Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 212 (Part 2)

Chapter 212: Fated Destiny (Part 2)

But Luo Tan had a temperament that would not care about anything when she get angry that she would not even fear Heavens. She said, “Previously Youngest Biao Sister refuse to let me say but now she is lying on the sick bed. Since she does not speak of it then I will speak. I have no scruples and would not think as much as her. It is just that it is too disadvantages for one to do so much but hide it from others without any explanation.”

Tang Shu and Tie Yi came over in a rush and stood by the side as they looked at Luo Tan with surprise.

“Those Furen all said that when you are bedridden, Youngest Biao Sister did not come to see you much. You felt being treated coldly and that Youngest Biao Sister was an unfeeling person so your heart was not happy with her and is angry with her right?” Luo Tan stared at her, “But you did not know what those days that she did not visit you was not because she did not want to do so but because she went out of town to beg for medication.”

Went out of town to beg for medication? Xie Jing Xing’s gaze landed on Tie Yi and Tie Yi kept his head lowered, not daring to meet Xie Jing Xing’s eyes directly.

Previously it was because Shen Miao instructed them servants to conceal and afterwards when Shen Miao returned, she had an unfathomable cold war with Xie Jing Xing. Once Xie Jing Xing became cold, the surrounding people would not dare to approach him at such a juncture. One had thought to speak about it after a few days but one did not expect that this would happen.

“Speak clearly.” Xie Jing Xing took a step forward.

Luo Tan said, “You do not know about it right? One heard that there was a Superior One in Feng Tuo Zhuang that could go against Heavens and change lives and help people to change one’s fate.” She looked at Gao Yang, “That that time Gao Yang was refining the medication to detoxify your poison and Youngest Biao Sister had given you all three Gui Yuan Pills but they could only hold you on for a period of time. If one is unable to find a way to detoxify you within ten days, your life will be in danger. However during the fourth day, your condition worsen and the Imperial Physician said you cannot withstand over seven days so when Young Biao Sister heard about the rumour of that Superior One in Feng Tuo Zhuang, she brought me and a few guards over.”

There was a lightning-like shock in Xie Jing Xing’s gaze.

What kind of person Shen Miao was? She was rational and would analyse the pros and cons of any matter and would not believe in words of superstitions. She actually believed in what go against Heavens and change lives. That was because there was really no way out.

“Feng Tuo Zhuang was not far from Long Ye but it was difficult to find for the location where the Superior One resided. That day we rush over throughout the night and were almost lost in that forest, which even had wolves. Youngest Biao Sister was not even a little afraid and insisted on lighting the torches and search for the route for the entire night, fearing that there would not be enough to return to save you.”

“On the second day we found that Superior one but because of that Superior One’s strange regulations, he only brought Youngest Biao Sister and the no martial arts me into the mountain valley. One said that there is a herb that could detoxify hundreds of poison but Youngest Biao Sister had to pay the price. The price was actually not that difficult as it did not require gold or life. However it was to let one pick out each worm from the entire mountain valley of Hong Xiu Cao and fertilise each individual plant.”

Gao Yang and Ji Yu Shu had shock expressions on and even Tang Shu and Tie Yi was amazed.

They had never heard these matters from others and did not know all the details of it. Tang Shu’s heart came into a sudden realization. No wonder Shen Miao was in such a poor condition when she returned to the residence and had lost some propriety of a WangFei in comparison with Ye Mei. At that moment one did not know of the reason but now he understood. So it was that Shen Miao had not sleep for that night in order to get the medication for Xie Jing Xing and was busy being a farmer to others. For a moment he signed, for a noble person to condescend into doing such a thing, other than being flexible and adaptive, one’s intention was much more valuable.

However the more Luo Tan spoke, the more she was unable to calm down, “It sounds like nothing right? But she was raised up delicately since young. It was an entire mountain valley that even those farmers would not be able to finish alone. She had not sleep before and immediately started to do it, working throughout the entire night. You all are people who wear brocade and eat fine food, most likely had never once touched fertilizer before. For her to do such a thing, how could she be inferior to that pair of siblings?” Luo Tan looked at Xie Jing Xing, “It is not false that the Ye siblings saved you and one have a life gratitude with them but my Youngest Biao Sister is not inferior.”

