Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 203 (Part 2)

Chapter 203: Superior One (Part 2)

Luo Tan was sitting in the room tearing quietly when she saw someone pushing the door open. The one coming in was a young female with hair tied in two plaits with red strings and she was holding a food basket in her hands. As she place the basket on the table, she opened it and took out some dishes.

The dishes were fragrant but how would Luo Tan eat it? She said, “Go out, I don’t want to eat.”

“Young Lady must not tire out one’s body. No matter how big things it, one’s health is most important. If a person does not eat, one would fall ill easily and if Young Lady fall ill then Rui WangFei would be more upset.” Ben Yue said.

Luo Tan shook her head, “I can’t eat.”

“Young Lady, why take things so hard? Heavens helps the worthy like His Highness and this time even though it is dangerous, it would be fine at the end. Isn’t it says that one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster? One thinks that in the ture there would be a flood of good fortune that files the Heavens.” Ben Yue continued comforting.

Luo Tan smiled bitterly, “Everyone knows how to say beautiful words but it is not something that only requires words. If one can recover with a few auspicious words then why are doctors needed? No matter how good you say, what use would there be? It is better to do something practical for my MeiFu to get better sooner and let Youngest Biao Sister feel rest assure sooner.”

Ben Ye was surprised. Luo Tan normally looked forthright, rash and loud and from a glance, looked like one that was easy to deceive and one did not think that she had such a perspective. When one was upset, one would hope that there would be someone to say comforting words but how useful it was depended on oneself. These words actually did not deceive Luo Tan at all and Luo Tan sighed, and even looked sadder.

Ben Ye said, “Young Lady, some words are better said than never. It is not wrong to wish for His Highness to recover.”

“You are not wrong.” Luo Tan said, “It is just that the situation is critical, thus I am unable to relax at all. It is better for you not to persuade me. I would not be able to listen and even if one listens, one’s heart…” She pointed to her heart, “Would not be able to do so.”

Ben Yue thought about it and for the first time exhausted one’s limited abilities. She racked her brains for a long time and seemed to have thought of a way to comfort Luo Tan. She said, “Actually Prince Rui’s matter is perhaps not that anxious as ten days has not arrived yet. Previously this servant has a sister who has a younger brother at home, who was only three when he was infected with a serious illness. Everyone said that he will not live more than three days and at that time Gentleman also saw him and said that the boy would definitely die after three days. Who knew that this servant’s sister is lucky and met with a Superior One, saying that he was able to change the little boy’s fate. The sister then brought her young brother to the Superior One and guess what happen after three days?”

This Ben Yue was a talent as she could speak like the storytellers in restaurants. Luo Tan could not help but be attracted to her words and asked Ben Yue, “What happened?”

Ben Yue clapped her hands, “That young boy not only live on but became healthier than before.”

Luo Tan was startled but continued asking, “How could it be so?

Ben Yue said, “Us servants are also very curious. Even Gentleman could not understand the rational.”

“Where are the siblings now?” Luo Tan asked.

“Because there were too many curious people, this servant’s sister felt annoyed and afterwards she was at the age to be released from the residence, thus she left Long Ye with her younger brother and no one knew where she went.” Ben Yue said, “Speaking of which, at the beginning she still drew the whereabouts of that Superior One for this servant. This servant even gave it to Gentleman. Gentleman brought people over but discovered that there was no house like what the sister had said and it was only and wasteland. One think that most likely that person had moved or it is that sister has remembered wrongly. Afterwards no one saw that Superior One at all.”

Luo Tan muttered to herself for a moment before suddenly asking, “Do you have a map of the whereabouts of that Superior One?”

“There is.” Ben Yue nodded her head, “Everyone in this residence has one. At that time there were many curious people and everyone wanted to search for that person to change one’s own fate and see if one can have a rich future but at the end had to return without any achievements.”

Luo Tan then said, “Bring it to me.”

