Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 223 (Part 1)

Chapter 223: The Death of Consort Jing (Part 1)

At the end of the rock garden, there was a long staircase and at the bottom of the steps, there was a female. There were large patches of blood pools below the female, making Shen Miao and the two maids behind stunned. When they went up forward to take a look, they were surprised that it was Consort Jing.

Consort Jing was holding on to her abdomen at the moment and her entire face was filled with sweat, while her face was as pale as paper. She was curled up to a ball and was moaning painfully. Shen Miao went up to take a look but saw that there were traces of scuffs on the steps, indicating that Lu Jing fell down from this staircase.

Upon seeing Shen Miao, Lu Jing made all effort to reach out and only manage to say two words, “Save me.” Then she fainted.

Ba Jiao asked, “Furen. This…”

“Call people over.” Shen Miao frowned, “She is after all pregnant with a Dragon seed. Moreover if a matter of do nothing to save another life is spread out, the one at the disadvantage would only be the residence of Prince Rui.” Even though she was not willing to be implicated in such matters, she was also not willing for the residence of Prince Rui to bear the bad reputation.

Ba Jiao nodded her head and complied before rushing away. Hui Xiang looked around and shook her head, “There is no one else.”

“Have long run away.” Shen Miao frowned, “To actually harm another that openly like this in the Palace, the other party’s guts is sure big.” She then looked at Consort Jing who was barely perceptible breathing and sighed. Shen Miao saw those female in the Palace that miscarriage and with Consort Jing like this, one feared that the child in the womb could not be saved. Shen Miao did not pity Consort Jing but felt sorry for the unborn child. If this fetus was not in Lu Jing’s womb, how would there be this calamity before one was born? Thinking about children, Shen Miao suddenly thought about that youth’s face that she saw in the woods. Her heart shrunk. If that was truly Fu Ming, why was he unwilling to see her? If that was not Fu Ming… Then why did he look so much like Fu Ming?

As Shen Miao was thinking, since there were only limited people in the Palace that was coming and going, after the matter of Lu Jing had passed, she will then make a request to Empress Xian De or Xie Jing Xing to search for that youth. She did not believe that it was her illusion as she was sober.

The people that Ba Jiao called quickly came and jumped in shock upon seeing Consort Jing like this. Although Emperor Yong Le did not care about Consort Jing’s pregnancy, but Consort Jing was after all carrying Emperor Yong Le’s first child. At this moment, at such a state, discerning eyes could tell that this child could not be saved.

There was no need to speak much as these people quickly send Consort Jing to Jing Hua Palace, invited the Imperial Physician over and instructed people to inform Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De. As Shen Miao was the first person who saw Consort Jing, no matter if it was not related to her, she was also implicated and could not leave.

Hui Xiang felt somewhat uneasy. The matters of the Imperial family were the most complicated and especially when it comes to matters concerning on Dragon seeds. The most difficult thing was that Shen Miao was implicated and Hui Xiang even suspect if it was a conspiracy.

Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De rushed over quickly but Shen Miao discovered that Xie Jing Xing was not present and did not know where he went. She initially wanted to tell him about the matter but looking at the current situation, she could only let it be.

After Emperor Yong Le’s arrival, he had questioned the people around and knew that there was not a single palace maid by Consort Jing’s side at that time, otherwise they would not let her fall down the staircase and also no one helping her till she had to request Shen Miao. Empress Xian De asked with a frown, “Isn’t Consort Jing in Jing Hua Palace chatting with the Young Lady of the Ye family? Why did she go to the Imperial Gardens? Where is the Young Lady of the Ye family?”

There was however no suspicions that was placed on Shen Miao.

Shen Miao was somewhat surprised and before she could speak, there was a sudden short scream from the room and afterwards from the sleeping chambers of Jing Hua Palace, a few of Consort Jing’s palace maids ran out and knelt down in front of Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De and continuously kowtowed.

The Imperial Physician walked out from inside and wiped away his sweat before speaking lowly, “Emperor. This old official is incompetent. Her Ladyship Consort Jing is gone.”

“Gone?” The one speaking was Empress Xian De. “How could Consort Jing be gone?”

The old Imperial Physician bowed and said, “Ever since Her Ladyship Consort Jing is pregnant, she has been taking tonic every day. This is actually too much for the child and with too much nutrients, the child is too heavy. The child could not be saved and Her Ladyship Consort Jing suffered from shock and lost too much blood so…”

Shen Miao could not speak of what kind of emotions she was feeling. Naturally Lu Jing was stupid but as the Dragon seed that she was carrying died, to her it was perhaps the biggest blow and she suffered from excessive shock before dying.

One was unable to see any emotions from Emperor Yong Le’s face as he was not content due to the matter nor was he hurt by it. It was Empress Xian De that said solemnly, “Consort Jing was perfectly fine so how could she fall down suddenly? Where are the palace maids by her side?”

