Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 206 (Part 2)

Chapter 206: Mei Furen (Part 2)

“It is a pair of siblings.” Tang Shu said with a smile, “Their age is similar with Furen and their appearance are also outstanding. Ji Furen is warm hearted and even thought of introducing the older sister and younger brother to young talents and unmarried daughters of noble houses. It looked like they are sensible as they get along with the servants in the residence rather well after coming to our residence for a few days.”

The servants in the residence of Prince Rui were all trained in Xie Jing Xing’s Mo Yu Army. Even those that were not of Mo Yu Army were also resolute and wise. After coming to the Prince residence, Shen Miao had seen that these people did things according to their accordance and it was difficult for Xie Jing Xing, a person who always act arbitrarily, to train such a group of subordinates who were rigorous to themselves.

Moreover to get along with these people, it was not something that ordinary people could do. No matter how warm hearted one was, there would be a basic vigilance and boundary between people, especially the people in the Prince residence. One did not know if it was Shen Miao’s instinct or not, she felt that this pair of ‘benefactors’ were not simple.

Luo Tan was curious, “Like that then this pair of siblings are really good people.”

“Most likely.” Tang Shu smiled, “In any case, to the Prince residence, to be able to save Master’s life, one would be a valued guest of the residence for life.”

As he was speaking, they had reached the main hall and as soon as they stepped in, they saw that Ji Furen and Ji Daren sitting in the room. Ji Daren turned his head to the side and was talking to Ji Furen and when they saw that Shen Miao was following behind Tang Shu, Ji Furen stood up immediately and quickly went up, “Jiao Niang, you have finally returned.”

There were a few Furens in the hall but they were all strangers that Shen Miao had not seen before. Shen Miao looked at Ji Furen doubtfully. Ji Furen noticed her gaze and said lowly, “These are the Furens that came over to see Jing Xing… It is not good to send them back during the daytime thus one could only let them sit here.”

Shen Miao understood. Currently Xie Jing Xing’s position in Long Ye was rather unique and a lot of people’s life, death and interest was implicated. As it was not right for those officials to personally see if he was truly dead or not, they could let their Furen go over in the name of consoling Ji Furen. Comforting was only by name, the real intention was to take a look at Xie Jing Xing’s injuries. Xie Jing Xing woke up this morning so these Furens had specially rush over to check if the matter was true.

Ji Furen said, “Where did you go these few days? Steward Tang said that you went to search for doctor but one could not find you and could not even send help over. Finally you return.” Her words finished but there was a little blame in them. “Jing Xing had not waken and I know you are anxious to search for doctors but no matter what happens, one should be by one’s husband’s side. Today when he woke up in the morning, he was disappointed that he did not see you. Your current identity is not a Young Lady of a official family but the WangFei of the residence of Prince Rui. One must think of the cause and effect of one’s action as there are many pairs of eyes watching.”

Although the words were not good to listen, Shen Miao knew that Ji Furen was thinking for her. Moreover be it be reason or relations, Ji Furen had blood relations to Xie Jing Xing and not Shen Miao so before any explanation was given, her behaviour of leaving without informing looked too much and unreasonable. Thus Shen Miao did not feel wronged because of Ji Furen’s accusation.

Ji Furen finished talking to Shen Miao softly and a married woman in the main hall however smiled to Shen Miao, “WangFei of the First Rank had figured out that these days we came here to take a visit but unable to see WangFei. One thought that WangFei was very upset that the Prince of First Rank is bedridden and thus did not come out as one was very worried and feared that something would happen. Now that one see that WangFei is alright, we are rest assured.”

This words were outwardly and covertly indicating that Shen Miao was considered as incompetent as Rui WangFei. As a WangFei, her husband was seriously injured but she did not even show her face and did not stay by his bedside but also did not even greet the guest. Not only her whereabouts were cryptic, she was cold hearted and did not have a heart.

Ji Furen’s expression was somewhat unsightly. Shen Miao smiled gently and said to that Furen after turning around, “The household is in chaos. One have bothered Furen.” The meaning of the words were, these were matters of my residence so one would not need you outsiders to care.

