Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 209 (Part 1)

Chapter 209: Intentions (Part 1)

Xie Jing Xing left.

Shen Miao sat alone in front of the table. Jing Zhe walked in and looked outside. Just now she was outside the room and the two persons’ voices were not deliberately suppressed and she could hear the entire thing without missing a word. Seeing that Shen Miao’s expression was not good, even though her heart was apprehensive, she could not help but say, “Furen is too aloof with His Highness.”

Shen Miao did not speak so Jing Zhe continued, “When Furen has yet married into the Prince residence, one even treated His Highness better. However these days, it is like one deliberately avoided His Highness. A sick person is particularly sensitive, especially His Highness escaped from death, so his heart would be even more delicate. His Highness would inevitably not be comfortable when Furen do not care at such a time. Tomorrow may Furen use some consoling words and everything will be alright. Furen must not be too upset.”

Shen Miao said, “I understand. You can leave.”

Jing Zhe then withdrawn.

After Jing Zhe left, Shen Miao pressed her forehead. She was struggling when she faced Xie Jing Xing but in all fairness, Xie Jing Xing was innocent in the matter. That sentence of ‘from the start, your heart was not moved before’ made her feel cold.

Shen Miao could not remember since when her heart was moved by Xie Jing Xing. Perhaps it was when he saved her life in Wan Li Lake, or perhaps when he took of his mask in front of Princess Rong Xin at the Princess residence, or perhaps on the day of marriage when he reached his hands out, or perhaps it was very much earlier that when she set the ancestral hall on fire or when she first met Xie Jing Xing and began to confront Xie Jing Xing.

The feelings of being moved was just too far away. She had only been moved by Fu Xiu Yi in her past lifetime and that price was heavy. With the lessons of the past, she dared not let her heart be moved easily and she was very stingy in giving her feelings out, always careful, making sure that there would only be gains and not losses. However Xie Jing Xing was different. One did not know if it was arrogance or recklessness in his bones but he squanders his emotions. In this marriage, both of their contributions were not equal but Shen Miao had given everything that she could give.

Now because of her heart, she could not deal with Mei Furen without any scruples. With emotions intertwined with doubts, she was unable to face Xie Jing Xing.

And one feared that Xie Jing Xing was disappointed in her in his heart.

She sat in front of the table and that herb, that she had work so hard for to get from Chi Yan Taoist Priest, was casually thrown by the side. Because no one cared for it for these days, there was a layer of dust on it that made no one pay any attention.

In the next few days, Shen Miao’s days became somewhat strange.

One did not know what happened to Luo Tan and Gao Yang. Most likely Luo Tan was upset that Go Yang deceived her and Gao Yang saw that Xie Jing Xing’s poison was almost gone, he left the old Imperial Physician in the Prince residence and pull Luo Tan to somewhere else.

Ji Furen and Ji Yu Shu also returned to Ji residence. Since Xie Jing Xing was alright, there was no meaning to stay in the Prince residence

One also did not know how Pei Lang caught a cold and he rested in his room and did not go out.

Thus Shen Miao was left alone. The servants of the Prince residence could also see that Xie Jing Xing and Shen Miao were in a cold ware and did their work cautiously. For a period of time, everyone in the Prince residence was concern of their own wellbeing and the atmosphere seemed to be even heavier than when Xie Jing Xing was unconscious.

At such a time like this, the Ye family came over.

The Ye family came over to pick Ye Mei and Ye Ke.

The Ye family seemed to know that Shen Miao did not like Ye Mei and Ye Ke and did not mention this matter to Shen Miao from the beginning till the end. Their trip here today was only a notice.

It was just that Shen Miao was the WangFei of the residence of Prince Rui, thus she had to meet them.

In the main hall of the Prince residence, Ye Furen was speaking to Ye Ke and Ye Mei was sitting at the side, smiling gently. Ye Mao Cai’s head was slightly raised as if he was speaking and the person sitting opposite him was Xie Jing Xing.

Xie Jing Xing was clade in a long silver purple robe and most likely because his injuries were not fully recovered, his sitting posture was somewhat of laziness. He spoke to Ye Mao Cai in a smile but not smiling manner that one was unable to tell what it meant.