The palace maids in Jing Hua Palace quickly knelt down, “Her Ladyship was previously speaking to the Young Lady of Ye family in the palace when she suddenly mentioned to take a walk in the Imperial Gardens. Her Ladyship does not like servants following by the side so these servants dared not defy Her Ladyship’s orders. Afterwards the Ye family’s Young Lady did not return and Her Ladyship also did not return. When one saw Her Ladyship, it was when WangFei of First Rank sent her back.”

This palace maid of Consort Jing was as eloquent as Consort Jing was and pushed the blame off from oneself cleanly. However since Consort Jing encountered such a matter, there was no escape from blame for those personal maids.

Empress Xian De did not have any trace of suspicion of Shen Miao and asked immediately, “Where is the Ye family’s Young Lady? Someone come and search for that Ye family’s Young Lady!”

It was a matter concerning the Imperial descendent, so naturally it was a major matter, moreover it happened in the Inner Palace. As Empress Xian De was the mistress of the six Palaces, naturally she had to investigate it thoroughly. Emperor Yong Le did not speak and let Empress Xian De give out instruction. From the time of the incident till now, she did not expose any emotions, making one unable to guess what did he thought of the matter.

Shen Miao was thinking where Xie Jing Xing was at such a critical timing and at the same time thinking about the possibilities of how the incident happened. Could it be that Ye Mei took action to kill Lu Jing? There was absolutely no reason for this. Even if Ye Mei wanted to enter the Palace, she would be here to enquire about information from Lu Jing and there was no need to kill her. Moreover Ye Mei was not one who would take action personally. She was vicious but most of the time she would made others take action to gain what she wanted but she would remain spotless. Even if Ye Mei truly want to kill Lu Jing, she would not use such a stupid method like this. Everyone knew that she left with Consort Jing so if anything happened to Consort Jing, wouldn’t she be the first suspected?

This made Shen Miao somewhat puzzled.

Everyone in Jing Hua Palace was thinking about the matter in their mind and after a while, one could hear a flurried voice from the back, “Your Ladyship Consort Jing!”

Shen Miao turned around to look and saw Ye Mei was brought over by a few guards. Her expression was somewhat flustered but there were more expression of unbelievable. She took two steps forward but was stopped by Empress Xian De’s guards. Empress Xian De looked at her and said coldly, “Where did Young Lady Ye went to that one only came over now? Before Consort Jing died, she headed to the Imperial Gardens with you. How is it that something happened to Consort Jing but you are not there?” These words were so aggressive and had the attitude of attacking the other party with condemnations. Empress Xian De usually looked calm and gentle but at this moment her fierce and severe appearance had an air of an Empress that made Ye Mei step back and shrank.

Shen Miao looked at her coldly.

Ye Mei lowered her head incredulously, seemingly recalling a memory and said, “This official’s daughter was previously chatting with Her Ladyship Consort Jing in Jing Hua Palace when Her Ladyship Consort Jing said that the weather outside is cooling and wanted to have some air. Her Ladyship Consort Jing’s palace maids also wanted to follow but Her Ladyship Consort Jing felt that it was not convenient with so many people around and since it is only walking around the Imperial Gardens, there would not be any danger and with this official’s daughter at her side, there was no need for others.”

Hearing this, everyone in the room had different expressions.

Lu Jing had a normally arrogant temper and it was intensified due to the pregnancy. Most likely upon seeing Ye Mei’s beautiful appearance, her heart felt uncomfortable or maybe it was because of other reasons, she let Ye Mei come along with her because Lu Jing wanted to directly order Ye Mei like a maid so she did not call her palace maid along so that she could make things difficult for Ye Mei. This was indeed Consort Jing’s character.

“Later when this official’s daughter was walking in the gardens, Her Ladyship Consort Jing suddenly felt a little cold and wanted this official’s daughter to retrieve a silk cloak for her. That cloak was not in Jing Hua Palace but with a Cairen. This official daughter is not familiar with the Palace’s roads and wasted a lot of time searching for that location. When this official’s daughter retrieved the cloak, one did not expect that Your Ladyship the Empress’s guards would come and said that something had happened to Her Ladyship Consort Jing.” Ye Mei knelt down, “When this official’s daughter left, Her Ladyship Consort Jing was perfectly fine. This official’s daughter truly does not know what actually went on!” She suddenly thought about something, “If Your Ladyship does not believe then do instruct someone to look for that Cairen. She can testify for this official’s daughter as this official’s daughter looked for her to retrieve the cloak. This official’s daughter went to retrieve the cloak so how could one harm Her Ladyship Consort Jing?”

Empress Xian De frowned.

Everyone knew clearly of Consort Jing’s temper ad knew that it was one of Consort Jing’s tricks to instruct Ye Mei to retrieve a cloak from afar like a servant.

Empress Xian De said, “Tao GuGu, bring people to that Cairen and enquire carefully. If anyone is lying, one would be punished severely.”

