Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 218 (Part 1)

Chapter 218: Leaving (Part 1)

Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing were good thus the entire residence of Prince Rui seemed to have release a long sigh of relief.

What was a blessing in disguise was that no only they reconciled, they seemed to have begun sleeping in the same room. This was simply beyond everyone’s expectations. Tang Shu was the happiest and would brew daily some tiger whip or deer whip soup for Xie Jing Xing to drink and would often make Shen Miao speechless when she saw it.

Xie Jing Xing started to investigate the matters of the Ye family but the strange thing was that Ye Mei and her Younger Brother were indeed citizens and grew up in Great Liang. The life that they lived in Qin province was not even a little inaccurate. Shen Miao did not know why was it like that and later only thought that since she had relived this life, she had changed many things inadvertently. Just like Fu Xiu Yi’s luck and just like the identities of Mei Furen and Younger Brother.

But no matter what changes there were, there was one thing that would not change. Ye Mei was her enemy in the previous lifetime and had entered the ‘Ye’ family in this lifetime. The opposite position was not changed at all.

Pei Lang’s injuries gradually got better. Shen Miao went to take a look once but she did not enter the room and just took a look from afar. Seeing that he could drink the medication himself, she then left. Shen Miao had complicated feelings towards Pei Lang but Pei Lang most likely did not know about the matters in the past life and her knowledge of the past life matters made her unable to face the other in a calm attitude.

Thus she could maintain such a distance like this.

Xie Jing Xing was however very satisfied with this and said that she was much more sensible than she used to be. He took the opportunity to ‘reward’ her and seemed to replenish all the times that was not done since before they consummate the marriage. He had made Shen Miao unable to stay awake, like she was haunted by a male ghost.

The situation in Long Ye had looked like it was stabilised but the whirlpool of fighting was not something that others could imagine. After the Imperial Hunt, Emperor Yong Le had started to pull the net that was cast on the Lu family and the Lu family was busy dealing with the Imperial family, thus Xie Jing Xing became much busier.

Naturally Shen Miao could not relax as the letters from Ming Qi had arrived.

Luo Xue Yan had send letters to Shen Miao.

There were two letters in it. One was written by Luo Xue Yan, indicating that they were all well and repeatedly telling Shen Miao that if she suffered any grievances in Long Ye, she must not swallow it into her stomach and write to them about it. She also urged her strongly to have mutual respect with Xie Jing Xing and support one another then she asked about the situation at Shen Miao’s side.

The other letter was written by Shen Qiu.

In Shen Qiu’s letter, it was not the same of that of Luo Xue Yan’s. When Shen Miao married, she had spoken about some things to Shen Qiu and even though she did not outright spoke of it, she had hinted Shen Qiu to be wary of the Imperial family of Ming Qi as the Imperial family of Ming Qi was a sinking mud and the Shen family have to protect oneself. No matter what methods were used, one had to always draw a clear relationship with the Imperial family otherwise one would be dragged in together and sink to the bottom of the mud. If it was necessary, the Shen family’s clean reputation should be abandon and the priority was their lives.

This time Shen Qiu wrote about the situation in Ming Qi in his letter.

Upon calculation, it was more than half a year since Shen Miao left Ding capital. The situation in Ding capital was at the verge of change and there would be many changes on a daily basis, let alone half a year. But this change made one caught unprepared.

Emperor Wen Hui was seriously ill.

First it was cough then the illness got worsen and now it had gotten to the point where one would not be able to attend court. Even if he attended court occasionally, there was a lack of energy and would call it off after listening to some words. One did not know for what reasons there were even rumours in the Palace that Emperor Wen Hui was at his end and one feared that he would not last for a year.

When Shen Miao saw that line, she only laughed. Could Emperor Wen Hui only live for a year? Shen Miao did not believe it as Emperor Wen Hui did not die this early in the past live. Of course, it was difficult to see if there were any suspicious circumstances to Emperor Wen Hui’s death. Ming Qi’s Imperial family was intricately complicated and relationships between the Princes were not as simple as in Long Ye. For one person to ascend, there would be many people sacrificing, so what more could an Imperial Father be.

In the letter, Shen Qiu had mentioned that Emperor Wen Hui was seriously ill but one did not know why he made it difficult for his previously favourite Consort Xu Xian. Consort Xu Xian was demoted to the rank of Cairen and not only that, the Emperor was angered by the entire Xu family which implicated the two brothers, Prince Zhou and Prince Jing. These two brothers no longer manage any court matters at the moment and Shen Qiu had no knowledge of the specifics. In short, Consort Xu Xian together with Prince Zhou and Prince Jing has lost favour. In the fight of the heir apparent, Prince Zhou and Prince Jing seemed to have fallen behind.

