The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 27 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 27: Evil Has Its Retribution (Part 2)

Old Chu Furen said, “Alright. After tossing around due to yesterday, you are also tired so go and rest. Another thing, even though you grew up in the common folk, you are a well bred young lady of our residence of Marquis Chang Xing. In the future, you are not allowed to speak such rude and impetuous words. The reckless and unruly temper that was cultivated from the common folk has to be changed as soon as possible.”

Her temper was considered reckless and unruly? Chu Jin Yao wanted to tell Old Furen that she had not seen Qin Yi’s. However, before she could finish thinking about it, Chu Jin Xian called over and held Chu Jin Yao’s hand, “You still do not quickly give thanks to ZuMu’s teachings?”

Chu Jin Yao did not understand but Chu Jin Xian often stayed by Old Furen’s side, so she understood the other side of Old Furen’s words. The real meaning of those words that Old Chu Furen said was that she had truly acknowledged Chu Jin Yao and given up on Chu Jin Miao. So what if they raised her for thirteen years? She was rotten from the roots.

Chu Jin Miao’s punishment was so light and yet she was complacent about it. Chu Jin Xian was an external party and could see it clearly that Old Furen was not even willing to punish her. That meant that she thoroughly did not view her as part of Chu family. In the future, Chu Jin Miao was just another mouth to feed in the Marquis residence. As for others, she was considered nothing.

The residence of Marquis Chang Xing was after all considered a noble and large household, it was impossible for them to send away a young lady that they had raised for thirteen years. This was really beneath one’s dignity. However, the relations in the courtyard were complicated and a female’s life was tied to the current ancestor managing the household. If Old Furen were to give up on someone in her heart, the meaning behind it was far more chilling than a harsh punishment.

After Chu Jin Yao was reminded of this by Chu Jin Xian, she quickly thanked Old Furen. Old Furen nodded her head lightly before sending them out tiredly. Before they left, she said, “You two should forget about today’s events. Don’t speak of it outside.”

Old Chu Furen was after all the elder of the household, she hoped to pretend that everything was going well.

Chu Jin Xian and Chu Jin Yao responded, “Yes.”

After leaving Rong Ning Tang, Chu Jin Yao parted ways with Chu Jin Xian and headed towards Chao Yun Yuan alone. Upon returning to the room, Chu Jin Yao sent the maids out and placed the jade pendant on the table respectfully and pretended to pay her respects.

Qin Yi truly felt angry and funny at the same time, “What are you doing?”

“I am worshipping the omnipotent, super elusive, beautiful, kind, righteous and big-hearted god of the jade pendant.”

Qin Yi materialised from the jade pendant, “Enough. Just look at your flattering appearance.”

Qin Yi was long used to listening to those below pandering. Those people would praise him in a hundred variety of ways, but other than disgust, Qin Yi had no other thoughts of it. Strangely, after hearing Chu Jin Yao’s words today, he felt that it was very pleasant.

After Chu Jin Yao praised Qin Yi ferociously, she sat across Qin Yi and asked curiously, “What did you do yesterday? How were you able to retrieve Chu Jin Miao’s and ShiZi’s book that it was unknown to even god or ghost?”

“Well, that is a long story.”

Chu Jin Yao waited for a while and could not help but continue asking, “And then?”

“I have said that it is a long story.”

“Aye. You, this person…” Chu Jin Yao was so annoyed that she swatted the table once, “It is fine that you don’t speak of it. I, too, am not happy to listen to it.”

When Chu Jin Yao swatted the table, she did not pay any attention and used her injured hand to do so. When the pain registered to her brain, her tears almost burst out. However, in order to support the angry scene before, she forcibly endured it and said nothing.

Qin Yi looked for a while and asked leisurely, “Is it painful?”

“Not painful.”

“Really not painful?”

Chu Jin Yao turned her face, unwilling to speak. After Qin Yi saw it, he stretched his hand to her, “Give me your hand. You used a lot of strength just now. Be careful in case the wounds get hurt by that swat.”