“It is said that she is not by your side but you can ask the servants in this Prince residence, before she left the residence, how many days had she stayed by your bedside? Did she even take a step away? Did she take care of you without even closing her eyes? Could it be that it is incomparable to that Ye siblings who only had an encounter?”

“I can only feel wronged for my Youngest Biao Sister to end up like this. When Your Highness married her from Ming Qi, what was your promise? But you cannot even trust her. Even if she has a number of bad points, there is no double in her sincerity.”

When Luo Tan finished speaking, her face was red but it seemed to wipe off the anger in her heart and she looked at Xie Jing Xing’s expression. There was no sorrow or joy and his facial expression was calm. However the calmer it was, it made others feel chilly, as if under the calmness there was a boundless storm.

“Finished speaking?” He asked slowly.

His tone of voice was so cold that Luo Tan could not help but shrink her neck.

Gao Yang quickly stood up, “It is not the time to pursue these matters now. The most urgent task is to think of how to wake both of them up.”

Xie Jing Xing smiled coldly, “Isn’t this easy? Just capture the Ye siblings.”

Ji Yu Shu was startled, “Third Older Brother, what do you want to do?”

“Since she behaved abnormally towards the Ye siblings, then there is definitely something wrong with the Ye siblings. No matter if it was them who behind the matter, there is no reason to spare them.” Xie Jing Xing turned around and was about to leave when Gao Yang pulled him, “But they are no longer in the powerless Le family but the Ye family. What is the result of alarming the Ye family?”

“Let go.” Xie Jing Xing said coldly.

“Calm down.” Gao Yang said, “If WangFei really hate the Ye siblings and tolerated for so long, then she must not want to use a method that would harm oneself. Aren’t you impeding her?”

“That is correct Third Older Brother.” Ji Yu Shu also helped, “The Ye family is not a small household in Long Ye so for you to take such actions, one fear that it would bring trouble to the Prince residence.”

“She can tolerate but I cannot.” Xie Jing Xing said, “The Ye family had reached the bottom line.”

“Third Older Brother…” Ji Yu Shu still wanted to persuade but suddenly Ba Jiao’s voice sounded from outside. The usually smiling girl now seemed to have a trace of panic, “Master, someone has arrived.”

Tie Yi slightly frowned, seemingly dissatisfied with Ba Jiao’s disposure, “Who?”

“It’s… The Taoist Priest that Furen and us meet at Feng Tuo Zhuang.” Ba Jiao said hesitantly.

“What?” Luo Tan’s eyes widen.

Ji Yu Shu, who was holding onto Xie Jing Xing’s sleeves, could not help but let go of his hand and looked at Ba Jiao, “Taoist Priest?”

Ba Jiao nodded her head.

In the hall, that strange Taoist Priest that was clad in tattered clothes was touching this and that and looking at everything, as though as it was his first time entering a residence, with eyes full of curiosity. Hui Xiang and Cong Yang stood at the side awkwardly as they knew Chi Yan Taoist Priest. But this Chi Yan Taoist Prince behaved so familiarly upon entering, making them somewhat uncomfortable.

When Xie Jing Xing and entourage reached the hall, Chi Yan Taoist Priest was trying to pick the gemstone out from a vase and even ask Hui Xiang, “Can this poor priest take this away?”

“Chi Yan Taoist Priest.” Luo Tan called him when she saw him.

When Chi Yan saw it was her, he smiled, “Young Lady Luo, one have not seen you for a long time.”

Luo Tan’s heart was silently thinking that it was obviously not too long but she could not care for anything else at this moment, “Is it that you came over here because you know something had happened to Youngest Biao Sister and specially come to change my Youngest Biao Sister’s fate?” Even though Luo Tan felt that this Chi Yan Taoist priest was a difficult person, he had some abilities else Shen Miao would not believe in him that much.

Chi Yan Taoist Priest looked at Xie Jing Xing, who was standing silently behind Luo Tan, and smiled, “This poor priest cannot change one’s fate and can only do divination. This little brother, what do you think?”

“I do not believe in the way of Heavens.” Xie Jing Xing said.

“There is no faith in the way of Heavens then why does people insist on seeking answers from Heavens?” Chi Yan Taoist Priest shook his head, “This Furen’s life is special and others would not be able to fathom and it is chosen by herself. You and me will not be able to help her.”