And Prince Li’s fraction unprecendently had good relations with Prince Ding.

Prince Li’s fraction was a side that had power in the fight of the heir apparent and Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, did not have any relationship with them, so to have good relations at this moment, there was something wrong if one think about it. What was more suspicious was that in this fraction, Prince Li actually had some faint intention of letting Prince Ding lead.

After writing till here, Shen Qiu’s words became somewhat sloppy. It was obvious that his mood was not calm at all.

It was alright as in summary, it meant that currently in Ding capital, between those Princes, the most popular was Fu Xiu Yi, who once had no desire or needs. Moreover Fu Xiu Yi’s Consort Mother, Consort Dong Shu, had become Emperor Wen Hui’s support that did not leave his side.

When Emperor Wen Hui was seriously ill, the one that he doted on was the one that was closest to him so some people guest that with this trend, even though there was no Crown Prince, Emperor Wen Hui was very likely to pass the Imperial throne to Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi.

Thus a wave of officials turned towards Fu Xiu Yi’s side. No matter it was because of their own intentions or outside forces, no matter how one looked, Fu Xiu Yi had became the future Monarch of Ming Qi.

And Fu Xiu Yi gradually began to deal with the Shen family.

The Shen family’s military power had been collected by Emperor Wen Hui previously but Fu Xiu Yi wanted to give Shen Xin new military powers so that both Father and Son can lead a new army. No matter how one see it, it was a pit that Fu Xiu Yi clearly dug up for the Shen family to jump. If it was not done properly, one would have fallen into Fu Xiu Yi’s trap.

Shen Qiu wrote in the letter that currently the Shen family was using the reason of Shen Xin had fallen ill to not accept the military power but one did not know how long could this reason be use because since Fu Xiu Yi wanted to deal with the Shen family, he would not only use one type of method. It was fortunate that the Shen family was not completely helpless as Fu Xiu Yi’s spearhead was also directed to the Feng family, which was Feng An Ning’s family. The Feng family and the Shen family planned to join forces and combined with other Ming Qi’s officials, it was enough for self protection.

However there were some words of a loss in his words. He seemed to be sighing that for the Shen family who had been loyal for generations, to end up being in a situation of mutual suspicion with the Imperial family.

After Shen Miao read the letter, she folded it up and was somewhat worried. Xie Jing Xing read it with her just now and upon seeing her worried expression, he asked, “You are very worried?”

“Fu Xiu Yi has started to deal with the Shen family.” Shen Miao said seriously, “The speed that he pick up the matter is too quick that in less than a year, there isn’t anyone who could compete with him. Prince Zhou and Prince Jing was initially so arrogant but now even Consort Xu Xian is declining and Prince Li was actually submitted to him.” Shen Miao said, “His means and methods are truly not simple.” Even though she had long knew that Fu Xiu Yi had become Ming Qi’s Emperor the last lifetime, but there was no Shen family this lifetime. He could still turn around an undesirable situation and this made Shen Miao felt that the Shen family’s arrangement was too rash and perhaps she had underestimated the enemy.

“It is not strange.” Xie Jing Xing smiled, “In order to win, he had started preparing so many years ahead. Even though Prince Zhou and Prince Jing have the advantage but they were late in the decisive opportunity. One need not talk about Prince Li as he does not have the maternal family’s support and simply not comparable.”

“But why does he want to target the Shen family?” Shen Miao frowned, “Reasonably speaking, since the Shen family do not have any military power, there would not be any threat to him, just like the current residence of the Marquis of Lin An. He did not deal with the residence of the Marquis of Lin An but does not let the Shen family off…” Fu Xiu Yi would not waste time of meaningless things so why bother to suppress the Shen family, when it was considered as non necessary moves?

Xie Jing Xing muttered to himself, “Perhaps because of you?”

“Me?” Shen Miao looked at him.

“You have married to Great Liang and Fu Xiu Yi was suspicious about the relationship between you and me, thinking that Great Liang is the Shen family’s backing. After returning to Long Ye, I have instructed people to monitor Fu Xiu Yi’s movement and discovered that he is investigating everything about me in the residence of the Marquis of Lin An and perhaps knew of my identity. There might be misunderstanding between the relationship between the Shen family and me and thought that the Shen family had already seek shelter with Great Liang or perhaps he has other plans.” He spoke after pausing, “Fu Xiu Yi’s means are vicious and extreme and he is suspicious by nature thus once he discover that something is not right, he would definitely cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Once he feel a little uneasy with the Shen family, he would spare no effort to eradicate them.”

“This I understand.” Shen Miao’s gaze became slightly cold. Even at the end of her previous life, Fu Xiu Yi would clean the First household out because of the military power of the Shen family.

“But you need not have to worry.” XIe Jing Xing pinched her face, “I have made arrangements in Ding capital. No matter what, one has the ability to protect your family’s safety.”

