Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 215 (Part 2)

Chapter 215: Waking Up (Part 2)

Gao Yang walked in and took a look at Shen Miao, “One heard that you woke up and came over to take a long. Originally that wound is a superficial wound and it did not affect any internal functions. It is alright.” He then said to Xie Jing Xing, “It is also good for you to have some activity with your body as you have been guarding in the room and did not even gone out to the sun. The weather is good today. It is alright as long one does not return late.”

Afterwards, he picked his medical box in the room and left.

Xie Jing Xing and Shen Miao looked at one another in silence. After half a moment Xie Jing Xing smiled, “What do you want to play?”

“Ever since one came to Long Ye, one did not go out for a walk.” Shen Miao said, “I am not too familiar with Long Ye so accompany me to walk around and talk to me about things here.” Shen Miao suddenly remembered something and said, “Oh right. That day when I was at the pavilion outside Bi Xiu Luo, I have instructed Ba Jiao to buy a number of fireworks and most likely they are still there. Bring all of them along.”

“Watch what fireworks in broad daylight?” Xie Jing Xing stared at her, “Is you head also injured?”

Shen Miao asked in reply, “Have you seen fireworks during the day?”

Xie Jing Xing said, “Whoever is silly would have seen it.”

“I have seen it before.” Shen Miao replied.

Xie Jing Xing stared at her in doubt.

“Fireworks at night are good to look at but it would not be inferior during the day. Since you have not seen it, I will bring you to take a look.” Shen Miao smiled gently and wanted to get out of bed. However she was lying on the bed for these few days and her legs became stiff thus it was so painful for her to get out like this that she took a deep breath of cold air.

“You will?” Shen Miao could tell from his expression that he did not have good intentions.

Xie Jing Xing said, “Beg me and I will help you.” He leaned over, as if to listen carefully to how Shen Miao would give in.

Shen Miao felt that Xie Jing Xing’s temperament was really unpredictable. There were obviously some overbearing points and when he was a youth, he had a scheming and calculative mind that adults could hardly match but currently he looked more like a youth who likes to play tricks and would tease others.

She stared at Xie Jing Xing’s flamboyant side view and her heart moved before she directly gave a kiss to Xie Jing Xing’s cheek.

XIe Jing Xing was stunned and Shen Miao diverted her gaze and looked at the sachet that was hanging at the head of the bed.

“Shen Miao.” Xie Jing Xing frowned at her, “You are seriously ill. Gao Yang has to come over to take a look.” He was about to walk away when Shen Miao panicked and stopped him, “Xie Jing Xing.”

He paused and turned his head but his expression was a mischievous one. Shen Miao knew that she had been fooled and felt regretful in her heart but after seeing Xie Jing Xing laughing out loud and suddenly walking up to pick her up, Shen Miao unconsciously hook her arms around his neck.

Xie Jing Xing carried her like that out the door, causing all the servants in the residence of Prince Rui to look at them. In Shen Miao’s previous lifetime, she had never been so unbridled intimate with a male. No matter if it was in the residence of Prince Ding or the Inner Palace, she would have a manner of a Empress and even if it was Mei Furen, she was also not carried by Fu Xiu Yi in front of so many people. If it was the case then the reputation of a fatuous Monarch and disastrous beauty would be solidified.

Was it that her previous lifetime was a dignified and solemn Empress and this lifetime she would have a reputation of a disastrous beauty? Xie Jing Xing was quite like a fatuous Monarch. Shen Miao was thinking such nonsense when her eyes swept over the servants who were covering their mouths snickering and she got annoyed. She pinched Xie Jing Xing and said, “What are you doing? Quickly let me down.”

“Oh? Know how to be shy?” Xie Jing Xing raised his eyebrows as he spoke and his tone made one feel like beating him up. He continued, “One does not know who was it just now who wanted to destroy my innocence in broad daylight…”

He actually used the words ‘destroying innocence in broad daylight’. Shen Miao worked hard to calm her emotions.

However Luo Tan came over. Luo Tan most likely did not expect to see such a scene. Even though she was usually open-minded, she was after all a female and thus instantly became somewhat uncomfortable. Shen Miao let Xie Jing Xing put her down and Luo Tan did not know where to fix her gaze so Shen Miao asked her, “These days have also been difficult for you.”

