Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Side Story 2 (Part 2)

And this is the last part of the entire novel!!! I have found another novel to translate and would start soon after this post is released. At the same time, the unedited chapters would also be looked through… Will update when there are changes. 😀

Side Story 2: Taking A Look – Luo Gao Couple (Part 2)

Upon returning to the residence, Madam Ma asked Luo Tan, “Tan-er, what do you think of this Young Master He?”

Luo Tan said, “Not bad. He is very qualified to be friends.”

Madam Ma and Luo Lian Tai almost cried tears of joy. Luo Tan based entirely on her preference when seeing another before they could be her ‘friends’, thus this can be said that they were at half a success. After listening to Luo Tan’s maid on how both of them talked to one another, Madam Ma finally put down her hanging heart.

During the night when Madam Ma was talking to Luo Lian Tai about this topic, she even said, “Why not we go to He residence for greetings? I will send He Furen a calling card so that we can sit down to chat.”

“What is the rush?” Luo Lian Tai replied, “Things have not even begun to take shape yet.”

“That’s true.” Madam Ma signed, “I don’t worry about Qian-er and the most worrisome matter is Tan-er’s marriage. Speaking of which, initially I had thought that Doctor Gao was not bad and he seemed to like Tan-er too. It just that… Afterwards nothing was expressed so I thought that I have misunderstood.”

Madam Ma indeed liked Gao Yang as he looked handsome and did not have a complicated big family. He had already a separate residence so if Luo Tan married over, she would instantly become the matriarch of the family and only needed to manage the servants. Who knew that Gao Yang did not seem to have that intention? Madam Ma was one who had integrity. No matter how good one was, even if one was from Great Liang’s divine medical family, what was good about it? If one do not like my daughter then let it be. My daughter did not need to worry about no one liking her.

At the other end, Luo Tan was thinking while supporting her cheeks, that he had not seen Gao Yang for a long time.

Gao Yang had returned to the Gao family. Even though he did not live with the Gao family, he had re-entered the genealogy books and thus had to be told of many matters. In the past, Gao Yang would often look for Luo Tan but currently it was reduced. The last time it happened, it was a month ago.

Luo Tan did not know why but she felt a little sense of loss.

However thinking in another perspective, it was most likely because she has lost a playmate. It was fortunate that Young Master he was also very interesting, fun to play around with and was liked by Madam Ma. In this case, she would take it as though her playmate has changed.

Luo Tan did not know that someone had seen her drinking tea with Young Master He at the teahouse.

At this oment, Ji Yu Shu was feeding the parrot as he spoke, “One has not looked for Luo Tan to play for a long time. Why didn’t she come over these days?”

Gao Yang was startled, “What is wrong?” Ji Yu Shu would not mention Luo Tan without any rhyme or reason. Something must have happened.

“Today on my way back, I saw Luo Tan walking with a male.” Ji Yu Shu signed, “She looked very happy.Will she be playing with other people in the future?”

Gao Yang stared blankly as he asked, “What are you talking about?”


On the second day, Luo Tan indeed went to look for Young Master He to play.

One had heard that Young Master He was very capable and had a promising career but one did not expect that he could play so well. Luo Tan had thought that she was very familiar with Long Ye after walking so much around Long Ye’s streets and allys. Who knew that when going out with Young Master He, she would only realised that she was not a born and raised in Long Ye as Young Master He knew lots of small shops and resturants that many others did not know about. It made one feel refreshing. Luo Tan liked these novelty things. She had shopped all around, like she was first in Long Ye.

Both of them was like the same kind of person, love to eat and play and full of energy.

Today they again played the the sun set before reluctantly leaving and Young Master He sent Luo Tan back to the residence.

When Gao Yang came to the Luo residence, he coincidentally saw Luo Qian coming out, most likely going out to do something. He was not the same tempermental youth as before and had grown up much taller. His tender face had also gradually began to show the perseverance of a man.

It was just that spontaneous personality was still the same as before. They were indeed sibilings.

When he saw Gao Yang, he said, “Doctor Gao!”

