The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 34 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 34: The Crown Prince Awakens (Part 3)

Upon meeting Marquis Chang Xing, he would then have to meet the provisional and prefecture officials. There were endless troubles that one did not know how long one would be delayed. Tang Xin Yi thought about the Crown Prince, whose situation was still unknown, and really did not have the mood to accompany these officials and lords to casually talk, but due to the situation, he had no choice but to endure. Tang Xin Yi resisted his impatience and accompanied Marquis Chang Xing to play a round of TaiJiGua. Marquis Chang Xing still wanted to probe about Tang Xin Yi’s purpose of arrival when suddenly there were sounds of footsteps. A young soldier-like man quickly ran in, uncaring that there were visitors present, and hurriedly spoke, “GongGong, there is a letter.”

TaiJiGua (太极卦) – 1. Refers to a type of breathing technique which is an internal martial art to resist force with force (redirecting the attacking force back to the aggressor). 2. Implied meaning, in the novel it is used to describe the act of “pushing” the topic or responsibility to others and others will resist, deflect, channel the force back or to another victim and so on. Modern terms: Passing the buck.

Tang Xin Yi immediately became vigilant as for a letter that could make his subordinate look like an enemy had arrived, one feared that it did not come from the hands of ordinary people. Tang Xin Yi stood up and bowed, “May Marquis sit for a while. This lowly one will be back in a short while.”

Marquis Chang Xing also stood up to say, “May GongGong do as you wish.”

Marquis Chang Xing was also wondering about who would be the one sending a letter to Tang Xing Yi at this juncture? However, the development later surprised Marquis Chang Xing. Through the window, he saw Tang Xin Yi walking to the corridor to take the letter from the young soldier and quickly opened it up to peruse. Tang Xin Yi’s facial expression changed dramatically and afterwards he shouted, “Quickly prepare the horses. We are leaving immediately!”

When Marquis Chang Xing heard it, he was surprised. He was planning to invite Tang Xin Yi for lunch, but they were leaving now? Tang Xin Yi entered in a rushed, cracks appeared on his usually stagnant face. He said, “May Marquis Chang Xing excuse this one. This miscellaneous one had suddenly received an urgent order and had to leave now. If there is an opportunity the next time, one will definitely apologise to the Marquis.”

Marquis Chang Xing immediately said that he didn’t dare and personally saw these young strong men move like a whirlwind, hurriedly getting on the horse and roaring away. When all of them had left, Marquis Chang Xing still could not recover his senses when the Second Young Master questioned as he frowned, “Why did they leave in such a hurry? To leave halfway through the reception of guests and not even care about canceling the rooms, what was the urgency?”

Marquis Chang Xing shook his head without saying a word. However, in his heart, a guess slowly emerged.

One fears that the Crown Prince has orders?

Upon returning to the Marquis residence that day, Marquis Chang Xing told his guess to Old Chu Furen. When Old Furen heard it, she also scrutinized as she twirled her Buddist beads, “Your words are right. Under the entire Heavens, one feared that there was only one person that could order Tang GongGong and make him remain combat ready while waiting. It is just that one does not know what the Crown Prince’s orders are for?”

This was something that Marquis Chang Xing would not know. He was silent for a while but in the end, still could not figure it out, “Mother, I think, let’s push away the residence of Prince Huai Ling’s invitation. One heard that the Crown Prince is injured and has been recuperating for the past two months, not to mention the sudden appearance of Tang GongGong in TaiYuan and being recalled suddenly by the Crown prince. I just feel all these movements mean that the Crown Prince would be making a big move. We should hold on and watch the Crown Prince’s movements. One must not delay official matters due to the invitation from the residence of Prince Huai Ling.”

“Alright. I too had that intention.” Old Chu Furen said, “One fears that we do not need to take the initiative to mention the reason in less than two days’ time, the residence of Prince Huai Ling would send someone over to postpone the banquet. With regards to that person, they would always be more concerned than us.”

Marquis Chang Xing was relieved with that. However, there was still one more thing on his mind as he suddenly remembered that one thing connected with another. “Mother, about Jin Yao…”

“Don’t worry. She has me watching.” The Buddhist beads in Old Chu Furen’s hand moved slowly. As every Buddhist bead turned, it seemed that the amount of time needed was exactly the same. Her old voice sounded smoothly, “Fifth Young Lady is one that would have a good future. Since we have the heart to support her, I won’t let her lack anything. In a few days, I will send some people over to specially educate her, her clothes and jewelry would be monitored by me. It is enough for you to just worry about the outside world.”

