Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 195 (Part 2)

Chapter 195: Bridal Chambers (Part 2)

When Shen Miao reached the bridal chambers that the steward mentioned that it was ready, she could not help but felt her tongue was tied.

Seven or eight people was able to sleep on that bed and the pillows was covered with a soft blanket, with everything in bright red. Disregarding that since a bridal chamber would always be that festive, but what was the meaning of having a ‘spring painting’ pasted on the walls of the bridal chambers?

And there was also a variety of incense burner around.

Shen Miao said, “It is better for me to find another place to sleep.”

“What is the matter Furen?” The steward asked, “Please speak of any dissatisfaction you have of this room. This old servant will instruct others to change.”

Xie Jing Xing swept a glance at the old steward, “What nonsense is pasted on the walls? Tear it down.”

“This cannot be done.” The old steward insisted, “All these are very meaningful, after all this is part of Your Highness’s and Furen’s marriage. One had heard that both of you have yet to enter the bridal chambers. Since it is the first time in the world, there would always be some doubts. This old servant had search for these for a long time.”

Shen Miao, “…”

The servants in the residence of Prince Rui of First Rank was just too direct in terms of their words. Even though she was not a shy and delicate young lady, when one hear such unconcealed words, one would still blush.

Xie Jing Xing put down the dagger in his hands and stared at the old steward. His eyes seemed to be able to kill others as he said, “Many thanks Tang Shu.”

“But there is no need to teach.” He gritted his teeth, “I know.”

Tang Shu was startled and said immediately, “But there is no end to learning.”

Shen Miao shook her sleeves and left. This was a conversation that one really could not listen to.

She had experienced the chaos with the soldiers and horses this day. When Shen Miao came over, she did not show any delicate side and moreover Long Ye was really an outstanding place so there really nothing to be picky about. The servants here treated her very respectfully but the calling of ‘WangFei’ still made her somewhat embarrassed.

She was after all not used to listening to it.

Even during dinner Tang Shu also specially cooked some light side dishes to the tastes of Ming Qi’s Ding capital’s people for her. In the afternoon, Xie Jing Xing left and most likely he was also very busy during the day after all this was not like Ming Qi. The Xie Jing Xing that returned to Great Liang was the ‘Prince Rui of First Rank’ that was busy with official matters.

After washing up, the skies were already darkened and Shen Miao returned to the bridal chambers. It was not that she was willing to come here but because other than this bridal chamber, there was no other rooms that was prepared for her in the residence of Prince Rui of First Rank. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu continue to come over to serve her and Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang were also promoted to top ranked maids.

As Jing Zhe combed Shen Miao’s hair, she said, “Before coming to Long Ye, this servant was thinking that one is unfamiliar with the land and people here and there was some fear in one’s heart. One did not think that after coming her, one felt rest assured. The people of the residence of the Prince of First Rank treats Young Lady very respectfully. It seemed that Gu Ye had taught them well.”

“Still call Young Lady?” Gu Yu said, “One should start calling Furen.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. One should call Furen.” Jing Zhe quickly changed her words and continued, “No wonder everyone said that Great Liang is good. From the looks of it today, it is worthy of its reputation. Not to mention Furen, even this servant like this place a lot.”

“Oh?” Shen Miao teased her, “Isn’t Ding capital good? Why like this place more?”

Jing Zhe thought about it, “It is not that it is not good but one felt that the people here treat Furen much better. Once Furen come to Long Ye, it is with the identity of the WangFei of First Rank. This is a good start thus one feel that it would get better and better in the future.”

Shen Miao laughed. When one was in Ming Qi, the Second and Third household of the Shen residence had hearts with ill-will and Old Shen Furen did not have a good intentions towards the Eldest household. Her circumstances and the Shen family’s circumstances were very dangerous. It seemed that from the eyes of the maids, her life was not at all easy. In addition with the rumor of her being an idiot, one’s heart was filled with disagreement.

It was different in Long Ye. She married over with the title of Rui Wang Fei of First Rank and with Xie Jing Xing’s attitude to her, the people surrounding would not dare not to respectful. A good start should always make one satisfied. People would unconsciously choose to forget one’s past and choose a new beginning.

It was just that Shen Miao did not find that it would get even better in the future. Not mentioning about Ming Qi’s side, one feared that the plans that Xie Jing Xing were executing were not be simple. Great Liang’s dangerous situations were not necessary lesser than that of Ming Qi. One feared that it woul be even more dangerous and more complicated.

