Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 6)

Please expect heartache for the next few releases… Get your tissues ready before reading

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 6)

When Shen Miao gotten the news, she was in a daze for a long time.

She had not thought that the enemies of her previously were all been cleaned up that tidy. However she also felt that all these were ought to be as such.

Fu Xiu Yi had planted the evil seed very early on which there would be a day that it would be harvested. Mei Furen as a tiger for it’s skin and definitely would be devoured by the tiger. They were always making use of others, using gold and beauties to exchange for things that they wanted and these kind of people’s heart looked like everything was possible, but it would not last long.

Therefore Fu Xiu Yi would be betrayed by his own aides at the end and Mei Furen would die in the hands of the man that used to pamper in her previous lifetime.

Shen Miao thought that upon learning of these two people ending, she would be inevitable shout out of joy but at this moment, there was not much emotions in her heart. It was as if she had done the things that she should do but no longer need to take revenge for the next half of her life.

She looked down at her abdomen. It was because she had more important possessions.

In the hatred and sorrow, it was oneself who could not walk out of it. However Xie Jing Xing and this child had led her out of that long nightmare. The longer one lived, the calmer one’s heart would be. She always felt that she could do it and did the final thing for Fu Ming and Wan Yu. As for this lifetime, she must live well.

Luo Tan looked at the flowers outside and said, “The lotus flowers are really good. Youngest Biao Sister, lets’ go for a walk later.”

Shen Miao nodded her head.

Lotus flowers were very good. Empress Xian De liked to look at lotuses the most.

Emperor Yong Le’s health was not as good as the days passed.

The Imperial Edict on succession had been disccessed private with Emperor Yong Le’s confidants. Emperor Yong Le did not hid his condition and the few high ranking ministers had arranged everything secretly. If there was really such a day that Emperor Yong Le no longer wake up, everything would go smoothly and the Imperial Edict would be announced to the world. When Xie Jing Xing returned from the expedition, what would be waiting for him would be the responsibility of the entire Great Liang.

Naturally Emperor Yong Le’s condition was hidden from Xie Jing Xing.

At such a time, Empress Xian De seemed to be the calmest one. She still read books, brewed tea, played chess and wrote like usual. The things that were spoken to Emperor Yong Le were those common and occasionally poke fun at Shen Miao. If one ignore the paler Emperor Yong Le, on the surface, there was no difference than normal.

In Wei Yang Palace, Empress Xian De looked outside, “It had rain a little just now so it would definitely be very cooling at night. ChenQie is reluctant to drink that jar of Snow wine, why not His Majesty accompany ChenQie to drink it today?”

Emperor Yong Le sat on the chair and glanced at Empress Xian De before laughing, “One jar. Could it be that you want to get drunk?” His words were however very gentle.

“Who doesn’t want to get drunk and not wake up?” Empress Xian De muttered to herself before saying, “One jar of wine would not get one drunk. ChenQie has a good tolerance of alcohol. When one was young, one would often steal wine to drink with one’s Older Brother.”

When Emperor Yong Le heard it, he showed a rare interest and said, “That is not like what you would do.”

“What can this be considered?” Empress Xian De was somewhat proud when she spoke, “When drinking with Older Brothers, ChenQie had never lost before. At that time Father even boasted that he would find an alcohol that ChenQie would get drunk with just one sip but after finding for some time, he could not find it. Afterwards, ChenQie entered the Palace and feared of losing one bearings after drinking and thus no longer drinks.”

“First it is tea. Then it is wine.” Emperor Yong Le signed, “Your interests are so far apart.”

“Drinking tea keeps one awake, drinking alcohol is an indulgence.” Empress Xian De smiled, “So tonight, Your Majesty must not put up airs anymore and indulge once. The Snow Wine is personally brewed by ChenQie. Even though it is not comparable to bejeweled nectar, it could still fit to the atmosphere.”

“Alright.” Emperor Yong Le said, “Zhen will accompany you to indulge once.”


In the late summer, the winds at night were bowling gently and the lake appeared green. Long Ye had long summers that even till on the eighth month, there was no signs of cooling down.

In the small pavilion on the lake, there was a small pot of wine on the table with a few snacks and two wine bowls.

Emperor Yong Le looked at the round wind bowls in front of him and his brows raised, “Use these?” He had used an expression that Xie Jing Xing loved to do, making him look very similar to Xie Jing Xing.

