The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 25 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 25: Jin Miao Went Crazy (Part 1)

Old Chu Furen was so angry that her face was ashen. She was one that would not speak or smile and thus was not favoured by her husband when younger. As such, she became even more serious and disciplined and managed her children more. Now that she had waited till the skies were cleared and the moon had appeared, she had become the old dowager who said as she means and thus was very proud of her own teachings. However, she had never expected her granddaughters, who she thought were very disciplined and proud of, would actually throw things in public.

Seeing that Old Chu Furen had arrived, the young ladies in the rear room restrained themselves. One did not know when Sixth Young Lady had returned as she supported Old Furen to the rear room and shook her head silently after sweeping her eyes across the room.

Old Chu Furen then said to Lin Xi Yuan, “ShiZi has seen a joke today. It is this Old One that did not discipline the younger generation well and have offended ShiZi. This Old One will make amends for ShiZhi.”

Lin Xi Yuan quickly stopped Old Furen, “Old Ancestress, what kind of words are you saying?”

Old Chu Furen said, “May ShiZi not despise. These young ladies of my family are so lawless that this Old One has no more face to look at anyone. Gu Momo, bring ShiZi out to rest. When this Old One has finished disciplining, I will approach you personally to apologise.”

Lin Xi Yuan declined but Old Chu Furen insisted that she wanted to make amends. He knew that Old Chu Furen wanted to discipline these young ladies and first had to chase him, an outsider, away. Since the Chu family would be disciplining the younger generation, Lin Xi Yuan, naturally, could not stay any longer. Before he left, he glanced back worriedly.

Chu Jin Yao was still in the rear room and from Lin Xi Yuan’s point of view, he could only see through the delicate yet fine muslin, reflecting a young lady’s shadow on it. He felt uneasy as he felt that the events of the day were particularly queer. However, Gu Momo urged a second time, “ShiZi, this old servant will send you back to rest.”

Lin Xi Yuan retracted his gaze and could only say, “Alright. Troubling Gu Momo.”

After Lin Xi Yuan left, Old Chu Furen pulled a long face and forcefully knocked her wooden cane onto the floor. “You all are surely brave!”

Those young ladies and young masters that went to look at fishes had heard that Old Furen was angry and quickly returned. They had just entered the room when they heard Old Furen’s angry words. They looked at one another but dared not lift their heads up as they stood at the side of the room with their hands together. 

Chu Jin Yao and Chu Jin Miao walked out from the rear room and stood in front of Old Furen, with heads bowed, ready to listen to the lecture. Chu Zhu was standing to Old Furen’s right and when she saw that Lin Biao Huan and Lin Xi Ning had returned, she quickly said, “Ning-er and Bao Huan, your Eldest Brother has left. Go and look for your Eldest Brother.”

Lin Bao Huan did not want to leave. She was a favoured Biao Young Lady and no one would dare to speak to her in a loud voice. Now that there was a commotion to watch, she did not want to leave at all. Lin Xi Ning initially felt that when WaiZuMu disciplined the young ladies, they as the grandchildren of the female line, should recuse, but when he saw Chu Jin Miao, he could not feel assured.

Chu Zhu stared at Lin Bao Huan who shook her head coquettishly. Chu Zhu raised her eyes and motioned for Lin Xi Ning to drag his younger sister out but did not expect that he would also lower his head, pretending not to see it.

Now Chu Zhu had no other choice but to stare at them angrily before withdrawing her gaze.

Old Furen was supported and sat on the TaiShi chair. Her gaze slowly swept around. Chu Jin Miao was crying so hard that she was breathless, Third Young Lady’s eyes were spinning around and the other affected party, Chu Jin Yao was, however, expressionless and looked calm. The Furens of the various households had heard of the matter and rushed over, now standing on either side. Madam Zhao stood there too, especially anxious. The three who were involved in the matter were all young ladies of the Eldest Household. Chu Jin Miao was so angry that she cried and she wanted to speak a few times but because of Old Furen’s imposing manner, she swallowed her words.

Old Chu Furen’s voice filled the entire solemn hall, “Speak then. What exactly went on?”

Only Chu Jin Miao’s sobs could be heard in the room. The other three involved did not speak so a maid who was serving in the rear room stood out and said, “Replying to Old Furen, when Fourth Young Lady returned, she discovered that her collection of poems was torn up by others. At that time only Fifth Young Lady was in the rear room so they quarreled. Fourth Young Lady was very angry and thus threw her bracelet and jewelry.”

Chu Jin Miao sobbed, “Chu Jin Yao said that I am not a person of the Chu family. Back then my parents were greedy upon seeing money and deliberately exchanged, to place me in the Marquis residence. She said that I carry the sins of my parents so how would I still dare to stay in the Marquis residence. Fifth Young Lady is correct, I am originally an untouchable, and just by standing here, I am dirtying the Marquis residence. I will pack my things and leave so as to not contaminate Fifth Young Lady’s eyes.”