Gao Yang, “…”

Both sibilings loved to call him ‘doctor’ but with his identity, he was not an ordinary doctor. What’s more, he had a position of an official!

Luo Qian asked, “Doctor Gao, are you looking for my Older Sister? My Older Sister is not in.”

Gao Yang was startled and asked without showing his feelings, “Oh? It is already so late and she had not returned yet?”

Luo Qian waved her hands and pretended to sound old-fashions, “Ah. Went out with that Young Master He and most likely played so much that she had forgotten where the north is.”

“Young Master He…” Gao Yang mumbled the name but before he could ask again, he heard Luo Qian speaking, “Oh? Whatever is mentioned, comes. They have returned!”

Gao Yang followed Luo Qian’s gaze and turn his head around. He saw a handsome young gentleman walking over with Luo Tan and the attendant following behind was carrying a pile of things. Luo Tan was speaking very straightforwardly to the other party, “In the future when one tours the great river, one would count you in! It would be a lot of fun!”

Young Master He smiled, “One is extremely honoured.”

The corner of Gao Yang’s lips pulled out.

Luo Qian greeted Luo Tan, “Older Sister! Doctor Gao is here to look for you!”

It was only then Luo Tan saw Gao Yang. As Gao Yang walked over, he smiled at Luo Tan before looking at this lengendary Young Master He.

Young Master He had a handsome and gentle appearance and looked like he liked talking to Luo Tan. Upon seeing Gao Yang, he said to Luo Tan, “Since you have a guest, one would not bother you.” After that he instructed his attendant to bring a little box over, “One had seen it on the journey back and felt that you would most probably like it.” He scratched his head somewhat embarrassedly, “Hope that you will not despise it.”

Luo Tan received it and said happily, “Thank you. I have always trust your taste.”

Seeing both of them talking happily, Gao Yang felt uncomfortable. After sending of Young Master He with great difficulty, Luo Tan then said to Gao Yang, “What matter do you come to find me for?”

Gao Yang squinted his eyes to look at her, “Could it be that I can’t look for you if there is nothing?”

“That is not so.” Luo Tan said, “Didn’t you return to the Gao family? There would be many things to be busy with.” As she spoke, she opened up the box that Young Master He had given her.

She then saw that there was a chain bracelet in the box. Luo Tan usually do not like jewelry but this chain bracelet was a delicate gold chain and the pendant was a small sharp delicate knife that was only a small fingernail size. It was lifelike and very adorable. Luo Tan love it to much to part with it that she started to play with it.

When Gao Yang saw it, his heart became unhappier, “Since that is the case, then company me to walk.”

“Why would I…” Before Luo Tan could finish speaking, she was dragged off by the arm. Even though she had martial arts skills, it was considered insignificant in front of Gao Yang. Gao Yang looked like a modest gentleman on normal days but he was not at all weak. Luo Tan was unable to struggle free and could only be taken away by Gao Yang.

Luo QIan waved his hands behind both of them, “Older Sister, come back home earlier!”

Gao Yang brought Luo Tan to a small alley before releasing his hand.

Luo Tan’s hand had started to hurt after being grasp by him that tightly. She could not help but complained, “Are you crazy?”

Gao Yang paused for a little before speaking, “I am very busy and you are also not free?”

“Ah?” Luo Tan did not understand.

“So happy after playing with Young Master He?” Gao Yang sized her up and his tone of voice became somewhat strange, “After only knowing for a few days, the word ‘always’ is used. Are you very close with him? Do you trust him that much?”

Gao Yang was really strange today and Luo Tan could not make any sense to it, thus she replied, “Are you sick? Why do I need to tell you who I am close with? What is wrong with you today? Did you take the wrong medication? Did your ZuFu scold you?”

Gao Yang took a deep breath before speaking, “If I do not come searching for you, you will go travelling with another?”

Luo Tan was inexplicably confused by Gao Yang’s tone of voice today. She was also not a patient person, “You are just too overbearing. You don’t look for me so naturally I will look for another to play. Else would I bore myself to death at home? There are so many people under the skies, naturally one have to make good friends.”

“Only good friends?” Gao Yang advanced, “Aren’t you already started looking for your future husband?”