It was difficult to disembark after riding a tiger and a dragon was not a tiger. Currently she could only thicken her skin to push forward.

However in her heart, it had been a long time since it felt relaxed and lively.

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Jing Zhe and Gu Yu speaking, “Greetings to Your Highness.”

Shen Miao’s eyes looked up and saw Xie Jing Xing walking in. Xie Jing Xing said, “Withdraw.” Jing Zhe and Gu Yu quickly withdrew.

He walked to the front of the table to sit down and waited for Shen Miao as she comb her hair and said, “Is one getting used to it?”

“There is no problem.” Shen Miao said, “Long Ye indeed lived up to its reputation.”

Xie Jing Xing poured tea for himself, “But you need to keep your spirits up.”

Shen Miao was suspicious, “What other matters happen to you again?”

“Imperial Older Brother had handed a decree to call you and me into the Palace.” He said, “Imperial Older Brother is one who is old fashioned and is very dissatisfied at me marrying a wife so most likely he would frighten you about it.”

Shen Miao glared at him, “Oh? Very dissatisfied at you marrying a wife? You indeed took action behind his back and lie to my parents that he had long agreed.”

Xie Jing Xing smiled, “Just a plan of convenience. Besides if he was dissatisfied with you, so what? There are so many people under Heavens that are not satisfied with you, that in Ming Qi there were like a school of silver carps that are moving down a stream. You cannot just send them on their way.” He said in a lazy posture with a gesture of decapitation.

Shen Miao also laughed, “Are you suggesting something to me?

“One did not.” Xie Jing Xing said, “Our Xie family is different from the Fu family people and would not fight within our kins.”

Shen Miao, “One did not see that you all are people who have loyalty and righteousness.”

“Don’t believe?” Xie Jing Xing asked.

Shen Miao shook her head, “From ancient times the Imperial family had been emotionless and the family relations one currently have is was because there was not entangled interest between both of you. Or it is to say that if one stood at a different side or one day when your position was different or perhaps in order to snatch something or protect ones thing, one would take action. At that time there would not be any mention of brothers.” Even though she tried her best to speak calmly, she could not help to reveal her hate towards it in her voice.

Xie Jing Xing stared at her for a long time and Shen Miao seemed somewhat uncomfortable with his stare, “What are you looking at me for?”

He shook his head and sighed as he smiled, “You don’t seem to believe in the relationships in the Imperial family.”

Shen Miao pursed her lips and did not speak. One could not blame her for not believing as she lived in the depths of the Palace in her previous lifetime and as the mistress of the six Palaces, she had seen many things that no one knew. In this world, a female’s life was suffering and it derives from many sources. Even when Mei Furen fought with her, it was all for a male’s favour. However the males in the Palace were different. She had seen Princes who doted one’s concubine the day before and the next day would gift the same concubine to an advisor in order to pull them over to their side. She had also seen males who in order to balance the forces of all parties, would accept a compromise and let one’s childhood sweetheart be a Pin Qi (or equal wife) and marry an high-ranking official’s daughter with an eight-manned sedan. Males abandoning females like worn out shoes and males may not be able to take swords for brothers or being noble and benevolent. Instances of fighting between brothers and fighting between father and son were common.

Seeing so much of these kind of things, Shen Miao found it hard to believe that there were family love in the Imperial family. Perhaps there were but it was just that she refuses to believe it.

“In the future you will understand.” Xie Jing Xing shook his head and changed the topic, “Imperial Older Brother is an alright person and is also a good Emperor. It is just that for you, it would not be possible to be friends.”

Shen Miao thought that only Xie Jing Xing was able to say Emperor Yong Le as such.

“You do not need to be afraid when he threatens you. With me around, no one would dare to touch you.” Xie Jing Xing said, “Imperial Sao is not bad and one can be friends with. There would be opportunities in the future for you to talk with her.”

Shen Miao’s heart moved as Xie Jing Xing seemed to be explaining some things to her.

“You are not going tomorrow?” She asked.

“Why? Feeling scared alone?” Xie Jing Xing saw her raising her eyebrows and said, “I will go with you. It is just that Imperial Older Brother would definitely send me away. You do not need to put what he say to you in your heart and treat it as a dog fart.”

Shen Miao was silent for a long time, “Understand.”