“By sipping with small mouthfuls, one would not be able to taste the Snow Wine.” Empress Xian De smiled, “By using this kind of wine bowl to drink, it would then taste sweet.”

“You used to drink like this in the past?” Emperor Yong Le frowned, “Nonsense.”

“Afterall it is ChenQie drinking alone and no one sees it, so why care so much?” Empress Xian De did care about it and poured for Emperor Yong Le as she held the small jar in one hand.

Emperor Yong Le wanted to say something but stopped and glanced at Empress Xian De in silence.

Empress Xian De had been brewing Snow Wine every year but it was the first time Emperor Yong Le was accompanying her to drink. For so many years she had been brewing tea alone and making wine alone. As flower blossomed and wiltered, she just lived like that deep in the Palace. She did a good job as an Empress but one had almost forgotten that she was just a female who could feel lonely. Most of the time, she would only taste the loneliness as if one was tasting the wine.

Tao GuGu and Deng GongGong was standing far away, seemingly leaving this rare moment to the Emperor and Empress. Empress Xian De handed a wine bowl to Emperor Yong Le and said, “Everytime when Jing Xing come over for a Palace banquet, he would like to use wine bowls to drink. ChenQie saw that Your Majesty seemed to be envious so one do not need to worry tonight. There is only ChenQie here and ChenQie would not laugh at Your Majesty.”

“What a joke. What can Zhen be envious about?” When Emperor Yong Le finished, he picked up the wine bowl and looked at it with some discerning eyes but still took a sip from the bowl.

When Empress Xian De saw it, she could not help but laughed, “What is Your Majesty doing? One should learn from ChenQie.” She picked up the wine bowl and lean her head back to drink. Even such an action from her made it looked very elegant and pleasing to the eyes.

Emperor Yong Le lightly coughed, “Nonsense.” His gaze however, followed Empress Xian De and it was very soft.

Empress Xian De poured another bowl for herself and smiled, “When ChenQie was young, one followed Father to read the history books and envied those great heroes in the books. They stood up in the chaos and were heroic as they eat meat and drank in big mouthfuls as they faced the world. One had felt that those types of lives would then be considered as living in the world. ChenQie had thought that in the future, one must marry to such a hero and brew tea for him during the daytime and drink with him at night.” As she spoke, her eyes was glittering, as if she had returned to her youth, bugging her Older Brothers to drink.

“And afterwards?” Emperor Yong Le asked.

“Afterwards, ChenQie married to Your Majesty and Your Majesty refused to eat meat or drink wine in big mouthfuls. Even though it was not rough, it was very cold instead. ChenQie is very regretful.”

Emperor Yong Le looked at her. Her cheeks gradually became faintly stained in red, making one unable to know if she was drunk or not. Emperor Yong Le thought that she was definitely drunk as an awake Empress Xian De would not be so childish and criticise him.

He said, “Didn’t you said that you have a good tolerance of alcohol? How could one be crazy drunk in front of Zhen?”

“ChenQie is not drunk.” Empress Xian De said, “ChenQie wants to be drunk but for so many years ChenQie had to be awake.”

Emperor Yong Le could no longer smile.

“It is ChenQie’s bad luck to marry to Your Majesty. It is all perfectly fine but one had to share one’s husband with countless of women. Even though there are concubines in those high ranking families, the official wife would have children. But ChenQie do not even have one’s own children. This marriage is really not considered good.” Empress Xian De smiled, “So ChenQie is very envious of WangFei of First Rank. It is not easy for WangFei to live and she have so many things to worry about but she is more fortunate than Chen Qie as she has choices. Jing Xin also treats her well. Jing Xin is not as heartless like Your Majesty.”

Emperor Yong Le was silent for a long time, so long that one could hear the frogs in the pond croaking and the crickets on the tree chirping. He said, “You also have choices. Jing Zhen…”

“From the start, ChenQie had no choice at all.” Empress Xian De interrupted his words, “ChenQie’s entire heart is all on Your Majesty, so how could one have the heart to make other choices?”

Emperor Yong Le was startled. Empress Xian De raised her own bowl of wine and drank the entire second bowl of wine.

“Is there any difference from how Your Majesty look at Chen Qie?” Empress Xian De looked at him, “Don’t one think that this choice of ChenQie’s life is inevitable?”

“Yes.” Emperor Yong Le paused before speaking, “You are very good. You are the best Empress in Great Liang and no one can do it better than you. At the beginning Imperial Mother liked you a lot, Zhen also like you. You are smart, generous and steady. The entire Inner Palace was managed by you very well. It is correct for Zhen to choose you.”

