Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 205 (Part 1)

Chapter 205: Conferring the Medicine (Part 1)

Shen Miao had never thought that the so called Superior One would be the strange Taoist Priest that she saw once in Ming Qi’s Pu Tuo Monastery. The words that the Taoist Priest had said on that day lingered with Shen Miao for a long time as she felt that this person seemed to have a peek to her secret of living two lifetimes. However after she send people over to look for the whereabouts of that Taoist Priest, one was unable to find the person after rummaging through the entire Ding capital.

It was of no wonder why one was unable to find, this Taoist Priest actually come so far away to Great Liang’s Long Ye.

Then things were somewhat strange. Accordingly to Ben Yue, the pair of siblings had encountered this Taoist Priest a few years back. Since this Taoist Priest was in Long Ye then, it seemed that this Taoist Priest had stayed in Long Ye for a long time and could even be a Great Liang person. Then why did he appear in Ming Qi’s Ding capital? It could not be that he travelled such a long journey just to calculate two divination for her right?

Shen Miao said, “Taoist Priest…”

The strange Taoist Priest looked at her and stroke his beard as he shook his head, “This poor priest’s Taoist name is Chi Yan. Furen came here to save someone right? This poor priest has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Luo Tan was startled and asked, “Chi Yan Taoist Priest, you long knew that we are coming to look for you?”

Chi Yan Taoist Priest smiled proudly and shook the divination cylinder at his waist. The divination container rattled as he said, “This old priest calculated a divination for oneself.”

Shen Miao thought that even though this Taoist Priest was strange, he seemed to have real abilities. For instance, what he said in Pu Tuo Monastery was rather reasonable. So if he was the so called Superior One, she was not surprised. She said, “My husband is currently seriously wounded and one has heard that Taoist Priest is able to change one’s fate and thus made a special trip over. One request Taoist Priest to save my husband’s life. One the matter succeed, one will provide great thanks.”

Hui Xiang and the few were standing behind Shen Miao and heard Shen Miao words previously, seemingly she was acquainted with this strange Taoist Priest. Although there were doubts in their hearts, it was not a good time to inquire about it. After listening to Shen Miao words, they wondered if she was somewhat possessed. The matter of ‘changing one’s fate’ was just too much. No matter how one look, this Taoist Priest look like a normal person who grew up eating grains. Could it be that Shen Miao was swindled by a con-man?

Shen Miao however knew that this strange Taoist Priest who could see that she had lived two lifetimes and could see that she became an Empress in her past lifetime, was not spouting nonsense or guesses.

After hearing Shen Miao’s words, the strange Taoist Priest shook his head and walked nearer. Everyone then could see that he was having a premonition and his hands was carrying a fishing bamboo basket, looking like he was going fishing. It was just that there was only a string on the fishing pole and the hook that was attached to it was straight. It would be strange if a fish was caught like this. Indeed his basket was empty and pitiful.

Seeing that he was not answering Shen Miao for a long time, Luo Tan was anxious and asked, “Taoist Priest, can you save my MeiFu?”

That Taoist Priest leaned the fishing pole against the door before straightening up his back and look seriously at Shen Miao, “Heaven’s designs must not be divulged. This poor priest cannot even divulge Heaven’s designs to Furen so how would one dare to change fate and create unexpected calamity?”

“But you have already saved Ben Yue’s friend, that young boy.” Luo Tan was puzzled, “Isn’t that considered as changing fate?”

“That was because that little life should not be severed. The Heavens has destined that he would encounter me and it was also destined that I will save his life.” Chi Yan Taoist Priest said.

Hui Xiang, Ba Jiao and the rest was startled. They originally thought that the pair of siblings spouted nonsense and did not think that it was actually real, moreover this Taoist Priest in front of them admitted that it was his doing.

Shen Miao’s brows slightly wrinkled, “Then one dare ask Taoist Priest, what is the destined fate between Taoist Priest and me?”

The Taoist Priest chuckled, “Heaven’s designs must not be divulged.”

