Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 192 (Part 2)

Chapter 192: Marrying Off (Part 2)

“What do you know? This thing is called a compass!” Luo Tan said, “This is different from those used in the army that that only point at the rough area. This is something that was gotten from the Eastern sea and is what the boating teams use. Older Brother Ling brought ten back and wanted the craftsmen to make more for the army. It was not an easy task to request one. If you don’t want than never mind!”

Shen Miao quickly closed the little box, “Many thanks.”

Luo Tan pouted her lips, “I just feel that Youngest Biao Sister does not short of anything and Prince Rui gave such a big betrothal gift and there is just nothing lack at all. By gifting jewelry or something, it is not comparable to Prince Rui and one would only invite trouble for oneself so it is better to gift something practical. Keep this compass since you are not familiar in Great Liang and one day you are lost, this would come in hand.”

Shen Miao said, “That makes sense. This is more special than gold and silver jewelry.”

Luo Tan proudly looked towards Feng An Ning, “Eldest Young Lady Feng, what are you gifting? Take it out and let us open up our eyes. If it is jewelry then it would not be fun anymore.”

Feng An Ning glared at her and said in dissatisfaction, “What of a compass? Even if our Feng family have nothing, I would not gift such children toys.”

She opened up her own little box and took out a small bottle, “There are three Gui Yuan pills. Do you know of Gui Yuan pills? It is something that the previous dynasty physician make to renew lives and valued with cites.” She put the bottle and box onto Shen Miao hands and said with dislike, “Your temperament is not likeable that there are being seeking to kill you in Ming Qi, so much less Great Liang. If there are any unexpected misfortune, then eat one Gui Yuan pill as it will save your life.” Then she added, “However it is said that the troublemaker would life for a thousand years, so you should live for a long time.”

Shen Miao smiled gently, “Many thanks.” Feng An Ning spoke as if with odds but her intentions were good. Shen Miao knew that the Gui Yan pills were precious that Fu Xiu Yi previously had one Gui Yuan pill and it was used to bribe an aide that he really wanted to bring over to his side. One pill was worth a talent so one could see how valuable it was. At one time Feng An Ning brought three pills over, she was indeed very generous.”

When Feng An Ning heard those words, her eyes became red, “With this goodbye, one do not know if one would be able to meet up in this lifetime. You don’t have any friends in Ming Qi and since I know you, naturally I cannot make you loose face and gift you things that you cannot show off…” As she speak, she sobbed but still wanted to continue, “It is not that I cannot bear to let you go but it is because I feel that gifting you such a big gift but you are not able to top up the dowry when I get married, this is just too uneconomical…”

Shen Miao was between tears and laughter, “If you get married, I will get someone to send you your gift and will write to you from time to time. I will not let you gift it in vain.”

Feng An Ning then was slightly better.

Shen Miao suddenly remembered something and took out a letter from her sleeves and said to Feng An Ning, “Now there is a letter. After today ends, read this letter then let your Eldest Brother read it.”

Luo Tan and Feng An Ning was startled at the same time before Luo Tan smiled, “Could it be that Youngest Biao Sister feel sorry for Eldest Feng Brother? At that time you did not agree to Eldest Feng Brother’s proposal and specially wrote a letter to express one’s apologies?” After finishing she shook her head, “But why let An Ning read it?”

“Don’t bother about this.” Shen Miao said, “If there are any trouble in the future, come to the Shen mansion and look for my Eldest Brother. My Eldest Brother will definitely help.” Shen Miao had remembered that the Feng family’s ending in the previous life was not good and Feng An Ning married to a beast in human shape and at the end died before her prime. Now in this lifetime, she was considered friends with Feng An Ning and could only write all those reminders for the Feng family. If Feng An Ning bring it out, one feared that Master Feng would think that Feng An Ning was acting wilfully but if Feng Zi Xian bring it out, it would be different. Feng Zi Xian had already entered officialdom and Master Feng trusted Feng Zi Xian’s talent and would treat this matter seriously.