“It is not difficult. Not difficult.” Luo Tan waved her hands continuously as she was a little scared seeing Xie Jing Xing at the side. At that that she was wholeheartedly venting on Shen Miao’s behalf and raged at Xie Jing Xing but afterwards became regretful. The other party had power, held a high position and was even Prince Rui of First Rank in Great Liang and if he were to lash out at Shen Miao, then her offence would be greater. Now upon seeing that Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing were being intimate, it seemed that there was no quarrels and could not help but felt gratitude in her heart.

“Oh yes.” Luo Tan suddenly remembered something and took out something from her sleeves and placed in onto Shen Miao’s hands, “This is what Chi Yan Taoist Priest passed to me before he left and he had instructed me to pass it on to you, indicating that it is a parting gift for you.”

That was a small wooden box with a carving that looked like a chicken and a snake so Luo Tan said, “One do not know why the need to carve a chicken and snake.”

Shen Miao, “…” She then said, “This is a dragon and phoenix.”

Chi Yan Taoist Priest’s carving was really not flattering and if Shen Miao did not have an understanding, one feared that she would really not be able to see that this was a dragon and phoenix. Luo Tan choked on it as Shen Miao opened the wooden box and took out two red strings out.

“This…” Luo Tan said, “These are just two red strings. There is nothing special but he said it so strangely that one thought it was some valuable thing. It is better to send some herbs over. That Taoist Priest is sure stingy. He obviously have an entire valley of herbs but only gifted this..”

However Shen Miao was staring at that strings and her gaze was slightly swaying.

In her previous lifetime, she had gotten a red string from the Taoist Priest and that string accompanied her for several years before landing onto Xie Jing Xing’s hands. Later her soul inhabited within the red string and became the medium that connected her previous lifetime to Xie Jing Xing.

Suddenly she felt that this red string was somewhat close and dear.

She brought her hand out and tied the red string onto her hand. Luo Tan saw her movement and was shocked, “You… Youngest Biao Sister, it cannot be that you want to wear this?”

Shen Miao looked with satisfaction at the red string that was tied around her hand and picked the other one before speaking to Xie Jing Xing, “Stretch your hand out.”

Xie Jing Xing said, “I am not wearing it.”

“Stretch your hand out.” Shen Miao repeated.

Xie Jing Xing looked at her incredulously, “I am a man.”

“This can ensure safety.” Shen Miao said casually, “If you and I wear this, when you are in danger, I will be able to know. And when I am in danger, you will also feel it.”

Luo Tan stood at the side and asked weakly, “Really… That great?”

Shen Miao did not care if it was that great or not. She felt that Chi Yan Taoist Priest was very capable so the things that he gave out should be very valuable. If it was truly like Luo Tan said, then this would be just two red string but these things had profound meaning to her. Its meaning was more memorable than the value of gold and silver.

After Xie Jing Xing heard that, he no longer refused. Even though he was filled with disgust, he still allowed Shen Miao to tie that red string at this wrist and tied a tight knot around it.

Luo Tan watched on with her jaws dropped. Xie Jing Xing was a manly man and was an elegant and noble Prince Rui but there was such a plaything on his hands. This made him look as good looking as in paintings. Never mind about it being feminine, the most important thing was that this red string did not look expensive and was out of place with their outstanding appearances.

Shen Miao said, “Done.”

Xie Jing Xing retrieved his hand back and adjusted his sleeves so that the red conspicuous colour is blocked.

Luo Tan said, “Alright, the things are sent over and seeing that you both seem to have something on, I will not bother and leave first.” She then blinked at Shen Miao and dragged out her tone, “I am relieved that Youngest Biao Sister is good.” She then leave with a trace of smoke.

Shen Miao, “…”

Xie Jing Xing said, “Let’s go and watch fireworks.”

The servants in the residence of Prince Rui, “…”

Cong Yang asked Tie Yi softly, “It is Furen that is clearly ill so how is it that Master’s brain is affected? It is a bright clear day so watch what fireworks?”

Tie Yi handled him a broom expressionlessly, “Sweep the floor.”


In Wei Yang Palace, Empress Xian De was leaning against the couch reading. She read leisurely as she listened to the palace maids speaking. She then put the book down and her expression seemed to be gratified, “It is good that there is no issued. There is always something happening these days that BenGong even plan to burn some incense and pray for blessings.”