Luo Tan was startled and asked, “How did you know?”

When her words landed in Gao Yang’s ears, it was admitting to it.

Gao Yang said, “Then what do you think of him?”

This time, his tone of voice became warm and mild like before. Luo Tan saw that his expression was as usual and treated him as though everything was alright, “Not bad at all. One did not think those scholars are not coarse and are actually interesting.”

Gao Yang said, “Don’t meet up with him again.”

Luo Tan was puzzled, “What is wrong with you? Why do you keep saying strange things? Not to mention it is my Mother that wants me to go. Making whatever friends and picking whatever husbands are all my matters, so what does it matter to you? Could it be that you will be managing whatever people I will be seeing in the future?”

“Yes.” Gao Yang interrupted her words.

Luo Tan stared blankly.

“I had originally thought that you will understand but your stupidity makes me gasp in amazement. Or in face, you are intelligent so you deliberately eat me up?” He said as he thought.

Luo Tan could not understand his words and only heard that Gao Yang calling her stupid. She immediately flared up, “You are then the stupid one. Not only stupid but also unreasonable. I like to play with Young Master He and you don’t let me see him, so I will deliberately do so. How could anyone be this unreasonable…”

Before she could finish her words, Gao Yang pulled her into his embrace and blocked her lips.

His kiss was as gentle as him, like it was a modest gentleman. However in the softness, there was a strength that did not accept any rejection.

Luo Tan covered her lips and took two steps back.

No matter how boorish she was, she understood what this meant. She had never thought about her relationship with Gao Yang. In her perspective, Gao Yang was only a good friend. Even though he loved to tease her and had a stomachful of evil thing with a warm appearance and easy to speak to personality, he was considered a gentleman.

How what did this gentleman take advantage of her with such grandiose?

If it was another person, one feared that Luo Tan would have raised her knife to stab or beat up the other person. However upon encountering Gao Yang, she did not have any anger and instead was somewhat of a panic.

It seemed that she was used to such intimate actions.

Yes. She was used to it.

Ever since coming to Long Ye from Ding capital, she stayed in the Gao residence and for a long time Gao Yang was considered a gentleman but would make some intimate actions from time to time. These actions were done very naturally and Luo Tan was loud and brash, thus she would not be so calculative. Now that one had eaten mulberry leaves, it was logical to make such inappropriate moves seem common.

Luo Tan was terrified.

When Gao Yang saw her like this, his expression became slightly relaxed and his tone of voice became soft.

He said, “Don’t see him in the future.”

Luo Tan was embarrassed, “Why did you…”

“If you cannot even see through this, I have to really doubt that you are so stupid that no one else can compare.” Gao Yang chuckled.

Luo Tan’s face became red and then pale, then pale to red again. At the end she said, “Could it be that you like me?”

Gao Yang coughed lightly, “I have already did everything so clearly.”

Luo Tan however felt grievance. How could it be understandable? He did not come over to request marriage or write love poems. He even did not say sweet words like Xie Jing Xing did to Shen Miao. Only ghost would be able to understand!

Gao Yang said, “At first, one only felt that you are fun and wanted to tease you. Afterwards, one felt that you are interesting and upon seeing you being close with others, one’s heart felt uncomfortable. Initially one that thought that this course was natural and you would finally understand. However I finally understood that with your brains, if I do not speak of it, you would not understand it in your entire lifetime.”

He took a step forward and did not give Luo Tan an opportunity to escape, “Do you understand now?”

Luo Tan was made confused by hum and unconsciously nodded, “En… Oh.”

“That’s good.” Gao Yang held her shoulders pleasantly, “Then lets’ return to the residence now.”

“Return to which residence?” Luo Tan asked.

“Of course to the Luo residence.” Gao Yang smiled lightly like the wind and clouds, “It is time to discuss about our marriage with Mother-in-Law.”

After a while.

“Gao Yang, you are seeking death!”

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    They all died so miserably in their previous lives defending SM, so of course we can imagine that they thrived in this reality, but I really wanted to learn how they thrived. Did they just marry other servants or did smart people in the new unified empire bring them into their families as official wives in order to establish relationships.

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