“Why do you want it?” Ben Yue suddenly thought about something and almost lost her voice, “It cannot be that you want to search for that Superior One? The matter of those siblings had been over many years and one do not know if that person is still alive. Moreover Gentleman was unable to find it in the beginning, you…” She said, “This servant do not want to let Young Lady think of ways to search for that Superior One.” Ben Yue felt regret in her heart. She said these things to Luo Tan to make Luo Tan feel relief. Seeing that young little brother had been said unable to live fore more than three days but still survived, what more of Prince Rui? Who knew that this Luo Tan did not follow the usual path but wanted to search for that Superior One. How easy could a Superior One be found? Otherwise everyone would be able to find him and there would not be a need to work hard. Gao Yang would not need to personally creating medication.

Luo Tan shook her head, “You just bring it to let me see. I might not go and search for the Superior One and only feel that by sitting here and doing nothing, one’s heart feels insufferable. No matter if one search or not, if one is able to find or not, at lease I have tried my best for MeiFu and Youngest Biao Sister and not a useless person. One heart would feel better.”

Words had been said till as such thus Ben Yue had no reason to refuse. She quickly went out the doors and also quickly returned. She then handed over a map drawn on a handkerchief and said, “This servant does not draw well and is illiterate. As one embroidery is passable, one sew what younger sister had drawn. Young Lady, do see if you understand it.”

Fortunately ever since Luo Tan arrived in Long Ye, she would wander around every day and would be very interested in remote places. She only came to Long Ye recently but was familiar with most of the roads thus upon seeing it she jumped up, “Isn’t this Feng Tou Zhuang, south of the western part of the city?”

Ben Yue was stunned, “Young Lady knows of it?” She then said, “The young sister of this servant said at the beginning that after Feng Tou Zhuang, one kept on walking south and saw that house at the bottom of the mountain. But Gentleman had brought people long and afterwards there were some people who went ahead but there was no house or bottom of the mountain at the south of Feng Tou Zhuang and only a crumbling wall.”

Luo Tan stared at that map and said, “Feng Tou Zhuang is not far from here. One can reach there in a day by horse.”

Ben Yue, “Young Lady, you cannot…”

“I will look for Youngest Biao Sister.” Luo Tan said, “You stay here.”

Ben Yue was somewhat worried that Luo Tan would really look for this real or fake Superior One but her mind turned it around. Luo Tan was not reliable but Rui WangFei would definitely be reliable and not let Luo Tan create trouble. Thinking that Luo Tan could therefore feel better, her heart was reassured.

In the residence of Prince Rui, Shen Miao looked at the unconscious Xie Jing Xing and her brows became tightly knitted.

Xie Jing Xing’s situation became even worse and could only withstand six more days. In the six days, other than Gao Yan being able to create an antidote, was there really no other ways?

Just as she was thinking, Luo Tan ran in from outside and did not say anything but asked SHen Miao, “Youngest Biao Sister, is the compass that I gifted you when you get married is still here? If it is, can you loan it to me?”

Shen Miao looked at her suspiciously, “Why do you want that?”

Luo Tan ducked Shen Miao’s gaze and said, “Suddenly thought about it and ask to borrow it from you to play.”

No matter how big hearted Luo Tan was, it was not possible for her to have the mood to play. Shen Miao said, “Don’t hide it from me. Say what it is for.” After pausing, she then continued, “If you don’t tell me the truth then you will not have it.”

Luo Tan was angry and anxious. In every big issue, she would be somewhat afraid of Shen Miao so she gritted her teeth and steel her hear to spill out what Ben Yue had said.

After finishing, Luo Tan observed Shen Miao’s expression and said, “I want to search for that Superior One. Since he can change the fate of that servant’s younger brother, then he might be able to change the fate of MeiFu. Now that there are no other methods, it is better to have someone to search for than no one.”

Shen Miao thought about it and shook her head, “Gao Yang had went there once and compared to the current you, a doctor like him would definitely want to understand what was going on. Since Gao Yang could not find that place, how would you be able to find it?”

Luo Tan said, “Youngest Biao Sister, if it is about imaginary matter, how would I dare to delay your time at this juncture? I hav once heard ZhuFu speaking that when he was young, he had seen a type of mysterious concealing stratagem that from the outside, it would seem like nothing but each grass and tree had secrets. After a person enter, one would unconsciously be confused by the mirage in front and thought that one was walking a straight line but unknowingly, they were going in circles. No matter how one turns, one would not be able to get out. In the early times, some people thought that this is some demonic technique.”

