Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 19

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

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Chapter 19: Mysterious Stranger (Part 2)

“You… You vomited blood??” The alarmed female voice sounded from the corner and Qing Feng looked up, use her sleeves to wipe the blood stains and indifferently snorted, “Will not die for the moment.”

The blood dyed the sleeve and left dark red bloodstains on the blue cloth material. Qing Feng’s eyes were unyielding, like that blood that she vomited was not her own, and the female who was calm and normal started twitching and chanting something, that Qing Feng wasn’t able to hear, over and over again.

“It’s her!” The female violently crawled to her feed and crazily leap towards Qing Feng. It frightened Qing Feng that she quickly backed towards the cell door. This time the female did not reach out and pull Qing Feng but only grab the wooden fence tightly, so tight that her fingers have stared to turn white. The female starred and Qing Feng, just like the night before, and crazily howled, “It’s her! It must be her poisoning! She was the one who poisoned!

The female rushed to the next wooden fence and with the help of the faint sunlight, Qing Feng was finally able to see her looks clearly. It was a pale and colourless face, that there was not even a trace of red on her lips. Perhaps it was due to the perpetual lack of sunlight or perhaps it was the frequent starvation throughout the years that caused it. Her hair was extremely dry and sparse, there was practically no hair above her forehead. The only feature that was memorable was her pair of eyes. Her bloodshot eyes are widely open, as if the entire eyeball would fall out. The pair dark black eyes staring straight at you, as if it was penetrating your soul. When it was looking at another direction, that mixture of fear and hatred was found in that pair of complex eyes, even though it was during daytime, they are able make Qing Feng absolutely horrified.

Qing Feng clutched her chest and was trying to calm her wildly beating heart but the disorder could not be appease in a short time. Even so, Qing Feng temp down the panic and stubbornly look at that female in the eyes.

Don’t know if the fake tough cold look that Qing Feng gave controlled the female or if she suddenly thought about something. The female slipped her hands back and shook her head while crying out fearfully, “I don’t know anything, don’t know anything, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” With both hands holding her head, the female started tugging her hair seemingly thinking to use it to cover her face, as if she would be able to hide if she did so. Qing Feng felt that she was surrounded by helplessness, fear and panic and with each cry, she hastily retreated back to the corner with her head buried between her knees crying, “Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

Even though she just vomited a mouthful of blood, Qing Feng felt a lot easier. As if the big rock that was pressing on her chest was moved and only left with a burning sensation at her throat. Qing Feng was curious, what made her this fearful, and leaned forward and asked, “Who wants to kill you?

“It’s her, it’s her…” Fragments of murmuring was filled with fear and tears. Qing Feng continue to whisper, “Who is she?”

“She… She is…” The female at the corner kept trembling, Qing Feng paid more attention and carefully listen to the female intermittent whispers. Just as when the female said the name, the heavy doors of the prison cell suddenly swing open with a bang, like it was opened by a large brutal force. Fortunately Qing Feng was already near the wooden fence, in order to hear clearly what the female was saying, else she would have been hit by the cell door. The sound of the door slamming on the stone wall covered the weak female voice and Qing Feng thus was unable to listen to what she has said.

The warden stood at the doorway and looked at Qing Feng who was sitting by the side of the fence before snapping, “Come out.”

Qing Feng held onto the fence and stood up, asking “Where are you people taking me to?”

“This is a place where you don’t have a turn to speak.” Qing Feng stood unmoving and the warden impatiently walked into the cell and grabbed Qing Feng clothes to lift her up and threw her out the prison door. Qing Feng could not withstand the force and fell directly on the hard stone surface. “Get up.” The warden snapped at her in response. Listening to the ferocious voice, Qing Feng’s jaws tighten, endured the pain in her chest and got up. She was not afraid of him but did not allow herself to be dragged out like a dog.

