The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 31 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 31: An Unforeseen Event in the City Center (Part 3)

When the young attendant of Zhen Bao Ge saw the two beautiful young ladies standing arm in arm in the hall, one as gentle as the moon, the other as bright as the morning sun, he quickly ran over to greet, “Young Ladies, what do you want to see?”

The attendant of course knew that these were the distinguished guests from the residence of Marquis Chang Xing and going by the appearance and clothes of the two, they were most likely the Di-Young Ladies of the Marquis residence. He did not know why they were standing by themselves, but this was not important as it was enough for him to know that these were two big customers!

Chu Jin Xian put her thoughts away and no longer looked at those troublesome things as she pulled Chu Jin Yao inside. “You do not have many jewelry so take this opportunity to buy everything.” She then turned her head to instruct the attendant, “Go bring out all the head ornaments of your shop. Whether it is hairpins, double pins or buyaos, take everything out for us to see.”

When the attendant heard this, his heart blossomed as he replied immediately, “Yes. Will comply.”

The attendant had the intention to please this pair of big customers, so he brought some exquisite jewelry over and one by one, described them. Chu Jin Xian was very clam as she picked the head ornaments from the boxes to look and after asking a few questions, said, “Wrap these few up.”

Chu Jin Yao broke out a cold sweat when she heard that. “Eldest Sister, how can I use so many? This is not right for us…”

Their actions here had startled Madam Yan. She saw at a glance that there were many boxes piled up in front of them and Chu Jin Xian had just instructed to wrap up a number of boxes. Madam Yan immediately objected, “On what rationale can you two pick so many?”

Although Old Chu Furen had told them to choose as much as they liked, they could not take it seriously. The womenfolk tacitly understood that they could only select one larger hairpin and two small ones, and the cost would approximately be as such. If it exceeded by a lot or if one wanted to take the opportunity to purchase a few more pieces, then it would be out of their own pockets.

Madam Yan could not be angrier when she looked at Chu Jin Xian and Chu Jin Yao. Both of them were going too overboard. They were all spending Old Furen’s money, so for what reason could these two be able to spend so much?

Chu Jin Yao secretly tugged Chu Jin Xian’s sleeves and Chu Jin Xian then pressed her hand as she swept a glance at Madam Yan, “Do not worry Second Shen, these are my gifts to Fifth Younger Sister, it would be charged to my tab.”

Madam Yan was rendered speechless. She looked at the pair of golden hairpins, a pair of golden hair clips and a pair of silver pearled Buyaos in front of Chu Jin Yao and spoke in a strange tone, “Eldest Young Lady is sure in Old Furen’s heart and thoughts. One’s wealth is sure enviable.”

Chu Jin Xian ignored Madam Yan and instead spoke to Chu Jin Yao, “Pick whatever you like, there is no need to worry about anything else.

Chu Jin Yao held back for a while before speaking softly, “Thanking Eldest Sister.” She was grateful for Chu Jin Xian’s kindness and was also saddened at how strapped for money she was.

The actions here inevitably alarmed the others and naturally,  Chu Jin Xian’s words had made it to many ears. They were envious and jealous, but there was nothing they could do. Chu Jin Xian was the recipient of Old Furen’s good graces and the food and clothes she wore had always been the best. On the surface, her dowry was six thousand taels, but one did not know how much Old Furen had privately given her. Chu Jin Xian was filled with confidence, thus if she wanted to spend on Chu Jin Yao, she really did not care about this paltry amount.

Chu Jin Xian’s words had also made their way to Madam Zhao, and she was somewhat embarrassed. She brought Chu Jin Miao closer and said, “I had forgotten that Jin Yao still lacks jewelry. Since we are out today, then let’s resolve it too.” 

Madam Zhao planned to pay for it. Since she, the mother, was here, how could she let her Eldest Daughter pay for it? She swept a look at the things on the table and frowned, “Buy all of these? One needs to change clothes as a guest, but it cannot be done for head ornaments. If the jewelries are all new, it would make others laugh.”

“Anyway, the future is still long, so it does not matter if one prepares earlier for her.” Chu Jin Xian said lightly before speaking to the attendant, “Put all these away.”