Shen Miao frowned, “Mysterious concealing stratagem?”

Luo Tan nodded her head, “ZhuFu had also mentioned it before. He had only saw it once when he was young and afterwards this craft slowly disappeared and one fear that no one had seen it now. I was thinking since that person has the ability to change one’s fate then one might have this ability. Moreover it specifically targets people with martial arts. The higher one’s martial arts skills are, the more one cannot enter and would at the end die in the stratagem alive.”

“You are saying that the reason that they are unable to find the location of the house that the siblings mention was because someone had set up a mysterious concealing stratagem.” Shen Miao shook her head, “Like you said, this is specifically targets people with martial arts but the Gao residence people went and still unable to find it.”

Seeing Shen Miao as such, Luo Tan was somewhat discourage, “Saying this and that, you do not believe me. Do you not believe that someone can save MeiFu?”

“I believe.” Shen Miao said.

Luo Tan was startled.

Shen Miao asked her, “That compass would not be influence by other things and would always point to the south. The Feng Tou Zhuang that you mentioned is at the south and other people’s eyes can perhaps be affected by the mysterious concealing stratagem but the compass would not. That is a craftsman’s work.”

Luo Tan said, “That is exactly the reason why the army use it to point the direction in the seas. I only just thought that it would be perfect to use it at the mysterious concealing stratagem. But…” She looked at Shen Miao and asked unbelievably, “Youngest Biao Sister, you really believe me and let me look for that Superior One?”

“I trust you and also trust my own luck.” Shen Miao said, “One cannot just sit and wait. An additional route to walk is better than guarding just one road. No matter what is the result, one will need to try else one cannot reconcile with it.” She said, “I will go with you.”

Luo Tan opened her mouth, “Together?”

“If there is really a Superior One, that Superior One would definitely hide one’s whereabouts and there would be some eccentricity or reason. How would you be able to persuade the person alone? Since he is my husband and I am his wife, I have no reason to place it on another’s hands.”

Luo Tan seemed to have understood Shen Miao for the first time. Shen Miao had always analyse pros and cons rationally and she thought that she would never see Shen Miao gamble or believe in things that were not possible but this time Shen Miao did it.

Was it because of Prince Rui?

Shen Miao stood up and in a moment her expression changed and it was firmed as it this was her plan all along. She said, “You will go with me and bring along the compass.” She then called out for Mo Qing and Chong Yang and said, “Both of you will follow me for a trip to Feng Tou Zhuang. Tie Yi, you take good care of Xie Jing Xing and wait for my return. Tie Yi will make the decision for whatever matters. If the Emperor asks, I will bear the responsibilities.”

After speaking, she took the coat and headed out, “Prepare the carriage.”

There was no doubt in her words and some hidden majesty was exposed.

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      • OH! That’s a really good point. What if that person responsible somehow did meet this Superior One and asked them to change the fate of the already dead Empress Shen Miao? Although, now that I think of it, it might not even need be this same one. I remember the priest that XJX spoke to commented something like Shen Miao ended up meeting a different face of their god than him, but that one still did the job (he just charged her a lot of money lol). Essentially XJX tried to set up a meeting for her in that case but she ended up getting the same information on her own. Based on this, I almost wonder if meeting people with the ability to change fate is fate itself? But how it happens depends on you? Kinda going back to this idea we keep hearing of heaven will help the worthy. If you ARE worthy, you ARE going to seek salvation and they will have intention to help you from the beginning, however you meet them.

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  1. Luo Tan, you are a good kid! I know some readers are irritated with her, but I’m just happy that Shen Miao finally has a female friend who honestly cares about her, is her age, and isn’t a complete idiot.

