Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 194 (Part 2)

Chapter 194: Concealing (Part 2)

Ever since Shen Xin was promoted in the army, because he did not have to command soldiers, he did not go to the Ministry of Defence daily. Shen Qiu was still in his post and was a small leader in the army garrison with Luo Ling. The days passed much relaxed than previously.

Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin were in a discussion, “Why not after some time we propose to His Majesty to return to Xiao Chun City?” Luo Xue Yan signed, “At least in Xiao Chun City, one’s time would not be as ruin as currently.”

Shen Xin shook his head, “The Emperor retained us in Ding capital in order to guard against the Shen family’s movements thus it would not be possible for us to return to Xiao Chun City. By remaining in Ding capital, we will become a pawn to restrain Jiao Jiao and it would be idea for the future.”

Luo Xue Yan felt vaguely that Shen Xin words were somewhat strange, seemingly suggesting something. Just as she was about to ask, she heard Shen Xin sighed, “Speaking again, there is no news of Tan-er. If one were to return, I dare not meet Father-in-Law and Older Jiu.”

“That is also true.” When this matter was mentioned, Luo Xue Yan felt her head aching, “I have already sent people to send the letter to Jiao Jiao but it is just that Jing Xing’s subordinates are quick and one do not know if they are able to catch up, moreover time is required for the to and fro. There is no news till now and this made my heart restless.”

On the day when Shen Miao completed the wedding ceremony and left the city, Luo Tan did not come to send of as she said that she was sulking because Shen Miao was not willing to bring her to Great Liang and could not bear to witness the separation scene. Luo Tan had been somewhat wildful in the Shen family so everyone was helpless. Moreover on the day when Shen Miao left the city, it was already late in the evening when they returned and Luo Tan’s maids mentioned that Luo Tan had already slept. Luo Xue Yan thought that Luo Tan’s heart was not feeling too good and thus did not disturb her.

It was not that Luo Xue Yan did not care about her niece, it was just that even though Luo Tan had courage, no one had thought that Luo Tan would take such a big step. At the beginning Luo Tan quietly followed Shen Xin and the rest to Ding capital and it was because they were family and it was still in Ming Qi. However this time, from Ming Qi to Great Liang, it was completely a foreign country. The people accompanying were all Prince Rui’s people and since Luo Tan did not know any of them, most likely she would not dare.

Who knew that this young lady of Luo family had a temperamental personality and dared to travel thousands of Li (1 Li = 1 mile) by herself. It was until the second day when Luo Tan was unwilling to step out a single step with an excuse of not feeling well did Luo Xue Yan finally released something was wrong. When she went to look for her, she only saw Luo Tan’s maid kneeling down in trepidation with a letter, begging for mercy.

Fine. Luo Tan straightforwardly left a letter indicating that she would be following Youngest Biao Sister and headed to Great Liang where the food and clothes were fine and the marketplace was so crowded that people rubbed shoulders with another.

Luo Xue Yan jumped in shocked and quickly instructed people to chase but Shen Miao had already left one day ago and Prince Rui’s group were not ordinary at all. Their speed was extremely fast that one did not know when one would be able to catch up. With no news for a month, Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan were still worried about the matter.

“One can only hope that the latter is in Jing Xing’s hands so that Jing Xing can send some reliable people to send Tan-er back.” Luo Xue Yan said.

It was the evening again and the entourage of horse carriages would have to rest at this timing. Shen Miao naturally would be arranged to a house along the way to rest but Luo Tan was miserable.

She mingled in the coarse male team horse carriages of the residence of Prince Rui. Since young she had live with the Luo family and did not have any delicate or arrogance temperament of a young female so when she disguise herself as a male, it was realistic and no one discovered her identity for a period of time. However she would be suffering every night. The horse carriage team of coarse males were not like Shen Miao, a WangFei, who had their own room and ten over big males slept in a room together. A few people slept on the bed, a few on the floor and a few people would join up tables to sleep.

Luo Tan was not squeamish about such things, be it bed, table or floor, she could bear all of it. The only thing she was unable to tolerate was to sleep with over ten unfamiliar big males. The snoring and sleep talking of them, all kind of odours and at times some male would put their leg on her, was harder to endure than killing her. If Luo Lian and Madam Ma knew about it, one feared that they would break her legs.