Shen Miao was a person would would be strong when confronted with strength and would give in to people who are enigmatic and impossible to predict, like Xie Jing Xing. To a female who did not have much brains, she did not think too much, thus her words were particularly sarcastic that it made that Furen speechless.

But upon turning, her appearance was clearly exposed to everyone. One heard another Furen crying out, “Rui WangFei, what is the matter with you? Why is one’s clothes so dirty? Could it be that one has fallen down?” Afterwards, she then covered one’s nose, showing an extremely uncomfortable look.

Ji Furen and Ji Daren was startled and even Tang Shu was stunned. Everyone’s gaze in the hall were focused on Shen Miao and it was then that one discovered that Shen Miao’s clothes were covered with dirt and dirt. It was unbearably dirty and upon a careful look, her hair was somewhat messy even though it was tidied out, one felt that it was somewhat a poor condition. Moreover there was a strange smell from her body, like… Like the smell of fertiliser.

Those Furen were not very fond of having a foreigner to be the Rui WangFei and now they had a topic, they immediate started to spout nonsense, saying that Shen Miao was anxious and fell down or something.

Luo Tan heard it and her anger rose to three Zhang (1 Zhang = 10 feet). Only she knew how Shen Miao have such an appearance but Shen Miao had warned her not to speak about the matter.

Tang Shu was somewhat surprised. When he saw Shen Miao, he was wholeheartedly thinking about important matters and overlooked Shen Miao’s appearance. Normally Shen Miao had a dignified and noble appearance and her clothes were meticulous so there was never such an uncaring appearance before. Ji Furen had an embarrassed appearance as Shen Miao was her nephew’s wife, thus by faulting Shen Miao, it would be the same as slapping her own face.

In a fury of whispers, Shen Miao’s expression was the most indifferent as she did not think that there was anything wrong with it. These Furen were all xenophobic and had never seen her as one of their own. They were very critical that no matter how noble she wore, these person would not have a change of view. Thus she did not feel embarrassed at all of her poor appearance in front of them.

After all in the future, they did not have the relations to sit down together to drink tea.

Ji Furen wanted to say a few more words to smooth things over when they suddenly heard a male’s laughter from outside the hall, “Brother Li is really talented. I cannot solve this nine interlink puzzle but you are able to solve it in less than an incense (modern timing: 15 mins). Other than my Third Older Brother, no one is faster than you.”

It was Ji Yu Shu’s voice.

Then another voice sounded. It seemed to be a voice of a young male that was very clear but was somewhat low. The combination of it was somewhat special. That person said, “It is Brother Ji that gave in. This lowly one would not dare to be compared with His Highness the Prince of First Rank.”

Shen Miao’s heart moved. Her heart involuntarily tighten up to a bundle. That clear and low voice was very familiar to her but she could not remember who was it but her should tremble at that moment. She looked down at her hands. Her sleeves were long and only her fingertips were exposed but because of the busy night, it was somewhat bloody and currently it was shaking violently.

At the next moment, Ji Yu Shu’s voice sounded, “One must not say that. When my Third Older Brother wakes, he will definitely want both of you to compete. Third Older Brother likes intelligent people so if you go, Third Older Brother would appreciate it a lot.”

The curtain in the main hall was parted and two people walked out. Ji Yu Shu walked in front and when he saw Shen Miao, she was startled and ignored the presence of the Furens and walked up in two steps and greeted, “Sao Sao.” Then he said softly, “You are back. These days that you are not in, I asked Tie Yi but he refuses to tell me. Where exactly did you go?”

However Shen Miao did not answer him and stared fixedly at the person who followed behind Ji Yu Shu.

That was a young male, that had the appearance of one who was in their early twenties. His facial features were ordinary and the ordinariness made one feel that there was nothing special but there was an inexplicable attractive gaze and his entire body seemed to emit an atmosphere of an ‘intelligent person’. He wore a pine rosin coloured robe and a green fabric boots and the pair of eyes was like the middle of a summer day, warm and intoxicating, but there was a faint enthusiasm.