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    • Yes, that is actually the point. SM has no friend, her life is dull and she still has a bitter heart can’t really smile with real mirth in the eyes anymore. She has young body but an old soul, but even this old soul has never experinced a happiness of being young. She never know how it feels to be a carefree teenager and a genuine friendship between girls. That’s why she need someone like LT. A young friend and sister who genuinely cares and loves her no matter what. And just to remind ourself too, real friend would accept each other in good and bad, not only the good traits but also the flaws… since no one is perfect including us.
      Loyalty and sincerity are the main priority in seeking a friend. Other things one can always complement each other, so we don’t always seek commonality in relationship.
      SM can complement LT in the place where she lack and LT can do the same for her.
      Moreover LT is not a complete idiot either. She is a bit careless true, but one should remembet that she is only 15-17 yo perhaps.
      It is basically a kid compare to SM who has had 2 children at her age. It is really not fair to compare her to SM, and even to our standard here from modern world.

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  2. Shen Miao’s feeling is definitely relatable. When one meets a dead end, and then discovers that there is another path but dangerous and unsure, I think that most people will still take the chance. It generally gives peace of mind to do something than being helpless and just wait.

    Go Empress Jiao Jiao!

    Thanks for the chapter Zaza!

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  3. Superior one?? Could he be the same person that gave shen miao a chance to live again and the obe that previously tell shen miao that she can’t do this revenge alone?? Interesting 😎😎

    Thanks for the chapter 😊😊😊

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  4. Hey there dear translator…I’m just wondering if you would like to have someone help checking the grammar and spelling ? I mean, I really like this novel and would love to be of some help.


  5. I dislike how author put this scene together. Luo tan action and words, isn’t it just hypocrisy? If she want to help, then eat, be obidient, ask if she can help something. Don’t throwing wise words with no action.

    Even when they prob find that superior one, I would still feel regret in luo tan action.

    Did the author do this to make some justice to luo tan ?

    *Please, excuse my bad grammar


    • I don’t understand which point of her action is worthy for her to be called hypocrite? Hypocrisy is when one say don’t do X to others but one self does it when it’s her turn to be in the same circumstance. Practically doing the same things she always condemn when other people doing it.
      And I don’t see that LT exactly doing that.
      All she does is just losing appetite and being upset for not being able to do much to help.
      And I guess it is just human.
      Can you still eat and sleep well when your beloved sister faced such a grave problem? She is probably losing her husband in teenage age and all alone in foreign country where it is not even clear whether the inlaws would take care of her with love when her husband is gone?
      If you could then it is even more questionable whether you really do care sincerely about your sister.
      I can imagine that I wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep well either.
      All she did is contemplating in her own room, she makes no trouble at all.
      And the words she said definitely makes sense.
      Because saying comforting words are really useless. It’s nice attempt and deserve appreciation for trying to comfort, but both parties actually also know that it is all just empty words. Because it can not make any difference. Your brain might understand the sense of it but when your heart is sad, you just can’t change it. The only cure for a sad heart is only an excellent solution or simply “the time” when there is no solution.
      The time is all it takes to heal the heart wound, not consoling words ..especially when those words don’t even come from someone holding an important place in your heart.
      Last but not least:”no action” is even less suited to her.
      She knows that she might fail in finding that superior one and perhaps it is even only a legend, however despite realising about that she would still try seeking him because they have no other more sensible solution anyway, so why not?
      Even if she failed at least she had tried so one would not feel bad for just sitting idly by when one’s beloves sister in such a big problem.
      When one tries there is still a possibility to succeed no matter how small it is, but of one doesn’t try then there is none.
      One can not only wish for a miracle to happen without even doing a single little effort for it.
      And she is not an idiot, the reason she used when she gifted that compass was also sensibel. And as a daughter of a general who has been raised nearly like a girl in a modern world (means that she was often allowed to do what her brothers also did), then it quite make sense that she knows about tools like compass and such war stratagems even if not deeply knowledgeable about them.
      But having heard about it is not that weird…it is not a secret related to general’s duty afterall.

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  6. I hope that those evil doer will not do anything while they are in their journey
    Lou Tan good thing you followed Shen Miao, you give her support.
    Hope they’ll find that mysterious person soon. ಥ_ಥ


  7. Oh no, if Luo Tan’s being given stuff to do that means she probably won’t die soon. Really wish the author had chosen to give SM a friend who had any redeeming personality traits instead of one who’s rude, selfish, and ignorant but ~just so happens~ to come across helpful information


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