The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 38 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 38: The Joy of Marriage (Part 3)

Chu Jin Xian looked at the contents on the tray and her brows were filled with surprise, “What is this all about?” She just touched it roughly and felt that the fabric used for clothes at the bottom were very expensive and things in the box were even more frightening. There was a set of gold inlaid jade hair jewellery and a pair of jade bracelets. Chu Jin Xian knew that Chu Jin Yao’s treatment was much better these days, and her food had risen to the same level as her. Even so, how could Chu Jin Yao afford such valuable things like these? Chu Jin Xian lowered her voice as she asked, “Where did you get these things?”

Chu Jin Yao whispered, “Older Sister, do you remember Tang GongGong that day on the streets?”

Of course Chu Jin Xian remembered. That day when Marquis Chang Xing spoke of Tang GongGong, she was also present, and they only saw this one Palace servant so when Chu Jin Yao spoke of it, Chu Jin Xian quickly knew who he was. Chu Jin Xian was shocked, “What about him?”

“Didn’t he knock against the wooden frame that day and injure my arm? Not too long afterwards, he sent me a lot of apology gifts through Manager Qi’s name, and there were a few sets of headdress jewelry, silk and satin. There are too many things to keep and use, so I can only shamefully present it as clothes for Older Sister. Older Sister must not despise my rough craftsmanship.”

“Ah?” This time it was Chu Jin Xian who was surprised, “It was actually he who gave you these things?”


Everybody in the courtyard knew about Chu Jin Yao’s gifts, but only Old Furen, Marquis Chang Xing and Chu Jin Yao knew about the details of it. This was something that was likely to involve the court, so Old Chu Furen and Marquis Chang Xin knew how serious the issue was and thus did not reveal it to anyone. Even though Chu Jin Yao wanted to secretly add to Chu Jin Xian’s trousseau, she was unable to explain where the money came from and could only disclose a little bit of the matter and ensure that Chu Jin Xian was a bit aware of the matter.

Chu Jin Xian blinked, still feeling that this matter was psychedelic, “But he is a GongGong! How could he take the initiative to bow down and apologise to us?”

“Who knows?” Chu Jin Yao did not tell Chu Jin Xian about Old Chu Furen’s and Marquis Chang Xing’s conjectures as they were unfounded, so there was no need to speak of it and confuse other’s thoughts. She said casually, “It may be because Tang GongGong is from the Eastern Palace and they fear the notoriety of riding a horse on the streets, and thus the Crown Prince’s reputation would not be good. So they privately use money to stuff our mouths.”

Chu Jin Xian felt that it was not right, but she could not think of any other reason and thus could only nod, “That makes sense. We have no need to worry about matters outside. Since they sent it, you should just accept it with a peace of mind. For the rest of the matters, there is still Father and Second Younger Brother to handle. It is just nice as you are short of money at the moment and now there are such things at your side. This is a good thing.”

Good thing? Chu Jin Yao thought about those things inside those few big chests and smiled forcefully.

Chu Jin Xian did not know the details and thought that this was just ordinary apology gifts, thus she was genuinely happy for Chu Jin Yao. Chu Jin Xian then continued, “A kind heart is rewarded in the end. Manager Qi sent two chestfuls of fabric, and even the Crown Prince has instructed people to send apology gifts. They have handled it with a clear mind, it is not a waste of your efforts to save that child with your life. Oh yes. How is the injury on your arm?”

“It is all right.” Chu Jin Yao pulled her sleeves up and showed Chu Jin Xian her arm. “It was just a brush. It looked scary on that day, but it was all right after it scabbed.”

Chu Jin Xian took a closer look and noticed that there were only a few scabs left on Chu Jin Yao’s forearm. Fair and tender skin had grown on the injuries and the edges were somewhat powdery. Chu Jin Xian sighed in relief, “Fortunately, there are no scars. At that time, when I saw you were injured that badly, I was worried that it would not be healed well.”

“I was initially worried about that too.” Chu Jin Yao retracted her arm and spoke while she was tidying up her sleeves, “But I found a few bottles of ointment in Tang GongGong’s apology gifts and tested it with pretty good effect. I felt that they, as important characters in the Eastern Palace, would not go back on their words and want me to give back their medicinal ointment right? So I used it.”

Chu Jin Xian’s intuition felt that something was wrong and she asked, “What kind of medication is it?”

Chu Jin Yao sighed, feeling inexplicably guilty, her tone of voice when she was replying became weaker, “Jade Soothing Cream”

“That seems to be Imperial medicine right…” Chu Jin Xian frowned as she thought and her face suddenly turned solemn, “Jin Yao, did you encounter the Crown Prince before?”

“No!” Chu Jin Yao immediately denied loudly and almost raised her fingers to swear, “I have only gone out once since my return, so where would I meet such a noble person? Absolutely not.”