Chu Jin Yao awkwardly stretched out her hand to Qin Yi. She turned her head and saw him untying the gauze, round and round from her hand. He looked at it for a while before retrieving the soothing ointment from yesterday and smeared it gently on Chu Jin Yao’s palm. Chu Jin Yao watched quietly like this when she suddenly remembered, “Oh yes. Didn’t ShiZi gift the Jade Soothing Cream? Why not use his medicine?”

“It is the same whichever you use.”

“But you said yesterday that it is an Imperial medicine and the effects are much better than ordinary ones.”

Qin Yi calmly took a clean gauze and wrapped Chu Jin Yao’s hand, “But it is too late. I have already wrapped it up.”

Chu Jin Yao looked at him and could not hold back as she burst out a laugh, “ Qin Yi, although you know almost everything, you really don’t look like a newly formed spirit. Every time when things like this happen, I would find that among spirits, you must be young.”

“I am not a spirit.”

“See. You are still a child at heart, domineering, stubborn and reluctant to admit defeat.”

Qin Yi paused and said quietly, “My self-restraint is improving more and more. A month ago, if anyone dared to speak to me like this, they would be taken care of.”

Chu Jin Yao was not afraid at all as she still felt that Qin Yi was just scaring her. She said, “It is not good for you to always be so arrogant. It is fine if it is just towards me, but if you were to encounter an elderly and yet behave like this, then it would be too disrespectful to the old.”

Qin Yi let out a chuckle from his chest, “I do not need to respect the old.”

Chu Jin Yao felt that she had more life experience than Qin Yi and would always want to teach him to walk on the right path. When she heard him say so, it was like she was looking at a disobedient younger brother and thus persuaded patiently. “You cannot do this. You have to be easy-going else others would always think that you have an arrogant temperament and would neglect you on matters.”

“Neglect.” Qin Yi repeated it and smiled softly. However, Chu Jin Yao was still talking, “I am doing this for your own good. Don’t laugh.”

Qin Yi managed to hold his laughter back, “Alright. I will not laugh. Does your hand still hurt?”

Chu Jin Yao sighed, “Of course it hurts, but it is much better than yesterday. I had thought yesterday that the beating was all for nothing. Even though ZuMu did not say anything, she had set her mind that I was me. Even though I was beaten, there was nothing I could say. Fortunately, Heavens have eyes. Today, Chu Jin Miao will suffer the consequences.”

Qin Yi also said, “Although Old Chu Furen did not punish her severely, this is more terrifying than harsh punishment. I see that your family’s Old Furen is a sensible person. This time, she knows the ins and outs about both of you and will not be deceived by Chu Jin Miao in the future.”

“Yes. After all, Chu Jin Miao grew up in front of ZuMu and it has always been easier for people to trust those that they know well. However, those who know about this matter are ZuMu and Older Sister. In others’ eyes, I am still the one that tore her whatever lousy collection of poems. But as long as ZuMu understands, it is enough. I saw that Chu Jin Miao secretly gave a sigh of relief when she went out. She still has not understood that her tower has collapsed from the inside. Hey, why are you laughing?”

Qin Yi shook his head but there was an unstoppable laughter in his eyes, “It is too obvious that you are using the public area to avenge personal wrongs. I see that her literary talent is considered not bad among females, but you actually said lousy collection of poems.”

“Hurmph.” Chu Jin Yao snorted in disapproval, “Even if she wrote it well, I will also scold her. Whoever made her thoughts skewed. She deserves it! On the contrary, why are you speaking up for her?”

Qin Yi was stunned, “Was I?”

“You just said that her literary talent is considered not bad among females.” Chu Jin Yao said with puffed up anger, “You men are indeed all like this. On the outside when it comes to dealing with court matters, everything is managed logically, but upon returning to the inner courtyard, whoever is putting up an act or pretending to be pitiful, all these obvious things, you all will not be able to see it!”

“That is not necessarily cannot be seen.” Qin Yi said, “It is just sometimes, one is unable to bear.”

Chu Jin Yao was even more annoyed after hearing it, “Unable to bear? You all are truly… Never mind. I am too lazy to speak to you. In the future when I look for a husband, if he dares to do this, I will definitely not marry him.”

Qin Yi suddenly became curious and asked, “What sort of husband are you looking for?”

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