What made Luo Tan felt most fearful was showering.

No matter how rough she was normally, she was unable to be like these men and not bathe for ten over days or could not tolerate each time when they saw a lake, all the men would jump into it together to bath. Previously there were a couple of times that others almost push her in, scaring Luo Tan so much that she almost screamed but in a flash of inspiration, she said that she had very ugly scars on her body and was unwilling to let others see it. Even though those coarse males find that she was overthinking matters, they no longer forced her anymore.

Today there was a hot springs at the back of this farmhouse and the water in the hot springs looked very clear. During the evening, the hoarse males had already went in but she did not. At this moment the moon was up and there was no one watching thus Luo Tan brought her clothes and sneaked out.

She groped about in the dark and walked to the side of the lake and looked around. It was already late at night and everyone was fast asleep that even those who wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet would not come this far away. Luo Tan felt assured and took off her clothes and went into the water with her tudou (aka olden times undergarment).

The hot springs was very warm and comfortable and Luo Tan had not bathed this fortunately for a long time. She would always sneak out at night when there was no one to heat up water to shower. It was very troublesome thus she felt very fortunate at this moment.

Looking at the moon in the skies, she had thought that since it had been more than a month, it seemed that Luo Xue Yan’s side did not catch up so one feared that it was not possible to catch up. Even if they really caught up, it was not possible to go back and since it was so, should she clarify it with Shen Miao? Youngest Biao Sister has a sharp mouth like a knife but bean curd like heart, so she would not do much to her. As such she would be able to sleep in Shen Miao’s room and do not need to bath behind people’s back with great difficulty.

Just as she was thinking, she suddenly heard footsteps that were getting nearer to her. Luo Tan jumped in shock as she feared that someone was approaching. She somewhat did not know what to do but dare not remain motionless. Hearing that the footsteps were very near, she grabbed her clothes which was by the rocks and immerse her entire self into the water.

Luo Tan knew how to swim but keeping one’s head under the water was not an easy thing to do. Those footsteps stopped by the hot springs and did not leave after some time. Luo Tan gradually felt extremely difficult in keeping her breath and wanted to rise to the surface badly but she was only wearing a tudou (aka olden times undergarment). If she rise to the surface, one feared that her innocence would be ruined.

No matter how loud one was, at this moment, Luo Tan also has to take care of her own reputation.

She was as stubborn as the Luo family’s personality and as that person did not leave from the side of the hot springs, Luo Tan refused to get up and struggled in the water. It was just that as time passes, Luo Tan’s eyes was somewhat blurred and her brain was somewhat dizzy. As such she felt that she was going to be buried here and felt sad for herself thinking that because of protecting her reputation, she had to sacrifice herself here. It was a pity that she did not go to Great Liang before.

Hearing someone vaguely speaking, “Swimming skills are not bad. Are you intending to suffocate yourself to death?”

Luo Tan’s heart moved and she could no longer hold that breath and violently rose up to the surface. However she was still rational and only revealed her head from the water but her body was hidden in the hot springs. It was fortunate the steam from the hot springs would not let others see her body clearly else Luo Tan would be embarrassed to death.

“Oh?” That person said, “Thought that you will stay in for a little longer.”

Luo Tan glared at that person but was stunned when she saw clearly the other party’s features and said blankly, “Doctor. Doctor Gao?”

Who would the youth, who was squatting on the side of the lake with a pink lantern on his hands that was looking at her with all smiles, if he was not Gao Yang? In such a cold day, only he had the interest in fanning himself with that fan that never leave him. That lazy gesture made one fill with annoyance when seeing him.

“Why are you here?” Luo Tan could not help but asked.

Gao Yang smiled but did not say anything.

Luo Tan’s heart was whispering to her. The other party was an Imperial Physican of Ming Qi but currently appeared in this place that was so far from Ding capital. Could it be that a house visit be located in such a faraway place? She asked, “Doctor Gao, you even accept a patient at such a faraway place? Is it that the salary that the courts are providing to you is that little that you would go to such lengths?” In her words, there were unconcealed sympathy for him.