Chu Jin Xian also felt that it was impossible. Chu Jin Yao had been in the Su household in the village for thirteen years, and after returning to the residence on the end of the first month, she had been staying within sight ever since. Where would she go to meet the Crown Prince? Since Chu Jin Yao never interacted with the Crown Prince, then why would the Crown Prince gift these things? If it was as said, that it was for the Eastern Palace to avoid binge accused by others and thus used such courtesy gifts to stuff the residence of Marquis Chang Xing, then why would one place an Imperial medicine in the chest without instructions from the master? Then the question became stranger. Since there was no relations, not family or friends, why would the Crown Prince worry about these things?

Just what did he want to do by giving a Young Lady ointment?

Chu Jin Xian frowned as she could not guess the reason after thinking for a long time. Chu Jin Yao comforted her saying, “Perhaps, the person from Eastern Palace had heard GongGong’s report, and in order to protect his virtuous reputation as heir apparent, he then sent our family such things to suppress the shock. As for these ointment, perhaps it was only mentioned casually and the subordinates below arranged it as such.”

This made sense. The nobles in the Palace would only move their lips and the rest of the matters would be handled by the ones below. These gifts might be beautiful and exquisite, but one feared that they were handled by the Palace people and the Crown Prince did not even see it. Chu Jin Xian felt that Chu Jin Yao’s logic was very reasonable and thus nodded, “Since it is as such, you should use it with a peace of mind and not care about anything else. That person is the Crown Prince, so he would have to handle numerous matters everyday. One fears that our family’s issue is like a flower splashing, and he would forget about it after turning his head. We are so different from him, like dirt and clouds, so there would not be any interaction with him in this lifetime. It is enough for us to live our lives peacefully.

“Yes. That is also my thoughts.” Chu Jin Yao was convinced and relieved. The other party was the Crown Prince, what could he conspire against her? Chu Jin Yao abandoned this strange matter and stood up happily as she retrieved the newly made clothes, “Older Sister, Do you think that this Yun brocade looks good with this kind of pleats? I deliberately pinched it at the sides, so that the edges match the patterns of this brocade. Quickly try it on!”

While the two sisters happily tried on clothes, in the study of Marquis Chang Xing, Chu Jing was holding his breath as he wrote an invitation carefully before placing it with the letter, “Be sure to send this invitation to His Highness’s hand. And the gifts for His Highness, are they prepared?”

“Old Furen has personally reviewed it several times. There will not be any problems.”

“That’s good.” Marquis Chang Xing breathed a sigh of relief before handing the envelope to his confidant and personally watched as he left the residence and galloped northbound. 

At the temporary Imperial Palace, Tang Xin Yi personally handed the envelope to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked at it strangely, “What?”

“Marquis Chang Xing’s reply is accompanied with a gift, wishing Your Highness good health. This servant has already instructed people to temporarily put it away.”

“Why did he give me these things?”

En? Tang Xin Yi was now confused. Qin Yi had personally ordered him to send apology gifts to the residence of Marquis Chang Xing. Naturally, His Highness’s original instructions was not like this, but the underlying rationale was as such. Even though it was gifts to suppress one’s scare, His Highness was very generous. However, as the Crown Prince had always done things unexpectedly, Tang Xin Yi had thought that Qin Yi’s instruction was to have a connection with Marquis Chang Xing or pass information secretly. However, with Marquis Chang Xing’s reply, Qin Yi actually asked why?

Tang Xin Yi wanted to ask why and what exactly was the Crown Prince doing. He had been blinded for a long time and was really scared for not being able to guess what was on his master’s mind. There was no expression on Tang Xin Yi’s deadpan face as he spoke, “Then this servant will instruct the others to hold it off and not accept it for the time being. By the way, Your Highness, Marquis Chang Xing also sent an invitation. Do you want to take a look?”

There was indifference and calmness in Qin Yi’s eyes as he asked casually, “What invitation?”

“Your Highness is invited to attend Marquis Chang Xing’s Di-daughter’s wedding banquet.”

Qin Yi was perusing ten lines of military report at a time and waved his hands at Tang Xin Yi without raising his head. Tang Xing Yi knew that it meant that His Highness had no interest in it. That was also proper. How did the residence of Marquis Chang Xing dare to abruptly invite the Crown Prince to a banquet? What kind of confidence did Chu Jing had?

Tang Xing Yi slowly withdrew and when he was halfway out, he suddenly heard Qin Yi stopping him, “Did you just say the wedding banquet of Chu Jing’s Di daughter?”

Tang Xin Yi did not understand why Qin Yi asked the question and thus replied conservatively, “Yes.”

As soon as Tang Xin Yi finished speaking, he saw the Crown Prince suddenly stop writing and his eyes became as cold as ice, “How old is she that she could actually be engaged?”

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  1. Bahah he’s so funny
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  2. Well, his guess wasn’t far off.
    It is true that the invitation was about the Eldest Sister, but the Marquis are actually planning on talking about an engagement with a Prince Family.

    Qin Yi! You better find out about their plan. Don’t end up knowing about it only after Lin Xi Yuan falls hard for Chu Jin Yao😫


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