The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 12: First Encounter With ShiZi (Part 1)

While in RongNingTang, Qin Yi was so bored that he unconsciously stared at Lin Xi Ning. Then, he saw Lin Xi Ning’s servant coming over and said something to him. As he was quite a distance away, it was naturally impossible for Qin Yi to hear their conversation. However, he could recognise the words ‘Crown Prince’ from the shape of his lips.

After he was done listening, there was no change in Lin Xi Ning’s expression but soon after, he went out making some excuses.

Qin Yi immediately determined that there was a problem with Lin Xi Ning and that he was also involved in this issue. He did not care about the people around him and whispered to Chu Jin Yao, “Follow the boy from the Lin family. I have matters to do.”

Chu Jin Yao quickly came out and asked in a low voice, “What is wrong?”

Qin Yi’s tone of voice was unprecedentedly solemn.

“I suspect that the Lin family is up to no good. Be careful and follow this kid from a distance. I want to see just what the Lin family is going to do.”

When Qin Yi instructed Chu Jin Yao to follow Lin Xi Ning, she was grudging in her heart. What would it look like for her to follow her Older Biao Brother… Nonetheless, she still did as he bid and tailed Lin Xi Ning from afar.

Just like that, she followed him all the way. Upon reaching a corner, Lin Xi Ning suddenly stopped to talk to the servant. She quickly hid behind the corner. As her back was up against the corner, her heart was pounding loudly.

“Scared me to death!”

“It is all right. They will not discover you. Even if they discover you, the Lin family would not dare to do anything to you.”

Chu Jin Yao felt strange, “Why do you keep on saying the Lin family? They are the Prince Huai Ling family. That is a Prince Residence!”

Qin Yi sneered, “Prince Residence… One does not mention that they have a different surname from the Imperial family. Even if they are Princes of the Qin family, what can they do about it?”

If Qin Yi was not formless, Chu Jin Yao would have reached out to cover his mouth, “What are you talking about! You dare to even talk nonsense about the Imperial Family!”

“He has gone far.” Qin Yi coolly said, “If you don’t go, then you have come out for nothing.”

Taken aback, Chu Jin Yao popped her head out. After ensuring there was no one around, she jogged up to follow.

In the end, she came onto a courtyard like a thief in her own house.

Chu Jin Yao had faintly discerned that this place was already out of the boundaries of the Inner Courtyard, not only could outside males enter and exit but there were also soldiers patrolling around. She asked Qin Yi quietly, “Where is this place?”

Qin Yi instead answered, “You ask me?”

Chu Jin Yao was speechless at his question, “Isn’t… Isn’t it you that asked me to come over?”

“This is your house.” Qin Yi spoke frankly without any introspection, “How would I know?”

“You are…”

“Lower your head and squat down.”

Even though Chu Jin Yao was complaining, her body unexpectedly listened to him. Before she could react, she was already squatting behind the bushes.

Chu Jin Yao had grown so big but had yet to glimpse such a scene. Honestly speaking, she also did not want to see such a scene. She lowered her voice and asked, “What do we do now?”

“Since we are already here, then go in.”

“…” Chu Jin Yao’s eyes widened as she rebuked in disbelief, “You really think too highly of me!”

“It is all right. I am here.” Qin Yi said, “Do you see those people patrolling? They are divided into two shifts and will walk one round in half ke (modern times: 15 mins). When they are changing shifts, the side doors at the other end are a dead zone. You have to run fast, slip into the corner gate and directly enter the courtyard.”

Chu Jin Yao visually checked the distance and after holding it in for a long time, she could not help but say, “I… Cannot run over there.”

Qin Yi was someone who had trained troops in DaTong. He had trained soldiers for a long time and had not thought that someone would be unable to run such a short distance. He was helpless and could only say, “Let me rethink.”

Chu Jin Yao looked on for a while and asked as she lowered her head, “Is it necessary to enter through the doors? Is there anything particular about it?”

“Nothing particular. But if you don’t enter through the doors, then how are you going to go about it?”

“I think I can flip over the walls.” Chu Jin Yao had visually inspected the height of the walls and spoke, “I used to climb a lot of trees and there should not be any problem with this height. Only that, today’s clothes are just too cumbersome.”

Qin Yi could not continue the conversation for a while. He could not help but say, “You are a girl and still dare to climb walls and trees?”

“What is the matter about it? I will show you today.” With that, Chu Jin Yao walked to the other side of the patrol, quickly slid to the corner of the wall and tied a big knot on her skirt. She then took a short run-up and landed on top of the wall with a thud.

Qin Yi watched the entire scene quietly. In his limited life, this was his first time a female had lifted her skirt to tie a knot and flipped over a wall in front of him.

“Chu Jin Yao.”

“En?” She was busy climbing the wall.

“It is all right with me, but in the future when you encounter another male, you have to hold back a bit.” Qin Yi sighed, “I really fear that you will not be able to be married.”

Chu Jin Yao glared at him annoyed, “Shut up! Continue talking and I will throw you down.”

When she’d said she knew how to climb trees, it was not her being humble at all. It did not take long for her to climb over the wall. Then she crouched over to look down to find a suitable place to land. There was a tree near the wall, so she moved nearer to it, stretched her leg to test the strength of the branches and went onto the tree. Using the branches to buffer the fall, she said to Qin Yi softly, “Be prepared.”

Before Qin Yi could reply, Chu Jin Yao jumped onto the ground with a shout.

The knot on her skirt had unraveled midway. She patted her hands and was about to stand up when she heard a voice tinged with laughter from the corner.

“What are you doing?”

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  1. Now this is hilarious. When he first mentioned to CJY to dash to the doors unnoticed in a split second while the guards are changing shifts, I thought “yay, do it in stile to the music of Mission Impossible”. For a moment I was soooo disappointed she declined. But then came the suggestion to go all ninja on them and jump fences. I say, you go girl and bring them shurikens with you while you are at it 😁

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