The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 6 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 6: Airing One’s Sentiments Without Restraint (Part 2)

Will it be better in the future? It was difficult for Chu Jin Xian to say. If it was only Chu Jin Yao, then Chu Jin Xian would not be as worried, but there was also Chu Jin Miao. Chu Jin Xian originally had a weak relationship with Chu Jin Miao and now upon knowing that she was a fake, she had no thoughts about this one at all. How could she not be biased towards her only Younger Sister? However, Chu Jin Miao had a lot of thoughts and her lips were best at getting what she desired. Besides, that girl had favourable time, geographical and social conditions so Chu Jin Xian did not feel assured at all.

Chu Jin Yao understood Chu Jin Xian’s thoughts. She smiled at her. “Eldest Sister, no need to say more, I understand. Money is dead and people are alive, so how could the dead baffle the living? You just need to embroider your dowry at ease and not worry about me.”

Chu Jin Xian knew that it was useless to speak more and nodded, “All right. You can go back like this today. But you cannot do this the next time. You have to say in front of Mother to fight for favour, otherwise, all the advantages would be taken by that one.”

Chu Jin Yao smiled in compliance and parted with the other at the fork of the road. When Chu Jin Xian returned to her room, Chu Jin Yao headed towards the remote ChaoYunYuan.

When there was no one around, Chu Jin Yao instructed Ding Xiang to follow from a distance and spoke to Qin Yi quietly, “Qi Ze, both of my Older Sisters are all good people.”

Qin Yi smiled, “You are only this promising? She is right. Your current situation is indeed not good.”

“But there is already a family member that is willing to think about me. This is a very good start right?” Chu Jin Yao said, “It would only get better and better in the future.”

It was Qin Yi’s first time encountering such a person. She was obviously helpless but still pledged in all sincerity and solemnity that it would be better in the future.

The people that Qin Yi knew would turn against each other for a petty benefit and stab others at the back. From when he was five years old, he had been living a life of endless scheming and strife. He had never expected that in the depths of a bottomless Inner Courtyard, there would be someone who would say such naïve words.

Qin Yi paused for quite a while, but in the end, could not bear to expose her fantasy. He said, “Yes it will.” He also hoped that Chu Jin Yao would be this optimistic forever.

“Qi Ze, do you remember what Father said about the Crown Prince?”

Qin Yi paused for a while before making a low sound of assent.

“To dare to shoot the Palace maid dead in front of everyone… I think he must be young.”

“Huh?” Qin Yi’s voice became sharp, “What did you say?”

“I don’t think I’ve guessed incorrectly. But the reason I guessed was not that he killed a person from the Palace in front of everyone. In his heart, the military drums should be a very sacred thing, so I can understand why he did it. He must be an upright and open person to dare to do such a thing!” When Chu Jin Yao finished speaking, she waited for a bit before asking curiously, “Why are you not refuting me? I thought that an intelligent person like you would not acknowledge others.”

Qin Yi softly sighed. “He is not upright or open. He just cannot stand by idly and watch.”

“But only he dared to do so in front of all the civil and military officials! I know that you will definitely say that because he is Crown Prince, but not all Crown Princes would dare to confront the Emperor and Empress directly. Because of this point, I surmised that he is young. He would rather go to the border with damping expectations than give in to the Empress. He still has a child-like temperament.”

Chu Jin Yao heard her jade pendant speak coolly, “Then, I want you to act like a spoilt child before Madam Zhao for the things you are short of. Will you go?”

“I will not go.”

Qin Yi’s snorted. Chu Jin Yao felt somewhat embarrassed and quickly spoke to save her some face, “That is because I was separated when young! I did not grow up in front of Mother, so how can one act coquettishly so confidently and also ask for things? But the Crown Prince grew up in the Palace so he is different from me.”

“There is nothing different.” Qin Yi sighed in audibly, “The Empress is not his birth Mother. She is his YiMu.”

“YiMu?” Chu Jin Yao was completely shocked. She knew that there was the Emperor, Empress, and Crown Prince in court. As for how these legendary nobles lived their lives and what relationships they had, she had no knowledge at all.

Qin Yi’s lips were raised, but he did not want to speak more. When Chu Jin Yao did not receive a reply, she was a little disappointed in her heart but then she suddenly thought of a question, “Oh. Qi Ze, why do you know so much?”

