The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 14: Wave of Residence Fights (Part 2)

Hua MoMo, the one who was teaching etiquette yesterday, was also present. She only knew that Fifth Young Lady had just returned to the residence but never expected that there were so many factors around it. Now, she did not like Chu Jin Miao. She had occupied the other person’s identity and status but still spoke nonsense like ‘It is not me that harmed you. Don’t blame everything on me’. It could be seen that she had a cold nature. However, no matter how much heartache Hua MoMo felt for this hardworking and sensible Fifth Young Lady, she could not be biased towards her after this. Hua MoMo was from the Prince Residence and had to consider the interest of the Prince Residence first. Even though Fifth Young Lady has a rough life and was in distress, the matter of the County Princess, in the end, was more important. A Young Lady, illiterate and unable to write, could not be the County Princess’s study companion.

Hua MoMo was planning to speak for Chu Jin Yao to relieve her of her predicament. But once she spoke, it meant that she had admitted Chu Jin Yao’s ignorance and eliminated her even though she had helped resolve the embarrassment. Her words were almost at her lips when Chu Jin Yao spoke.

“I am only asking MoMos to forgive my bad handwriting. Have I said that I cannot do it?”

Chu Jin Yao then picked up the brush, dipped it into the ink, and wrote a string of words on the paper.

Hua MoMo and Deng MoMo were stunned by Chu Jin Yao’s unassuming aura and immediately went up to take a look. Taken aback, the rest of the young ladies looked at one another before going up for a look. All they saw were the words ‘distance tests a horse’s strength’ (judge people after a period of time) written in an upright manner.

Although her writing was immature, it could be seen that she was still rather unfamiliar with using the brush, her words were correct and the strokes thorough. It could be seen that she had practiced it. Even though it was not good, it could be taken out to show others.

This was indeed a turn of events and the willow trees made shade with the flowers emitting light (a glimmer of hope appearing in one’s darkest hour). Even Hua MoMo had believed that Chu Jin Yao was illiterate and thus her expectations were very low. Upon seeing the girl write the words proficiently, the writing had greatly exceeded her expectations, she was overjoyed. She was even more excited than when seeing the small delicate words on a hairpin.

Moreover, the words ‘distance tests a horse’s strength’, held double meaning and was just perfect.

From Deng MoMo and Hua MoMo’s expressions, Chu Jin Yao knew she had passed the test. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief and put the brush down before smiling at Chu Jin Miao. “I have never been angry with Fourth Young Lady and did not think that you are the dove occupying the magpie’s nest and harmed me. On the contrary, it is Fourth Young Lady who seems to be brooding over and often thinks about the matter. Now, in front of all the sisters and both MoMos, I might as well speak directly. I do not mind your existence, so Fourth Young Lady does not need to keep on fighting with me.”

Chu Jin Miao’s face became extremely ugly. She could not strike but instead got bitten by Chu Jin Yao. When the secretly allied Third Young Lady and Sixth Young Lady witnessed this scene, they immediately abandoned Chu Jin Yao and extricated themselves from the picture.

Chu Jin Yao looked at Chu Jin Miao’s expression and secretly said she deserves it. However, she maintained an upright and open expression and continued talking. “As to how Fourth Young Lady thinks of me, I cannot manage it. Today, you specially mentioned me out of all the sisters and instructed me to come out to write. I am a stupid person and could not understand why Fourth Older Sister would do such a thing. Perhaps it is to let me reveal myself to MoMo. I will thank you in advance!”

Saying so, Chu Jin Yao turned and bowed towards MoMo. “MoMo, my writings cannot be shown outside but it is Fourth Young Lady, who has been reading poetry and books since childhood. She is then the genuine talented young lady. You must not misunderstand the Residence of Marquis Chang Xing because of my writings. Our family’s Fourth Young Lady’s calligraphy is the model among the young ladies of the Residence of Marquis Chang Xing!”

The other young ladies said in their hearts that she was not at all dull. First, she sold her misery, then placed others on a pedestal. Wasn’t this done proficiently? Fortunately, Chu Jin Yao was only targeting Chu Jin Miao. Had she gone to war against everyone who had allied, all the young ladies would have definitely joined hands to deal with her. However, Chu Jin Yao only targeted Chu Jin Miao and when the rest of the young ladies saw that the flames of war did not burn them, they instead abandoned the alliance and sat back to watch the show.