Xie Jing Xing smiled and held her chin up to look at her, “Shen Jiao Jiao.”


“Felt that after you arrived in Long Ye, you have become much more obedient.” The smile in his eyes was stirring and filled with ill intentions, “Don’t worry, this husband would not abandon you.”

Shen Miao took a deep breath and pick up the comb on the dressing table before standing up, “I want to sleep. When are you leaving?”

“Leave?” Xie Jing Xing raise his eyebrows, “Why should I leave my bridal chambers?”

Shen Miao eyes were wide open and Xie Jing Xing stood up to lie onto the bed.

Shen Miao, “…”

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be of tacit understanding? Didn’t those fake couples in those novels would have one sleeping in the study and the other sleeping in the bridal chambers? How could Xie Jing Xing be like this?

She said, “Then I will go out to sleep.”

Before the voice finish, her arms was pulled and before Shen Miao could stand steadily, she fell suddenly onto the bed and a pair of powerful arms held her and embraced her.

Shen Miao’s nose was filled with the green bamboo scent on the male’s body but as his chest went up and down from breathing, she dared not lift her head to look at the other party’s expression.

One did not know how much time had passed when Xie Jing Xing’s low voice sounded from the top of her head.

“Two months.”

“What?” She raised her head unconsciously and her eyes met with a pair of peach blossoms eyes that was smiling but not smiling. However there was some extremely aggressive intention that made Shen Miao’s heart jump uncontrolled.

Xie Jing Xing hugged her and said lazily, “Give you two months. I would not tolerate it after two months.”

Shen Miao was stunned and the corners of Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up with a smile of evil intentions, “Being a gentleman was never my good point. I have never been a good person.”

Shen Miao jumped up and said, “I will go to the study to sleep.”

Xie Jing Xing grabbed her and said, “I will go out to sleep.”

Shen Miao dared not look at his eyes.

Previously in Ming Qi, there was after all still people in the Shen residence so Xie Jing Xing would not dare to be unbridled. However currently in Long Ye, there was no one she was familiar with and the most important point was that there was no way for her to refuse. Xie Jing Xing and her were husband and wife so whatever that was done were all right.

Xie Jing Xing pushed open the door and seemed to be very happy when he left.

Shen Miao patted her heart as it was still beating violently. After Xie Jing Xing left Ming Qi and returned to Great Liang, he had indeed become more unbridled. It was as if there was still some restrain when in Ding capital but currently he showed his original side of him to Shen Miao at this moment.

How did married couples in this world get along with one another? Shen Miao had thought. In her previous life, from the beginning to the end, she did not know how real couples truly got along thus in this lifetime, she was experience in every other matters but with regards to this, she was as ignorant as a child.

After a long while, Shen Miao recovered to her senses and simply used the quilt to over her head and collapsed.

There would definitely be a road when the carriage reached the mountain. Other matters could be depended on the route that she took in her past lifetime but for this matter, one could only go with the flow in this lifetime.

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    • LOL I don’t think how much they like each other are not at the same level yet, or at least, one party (SM) does not realize how much she likes him yet. Feelings aside, sure, she’s done it before but it was perfunctory so with how XJX is coming on to her, she doesn’t quite know how to react and it probably feels like a first even when it’s not. Coupled with how she still sees their relationship as somewhat a mesh of friendship and alliance still, she won’t likely be comfortable with his advances anytime soon. But she obviously likes him enough to agree with the marriage considering with her personality, if she can’t get out of an unwanted marriage, she’d find a way to off the groom. And XJX’s little advances thus far has only gotten him harmless (but probably cute like a riled up kitten in his opinion) glares at worst (and the fact that she even reacts at all compared to other men approaching her). XJX most probably realizes all this and is trying to give her time/space out of respect. So, he’s giving her 2 months to sort it all out in her head (and heart). But we all know he’s not patient enough for any longer than 2 months considering how far back (10s of chapters) he probably realized his feelings for her and how he now has every legal right (and ethical right according to the customs of the time) to have her. I mean, if your favorite flavor of ice-cream is right in front of you and it’s definitely yours and you have been craving it for months, you’d want to gobble it all up as soon as possible LMAO.

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  1. She gave birth to TWO children. Even if she wasn’t a favored wife in her previous life, she obviously knows the ins and outs of a marriage bed. Why — in Chapter 195 — is she suddenly inept? What is happening? I thought we were done with the courtship?


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