When Shen Miao came in, she was first seen by Ye Mei and Ye Mei quickly got up to greet her but Ye Ke did not move. Now they were the children of the Ye family and their position had rose like when the tide rises, the boats float. Naturally they did not need to greet WangFei like how commoners did.

It was just that when Ye Mei greeted, Shen Miao did not even support it and accepted it completely. A slight unhappiness appeared in Ye Furen’s eyes, Ye Ke did not show any expression, Ye Mao Cai gave a glance at Shen Miao but saw everything.

Shen Miao walked to the other side and sat on the main seat beside Xie Jing Xing. Ye Mao Cai then got up, “These few days after staying in the Prince residence, Mei-er and Ke-er has brought many troubles and thanks to WangFei’s care, one is very thankful.”

Shen Miao smiled gently, “But it is of no trouble. Speaking of which, Young Lady Ye and Gentleman Ye are His Highness’s benefactors so it is a bit too much to call it as trouble.”

Ye Mao Cai then laughed to round things up but heard Shen Miao changing the topic and asked fascinated, “But how did Young Lady Li and Gentleman Li become Young Lady Ye and Gentleman Ye? It is indeed a bit surprising that the relatives they were searching for are the Ye family.”

Xie Jing Xing only played with the teacup in his hands as she spoke, neither blocking or going with her, as if he was a spectator. Ye Mao Cai was somewhat uncertain with Xie Jing Xing’s intention and smiled, “Speaking of that, one is embarrassed as it is a matter of decades ago. At that time, one’s wife gave birth and the midwife had some disloyalty and was instructed by evil people to exchange the children. It was actually a pair of sibilings but it was changed to a female baby that passed on early. Since family shames are not spread abroad, for all these years one could only secretly investigate and search. This time when both of them entered Long Ye and came to the Prince residence coincidently and were looking of relatives, everything matched up.” Ye Mao Cai’s face is fair and looked like an amiable scholar and thus when he spoke, he looked very sincere as he said to Shen Miao, “Everyone said that Mei-er and Ke-er saved High Highness’s life but it is our Ye family that should thank His Highness. If it was not because of this coincidence, then our family would not be reunited.”

“This is exactly so.” Ye Furen also smiled. Ever since Shen Miao saw Ye Furen, this was the first time she saw her smiling that openly, as if one’s heart was in pleasure. No matter who saw it, no one would be suspicious of Ye Mei and Ye Ke being her long lost children.

However Shen Miao could not do so. In her previous life them they were the children of Ming Qi’s official but in this life time, they became people of Great Liang. One feared that this entanglement was not as simple as it looked.

Ye Mei and Ye Ke was sitting at the side. Ye Mei was beautiful and Ye Ke was smart that with a look, they were talents among people. What was rarer was that they were well-manners and had knowledge of proprietary that they did not speak out or do anything indiscriminately by using the identity of being Xie Jing Xing’s benefactors. Thus everyone around did not have any ill impression of them.

It was also right. Fu Xiu Yi was such a shrewd and cold person that he did not even hesitate to take action on his children but only favoured Mei Furen, so it was obvious that she had her positive points.

“That is also a coincidence.” Shen Miao smiled gently and said carelessly, “Qin Province is not far away. It is a wonder than the Ye family was not able to find after decades and found them once they enter the Prince residence.” She looked at Ye Mei, “It is fated, isn’t it Young Lady Ye?”

Ye Mei smiled, “Naturally so. The Prince residence is a blessed place.” It seemed that she did not hear the additional meaning behind Shen Miao words and spoke amicably instead.

Shen Miao moved her gaze away and looked at Ye Mao Cai again, “Today Ye Daren came over.”

Ye Mao Cai quickly said, “I came over to bring them back to the residence.” Finishing he spoke shamefully, “As a Father, one let them live outside for so many years, it is our entire fault. Now that the entire family is reunited with great difficulty, naturally one will not let them live those hardship days. Today one will bring them to the residence and tomorrow the jade name plates will be hung. In the future, they will be the descendants of the Ye family.” When he spoke till the end, he was somewhat emotional and when one look at Ye Mei and Ye Ke, they too have some tears in their eyes.