Ye Mei said hurriedly, “That Cairen’s surname is Cao.”

Tao GuGu complied and left.

The room suddenly fell into a deadlock situation again. Ye Mei was kneeing on the ground and her weak body was trembling with grievances on her face. When she smiled, it was like as charming as a cat that one could hook a soul over but when tearing quietly like now, it was like she was scared and looked pitiful. That teary eyes and trembling shoulders was also like a cat, making others feel pity and want to embrace her. The way her feet knelt down was in a particular position that when Emperor Yong Le look down, he could see her profile face and her weak and fragile side body.

Empress Xian De saw everything but her lips hooked up like a smile but not a smile. When Shen Miao saw it, she signed as she understood why she lost to Ye Mei in her previous lifetime. At such a critical and urgent situation like this, as normal, Ye Mei would make use of her beauty and charm to move other’s heart. Shen Miao liked Fu Xiu Yi and would silently sacrifice and stupidly used her treasured things to exchange for him. However when Ye Mei liked someone, or it could be said that when Ye Mei want a person, she would show the most beautiful side of herself and attract another to sacrifice for her and use their treasure things to exchange for her. But… Shen Miao glanced at Emperor Yong Le. One feared that Ye Mei’s plans would fall empty as Emperor Yong Le did not even look at Ye Mei’s direction.

The two brothers of the Xie family were like two iron plates and beauty was not enough. Moreover as compared to Xie Jing Xing, Emperor Yong Le do not focus on female’s beauty.

It just that before Tao GuGu arrived, the Lu family people came.

Lu Furen and Master Lu had come. The child in Consort Jing’s womb is gone and Consort Jing was also gone. Other than already gone Consort Jing herself who was the angriest, one feared that the next one who were jumping were the Lu family. Lu Zheng Chun brought Lu Furen and arrived in Jing Hua Palace in anger. The people in the palace did not block them and Emperor Yong Le also did not bother to block them. Lu Furen sat on the floor and cried once she entered before crying and lamenting about her misfortunate daughter.

Shen Miao looked at Lu Furen, like she was watching a clown jumping up and down. If she really doted her daughter, then why would she not go and take a look at Lu Jing’s corpse upon the first thing when entering the Palace to see her the last time then to cry in front of the Emperor and Empress. One feared that being distress of one’s daughter was false but being heartache on the dragon seed that Lu Zhen was carrying after much difficulty.

Lu Zheng Chun was born with a ferocious appearance and at this moment he had a sullen face and his imposing appearance was like a devil from the Underworld. It made one feel that if it was not wrong, he would even dare to kill the monarch.

He said, “Emperor. Jing-er and the Dragon seed in her womb are harmed by other This matter is not a small one. This official has raised Jing-er till adult and one hope Your Majesty would understand this official’s heart and give this official accountability!”

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  1. This Ye Mei is playing hooky again. Who knows what she did. If she was gone to “create an alibi” then could it be…the person resembling fu ming killed consort Jing? This seems likely.

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  2. So last chapter Shen Miao saw a young child who looked like her own son? Was that perhaps the same child who nearly killed her and Pei Lang? And if so it was because of Ye Mei. She did it the last time because she felt inferior to Shen Miao and now she probably wanted to get rid of Consort Jing. Good thing though that the emperor is just as uninterested in a beautiful woman as XJX. Now I am looking forward to the soon unfolding carnage.

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  3. What? All of this is happening and XJX isn’t there?

    Watch him being the one behind all of this, so he can kill 3 birds with a single arrow.

    He got rid of the baby (I wonder if consort jing was a plus or “all according to plan), and just pitted the Lu against the Ye family/siblings..

    All the while getting in the graces of the emperor, empress, and most important of all: beloved wangfei ;/

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  4. Ye Mei already suspected that the Ye Family was in precarious situation. She wants to jump into new wagon, but she doesn’t want to enter Yong Le’s inner palace. And… She still want to get rid of SM.
    So, my best speculation is, she made use of Consort Jing and her pregnancy/miscarriage to trap and frame SM. She will steer the investigation so it’ll be intentional (instead of accidental) miscarriage/murder and SM as the most probable suspect. In her calculation, by the end of investigation, Lu Family force the Imperial Family to get rid of SM. If they spread the news to civilians, XJX should take new wife if the Imperial Family want to give him the throne. The Lu Young Misses aren’t her opponents, so she’ll be XJX’s new empress.

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  5. Shen Miao is not right in the head? No matter what, isn’t she aware that she hasn’t given birth in this reality? Even if someone gave birth to a child that LOOKS like her previous life’s child, it’s NOT her kid. I can understand initially being shocked, but it’s been at least a few minutes by now, and she’s still thinking it’s “Fu Ming.”

    When the author makes her so selectively stupid like this, it’s really really really difficult to respect this female main character…


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