window that was shrouded in rays. This was the only place where one can see the world outside. At this moment, the sun should be setting but unfortunately this small window was unable to bring the warmth into the ice cold prison cell. The spring sun set but it was still cold and dark, as if portraying her mood at the moment.

Huang Jiao? What is his purpose for coming today? Who sent him here? Yan Hong Tian place her here so that she can self-destruct or was it to kill the chicken to warn the monkey? Was Eldest Sister safe and sound and will Yan Hong Tian let her off? Can Lou Xi Yan able to protect her thoroughly? There were countless of questions and concerns that Qing Feng could not help but be overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness.

Footsteps were once again heard outside the door. Qing Feng immediately shifted off to the side, afraid that the cell door will suddenly open and hit her. Her body now is so weak that it cannot tolerate another round of torment.

The warden stopped in front of the cell but did not open the door. He only used the small opening at the bottom of the cell door to place a bowl of ink black soup on the floor and ordered, “Quickly drink.”

What is this? Qing Feng quickly pick the bowl up to inspect. The dark soup was blacker than ink and when she bend down to smell, a strong herbal flavour with a slight fishy smell rose. This should be a bowl of medication. Is this sent by Huang Jiao? He left without a word and specially sent over medication. What exactly is his intention? Qing Feng thought about the blood she vomited in the afternoon and the female weird reaction. Could it be that someone was poisoned to death in front of her?

“Hey…” Qing Feng called out gently towards the other side of the prison cell and in the dark corner, the shadow moved towards the deeper corner.

This medicine… Is it poison? Staring at the ink-black medicinal soup, Qing Feng closed her cold eyes and with a flick of her wrist, all the medicine from the bowl was splashed onto the corner of the stone wall. The ink-black medication slowly flowed down the stone wall as the medication smell filled the small cell and lingered for a long time.


The Imperial Gardens

The sun gradually set dyeing the entire sky red and the warm light shining onto the flowers, adding a layer of golden colour to the spring bloom with the dewy moisture, at this moment the flowers are indeed enchanting. Nothing more beautiful can be imagined of the Imperial Gardens scenery but it is a waste that not everyone is eligible to admire. And for those who could pick the flowers as they wish at this location were even fewer.

Beside the alluring peony, there was a purple-clad female who was holding a pair of scissors, carefully cutting a batch of early opened peonies. That beautiful face had a faint smile and there was a white jaded palace placard indicating that she was not an ordinary palace maid but a female attendant. In the Palace, only mistresses ranked Concubine (second-ranked palace lady) and above will then be able to have female attendants beside them. Although an attendant is still a servant, but in the Palace, their position is higher than that of normal Talents (fifth-ranked palace lady) and Beauties (fourth-ranked palace lady).

A lower ranked palace maid was holding a basket of flowers and standing behind a purple clad female. She carefully look at her surroundings and confirm that there were only two of them in the huge garden before leaning forward to whisper, “Older sister Shui Xin, I heard that this afternoon Imperial Physician Huang went to diagnose Qing Feng.”

While cutting the next pale pink peony, Shui Xin asked, “Which Imperial Physician Huang?”

“Huang Jiao.”

Huang Jiao? Shui Xin’s pruning hands pause a moment and a sense of uncertainty flashed across her eyes. “Who help her to call for the Imperial Physician?” Huang Jiao was the Imperial Physician for the late Emperor, his medical skills were superb and he won the Empress Dowager’s and Emperor’s trusts. Usually he would only be at home researching medicine and rarely did house calls. Who was able to request him to treat Qing Feng? Could it be the Emperor…

Although Shui Xin’s face have yet to changed but the smile on her lips have gradually disappeared. Yi Yue quickly replied, “This servant did inquire and know that it was not the Emperor who sent him over. However this servant did not know who requested Imperial Physician Huang to treat her.”

Not the Emperor? Yi Yue’s words did not alleviate Shui Xin’s face but made her brows knitted tightly together, “What sickness is she suffering from?”