Shen Miao’s assignation attempt was hidden from outsiders but was not concealed from Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De. Even Gao Yang had no alternatives, much less the Imperial Physicians in the Palace. Speaking of which, it was truly strange these days as accidents happened continuously to the residence of Prince Rui. First it was Xie Jing Xing and when Xie Jing Xing just escaped from a catastrophe, it was Shen Miao’s turn. It was fortunately that Shen Miao was currently awake and one’s heart was able to set down like a rock.

Empress Xian De placed the book down and no longer had any mood to read. She stood up and walked over to the windows. The rain fell yesterday night and there was a good weather today. Where were the traces of the great winds of yesterday night other than the falling leaves that were blown off the plum trees.

She said to herself, “Long Ye is not peaceful too.”

The wind sweping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains. For the residence of Prince Rui, such an impenetrable place, could have two accidents after Xie Jing Xing’s return to Great Liang, it could only be a message. Perhaps of warning or an attack?

Because Emperor Yong Le had started to take action with the Lu family.

Tao GuGu was the female official that was by Empress Xian De’s side. Ever since Empress Xian De became the Empress, she had always been by her side and after so many years, she was the most loyal confidant of Empress Xian De.

Tao GuGu said, “Today Consort Jing went to the Imperial Study to look for His Majesty. When she went over, her eyes were full of tears and when she left, she did not seem well. The palace maid in Jing Hua Palace said that upon returning, Her Ladyship Consort Jing had punished a number of servants and even smashed a lot of things, seemingly in a bad mood.”

Empress Xian De smiled gently, “The Lu family had suffered a disadvantage and also want to test His Majesty’s attitude so naturally one would start from Consort Jing’s side. A few days before, didn’t Lu Furen even enter the Palace to visit Consort Jing?”

“The Emperor seemed no longer treats Her Ladyship Consort Jing patiently.” Tao GuGu said, “These days, Her Ladyship Consort Jing has restrained her attitude towards you. If the Emperor really take action towards the Lu family, at Consort Jing’s side…”

“Let the Emperor decide everything.” Empress Xian De said faintly, “Be it sincerity or fake emotions, BenGong is unable to see all these things clearly. At the beginning when one entered the Palace, one understands these principles.” She looked towards the worried Tao GuGu and smiled, “Do you think that BenGong would still care for all these?”

Tao GuGu no longer spoke.

Empress Xian De looked outside again, “Ever since BenGong became this Empress, one had not regarded oneself as a female. The Emperor’s wife is not a wife and has to bear the weight of the people under Heavens with him, acompanying in fortune and disasters, sharing life and death. BenGong has never been afraid. BenGong only felt somewhat regretful…” She looked at her abdomen, “BenGong… Is not able to give birth to one’s own child.”

“At the beginning if Her Ladyship Consort Jing…” Tao GuGu gritted her teeth and spoke with some resentment and heartache in her voice.

“Never mind.” Empress Xian De waved her hands tiredly and smiled but there was a bit of numbness in that smile, “With or without Consort Jing, it would be the same. At the end, BenGong would not be able to give birth to this child.” She said softly, “Take a look at the Inner Palace. Who was able to give birth to his child?”

“None and it is impossible. So although BenGong have some regrets, the females in this Inner Palace are all regretful so the regret that BenGong feel is no longer regret. At least BenGong still have this unshakable position.” She said.

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      • The studio producing this is considered small, so I doubt any of the above mentioned names will be involved. It’s definitely not going to be on the same level as Minglan (produced by Daylight Entertainment, also behind Nirvana in Fire). I imagine it’ll be like Legend of Yunxi-level of production (yes, SNH48-level).

        About censorship, they’re definitely going to omit the rebirth element, just like Minglan (transmigration, right?) or another not yet aired drama Joy of Life (rebirth/reincarnation)


      • The studio producing this is considered small, so I doubt any of the above mentioned names will be involved. It’s definitely not going to be on the same level as Minglan (produced by Daylight Entertainment, also behind Nirvana in Fire). I imagine it’ll be like Legend of Yunxi-level of production (yes, SNH48-level).

        About censorship, they’re definitely going to omit the rebirth element, just like Minglan (transmigration, right?) or another not yet aired drama Joy of Life (rebirth/reincarnation)


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