The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 13 (Part 1)

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Chapter 13: Sisters’ Thoughts (Part 1)

“Huai Ling ShiZi has arrived.”

As soon as those words were spoken, a number of people in the room were shocked and the young ladies started to whisper among themselves.

In this period, ethics were stringent. Siblings aged seven and above would not be allowed to be at the same table and young ladies could only go out a few times a year. Normally, they would not leave the second doors and one could count the number with their fingers on the times they met with males. It was even lesser with outside males. With regards to the opposite gender, youths would be more emotional, and young ladies at the same age were no exception.

Lin Xi Yuan smiled as he entered the room. All the while his gaze was ahead, never once looking to his sides. There were so many young ladies sitting around, he did not impolitely raise his eyes. When he walked to Old Chu Furen’s side, he leisurely greeted her with a posture of a younger generation, “Greetings to Old Chu Furen. May Old Chu Furen be healthy and well.”

Old Chu Furen had always been solemn but when she saw Lin Xi Yuan at this moment, she could not help but smile. “So it is ShiZi. How did ShiZi think about coming to our Residence of Marquis Chang Xing? Seeking ShiZi forgiveness if the hospitality is not adequate.”

Lin Xi Yuan smiled, “What is Old Furen talking about? The Residence of Marquis Chang Xing is a family of luxury. During the journey here, the rules and regulation of the Residence is so proper that it is a revelation for me. How can it be that the hospitality is not adequate?”

Old Chu Furen laughed aloud. She seldom laughed so heartily that the deep wrinkles appeared on the corner of her lips. “It is good that ShiZi likes it.”

After greeting Old Chu Furen, Lin Xi Yuan greeted Chu Zhu, “Second Shen.” He then smiled and nodded his head to Lin Xi Ning and the rest. “Second Younger Brother, Eldest Youngest Sister, Second Younger Sister.”

When Chu Zhu returned to her maiden family, she naturally brought her children and Shu-daughter along. Lin Xi Yuan was the Eldest Di-son of the Prince Residence and Lin Xi Ning the Second Younger Brother he mentioned, the Eldest Younger Sister was Chu Zhu’s Shu daughter, Lin Bao Ying and Second Younger Sister was the Di-daughter Lin Bao Huan.

As compared to the Residence of Marquis Chang Xing, the descendants of the Residence of Prince Huai Ling were comparatively fewer. The Prince of Second-Rank and the Prince Consort had only one son and one daughter, both were Di-born and they were ShiZi and County Princess, Lin Bao Zhu. The Second Master of the Prince Residence was Chu Zhu’s husband and he too only had one son, Lin Xi Ning, one Shu-daughter, and one Di-daughter.

Lin Bao Huan was a delicate daughter of the Prince Residence and was the only Di-daughter of GuNaiNai, so she was like a star when she came to the Residence of Marquis Chang Xing. However, when Lin Xi Yuan appeared, Lin Bao Huan dared not show a little arrogance and quickly bowed her head in greeting, “Eldest Brother.”

Lin Xi Yuan was their Eldest Di-Brother and was the dignified ShiZi of the Prince Residence. Even though he seemed to have a gentle temperament, Lin Bao Huan knew that their Eldest Brother was much more than that.

When the other young ladies of the Chu family saw that the usual Lin Bao Huan, who was always proud and arrogant, became like a behaved rabbit in front of her Eldest Brother, they became more favourable towards Lin Xi Yuan. A gentleman, distinguished family background, handsome face and always wearing a three-tenths smile. Which young female would not like such a perfect gentleman?

Lin Xi Yuan stood in RongNingTang and that was where everyone was looking. The young ladies were all looking at him secretly. They still thought Older Biao Brother, Lin Xi Ning, was outstanding yesterday, but upon seeing ShiZi at present, Lin Xi Ning had suddenly become mediocre. To put it bluntly, Lin Xi Ning was like their brothers, under the guidance of the family, they were noble but were not much different from their peers as everyone was the same. However, Lin Xi Yuan was obviously different.

There were many pairs of eyes on Lin Xi Yuan, but his smile remained unchanged and there was not the sightless stiffness on his face as if he was accustomed to being noticed by others. He talked and laughed with the elders like Old Chu Furen, Chu Zhu, and the rest, knew how to advance and retreat accordingly, and had elegant manners that anyone would praise upon glimpsing.

Chu Jin Miao secretly looked for a while before withdrawing her gaze, but her hands at the sides had become stiff. This was the difference between the Prince Residence and the Marquis Residence. Both had raised their heirs but Second Young Master did not have the brilliance of Lin Xi Yuan. As long as she went to the Prince Residence, she would have the opportunity to have encounters with the County Princess and ShiZi type of people. In the future, borrowing the County Princess’s opportunity, she would be able to see ShiZi often and might even see the Crown Prince! This held far more prospect than staying in the Residence of Marquis Chang Xing!

While Chu Jin Miao was thinking so, the other young ladies were no fools either. Those with more courage continued to look at Lin Xi Yuan secretly and those whose hearts were moved had already lowered their eyes and head, making one unable to know what they were thinking about.

Their standing posture did not change but the distance between the sisters had suddenly become quite far.

Old Chu Furen enquired about Old TaiJun’s health and after Lin Xi Yuan replied, she smiled and said, “It is truly laborious for ShiZi to specially come here today. Since you have come from afar, then one might as well stay for a few more days. Both of our residences are in-laws and that is a relationship that cannot be more intimate. Your ShenMu (Chu Zhu), Ning Boy, and the rest are all present, so just treat this as your home and stay peacefully. These are your Younger Biao Sisters, there is no need to feel unfamiliar.”

Lin Yi Yuan then turned over and greeted the young ladies, “Greetings to all Younger Biao Sisters.”

Although he turned around, his eyes were still focused on the ground and did not look at the young ladies’ faces. Old Furen became more satisfied upon seeing it. Even Madam Zhao was all up in smiles.

This was indeed a fine young man. He had a good family background, talent and character. There was nothing to be picky about.

ShiZi had spoken to them so the young ladies bowed their heads slightly to return his greetings, “Greetings to Older Biao Brother.”

Calling Older Biao Brother and Younger Biao Sister was actually rather far-fetched. However, Old Furen had already said as such and the younger generation understood the meaning of it in their heart and thus followed it. Chu Jin Yao was mixed with the rest of the females. With her head lowered, she tried to reduce her existence and greeted Lin Xi Yuan with a whisper.

There were a total of seven or eight young ladies from the three households. These young ladies usually had different temperaments, some were very free-spirited and some did not like to talk. However, at this point in time, they all became gentle and weak and their greetings were at their pinnacle. If Hua MoMo was present, one did not know how emotional she would feel.

Madam Yan was astute and possessed a sharp and skilled tongue. When she saw Lin Xi Yuan, she felt that this big fish could not be set free and upon seeing the current situation, she took the opportunity to go up and smiled heartily. “Since we are all one family, then there is no need to be polite between Biao-siblings. It seems that this is ShiZi’s first time here, is everyone recognizable to you?”

Lin Xi Yuan’s eyes flashed as he smiled, “Yes, have to trouble Second Furen to introduce me to my Younger Biao Sisters.”

Old Chu Furen had felt that Madam Yan’s words were not proper and before she could stop her, she heard Lin Xi Yuan actually smiling and agreeing to it. Somewhat surprised, she exchanged a look with Gu MoMo before sitting down again as she intended to observe the goings-on.

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