“After Imperial Physician Huang took her pulse, he left in a haste and did not say anything. The medication that was sent over was brewed personally by Imperial Physician Huang. Thus I do not know what medication it was, much less what kind of sickness she is suffering from.” Yi Yue slightly lowered her head and cautiously peered Shui Xin’s reaction, not daring to even breath louder. Older sister Shui Xin is the Empress’s favourite attendant, if she felt that the work she done was lacking, then her future in the Palace will not be well any more.

Shui Xin gently raise her hand and faintly replied, “You can retreat first.”

“Yes” Yi Yue was secretly relieved, she place the basket of flowers down and respectfully bowed before quickly leaving.

The purple figure still continued to slowly arrange the cut flowers, without changing her smile but her mind was preoccupied. This Qing Feng is not a simple person. She only entered the Palace for a short period and was now banished to the Imperial Prisons but she was able to get Huang Jiao to go over for medical treatment. Just who was helping her secretly and what kind of sickness is she suffering from?


So cold…

So so cold…

The bone chilling cold made the body felt like it has been soak in the cold sea waters. Qing Feng tightly curled herself up but was still unable to retain any warm. The chill spread throughout her body from her heart to her limbs. Her consciousness gradually got blur, if she were to continue to sleep, all the cold, hunger and pain will leave her.

“Second Sister…”

This is… Mo-er voice? Qing Feng heart seized up violently. Mo-er fear the dark the most. It is so dark here and so cold. How could she tolerated it? Mo-er… Where are you?

“Second Sister…” An uncertain voice sounded from the distant, yet it seems close by her ears. Qing Feng thought of it and wanted to find her but she was not able to move her body. Regardless of how hard she struggled, her limbs was not cooperating.

“Feng-er. Feng-er… Quickly save me…”

“Second Sister, pain, my face is so painful… Save me!”

Eldest Sister’s and Mo-er’s cries for help were constantly ringing by her ears. Qing Feng’s heart was torn with anxiety as she struggled and use all her energy to shout, “Mo-er!” Qing Feng opened her eyes and there was only darkness around her. Qing Feng desperately crawled up and listened carefully. Except for the prison guards’ footsteps outside the door, she could not hear anything else. This was still the cold prison, there is no Mo-er or Eldest Sister…

Just now… Was she dreaming?

Fortunately its a dream. Her strength was instantly zapped away and Qing Feng fell to the floor as her tears have covered her face unconsciously.

Mo-er… Where exactly are you now at?

She has always thought that she would never fear anything or afraid of anything. Her parents died tragically and left her but she was not afraid. Her heart was only filled with hatred. She picked the scissors and deeply cut her cheek. She did not even have a shred of hesitation and have already long determined to die. But at this moment, she was afraid, so afraid that she was trembling, so afraid that she choke with sobs. Her Eldest Sister’s situation was not yet determined, her Youngest Sister’s life is uncertain, she was afraid that if she died just like this, what will happen to them? It was her who ruined their face, it was her that cause her Eldest Sister’s amnesia, if she were to die now, how could she face her parents?!

She cannot die, she must live. For Eldest Sister and Mo-er and for her dead parents, she must live. Qing Feng raised her hands to wipe of the silent tears that fell onto her cheeks. There is no lack of tears in this prison.

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  1. I pity QF a lot but I’m sure that what is happening to her now will build up her character and make her stronger. Despite all the angst, I love this novel and admires QF’s tenacity….. But ‘m glad that the novel has a happy ending….thanks a lot, zazajunnie, for the regular updates….

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  2. I almost had my hopes up that it was the Emperor who sent the physician; almost forgot he’s really twisted. Hahaha. So most prob it’s Lou Xi Yan who sent him.

    But I think Qing Feng’s decision to throw away the medicine was wise. It could really have been poison

    Thankies for the chapter~

    Qing Feng starred straight at the small window
    “starred” = stared

    window was unable to bring the warm into the ice 
    “warm” = warmth

    Could is be that someone was poison to death in front of her?
    = Could it be that someone was poisoned to death in front of her?

    the other side of the prison cel 
    “cel” = cell

    adding an layer of golden colour
    “an” = a

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