A ‘Heaven’s designs must not be divulged’ on the right and a ‘Heaven’s designs must not be divulged’ on the left, moreover this was a critical juncture. Even if Shen Miao could tolerate, at this moment she became furious and said angrily, “In the outside world, the action are not something that devoid of conscience. Currently good people are harmed by evildoers and it is the evildoers that are happy. Is it that those who commit murder and arson have gold belts and those who build bridges and repair roads would not even have a body left? What kind of Heavens’ law is this? What kind of righteousness is this? One really open one’s eyes upon seeing that Taoist Priest even practices as such. One thinks that this is ridiculous.”

Cong Yang’s eyes widen. Why did Shen Miao start scolding others now? These words were sharp and Shen Miao said it all in one breath, making one feel very refreshing.

Unexpectedly, not only that Chi Yan Taoist Priest did not get angry after being pelting with scoldings, he however started laughing loudly and clapped his hands, “Indeed after staying with that fierce Dragon for a long time, you have become as fierce. This is good.”

Luo Tan muttered softly, “Is he sick? Still so happy after being scolded by others…”

Chi Yan Taoist Priest opened his mouth, “You are not wrong. The Heavens’ law is inherently unfair but humans are in charge of human affairs. Heavens’ law dictate fortune (luck) but not life.” He smiled slightly. The horsetail whisk was the same and even though it was worn out, at this moment there was some sense of a feeling of an immortal. He said, “Even though Heavens’ law did not dictate me to change his fate, his fated life is too noble that I cannot change. It is Heavens’ law that destined you and I were to encounter and it is also destined that this poor priest would bestow you a fate.”

He said it very confusingly and everyone listening were puzzled like they were amidst the clouds and mist. Only Shen Miao’s gaze was staring at him sharply. One heard that Taoist Priest saying, “You really want to save him?”


That Taoist Priest smiled, “Since you want to save him then follow me.” Finishing, he turned around and moved forward.

Shen Miao did not hesitate to follow and Hui Xiang and the rest of them quickly set off.

However Chi Yan Taoist Priest suddenly turn back and looked at Hui Xiang and the rest, “You all cannot follow.”

“Why?” There was anger on Cong Yang’s face. They were ordered to protect Shen Miao’s safety so how would they let Shen Miao follow a crazy and strange Taoist Priest alone? If anything happen, when Xie Jing Xing woke up, how do they explain it to Xie Jing Xing?
(Back of translator mind: Tower Prison! Tower Prison! Tower Prison! LOL)

“There is a mysterious concealing stratagem that is created by my Teacher. The mysterious concealing stratagem that my Teacher construct cannot be broken by anyone in the world and that includes me. There is only one way of surviving and the rest of it is death. This is to target people who knows martial arts. The higher one skills is, the faster one will die. This Furen has no martial arts skills and thus can go with me. As for the rest…” He shook his head, “All who enter will die.”

“But how could we trust that you will not harm Furen?” Hui Xiang said, “By not letting us follow, how do we know where you will bring Furen to?”

Chi Yan Taoist Priest spread his hands out, like a rogue, “If one do not believe then this poor priest would not go ahead. You can quickly lead this Furen back.”

This almost made Hui Xiang vomit blood in anger.

Shen Miao said, “You all can wait for me here. I will go with the Taoist Priest.”

“Furen.” Ba Jiao was very disapproving with it.

“That…” Luo Tan said cautiously, “Can I go or not? Even though I have martial art skills, it is not high and should not affect it.”

It seemed that it was only now Chi Yan Taoist Priest noticed Luo Tan. After sizing her up, he said, “It is still alright since one almost have no martial art skills. Alright, you can also follow me in.”

Luo Tan, “…” What did ‘almost no martial arts skills’? Her martial arts was lacking a bit and could not be compared to those people who trained from young at the residence of Prince Rui. It could not be considered as nothing.

But comparing to Hui Xiang and the rest, at least she could follow along with Shen Miao. Luo Tan said, “Youngest Biao Sister, I will accompany you. If there is any matter, it is good to have another to take care.”