Shen Miao however felt that this play was dumb and uninteresting.

The Imperial family of Great Liang had intentions to woo the Ye family over to deal with the Lu family. Since the Ye family was the key point, they remained neutral and did not express their position. Reasonably speaking, upon the return of Ye Mei and brother to the Ye family, the Ye family seemed to be more embolden and competing with the Lu family so naturally there was no need to be suppress under the Imperial power. Currently this attitude revealed the intuition to stand on the side of Emperor Yong Le. Since the residence of Prince Rui was close with Emperor Yong Le, by showing it to the residence of Prince Rui would be indicating their loyalty to Emperor Yong Le.

Shen Miao’s entire hear gradually sank as this was naturally not what she wanted to see. Once the Ye family stood by Emperor Yong Le’s side, by pulling the Ye family in secret, it would be cutting Emperor Yong Le’s strength. Not to mention Emperor Yong Le, Xie Jing Xing would not be willing with it.

But if she had to be allies with the murderers of her children, she would not be able to get rid of the nauseating feeling in her life.

However, Xie Jing Xing’s attitude was intriguing.

Not only did he listened casually to Ye Mao Cai’s words, he replied indifferently and avoided the need to how his attitude towards the matter. It was vague and he played Ye Mao Cai in circles. Ye Mao Cai and Ye Furen both went into batter and spoke a lot, seemingly speaking about all matters but upon recalling, it seemed that Xie Jing Xing did not disclose any of his stand at all.

For the Ye family to flatter the Imperial family, the Imperial family did not need to express their gratefulness immediately but they have to be courteous. However Xie Jing Xing’s current attitude was like he was watching a play, leisurely and not taking the matter to heart that it made others doubt if he had understood the hints in Ye Mao Cai’s words.

Ye Mao Cai and wife became somewhat anxious in their hearts. They looked at Xie Jing Xing and the expression in their eyes changed. It was always said that this Prince Rui of Great Liang was very tricky and very difficult to handle and one would not be able to get anything out of him. Today after interacting with him so closely outside court, it still made one unable to make heads of tails with. This kind of attitude made Ye Mao Cai and wife unable to be angry but also strangely assured. They initially wanted to put up airs but one did not know who was putting up airs and let Xie Jing Xing be at an advantage and at the end led by the nose by Xie Jing Xing.

Shen Miao was somewhat surprised by Xie Jing Xing’s attitude. After thinking about it, she felt that there was something wrong with the Ye family coming over to show goodwill. Xie Jing Xing was naturally not brainless so he would investigate it clearly. However this made her sigh in relief. As long as Xie Jing Xing did not express goodwill to the Ye family, or to say that his impression of Ye Mei and brother did not change due to the gratitude of saving his life, her heart became much calmer.

At the end, no one had persuaded the other. Ye Mao Cai seemed to have encountered a nail that was neither soft or hard like Xie Jing Xing and seeing that the skies was about to darken and Xie Jing Xing still did not express a clear attitude, he knew that it was a wasted trip today. It was useless to say longer and since he had transmitted his family’s intention, he left with Ye Mei and Ye Ke.

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  1. [One also did not know how Pei Lang caught a cold and he rested in his room and did not go out.]

    Ooh, this is surely the hubby’s doing!! He is the vinegar pot after all. Hehe

    It’s good to see SM regaining her trust in XJX and trying to overcome her insecurities. We all know that XJX is smart and cunning. He too would surely find this whole matter fishy and investigate it.