Empress Xian De laughed and as she laughed, it seemed that tears also camed out. She said, “It is indeed so. Your Majesty’s inevitable choice is actually ‘Empress Xian De’ and not ‘Qing Zhen’. ChenQie understands.” She looked at the moonnight up in the skies and the corner of her eyes were glittering but upon turning her head back, she was her normal gentle and calm self. She said, “The matters that Your Majesty had mentioned, ChenQie has taken into consideration. One felt that Your Majesty words are not bad. Since it is one’s life, one has to go on.”

Emperor Yong Le stared at her and felt his throat was somewhat hoarse. After a while he take said it with great difficulty, “The other person… Have you found it?”

“For the time being, no.” Empress Xian De smiled gently, “But these things are not urgent. In the future if there is such a day, it would naturally be done smoothly.”

Emperor Yong Le seemed not to have any words.

Empress Xian De picked up her wine bowl and said, “This bowl of Snow Wine, ChenQie would toast to Your Majesty. After so many years of husband and wife, it is the fate that was accumulated in one’s past life. No matter if it was destiny or ill will, even though ChenQie did not live particularly well these years, it was absolutely not bad. Many thanks to Your Majesty.”

Emperor Yong Le also raised his wine bowl but upon looking carefully, one could discover that his fingers were slightly trembling, as if it was unstable. However he concealed it well and immediately used his sleeves to cover it as he drank from the wine bowl.

To drink an entire big bowl like this, one would not be tempted by the light fragrance. From one’s eyes, throat and all the way to one’s internal organs were hot and the pain of his burning heart made him feel exceptionally bitter.

He saw Empress Xian De stood up and smiled towards him, “Actually this jar of wine looks a lot but it became empty after a few bowls with Your Majesty. It is a pity for such a good scenery tonight. But it does not matter since the days are long. ChenQie is happy to drink with Your Majesty today and will now go out for a walk. May Your Majesty take a rest but do be careful and be careful of not catching a cold.” She then left.

Her departure was so brisk and thinking of those words that she said before, it was clearly saying one’s goodbye. Now that the words of farewell are spoken, the farewell wine was gone, what remained was like now, leaving from his world step by step, never to return.

Emperor Yong Le turned his head to watch Empress Xian De’s retreating back.

Her back view disappeared in the long corridors and she did not even turn her head around, each step of hers were especially firm.

Suddenly his heart felt a pain, an unspeakable pain that slowly spread from his heart to his limbs. His heart thumped very fast that it was practically twitching. He could not breath and could not say a sentence.

He fell down his seat!

Deng GongGong was at the side waiting and when he saw this scene, he jumped in shock as he rushed over. He supported Emperor Yong Le and saw that the other party had a scarily pale face and his lips coule not help but tremble. He held his heart and immediately called for the Imperial Physician and instructed the guards to send Emperor Yong Le back to Yang Xin Hall.

60 responses

      • TBH, the empress was right when she said, her life may be not good but not considered too bad either.
        Be it love or not, the emperor had atleast treated her well and respected her. Aside of having no child and being widow this early, her life is already considered comfortable compared to many other women in ancient times.
        Yes, she could be more free outside…but how free?
        She is still a maiden of a noble household, not jianghu women, so she would still be married of to aristrocratic family afterall.
        So… Who can guarantee that she would be married of to a man like XJX, Gaoyang or Shen xin ?
        What if she was getting a man like Ye Maocai, Jin xingmin, Ye Ke, Shen Yuan, …even Marquis of Ling An who is known as a rightheous man can’t treat his wife well.
        Yes, she might have had children, but what is the point if she had to die young like XJX’s foster mother and can’t raise her own child anyway?
        No…there is no guarantee at all.
        One would never know because thwre is no “If” in life fate. Rebirth is not something one can ask for.
        So, her fate is really not considered too bad aside of the fact that she can’t have her own child.


  1. I feel so sad for this Empress. She loves him whole-heartily but as an Emperor his heart couldn’t belong to her alone.

    If she had children, she wouldn’t feel so lonely stuck in the Imperial Palace.

    Now she is going to be abandon by the person she dedicated her life.