At those words Marquis Chang Xing was moved and felt guilty, “This son is not filial. You are already so old and yet you are still working hard on these matters.”

Old Chu Furen sighed. “If I don’t worry about these, then who can I count on? Back then, when matchmaking, Madam Zhao looked splendid on the outside, but who knew that when she married over, one then knew that she was muddled. It is this Mother that is sorry. One could not find a capable daughter-in-law for you and now bring you burden.”

“How could this son be!” Marquis Chang Xing quickly said, “Mother’s words are too serious. Fortunately, second son is older and in a few years time, we must choose a daughter-in-law that can uphold the entire household, you will have a helping hand.”

As Old Chu Furen did not speak, it meant that she had acquiesced. It did not matter if one’s daughter-in-law was not fitting. She could still keep her eyes open and choose a granddaughter-in-law. In the future, she could then hand over the family assets to the granddaughter-in-law and let her provide for Madam Zhao till she was old.

“Mother, do you think that the residence of Prince Huai Ling would really agree to let Jin Yao be the ShiZi Consort?

“Why not?” Old Furen snorted coldly, “In terms of family background, we are marrying up, but in terms of talents, Jin Yao is more than enough to match their family. Even though their family is a Prince of Second Rank, they do not share the royal surname. The granddaughter of the capital’s Prime Minister’s family is not yet married. Does the Lin family think that just with their family alone, they will be able to swollow the fatty meat of a Crown Prince Consort? It is not at all disadvantageous of them to use an ShiZi Consort position to exchange for our residence’s support and help. Moreover, Jin Yao has talents and it could be considered that one did not take advantage of their family.”

Marquis Chang Xing responded, “Mother is right.”

He had also felt that this was a win-win marriage no matter what. After Chu Jin Yao was married as an ShiZi Consort, the residence of Marquis Chang Xing and the residence of Prince Huai Ling would be tied firmly together. Two families would fight for the position of the Crown Prince Consort and upon gaining it, the Lin family would definitely think of ways to let the Crown Prince extend Marquis Chang Xing’s title so as to gain more leverage for the future Empress. With the Chu and Lin family helping each other, the benefits would only grow bigger like a snowball. This was the long-term goal.

Moreover, Old Furen had things that was not told to Marquis Chang Xing. As someone who had gone through life, she had always felt that the ShiZi of Prince Huai Ling liked Chu Jin Yao a lot. That day, there were so many young ladies in the rear room, but the ShiZi only spoke to Chu Jin Yao alone and even came forward to speak for Chu Jin Yao. As such, everything could be explained. 

Old Furen smiled lightly. Grandchildren would have their own blessings so one could only watch.

Due to Tang Xin Yi’s sudden appearance and abrupt disappearance, the entire TaiYuan was so disturbed that the people’s hearts were panicking and none of them could live in peace. For a period of time, no matter if it was an official, Furen or Young Lady, no one was in the mood to attend a banquet. Even the highly anticipated residence of Prince Huai Ling, could only postpone the banquet, not bothered about losing face.

Everyone was watching what the Crown Prince actually meant?

As for Tang Xin Yi, who was in the center of the whirlpool, had rushed back to Great Tong. Once he got there, he didn’t even bother to change his clothes at all. After wiping his face hurriedly, he took off his outer robes and ran towards the temporary Imperial Residence.

Tang Xin Yi was led by Xiao Lin-zi all the way to Qin Yi. When he saw Qin Yi sitting upright behind the table, his knees softened immediately. The famously frightening and fearsome Tang GongGong actually knelt down directly, “Your Highness!”

Tang Xin Yi really had mixed feelings. After running around for a month, he had various degrees of fear and despair, but all that could not be compared to seeing Qin Yi sitting there perfectly fine. With a thousand words in his throat, he choked, “Your Highness, it is good that you are fine.”

Qin Yi’s attitude was astonishingly cold. He placed the backlog of military reports for these days down and looked at Tang Xin Yi with emotionless eyes, “Tang Xing Yi, let me ask you. what did you do that day in the city of Tai Yuan?”

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