“You have long made arrangements?” Shen Miao asked, “Why did you not tell me earlier?”

Xie Jing Xing said, “Is credit needed for this kind of thing? That is also my family so how would I let them stay in Ding capital without any arrangements made?”

When Shen Miao heard Xie Jing Xing spoke ‘that is also my family’, her heart seemed to have tasted sweet honey and there was a slight smile in her eyes before she said, “Speaking of which, I did not expect that the Feng family would join hands in alliance with Eldest Brother.” In the beginning, in order not to let Feng An Ning repeat the mistakes in the previous lifetime, she specially reminded Shen Qiu to help watch over the Feng family but one did not know how such relations were form. However from how this looks, it seemed that Feng An Ning would not be like the past lifetime, marrying that Older Biao Brother with a gilded exterior but shabby and ruined on the inside.

“There is still one matter that I want to speak to you about.” Xie Jing Xing’s face suddenly became serious. “Fu Xiu Yi has some secret contacts with the Emperor of Qin country.”

Shen Miao was startled and asked, “To borrow soldiers?” Once speaking of this matter, Shen Miao was reminded of the five years that she was in Qin country as a hostage. Now that Fu Xiu Yi was not married, could it be that he found another hostage?

“It is possible that some agreement has been reached privately and the most likely was that the land would be divided.” Xie Jing Xing said.

Shen Miao frowned, “Is it to help him to gain the heir apparent? But by borrowing the power of foreign country, there would be a lot of future implications so Fu Xiu Yi need not be like that.”

Xie Jing Xing’s eyes sank, “To deal with Great Liang.”

Shen Miao looked towards him, “They want to deal with Great Liang? This is craziness.” Even though the strength would be much stronger when Ming Qi and Qin country join forces but Great Liang’s strength was obvious, thus both sides would suffer loss. After enjoying peace for so many years, why would one take the initiative to provoke a dispute?”

“This is the temperament of unable to tolerate a thorn in one’s side.” Xie Jing Xing laughed, “Furthermore Long Ye is slightly in disorder due to the Lu and Ye family thus they have an opportunity and would not let it go.”

Shen Miao thought about Xie Jing Xing’s words for the moment and said, “You are right. There would be such a day sooner or later.” It was just that to start a war now is not a good opportunity for Great Liang now.

“You don’t have to worry.” Xie Jing Xing pat her head, “Leave these things to me.”

“I am also the WangFei of the residence of Prince Rui.” Shen Miao glared at him as she was extremely dissatisfied with his words.

Xie Jing Xing looked at her calmly and unruffled in the midst of chaos, “Oh? Don’t one suffer losses from being an Empress to a WangFei?”

“One has already suffered from it so what use is there to speak about it now?” Shen Miao snorted.

Xie Jing Xing still wanted to speak but Hui Xiang knocked the door outside and he called her in. When Hui Xiang saw Shen Miao and looked at Xie Jing Xing again, there was some expression of at a loss in her eyes.

“Do you have something to say to me?” Shen Miao looked at her unfathomably, “If there is something, just speak of it directly.” This meant to say that Xie Jing Xing’s presence did not matter.

Hui Xiang said, “Today at noon, Gentleman Pei wanted to go out to walk and the servants remembered that Gentleman Gao said that it is beneficial for Gentleman Pei’s wounds to walk around as long as it was not far. Gentleman Pei wanted to be alone so the servants did not think much to it. He usually would walk around the doors for a while before returning but he did not return today after one waited till it is dark.”

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  1. Tang Shu was the happiest and would brew daily some tiger whip or deer whip soup for Xie Jing Xing to drink and would often make Shen Miao speechless when she saw it.

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  2. Bye bye Pei Lang 👋👋

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    • They normally still don’t have it, but it is different between our pair since they always have that mutual respect. They have been an ally since the beginning so their position has always been equal. And on top of it: there is love between them. Since ancient time till today, Love has always have the utmost power on top of everything, especially when we live in an autocracy instead of democracy.
      You can be excellent in many ways but you still will never win competing with the one who has the love of the decision maker.
      So, if you live in an absolute power system, your best strategy would always be winning the love of the one in power…
      Only this way you would be able to have a voice.
      Mei FR had exactly done it as well in her previous love.
      Shen Miao’s Shen power, her devotion…loyalty… two great children and intelligence and even position as a dignified empress had no influence at all, all because she didn’t have FXY’s love.
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  4. “Xie Jing Xing was however very satisfied with this and said that she was much more sensible than she used to be. He took the opportunity to ‘reward’ her and seemed to replenish all the times that was not done since before they consummate the marriage. He had made Shen Miao unable to stay awake, like she was haunted by a male ghost.”

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