When Madam Zhao heard those words, she quickly said, “What are you talking about! Why do you speak of such bitter words like leaving?”

Chu Jin Miao cried more ferociously. Madam Zhao walked over to wipe her tears with heartache and she was almost in tears as she wiped them away. She hugged Chu Jin Miao and sighed, “My unfortunate Miao-er, what did you do wrong?”

Madam Zhao was hesitant to say anything to Chu Jin Yao but in the end, due to the presence of Old Furen, she only gave a long sigh before turning back to wipe Chu Jin Miao’s tears and no longer looking at Chu Jin Yao.

Chu Jin Yao turned her face slightly over and smiled in sarcasm.

It was always the crying weakling that had reasons. It was ridiculous.

Chu Jin Miao cried so pitifully that no one could not bear to hear it. Although it was true that the parents of the Su family were hateful then, it seemed too cruel and unkind for Chu Jin Yao to speak of such. A number of gazes on Chu Jin Yao had started to look somewhat accusatory, fortunately, Old Furen was not like Madam Zhao, who listened selectively. Old Furen looked at Chu Jin Yao and asked, “What do you want to say? Are the events as what Fourth Young Lady says?”

“This granddaughter has nothing to say.” Chu Jin Yao said indifferently. “I was writing perfectly fine when Fourth Young Lady came in and accused me of being unable to tolerate her and deliberately tearing her collection of poetry. I did not even see the said collection of poems, so how would I tear it? I only refused in two sentences and she went crazy and started smashing things, saying that she could not bear the Chu family’s grace and wanted to return it as she thrashed things around. I am also baffled and how would I know what happened to her?”

When Chu Jin Miao heard it, she did not refute Chu Jin Yao but cried even more bitterly. Madam Zhao’s organs were almost torn apart by the cries. She hugged Chu Jin Miao in distress, “My pitiful daughter, what kind of evil things did you do that you were mocked like this?” Madam Zhao could not tolerate it and said to Chu Jin Yao, “What did you promise me? You clearly promised me not to target Miao-er. It was only a few days ago, how could you be like this!”

The others were discussing softly but when Old Chu Furen patted the table, everyone immediately quieted down. Old Chu Furen continued asking, “What is the matter with the collection of poems?”

Third Young Lady quickly said, “I have knowledge of this. Let me explain to ZuMu.”

Third Young Lady glanced secretly at Chu Jin Yao and suppressed the smile at the corner of her eyes. She then turned back and spoke to Old Chu Furen with a pitiful expression, “This matter has to be spoken from when lunch was finished. After the meal, Fifth Young Lady went to the rear room alone and one did not know what happened but ShiZi also went over after a while. Afterwards, Fourth Younger Sister wanted to copy her collection of poems and the rest of the sisters all felt that it was a good idea and let the maids move the tables in and prepare ink. When Fourth Younger Sister had copied halfway, she was a little tired and called all the sisters along to take a walk outside to relax. All of us then went out but only Fifth Younger Sister said that she wanted to write and did not go along with us. At that time there were many people in the rear room. Older Biao Brother and Younger Biao Sister were also present. ZuMu can also ask them about it.”

Old Chu Furen looked towards Lin Xi Ning and he nodded, “It is indeed so. Eldest Brother, Jin Miao, me, and a few of the Younger Biao Sisters all came out. Only Fifth Younger Biao Sister remained in the rear room.”

After Old Chu Furen had that confirmation, she motioned for Third Young Lady to continue speaking. Third Young Lady was secretly pleased with herself as she continued, “We went to walk around the gardens after sometime Fourth Younger Sister was unable to continue walking and asked me to accompany her back. When Fourth Younger Sister returned to the rear room, she wanted to look for that collection of poems so that she could return to the room to copy it slowly. However, we did not expect that when we found it, the collection of poems would be torn to shreds.”

Gu Momo had already placed the shredded collection of poems on the tray and immediately presented it to Old Furen when she heard it. Old Furen casually flipped a few pages before speaking, “It was torn to such a state.”

Third Young Lady said hurriedly, “Isn’t that so? To be torn to such a state was obviously not accidental but intentional. At that time, there was only Fifth Younger Sister in the rear room… Oh. Yes, one did not know when, but ShiZi had returned earlier and was speaking to Fifth Younger Sister. One did not know what was spoken too. When Fourth Younger Sister saw that her efforts were wasted in such a manner, she was so angry and questioned Fifth Younger Sister. Fifth Younger Sister had a straight temper and immediately retorted. When Fourth Younger Sister heard those devastating words, she could not tolerate and took off her bracelet to throw it onto the ground. With regards to the matters afterwards, ZuMu is also aware of what happened next.”

Old Chu Furen asked Chu Jin Yao solemnly, “Is that so?”

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  1. The story is starting to get interesting. Thanks for the translation.
    Pity the author made Jin Miao so despicable. Wonder how the story would be written if she has been the main FL.


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