The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 9 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 9: Older Biao Brother, Younger Biao Sister (Part 1)

Chu Jin Yao secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, there was still string and the jade pendant was hanging tightly around her neck. Otherwise, it would have been very bad!

Rather displeased, she turned around to see who was behind scaring others. She discovered that it was a clean and upright young gentleman.

The gentleman looked at her, obviously surprised upon seeing her, “Who are you and why are you here?”

“I am the Fifth Young Lady of this residence. Who are you?”

“Fifth Young Lady?” The young gentleman frowned, “I have seen Fifth Biao Younger Sister, you are not… Oh, that’s not right.”

By now Chu Jin Yao had understood, “You are the gentleman of GuGu’s family?”

Lin Xi Ning had also recollected. WaiZuMu’s (Grandmother from the mother’s side) letter had mentioned that Eldest Jiu’s (mother’s brother) family had brought back the wrong daughter at the beginning and just found a Fifth Young Lady. It seemed that it was this person before him.

When Lin Xi Ning knew that he had made a fool of himself, he bowed to apologise to Chu Jin Yao, “Sorry Fifth Biao Young Sister, I was too abrupt just now.”

Chu Jin Yao avoided it slightly and greeted him back, “Older Biao Brother need not be like this.”

After the misunderstanding was resolved, Lin Xi Ning felt apologetic about it. He saw an unfamiliar female roaming around and acting sneaky, thus, he voiced out to question her. If he had known earlier that it was his Younger Biao Sister, he would have not been as loud. Young ladies were all weaker than one another, what if his loud voice scared these papered guests? Lin Xi Ning wanted to compensate and asked, “Why is Fifth Younger Biao Sister here?”

Chu Jin Yao was a little embarrassed, “I have lost my way.”

Lin Xi Ning suddenly understood. It was right, she had just returned and did not know the routes in this area. Lin Xi Ning said, “There are many vacant courtyards here and it is indeed difficult to identify one’s way. Younger Biao Sister, do come with me.”

“Thanking Older Biao Brother.” Chu Jin Yao was very grateful and quickly followed Lin Xi Ning and walked out.

With Lin Xi Ning leading the way, they soon arrived at RongNingTang. Chu Jin Yao repeatedly thanked him, “Many thanks to Older Biao Brother. Otherwise, I do not know how many rounds I would need to take…”

Qin Yi snorted coldly in his heart. It was obviously him that brought Chu Jin Yao out and this kid only led the last leg of the way. Moreover, even without this Lin family kid’s appearance, she would not have been loitering for long.

Of course, Chu Jin Yao would not know these words.

Lin Xi Ning smiled and personally parted the curtain for Chu Jin Yao, “Younger Biao Sister no need to be courteous. It is cold outside, quickly come in.”

“How can it be like this?” Lin Xi Ning was a guest. How could she let Lin Xi Ning draw the curtain for her? Chu Jin Yao continued, “Older Biao Brother please enter first.”

The maid went up to take over but Lin Xi Ning shook his head, “Younger Biao Sister is a young lady and weak. You should enter first.”

It was Chu Jin Yao’s first time being cherished like this by others, she entered the room in shock. Lin Xi Ning then followed and accompanied her in.

Old Furen, Chu Zhu, and the rest were sitting in the western hall chatting. When they heard the door opening, Old Furen said, “Ning boy has arrived.”

After Chu Jin Yao entered the room, she dared not lift her head and immediately greeted, “Jin Yao is late. May Zu Mu and Gu Mu forgive.”

Madam Zhao frowned, “Why are you here only now?”

The other young ladies were all present except Chu Jin Yao, thus Chu Zhu had specially asked about it. Madam Zhao was very embarrassed so when she saw Chu Jin Yao, she became angry.

Chu Jin Yao maintained a greeting posture and lowered her head without speaking. It was Lin Xi Ning who took the initiative to say, “This cannot be blamed on Younger Biao Sister. There are many vacant courtyards on the eastern side of RongNingTang. I was previously lost many times before. She has just returned and this is inevitable. I coincidentally encountered Fifth Younger Biao Sister and thus brought her over.”

Lin Xi Ning had put it so, Madam Zhao naturally did not say more. He was the only son of Chu Zu and the gentleman of the Prince Residence, how could she say anything about the other?