Chu Jin Yao felt in her heart that this was what Qin Yi had meant. The stratagem of sowing dissension, to besiege Wei and rescue Zhao (relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers). It was impossible for one to just fight back angrily when being besieged by everyone. So, only by focusing on one of them, could one separate the opponent. Then one could defeat them individually and finally turn defeat into victory.

Chu Jin Yao silently sighed. Qin Yi was indeed a talent. It would be a shame to put him in the Inner Courtyard to fight and scheme.

Chu Jin Yao’s countermeasures were very useful and the person to be isolated immediately became Chu Jin Miao. She had never expected that Chu Jin Yao could write and judging from her posture, she was a veteran at it. She was so annoyed that she believed Chu Jin Yao had deliberated pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger (pretending to be weak, dumb, or ignorant to take advantage of others) so that she would be embarrassed instead. And had fallen for her scheme and pushed her out to the MoMos. It would have been alright if Chu Jin Yao were pushed out. But now, not only was she perfectly fine but also used her writings and won the admiration of both MoMos. Chu Jin Miao and the others had become provocative at fault finding. Chu Jin Miao was secretly anxious. She had suffered a double loss today. She could not push Chu Jin Yao away and even left a bad impression on the MoMos. She had to find a way to make up for it.

Thus, Chu Jin Miao bowed and said to the MoMos, “One has shown one’s incompetence.”

Then, picking up the brush she used all her power to write down part of the Women Doctrine carefully. She did her best to bring out her highest level of skill. However, because she had made things difficult for Chu Jin Yao initially, and that Chu Jin Yao had later praised her to heaven, unknowingly, the expectations of both the MoMos were much higher. When they subsequently saw Chu Jin Miao’s writings, even though it was much better than Chu Jin Yao’s, they felt that it was ordinary since their expectations were too high.

Deng MoMo only lightly said, “Good.” Then instructed Chu Jin Miao to sit down.

Chu Jin Miao’s face suddenly turned blue and then red, making it extremely ugly.

After studying, Chu Jin Yao happened to encounter Chu Jin Miao when she was leaving. She stopped and deliberately spoke, “Fourth Older Sister, why don’t you leave first?”

Chu Jin Yao’s voice was not soft, so the surrounding maids and servants looked over in this direction. Chu Jin Yao had said to Chu Jin Miao ‘I do not mind your existence so you do not need to keep on fighting with me’. If she were to really make things difficult for Chu Jin Yao, wasn’t she just solidifying the saying that she was making trouble for Chu Jin Yao? Chu Jin Miao was so angry that she trembled slightly, she could easily glimpse the smile in the other’s eyes.

She did it on purpose! Chu Jin Miao gritted her teeth as she thought about it. It seemed that she had underestimated Chu Jin Yao.

Chu Jin Miao smiled stiffly as she spoke, “We are all sisters. I have always treated Fifth Younger Sister as my real younger sister to dote. How would I be calculative with these things? Fifth Young Lady should leave first.”

Chu Jin Yao pursed her lips and smiled sweetly at Chu Jin Miao before leaving with her maids.

After walking far away, Chu Jin Yao moved away from the maids and spoke quietly to Qin Yi. “You are really amazing! You indeed guess everything correctly.”

Qin Yi replied with a soft “En”. He thought in his heart that he was the Di-son of Empress Yuan and had seen those concubines fighting in the Palace since young. All the little fights in the Inner Courtyard could not even match the little finger of a consort in the Palace. With him watching, how could Chu Jin Yao be schemed by these nasty girls?

Wasn’t that totally looking down on a Crown Prince like him?

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  1. He’s so overconfident, but I’m surprised she knew how to write, even if her handwriting is sloppy, it’s probably way better than I could do ever lol. I appreciate how she isn’t a pushover despite not knowing how a lot of things work. I am curious as to when he’ll reveal himself though.

    I’m a big fan of your work, Zaza so thank you! And your editor too

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  2. Thanks for your translation. It had been sometime since your last update. Hope everything is OK with you. Please take care of your health


    • I hope she’s okay. Just read their chats on discord from a few months ago.. she got busy because of covid, she’ll update from time to time but it’ll be slow.


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