    Liked by 15 people

  2. Second time that I cried. Nothing more sad than having promised that could never be able to take action, has one love but cannot reconcile until old and dry. The love story between emperor Yong le and empress Xian De is very touching. He knew it’s time but still courage up his desire to do the thing that one no longer be able to do. If you say break up is hurt then being a parted like this is more heart wrenching. I feel that if you put up your emotion with this chapter and not being afraid of holding your tear, I swore you’ll have a lot of tissue beneath your feet. *heavy sigh*….. Ai

    Liked by 8 people

    • AGREE! This is the third time I cried in this story, but this particular chapter made my eyes flow with tears that keeps on falling slowly. It is really unfortunate of them to be inlove with the right person but not in the exact time and events. As a reader, it is really unbearable (AND REALLY PAINFUL) to read their story because damn man! IT REALLY HURTS.


  3. This is just so heart wrenching and had really wished different ending for this couple when it’s finally translated, but just not possible. Aish….more tissues 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  4. what keeps me sane, is the question/reaction of XJX coming back home, with a baby waiting for him along with our Empress. He could just stare at the baby in surprise or confusion.

    Else, I will go to the corner and cry for the fate of this couple. I swear.

    Liked by 2 people

    • If you are not a good liar then better not lie, because it is gonna be obviously visible, it’s more humiliating for the other party as it is as if she is considered too dumb/naive to see it.
      He is obviously not a liar and and lying to such a great woman is just too degrading her dignity.
      Only naive woman loves to be lied to.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I guess now it is clear how the emperor sees her as. Qing zhen said she didn’t have a choice, it hinted that she fell for him at the first sight that’s why she still chose him and be devoted anyway despite knowing that he would never be able to fulfil her dream of a life.
    All of her heart was for him, that’s why she didn’t have a choice.
    On the other hand, sadly… He had always only been seeing her as the best empress of Great Liang, his perfect choice of Empress Xiande… but not “Qing zhen” as a beloved woman.
    And this is what disappointing her the most, and she can’t even have a child to accompany her lonely days.
    However that’s a choice she had self made.
    And now it seems that she hinted the emperor she’s gonna leave the palace to marry again if she finds the man.
    However I doubt that she would really do it.
    If she was a person who is able to change heart that easily, she wouldn’t have agreed to marry him in the first place. She knew that he was gonna die ny around 30.
    If she is a person easy to change heart, why didn’t she just resign the feipin selection and find a healthy good husband from normal household?
    I think she is just too much in love with him that till today, she doesn’t even want to let him go with unresolved guilt. That’s why she told him that she would listen to his idea from previous dinner and try to find a new husband.
    She still wants him to leave in peace, without a need to worry for her future.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I think he loves her, but doesn’t know how to show it or doesn’t want to since he knows he’s dying, just like him asking deng gonggong “is zhen wrong “, he wants her happy, ah what you do for the person you love, your not reconciled to die and let go, but you want the person to be happy 😭😭😭😭