The warden kept pushing her forward throughout the way and Qing Feng walked difficultly, every step her chest felt like it was rip apart and even though she felt better after vomiting blood, in exchange for a pain that was more intense. Just as she was unable to hold on, she finally reached the stone chamber where she was the night before.

In the stone chamber, a warden was speaking to a old man in a respectable attitude. That old man had a head full of white hair and his snow white beard was so long that it almost reached the bottom of his belly, showing that he is of an old age but he has a ruddy face and his straight back indicated that his body was still very tough.

Seeing her coming out, the old man nodded his head gently and kindly said, “May Miss please sit.”

Qing Feng already could not stand any longer and before the old man finish speaking, she has already sat down on the chair. When she was resting for a while, the old man only looked at her quietly, not saying a word.

After she gradually caught some of her breathe, Qing Feng raise her hand, look at him alertly and asked, “Who are you?”

The old man chuckled, stroked his long bear, totally ignoring Qing Feng suspicions and rude indifference, and good-naturedly replied, “This decrepitude, Huang Jiao, is a physician.”

Physician? There was doubts in her heart. Qing Feng does not believe it. There is absolutely no possibility for Yan Hong Tian to send the physician here. In this Palace, there is a lot of people that wants her to die, so who was the one that sent him here, and whatever for? Qing Feng bright eyes slightly narrowed and in a cold voice asked, “Who let you come here?”

The old man shook his head grudgingly and sat down across from her. He took out an exquisite dark red small pillow from the wooden box beside him and place it on the table. Without answering Qing Feng’s question, the old man said in a lukewarm tone, “May Miss please place her hand on the cushion.”

He… Really came here to diagnose and treat her? She look at the old man once again. His eyes was indifferent, the way he carried himself and his attitude made the people around him feel calm and even though Qing Feng still have some concerns, she still slowly stretched out her hands. Her chest still hurts a lot, to the point that she was unable to control. If there was no physicians to treat her, she… May really die.

The old man gently took Qing Feng’s wrist. Qing Feng could obviously feel that his hands stiffen and she looked up to see that his face has became significantly solemn. Qing Feng understood in her mind that her injury is indeed very serious.

The old man took almost an incense stick time (1 incense stick time = 30 mins) to feel her pulse and the two wardens looked at one another. Qing Feng felt her heart settling down and just as she wanted to pull her hand back, the old man finally moved and slowly stood up. He put the small pillow back into his wooden box and carried it, preparing to to leave the place.

“Miss should rest a lot.”

“Hey?!” Qing Feng thought that he would say something to her but who knows that the old man only said one sentence and left the Imperial Prisons in a hurry that he did not even gave her another glance.

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  1. Happy Lunar New Years!!!!
    Hmmm I wonder what’s wrong with her and why the doc left without saying anything else? Since she is the main I’m sure she won’t die xD I just hope it won’t turn into another reincarnation type of story………

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  2. Thanks a lot for the gift…..and the wonderful wish for us….I also give you the wish you wish for us….Happy Lunar New Year!….May you and your family have a prosperous year…. I hope our wish will work the same way with QF. She is now in so much physical and emotional pain that I tear for her. I wonder also if the person cited by her prison mate, whose name QF was not able to catch, will also be a thorn to QF in the future….ohhh…her life is such a brutal one….

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    • Thanks for the support and wishes!!! QF is such a poor thing… Her prison neighbor will only appear much much later in the story…


  3. Xian Nian Kuai Le! Thanks for translating this story of struggle and more struggle for Qing Feng. I want her to gather more strength and return with equal measure and more the pain she went thru to those that enforce it on her.

    Wish you and your family prosperity and joy this Lunar NY. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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  4. I think the reason why Qing Feng is suffering so much is because the writer want to give her some sort of “karma” for her crimes in the prologue chapter.

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  5. Yeah so just rest even though you’re coughing blood, your chest hurts, you’re in pain, you’re weakening etc. Just rest.


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