Madam Zhao could not say anything more in the presence so many people, so only said, “You are still a young lady. Keep the dowry by your side and let me settle this.”

Chu Jin Xian pushed aside Madam Zhao hands, “Mother, I will be marrying soon and Jin Yao has just returned. I, as an older sister, am unable to accompany her for much time and can only make it up with these things. This is my sincerity. If Mother wants to make amends, then that would be another story.”

Chu Jin Yao raised her brows secretly upon hearing these words. She suddenly felt that Eldest Sister was also a powerful person. Sure enough, upon hearing it, Madam Zhao could not get over it and only said, “Alright, I will not fight with you. I just saw a set of gemstone head ornaments that were not bad. It is fortunate that Jin Yao does not have any gemstone jewelry, so I will get that set for her.”

Chu Jin Xian had already said that so it was not possible for Madam Zhao to stop her, but it was not ideal not to express anything. She was a Marquis Furen, so how could she pale in comparison to her eldest daughter? She could only buy another more expensive set of jewelry to maintain the scene.

When Chu Jin Miao heard that it was gemstone, she was in shock. She only had a few pieces of gemstone jewelry and they were all accumulated by her over the years. It was not even enough to make a set! For what reason could Chu Jin Yao gain an entire set of gemstone head ornaments?

Chu Jin Miao looked at Chu Jin Yao with contempt. Chu Jin Yao felt that she would be a fool for not taking advantage when it was offered, so she lowered her head and did not speak, letting Chu Jin Xian and Madam Zhao make arrangements. As Chu Jin Miao’s stares were to no avail, the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She then reached out to tug Madam Zhao’s sleeves and said, “Mother…”

Even though Madam Zhao was a Marquis Furen, she was unable to buy two sets of gemstone jewelry at a time. Everyone understood what Chu Jin Miao meant when she behaved as such, so Madam Zhao was somewhat embarrassed and for the first time, she felt that Chu Jin Miao only cared about herself and was not well behaved at all. That thought was fleeting as Madam Zhao saw Chu Jin Miao’s pitiful eyes and couldn’t bear it, “I just saw a set of gold butterfly combs. If you like it, then take it along too.”

Chu Jin Miao was not happy in her heart. A gold comb and a set of gemstone head ornaments. the difference was just too huge! However, Chu Jin Miao could only say reluctantly in front of so many people, “Thanking Mother.”

In the end, Chu Jin Yao watched emotionally as the big and small packages were loaded into her carriage. It felt good to have money, but these were all Eldest Sister’s and Mother’s money. When would she be able to have her own income?

As Chu Jin Yao pondered, she decided not to make trouble for herself. Her entire net worth was only half a bolt of brocade and thirty taels. She had had plans for her two months allowance but had been unable to save any.

She was filled with an indescribable sadness.

Although there were some small incidents in this trip, the womenfolk all bought the jewelry that they liked, thus everyone were happy. Chu Jin Yao went along the flow of people. Madam Zhao and Madam Yan encountered wives of other officials and started talking intimately while holding hands. Chu Jin Yao stood among the sisters in boredom as she listened to the conversation of the adults. Her eyes moved casually and she discovered that there was a beautiful clothing shop that was open beside Zhan Bao Ge.

Chu Jin Yao’s mind immediately became active.

She was quite good at needlework so if she had the opportunity to open a shop, the most suitable should be a clothing shop. Chu Jin Yao did not know if she would have  chance in the future to own a clothing shop, but she really wanted to inquire about it in advance, so as to understand the market situation.

As she thought about it, Chu Jin Yao left the group quietly and walked over. Just as she walked down the steps, she heard Qin Yi ask, “Where are you going?”

“I am going to talk to the attendant of that shop…” Before she could finish speaking, she saw a fleet of majestic cavalry galloping at the end of the long street. Perched on tall horses with grim faces, they galloped over at a rapid pace. A red-robed little boy was playing with stone beads by the side of the road when suddenly his stone beads quivered and rolled out. The boy did not even lift his head as he reflexively ran after the beads.

Screams were suddenly heard in the streets and Chu Jin Yao could not help but shout, “Be careful!”

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