“One will know after inquiring a little.” When Qin Yi finished speaking, he spoke to her pointedly, “You should use your brains.” Qin Yi felt that he had revealed too much information and if Chu Jin Yao used it to guess his identity, he would just admit to it.

But Qin Yi… Really thought too much. Chu Jin Yao understood that Qin Yi was hinting at something and thought about it carefully. “That is true. In the future, I will be living in the Marquis Residence for a long time, how can I still be like in the past where I do not know anything? Thanks for your reminder. In the future, I will inquire about the powerful and nobles. I cannot keep on relying on you.”

Qin Yi was speechless. When Chu Jin Yao saw that he was not responding, she thought that he felt embarrassed and deliberately repeated, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. I did not remind you of anything.”

Chu Jin Yao felt that it was really too difficult to chat with Qin Yi.

After finally walking back to ChaoYunYuan, she instructed someone to open up the chest and retrieve the brocade. At the same time, she locked up the thirty taels.

While the maids were not paying attention, Chu Jin Yao asked Qin Yi quietly, “Is thirty taels really not considered a lot?”

“I don’t consider thirty taels as money.” Qin Yi replied.

“You…” Chu Jin Yao obviously wanted to be angry but instead was amused, “Why are you like this!”

Qin Yi did not refute. In his opinion, thirty taels… That was something that no one would dare to bring up to him.

Chu Jin Yao opened up the bundle and her fingers slid over the shiny silver ingots. Overcome with emotions, she said to Qin Yi, “A month ago, I could not even earn ten coins in a year but now I feel that thirty taels is not enough to spend. Aren’t the ups and downs of life strange?”

Qin Yi was slightly taken aback, “You…”

“I am fine. This is not something to be avoided. I am indeed poor when young and even upon coming to a rich and noble area, I always felt terrified.” Chu Jin Yao smiled, “It is not wrong to be poor. It is if one is poor, lazy and greedy. Isn’t it so?”

Qin Yi felt that this young lady in front of him would always surprise him just when he thought he could see through her. When he spoke again, there was a tinge of emotion in his voice, “I have met many people. Once they prosper, they abandon their wives and children, despise the poor and love the rich and are unwilling to acknowledge their past. It is good for you to be this unperturbed. This is good and is far better than the person who replaced you.”

Chu Jin Yao smiled, being praised so much her eyes curved. She was a little dazed and changed the subject abruptly, “It is not enough to just rely on these thirty taels. It is said that one has to open a water source and reduce outflow. I think that I cannot save any more money so I must think of ways for a source instead!”

Qin Yi, however, felt differently, “This is nothing. There will naturally be ways in the future.”

“Do you still think that Heavens will drop money for me?” Chu Jin Yao smiled, “You are obviously very intelligent but would be very stubborn at times. I am not a child so how would I believe in these? Moreover it is not only just for me, I also want to help Older Sister. Yes, Eldest Young Lady also treats me very well, so I want to repay her in the future.” Chu Jin Yao wrinkled her face as she spoke, “I finally understood now that a hero without money is no hero at all. Why is it so difficult to earn money?”

Chu Jin Yao waited for very long and finally could not help but asked, “Why are you not speaking?”

“I have already spoken.” Qin Yi’s tone was unkind, “But you did not listen at all.”

“Young Lady!”

Chu Jin Yao hurriedly let out an “Ai” in reply and Shan Cha shouted from outside, “The sewing basket has been brought over.”

“All right, I will come out now.” Chu Jin Yao had stayed in the room to pack things. She had sent the maids out and even forbade them from entering. As she talked with Qin Yi, she almost forgot about matters outside. She stood up and picked up the wooden box containing thirty taels before whispering to Qin Yi, “I am going out now, don’t speak.”

T/N: The FL self-awareness is something that I really love about the character. In reality, not many people are that frank and aware about their situations (past, present and future) and their perspective would not be objective as they are immersed in it. Our FL instead is very objective about her situation and in life in general. My heart also hurts a little for her as she should have felt some emotional pain/suffering to attain that kind of level of awareness.

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  1. She comes off as pragmatic sprinkled with naivety from her limited exposure. I really enjoy the discussions with the jade pedant, I was initially worried it was going to be about just ‘helping her.”

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    • Shit like this is why I started imagining that C-novel characters like maids, eunuchs, brothel workers, concubines, etc. are all paid actors. Like they have unglamorous, thankless roles in the story but when the protagonists aren’t around they can go hang out in a break room with air conditioning and modern plumbing.


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