      • You could naturally see it differently as each person could set own parameter to define what love is. In my eyes however, when you truly love someone you would never be able to share your affection to any other person, no matter what.
        And the most deciding point was, he wouldn’t have made decision that could hurt one’d beloved person the most no matter what.
        But it was obvious to me where his priority lies.
        One can make excuse that it was only to comfort the Lu clan.. But please, even without using any precautions the probability of a successful pregnancy with a regular sex even in a monogamy is only 25-30%.
        But he managed to make Lu jing pregnant even while using contraceptive method. This only tell how often he had sex with her so that he could even meet her fertile period, while having actually so many other concubines too.
        IMHO, he wants Empress Xiande to be happy because he cares and truly has concern, he has guilty feeling towards her, for her suffering all this time for the sake of his empire.
        Like the inner naration of Deng Gonggong… He is just sometimes not sure whether he was wrong or not.
        Because he doesn’t want to wrong a sincere person.
        He thought that giving back her freedom should be able to make her happy again, especially since she just told him her previous dream as a young maiden.
        But if he is really a person who is in love, he must be able to understand that such a thought is nonsense.
        If he is a person who has fallen in love, he must be able to understand how she feels about him, that asking such a thing from her is the most cruel thing he could do to her.
        The fact that he could do it and even still be confusedly asking if he said the wrong thing…only shows that he does not understand love.
        You just can’t ask a woman who actually has a dream of care free life but too much in love with you too disregard everything and still marry you despite knowing she will be a widow in a young age, to marry again as soon as you die.
        That’s an insult to her love. And if he him self has ever felt a true love, he would know that he shouldn’t do it.
        That’s why I have this opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I mean, if it is only to show the world that he share the rain fairly, he can always manage to calculate the days he can visit the women when they are in the safe period. It’s not impossible since everything in the harem is always managed well and recorded by imperial household departement to try crosscheck whether the fetus of a particular concubine really conceived within the time frame when she got a visit by the emperor and that her fertile period is matched with this visit too.
        The fact that he can manage to avoid further pregnancy that long by giving his women contraception concoction while not having any heir at all and without getting any problem with the court, proves that managing the visit days is not a difficult task.
        However the fact that Lu jing got pregnant only shows that he came to her anytime he feels like it, so it is not like an attitude of a person who only wants to show something to other people.
        It is exactly an attitude of a man who sees his every visit to those women is just a matter of course, it’s his proper right to do it, there is no scruples in doing it.
        Lu Jing is the one who killed Jing Zhen’s babys and turned her infertile from then onwards, so not killing her was already a big concession from the Empress side. Lu clan couldn’t actually say much if his daughter got punished as harem issue is the right of the empress and the emperor to handle, not even the jurisdiction of justice ministerium. I don’t believe he would immediately rebel if she was punished. She was not even demoted to a much lower title.
        Moreover… if there should be any accidental pregnancy, Lu jing is supposed to be the last woman in the palace who should experience it, if he really had that much affection to the empress.
        Lu jing was the murder of her baby.
        The emperor has been doing the excellent job as a monarch but never as a husband… Not even as a husband with a proper and rightful polygamy lifestyle.
        It is just a fact.
        Jing Zhen on the other hand has always been a perfect empress and a lovingly devoted wife for him.
        If he is a person to know about love, then he would understand how to appreciate her feeling.
        Since at the moment his death is closing in anyway and if they both know that their feeling is reciprocrated…
        Then the most logical move should actually be cherishing the rest of the time they still have together.
        About his wish to grant her a possibility for future happiness, he doesn’t need to blurt it out in her face now when she is in her saddest moment fearing of losing him.
        She loves him, so there is no way for her thinking about marrying again at present.
        This kind of idea is only possible to occur in the next few years, so he can just leave a secret decree for the sake of her freedom and let his trusted aid keep it.
        Telling her this idea straightforwardly like this now is only showing his ignorance towards love.
        That’s how I see it.

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      • Yeah, I also on the side that he loves her. For her to be perfectly healthy except for that one miscarriage, it shows how much protection she received. I think this Emperor is the type that unconsciously wants to ‘confine’ one love. Even if he had to bear the guilt, he can’t bear to ‘see’ her with someone else. But he is not conscious of it as he thinks he only cares of her as Empress Xian De. With how much he seems to say something but unable to, it can be seen he loved her but wants to carry the acts until the end to ease her into finding second happiness. But for me it is also his way of trying to wash his guilt over his unconscious selfishness since now she can be free to be with someone as long as she is happy and he unable to ‘see’ it (which seems unlike as he immediately relapsed). I guess it all depends on one perspectives. To me, their love might seems obstructive yet obsessive at the same time, it is bordering madness to me. Unlike XJX and SM which is rationalised-centred.


  6. this story really got hijacked at the end by this pair of side characters??? weird. I mean, it’s well written – definitely touching and sad – but still a weird note to go out on.


  7. So as the story goes by, the actual dog blood plot comes from Yong Le/Xian De instead of Jing Xing/Shen Miao 😢😢😢


  8. i thought i would cry in this chapter but i didnt. i dont pity the emperor. he wasnt able to value the empress enough. the empress deserves so much better.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I’m not feeling sad for him. After all, he was actually in that position since the one he favored before has poisoned him. I’m only feeling sad for the empress. I hope for her move on and find her own happiness. The emperor doesn’t deserve her love and she also doesn’t deserve the pain that he brought him to.


      • You’re getting some things wrong, he hadn’t been poisoned by that favourite, but because of the previous emperor. You’re mixed up the current empress’ poisoning to make her lose her child. Plus, he favoured that concubine in order to protect the empress


      • He was poisoned by the previous Emperor’s favoured consort i.e. his father’s consort when he was still young. Not poisoned by his oen consort


      • You’re getting the facts wrong, the emperor hadn’t been poisoned because of his favourite but because of the previous emperor. You mixed up with the empress’s poisoning to make her lose her pregnancy and that one he favored happened after and it was to protect the empress and to distract everyone else while he was reinforcing his power.