Gao Yang was stunned by Luo Tan’s words and could only speak half a moment later, “It is not like you are thinking.”

Luo Tan looked at him, “Then why are you here?”

Gao Yang stared at her in a calm and unruffled manner in the midst of chaos, “Then why are you here?”

“I.” Luo Tan said just and forcefully, “I am accompanying Older Biao Sister for Youngest Biao Sister’s marriage, to accompany her to Great Liang.”

Gao Yang almost laughed out. It was amazing that she could think of that. He said, “Oh? A few days back I encountered someone that seemed to be from Shen mansion with a letter for Rui WangFei. It was just that the person did not know where Rui WangFei’s location and asked me for direction.”

Luo Tan was shocked, “You let him see my Youngest Biao Sister?”

Gao Yang shrugged his shoulders, “No. I saw that he was covered in dust and looked exhausted, so I let him rest at my side before leaving.”

Luo Tan breathed a sigh of relief before she immediately became nervous, “Doctor Gao, you must not let this person see Rui WangFei.”


“He is a bad person.” Luo Tan said, “He wants to frame me. You mustn’t let him do so.”

Gao Yang smiled, “Frame you? Frame that you sneak to the horse carriage of the residence of Prince Rui and followed to Great Liang?”

“What to do?” Gao Yang was somewhat distressed, “If I send this person to Prince Rui, you will be send back to Ding capital and it would be possible done tomorrow.”

Luo Tan blurted out, “No.” After following for so long with great difficulty and sleeping with those martial arts people for a month, she refused to accept giving up at this moment. She looked at Gao Yang determinedly, “What can be said in order for you to keep this secret for me?”

Gao Yang said, “This is right. You should say this sentence early on, then I do not need to waste my time with you here.”

Luo Tan, “…”

Why did she feel that Gao Yang was waiting for her to say that sentence?

“What do you want me to do?” Luo Tan asked.

Gao Yang took a glance at her, “First come out.”

It was only then Luo Tan remembered that she only wearing a Dudou while talking to Gao Yang. Even though nothing could be seen, she still felt somewhat awkward and in an instant, her cheeks turned red. It was fortunate that it was dark and Gao Yang could not detect it.

She said, “My clothes are wet and I am unable to go out. Help me to find for clothes.” In order to hide from the oncoming people just now and fearing that her identity was discovered, she could only dive into the water with her clothes and now her clothes were wet. One could not wear these clothes out.

Gao Yang thought of a moment and started to undress. Luo Tan was so shock that her face started to lose colour, “What do you want to do?”

Gao Yang took of the clothes and handed it slowly to her, “Only to give you clothes. What are you thinking about?”

“Turn around.” Luo Tan felt that Doctor Gao was especially annoying today. Sparing with him was like her being played.

Gao Yang turned around and said, “There is nothing worth seeing.”

Luo Tan did not hear this sentence and came out from the water before hiding behind the rocks and quickly changed to Gao Yang’s clothes. Gao Yang’s clothes was somewhat big for her but at this moment she could not care less.

After wearing it, Luo Tan only then said to Gao Yang, “Now you can turn around.”

Gao Yang only then turned around in all smiles.

“Say then. What is your conditions?” Luo Tan asked.

“How do you sleep in these few days?” Gao Yang instead asked a question.

“Sleep with the rest.” Luo Tan answered in a manner of fact.

“In the future sleep in my room.”

“For what reason?” Luo Tan was angry, “It is improper for male and female to have any physical contact.”

“You are a female?” Gao Yang laughed.

“You are correct. You are not a male.” Luo Tan immediately retorted.

Gao Yang said softly, “That messenger is still in my room now.”

“Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.” Luo Tan quickly said, “I will go to sleep immediately.”

Gao Yan waved his fan as he left and Luo Tan followed behind.

Why did she find that the current Gao Yang was a different person than the easy to bully Doctor Gao?

It seemed that one’s true nature was revealed.

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  1. The entire part where Luo Tan is pretending to be a male I was like, “Wow, I can’t believe Luo Tan is Mulan.”
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