Luo Tan did not understand Chi Yan Taoist Priest’s words and asked hurriedly, “Taoist Priest, what should be done with my Youngest Biao Sister now?”

“Is the herb that I initially gave her still here?” Chi Yan Taoist Priest asked.

“Eh?” Luo Tan wondered, “When we returned, the Prince’s poison was cured and naturally the herb is useless. One do not know where did Youngest Biao Sister place it.”

“This servant seems to know where.” Jing Zhi said and quickly brought everyone to Shen Miao’s room and found a dusty grey bos under the dressing table. When it was opened, there was a herb that looked nothing special, laying in it.

Luo Tan’s eyes were sharp, “This is it.”

“Go and boil it.” Chi Yan caressed his beard.

“Wait.” Xie Jing Xing looked at that strange Taoist Priest, “Why should I believe in you?”

“You can don’t believe in this poor priest but you do not have any other choice.” Chi Yan Taoist Priest sighed, “This herbs is found by this Furen and at the beginning this poor priest had said that it would be futile. Even without this herb, you will be safe and sound. In your life, there was no such disaster and what she had done is just unwarranted.”

Everyone was startled upon hearing it.

“However it was not exactly useless.” The strange Taoist Priest had some delight in his expression, “A loved one will be loved and a person saved will be saved. If at that time in the mountain valley she was halfhearted or insincere, she would not be able to gain this herb and there would not be today. This herb is gotten in the name of saving you but it is actually to save her. Her contribution for you is actually saving her.”

At this moment, Luo Tan faintly able to discern some things and asked, “The meaning is that you already knew that this herb would not be used on the Prince but will be used on my Youngest Biao Sister. You have calculated that Youngest Biao Sister would have such a life and death situation so by letting her get the herb was actually for herself.”

The strange Taoist Priest looked at Luo Tan and said in all smiles, “Worthy of teaching.”

Xie Jing Xing stared at him, “You instructed her to be a farmer?”

That pair of eyes had some killing intent that the Taoist Priest took a step backwards and hide behind Gao Yang. He coughed twice lightly, “There would be such a hurdle in her life and this poor priest had already turned the catastrophe to the bear minimum. Compared to one’s life, isn’t being a farmer much easier?”

“But what is she not awake?” Gao Yang wondered, “I am also a medical practitioner but after looking through her illness, one is unable to find the cause of it at all. It seems that there is nothing to do with her injuries. She should wake up today but does not at all. What is the reason for this?”

The Taoist Priest said, “This poor priest had said that this is her destined calamity in her life.”

“What calamity here and there. One doesn’t understand it at all.” Luo Tan said, “Just tell us directly, when will my Youngest Biao Sister wake up after taking that herb.”

Chi Yan smiled, “That herb is not for her to eat but for the other injured person.”

The other injured person? Could it be Pei Lang?

Xie Jing Xing said lowly, “If you are to scam one, I will take your life now.”

“The vicious air is too strong.” Chi Yan shook his head, “That person had given one’s life for Furen but because there are some entanglements in one’s life, the herb that Furen requested for could be this debt.”

“Then what about my Sao-zi?” Ji Yu Shu asked.

The strange Taoist Priest looked towards Shen Miao who was lying silently on the bed. She had a calm expression, as if she was asleep but her face was so pale that there was a sense of unreality.

“She could pick up worms in my entire valley of Hong Sui Cao but could not pick out the bugs in her own heart.”

“This kind of calamity is considered fortunate for her and also misfortune.”

“This poor priest have three fated encounter with her and two times had passed. This last encounter is fated.”

“If the affairs in the mortal world is not resolved in full circle, there would be regrets. She wanted to request for an answer but no one could tell her.” The strange Taoist Priest’s eyes squinted.

“Now she had found a way and is currently pursuing the answer in front of her. No one can help her. You can’t, she can’t and even this poor priest can’t.”

“So one should wait patiently.” The Taoist Priest looked towards Xie Jing Xing.

“That is your fate.”

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    • Idon’t give a damn anymore, raid the entire city, drawn in blood all the enemies, make an offering so our empress May awaken.!!!!!!!!!

      JXJ, lead the hordes, is the least you ow SM….


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