    Thanks for the chapter. ❤️

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  2. In the past it wa said that Mei Furen was an Official’s daughter that got encountered by FZY on his trip. I think even that identity might not be correct at all.
    She is beautiful, intelligent and talented, she had proper ettiquette too so it was not a surprise that FZY got interested soon after they met somewhere. It’s also possible that she was a gift presented by an official from outskirt.
    But as an Emperor, he can not just take any woman to be an high rank concubine. Even a palace maid is selected from official’s families daughters who have low rank.
    That identity might be invented just to get her into a high rank position in the harem.
    She has always been a very flexible personality, that was also her key success.
    So her identity of this present life is also not reliable I guess.
    I don’t think we could really find out, which parent actually gave birth to this siblings.
    Ye Family is only using them to strengthen their position in the court I think.
    But just one point I can’t understand:”what is the use of being so powerful in the court for them, when they don’t even have a proper heir?
    The power would dim anyway after they die, atleast if their love to Ye siblings is not genuine.
    Their only genuine “heir” is invalid and can’t produce another heir too. Which noble family would agree to marry out their daughter to Ye family?
    Aren’t all their efforts gonna be for naught later?
    Isn’t it actually wiser to just work well and enjoy their secure noble position now.
    They are already one of the stronger family anyway.
    Their greed is simply incomprehensible for me.

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  3. Btw…as I said before XJX is not stupid. Rui wang is poisoned with a strange poison that is not even curable by normal poison expert and imperial doctors but this siblings suddenly appeared and they happen to have the cure. They are even extraordinary generous towards a stranger that they don’t even ask for a reward for a precious herbs left by their ancestor.
    It’s inheritance you know, there is only one. It’s not like they are a medical expert who can always cultivate one again after the herb is used.

    And then suddenly they are coming out as Ye’s descendants.
    If that doesn’t arouse suspicion then there must something wrong with XJX’s brain.
    There are simply too many coincidence in the story sequence.

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    • Well, my strong guess (and I am sure Shen Miao agrees) is that they are the plan Ye Furen asked her husband about.

      They were waiting for the right moment to introduce them into the capital and probably they also had the herb prepare din advance, expecting to save the King, as they fully knew of Lu’s family’s plans.

      Even if they had calculated the variable of XJX being the one stabbed with the poisoned weapon, they had everything planned carefully and probably were expecting to plant Mei Furen into the Prince’s residence, knowing that they would never take that idiotic Lu Wan because of power-balance reasons but they wouldn’t be able to refute a marriage from a noble residence that had no concubines in the Palace.

      I hate the cold war, and I know is all due to Shen Miao’s behavior, but she must go through this if she wants to break free from her past-life’s heavy chain of sorrow.

      And I love that the author wrote her like this, erratic and quickly asking for them to be killed at the moment at every chance possible.

      XJX will probably end up knowing she isn’t cold towards him, because aside from being domineering, he’s also a good observer and he tends to question things again and again. He may be hurt now, but he’ll end up questioning a lot of his wife’s odd behaviors and put some of the pieces with the times he felt suspicious of the ammount of information she held from people & events that it was trully hard she could know.

      The only thing I fear is that we may have to deal with a potential Concubine or even Side-Wife entering the Manor threat (hopefully not materializing).


  4. Reading comments before reading the chapter haha coz welp.. This really hurts! with all this heart-crushing chapters… Urgh 😭… Thanks for the chapter 😊

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    Thank you Zaza san for translating it. My heart is fragile. I don’t have a heart ro read Shen Miao’s suffer 😢😢😢

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  7. I binge read this series and am finally caught up. Thank you zaza & editors for translating this!

    I can’t wait to get to the part where they resolve their misunderstandings and deal with those siblings!

    I have a feeling that XjX sort of knows that SM hates the siblings and will probably help plot against them. He’s incredibly perceptive and always notices the hatred in her eyes when she encounters and enemy from her past life (like with the Qin prince & princess).

    He also has spies everywhere so they probably have told him that Pei Lang is helping her plot against the Ye family . It seems that he’s just jealous that she didn’t go to him for help.

    I wish SM can work through her fear that XJX was involved with the siblings plotting against her in her past life. 😦


    • What made Shen Miao did what she did was she was afraid her past life repeated in her current life. And with the herb, she thought it was useless to tell XJX about it since it didn’t help XJX in the end.

      She forgot that XJX isn’t FYX.


  8. Hmmmm 🤔 using the siblings to attach themselves to XJX?

    Thank you for the chapter \(≧▽≦ )>* fufu


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