    • well,, in my opinion,, the emperor got no choice,, he has to hardened his heart to protect Great Liang, including abandoned his heart…
      He know that he is the only one who can accomplish mother empress’s wishes,, that is to protect Great Liang for Jing Xing, all the thing he does is for Jing Xing later to govern…
      from the start he’s already carrying hugr burden on his shoulder,, that is why,, he never reveal his trueself…
      He is force to act it up as a grown up, mature, wise and respected ruler, while if the situation permit he can act as a child/teenager that make many mistakes and doing silly things, but no,, he has to be great ruler to pave some way for his brother.
      Both of emperor Yong Le and empress Xian De has their own sorrow that can’t be describe, only can be felt 😢


  9. I didn’t cry but my heart ached for the emperor… He took her for granted for so many years but only realized he loves her too now that he’s dying, and he can’t even do anything about it, but to just let go, because if he told her that he loves her, he will only imprison her with him and won’t be able to free her when he’s gone…


  10. I’m not feeling sad for him. After all, he was actually in that position since the one he favored before has poisoned him. I’m only feeling sad for the empress. I hope for her move on and find her own happiness. The emperor doesn’t deserve her love and she also doesn’t deserve the pain that he brought him to.


  11. A lot of women wanted to be the Empress but they dont know how lonely that title was. A life with jaded food is not worthy to the lifetime loneliness thay one has to suffer in the Palace. You can never leave after being the emperor’s woman and so you are bound inside the palace only to fade away as time goes by.


  12. This love story is very sad. The empress for the first time being open about her feeling, she loved the Emperor wholeheartedly. Even to the point agreeing to his suggestion to remarry. Somehow I feel the Emperor loved her too, since he asked his Eunuch whether he’s doing the right thing. So please, tell her what you actually felt, Emperor

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  13. *sigh* this novel deserves a movie or a drama.. one that would not deviate from the original plotline..
    If so, i think would cry for a week after this scene T^T

    It doesn’t matter what he did in the past.. sad things will still be sad and a farewell like this is never happy, especially when you know you will never meet again in this lifetime.


    • I also feel sad for XJX though.. he’ll return thinking he’ll bring glory for his country and after that peacefully live with his beloved JiaoJiao.. but instead he’ll find his only brother has passed away and he has to take the responsibility of being the emperor asap

      XJX is in for MANY surprises (both sad and happy) when he comes back -,-


  14. Is it possible to give us an estimate of how many parts this last chapter will be? I know it’s a huge long chapter that could have been split up into like 4 chapters by the author xD But it’d be nice to know how close we are to the actual end (before side stories)


  15. It took me an entire week to read all these chapters… and I’m so in love with XJX … he’s such a sweet hubby and I’m so sad it’s ending ㅠㅠ


  16. This chapter had me leaking tears on public transportation.

    I’m not crying. You’re crying! Your mother is crying! Your whole family is crying! 😢😢😢😢😢


  17. “First it is tea. Then it is wine.” Lol, I can see Emperor Yong Le shaking his head.
    – Emperor Yong Le: SMH 😑

    “ChenQie married to Your Majesty and Your Majesty refused to eat meat or drink wine in big mouthfuls…ChenQie is very regretful.” Rip. Way to tear him down, Empress 😆. Much needed though. Someone needs to poke this ice block to get him to actually notice 😒 Feels like the Empress is turning to a drunken Shen Miao 😛, albeit a more composed and sadder one 😟.

    They both have feelings for each other, but it’s too bad Emperor Yong Le’s version of how to be affectionate is more like seeing her as another task on his to-do list – to fix and give her a supposedly better life – and then cross her off as one of the checklist items he has amended before he departs to the afterlife.

    And it sucks, sounds like Empress Xian De probably would had a better life even if she didn’t get stuck with him. Possibly could marry the manly heroine of her childhood dreams. And so much she has to give up after meeting him.

    And of course Emperor Yong Le not doing enough to protect her well enough and show her actual affection these last few years instead to concentrate it on taking out the enemy first…Granted, his position as an Emperor probably made his choices limited but still… 😔😩

    A workaholic Emperor and a devoted Empress….😔

    Really do feel like these two are like the sadder, more mature versions of Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing. So glad main couple will have a happier ending at least.


    • She poisoned that wine. She wanted to end his suffering early and since she poisoned him and loves him she drank that poison together with him


  18. I cannot anymore lay down when reading this. My pillow is wet, my nose is blocked, my eyes are stinging….my heart hurts and my brain is suffering 😭😭😭😭


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