Shen Miao’s body was asked and she almost fell down. Luo Tan saw it and quickly supported her waist from behind as she thought that she was unable to withstand after being to tired from last night.

Ji Furen saw that young person and said, “This is one of the benefactors that saved Jing Xing, Gentleman Li.”

The young male bowed towards Shen Miao and smiled, “This lowly one is…”

“Li Ke.”

Shen Miao was screaming thousands of times in her heart. She would never ever forget this name and never ever forget this seemingly warm and childlike eyes that became Fu Xiu Yi’s right arm in a short few years and almost claimed to be Pei Lang’s equal. This was Mei Furen’s blooded younger brother, Li Ke.

She had never imagine that after that long lifetime, she would still be able to see this male in front. But it was in an unfamiliar country, in her residence and in front of a room full of people that Li Ke appeared in front of her in grandiose.

Her face became pale and kept on reminding herself sensibly that she could not make any strange moves in front of these Furens but at the same time she stared fiercely at Li Ke. She hated that she could not tear this person into pieces, drink his blood and eat his flesh.

Mei Furen’s brother. The reason why her previous lifetime was so horrifying was all because of this pair of siblings. Mei Furen had gotten Fu Xiu Yi’s true heart and Li Ke rode on her success and was promoted. Le Ke was always there for Fu Xiu Yi’s beck and call and Mei Furen had her back against a big tree and was even more favoured. The two siblings depended on one another to advance, Mei Furen would think of ways to get Wan Yu married and Li Ke would think of ways to abolish the Crown Prince. Mei Furen made the First household of the Shen family to be executed, Li Ke built deep relationships with the Second and Third household, Shen Gui and Shen Wan.

One was unable to escape from this foul fate in the previous and current lifetime. Shen Miao had never expected that it was here that they had became Xie Jing Xing’s benefactors.

She suddenly remembered that Tang Shu said that it was ‘a pair of siblings’.

Shen Miao ferocious gaze made Ji Furen somewhat baffled for a moment. She asked, “Jiao Niang…”

“Isn’t there two benefactors?” Shen Miao smiled gently and slowly moved her gaze away. She did not notice the weird tone that she was using, “Where is the other one?

“Just now a maid spilt tea onto her so I let her change her clothes. Jiao Niang have a lot of clothes and there are no other female’s clothes in the residence, it is not good to take a maid’s one, so I took one of Jiao Niang’s clothes.” Ji Furen said.

Just as she was speaking, one saw Ji Yu Shu speaking as he looked out the door, “Coming.”

That female have a lotus like face and a willow figure, like she was a fairy. She wore a thin robe as she slowly came in. The afternoon sun came in as she parted the curtain, making this Young Lady look even more beautiful. Her light smile was dazzling and magnificent and it was the last thing that Shen Miao saw before her death.

Shen Miao stood in the middle of the room with unkept clothes and had a appearance of a sorry figure. Her complexion was pale but she was staring at that female like she was a hungry wolf, as fierce as a tiger and like a poisonous snake that would wait for an opportunity to strike.

That person wore her clothes, came to her residence, saved her husband and strut around before standing in front of her.

Enemies in the past lifetime and hated to death in this lifetime. The foul fate could not be severed and even became more chaotic, once again was pushed into the wheels of destiny.

“Mei Niang greets Your Ladyship WangFei.” The female said.

Mei Niang?

No. You are not Mei Niang. You were… The heart of Ming Qi’s Emperor, Fu Xiu Yi, and the Consort Mother of the new Crown Prince, Fu Chen.

And also one’s enemy that one absolutely could not live under the same sky with, Mei Furen.

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      • This is not the 21st century, women don’t have political power on their own and rely on men/marriage to gain standing. If a women is ambitious even if she is intelligent, her only way to gain power is through marriage.

        It is not “love rivalry” since mei furen is not in love with XJX, she is ambitious and XJX has a conveniently powerful position with just one wife.

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