When Old Chu Furen heard it, her brows furrowed. “Who is by Fifth Young Lady’s side?”

Upon those words, Yue Ji braced herself and took a step forward, “It is this servant.”

Gu Momo leaned over and said something to Old Chu Furen, the latter’s expression became worse, “You are a second-ranked maid and actually do not recognize the way around?”

“Old Ancestor, at the beginning of the year, our residence was short of manpower, thus, the middlemen were called over to the residence to buy a batch of maids. She is from that batch.” Gu Momo reminded her softly.

A maid that was new to the residence and didn’t even know the way around actually became a second-ranked maid stationed at a young lady’s side. Old Chu Furen’s indifferent and fierce eyes swept towards Madam Zhao. Madam Zhao quickly lowered her head and revealed a gesture of acknowledging her mistake. In front of Chu Zhu and so many of the younger generation, Old Furen saved some face for Madam Zhao and did not say anything. She just glanced at her before retrieving her gaze. Madam Yan stood at the side and smiled secretly.

This Madam Zhao. To say she was stupid, she was able to suppress the YiNiangs and servants in the Inner Courtyard. To say she was smart, she could always do some stuff that made one laugh.

Eldest Young Lady was the Eldest Di-daughter and raised by Old Furen since young. She was very respectable but not close to the Eldest Young Lady. As parents favoured the youngest son or daughter and Madam Yan was one who had children, she could understand why Madam Zhao doted Fourth Young Lady wholeheartedly. However, it was now said that Fourth Young Lady was not born by her, but she still continued to dig her heart and organs for her. Was this not stupid?

When Madam Yan secretly laughed with pleasure at the other’s misfortune, she then smiled at Chu Zhu, “GuNaiNai has good fortune. Ning Boy is good-looking, filial, and compassionate to younger brothers and sisters. There will be even more good fortune in the future.”

Chu Zhu smiled slightly in response. Her eyes then moved to Chu Jin Yao and after sizing her up, she asked, “It is the first time one saw Fifth Young Lady. What did you say your name is?”

Chu Jin Yao cautiously replied, “Answering GuMu, my name is Chu Jin Yao.”

“Yao…” Chu Zhu’s gaze changed as she turned to look at Old Chu Furen, “Why is Fifth Young Lady not following Xian-er’s generation of naming?”

This generation of young ladies of the Chu family had the character ‘Jin’ and was named with a ‘female’ side character. The meaning behind it was to take examples of flowers and brocades, which denoted the virtues of females. However, Chu Jin Yao’s name was ‘Yao’ which was considered the same generation as Chu Zhu.

Using Chu Jin Xian 楚锦娴 as an example.
楚 = Chu Family Name
锦 = Jin Generation Name/Character
娴 = Xian Name/Character

The names of the rest of the younger female generation have the ‘female 女’ side character
Chu Jin Xian 楚锦
Chu Jin Miao 楚锦
Chu Jin Jiao 楚锦

The names of the older female generation have the ‘wang 王’ side character.
Chu Zhu 楚
And this is the same with Chu Jin Yao’s name/character
Chu Jin Yao 楚锦

It is not explained in the novel as to what is the meaning behind ‘wang’ side character but this character is also used for royalty. For example, Xie Jing Xing’s title is Prince Rui 睿王 and the ‘wang’ is translated as Prince. [New readers, I’m referring to Malicious Empress’s Male Lead.]

Upon Chu Zhu’s reminder, Old Chu Furen realised that Chu Jin Yao’s name had conflicted with Chu Zhu’s generation. She paused before speaking, “This child had it rough and did not live well in the past thirteen years. Her ‘Yao’ character was given by a Taoist Priest at birth.” The implication behind the words was ‘do not be bothered by such small things with the younger generation’.

Chu Zhu was after all married and it was difficult for her to intervene in the matters of her niece in her maiden family. Moreover, it was Old Chu Furen who said as such. Chu Zhu said, “I remember when I returned before, Fourth Young Lady was always the most active one. Where is Fourth Young Lady?”

“GuMu, I am here.” Chu Jin Miao stood up and bowed towards Chu Zhu.

Chu Zhu pulled Chu Jin Miao over and smiled, “Go and stand with Fifth Young Lady so that I can take a good look at both of you.”

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