After Shen Miao thought about it, she nodded her head. Even though Luo Tan was impulsive, she did not stir up any issues and Shen Miao did not know what Chi Yan Taoist Priest wanted to do. She was used in putting defences against others and even though she trusted that Chi Yan Taoist Priest had some abilities, she was still skeptical with the other party.

Hui Xiang and the rest saw that Shen Miao had made up her mind and knew that persuading was impossible. Seeing that Luo Tan was following along, their hearts were slightly relieved. After nagging at Luo Tan a while, they even gave Luo Tan the signal fireworks that the Mo Yan Army used to her, saying that if there was any matter, just set the fireworks off and they would naturally think of some ways to rush over.

However that Taoist Priest became somewhat impatient, “Still don’t go? When the skies are dark then this old priest cannot help you all.”

Shen Miao said, “Set off now.”

The route that Chi Yan Taoist Priest brought Shen Miao and Luo Tan was very bizarre. It could be said that this piece of separated forest did not have any path but Chi Yan Taoist Priest could tell where the turns were and know where there was a slope. It was as if there was an undiscovered path where could not see. The route that he took was not easy to walk as at times it looked like a dead end but he was able to find a new path. Luo Tan looked on with amazement and even Shen Miao was shocked.

Luo Tan asked, “Taoist Priest, you seemed to be very familiar to this place. Does one come here often?”

“This poor priest live here since young thus one is familiar.” Chi Yan Taoist Priest proudly stroke his beard and said, “Many of these threes are planted by this poor priest.”

Luo Tan nodded her head, “It seemed that Taoist priest is a person of Great Liang so why does one hear… You have encountered Youngest Biao Sister once? Youngest Biao Sister had never come to Long Ye before. Could it be the counter was in Long Ye?” Luo Tan remembered the familiar gaze when Shen Miao saw Chi Yan Taoist Priest, which apparently indicated they knew one another before.

Chi Yan Taoist Priest looked meaningfully at Shen Miao, “This poor priest have the fate of calculating two divination for this Furen. No matter where it is, one would definitely meet.”

Luo Tan scratched her head as she somewhat could not understand it. Shen Miao however was thoughtful as she always felt that this Taoist Priest knew more than she had thought. After Xie Jing Xing matter has passed, could she ask seriously about matters of her past lifetime?

Just as this thought appeared in her mind, Chi Yan Taoist Priest smiled, “Furen want to save others and also want to ask questions. One cannot have both and only one choice can be made. There will be loss and there will be gain. Furen must definitely think of one’s choice.”

Shen Miao’s heart quivered. This Taoist Priest seemed to have seen through the thoughts in her heart. His meaning was that if she were to ask about matter of the previous lifetime then she would not be able to save Xie Jing Xing and if she wants to save Xie Jing Xing, she have to keep silent about her past lifetime. What kind of rule was this? Shen Miao felt stuffy when she heard Chi Yan Taoist Priest ask, “Does Furen have a decision in one’s heart?”

Luo Tan looked at them curiously as she did not understand what kind of provocation did Chi Yan Taoist Priest said to Shen Miao but Shen Miao was always like this and only few people would understand what she said. Her brains was not as good so she did not bother to understand it.

Shen Miao said slightly, “One can think of ways to find for the answer but in the matter of saving lives, I neither have medical skills or know how to change one’s fate, thus one can only trouble Taoist Priest. How could secrets be compared to life? One hope that Taoist Priest would save a life first.”

The strange Taoist Priest laughed out loud, “Furen is not honest. What secrets and life to talk about. It is better to say that you see him more important than oneself and thus would give up the things that one is searching for him.” He mysteriously smiled, “Furen’s vicious tendencies has also dissipated a lot.”

Shen Miao slightly frowned. That Taoist Priest however picked a willow branch and like a child, him an unknown tune and continue heading forward.

She could only keep up.

That Taoist Priest had walked for a long time and fearing that she would delay things, Luo Tan dare not complain and Shen Miao did not say anything. One did not know what time it was but only felt that the day had gotten later and the sun was somewhat weaken when the Taoist Priest suddenly stopped and said, “One has arrived.”

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