As for Shen Qiu, since Shen Miao was not in Ming Qi, one could only let her Eldest Brother help to take care of the Feng family.

When Feng An Ning heard it, her face became red and she muttered, “So fierce, who wants him to help…”

But these words were not heard by Shen Miao.

Shen Miao did not have sisters and had few friends in Ming Qi so most of the people who came to top up the dowry was doing it because of Luo Xue Yan and those young ladies wanted to please Shen Miao. Most of the things that were gifted were jewelry and when one meet up, the jealous and admiring people all praised Shen Miao’s wedding dress and makeup.

After all these females finished speaking, the auspicious time had arrived and the entourage that came to bring the bride had reached the front doors of the Shen mansion.

Luo Xue Yan and Mei NiangZi came into the room and Mei NiangZi covered Shen Miao’s head with the veil. Both Shen Miao’s hands were supported by these two people as she slowly walked out.

The main doors of the Shen mansion were exceptionally lively today.

The streets of Ding capital was empty so that they could come over to see the Shen family marrying their daughter off. The entrance of the Shen mansion was surrounded by so many layers that water could not even pass and the commoners were all talking about it.

“The Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family is really marrying off in a grand style. Look at the horse carriages outside, they are not what ordinary people use and look like for those extremely favoured consorts.”

“Look at the sachets that are use to reward, it is all loose silver and not copper coins. From that one can tell that this wedding is different from ordinary ones.”

Another person interjected, “How could it not be grand? First one do not even need to say that the Shen family is originally well-regarded, one also have to see who Fifth Young Shen Lady is marrying. That is Great Liang’s Prince of First Rank. One heard that Great Liang is wealthy and did not believe it at first but seeing this, one can only believe that it is true. A Prince of First Rank of Great Liang marrying a wife and the entire thing is done much grander than when our Emperor marrying. Isn’t this slapping our Emperor’s face?”

“Hey. These words cannot be said indiscriminately. As long as one’s heart understands, it is enough.” A middle-age female said, “One heard that the Prince Rui of Great Liang gave ninety nine sets of betrothal gifts but one do not know if it is true or not.”

“Hey. Quick look, it is here!”

In Ming Qi’s marriage customs, it was necessary to ‘send betrothal gifts’. On the day of marriage, someone would bring each chest of betrothal gifts over to the bride’s maiden family and let everyone take a look and also let the surrounding people see clearly. Thus when the betrothal gifts are more generous, both sides would feel good. By gifting so much betrothal gifts in front of the world, the bride would feel good and the groom would feel pride, making it a joyous event.

Thus, in order to have face, some people would deliberately carry over empty boxes as betrothal gifts on the day of marriage.

However it was not like so today.

That was because each chess of betrothal gift was wide open so that everyone could see what was inside clearly.

Antiques, painting, jewelry, furniture, pearls, precious stones, clothes, silver… Everything that should be here was here and each chest was pressed tightly and filled to the brim that even a little water was unable to sip in. Almost all the people watching were red eyed.

However no one hared to take action. One feared that even the most arrogant of thieves and robbers would not dare to act rashly. The soldiers were wearing thick armour, had precious swords on their waists and looked imposing with orderly steps as if if there was any one’s heart that were against the law or discipline, they would immediate drag them out to kill.

Such fiercely made one dared not come forward and everyone spontaneously opened up a path and let these people who were carrying the betrothal gift pass.

There were some who were curious and counted with their fingers, “One, two, three, four…” The long entourage did not seem to reach the end and the voice in the crowd counted till it became tired. Until the very last one, someone shouted out, “It is ninety nine chests! Ninety nine chests of betrothal gifts!”

Ninety nine chests of betrothal gifts!

When the Crown Prince married the Crown Prince Consort, there was only fifty eight chest and this was almost half more. But Prince Rui was the Great Liang’s Prince of First Rank, so if the Great Liang’s Emperor marries, how grand would everything be? However regardless of the Emperor of Great Liang, currently Shen Miao’s marriage was even grander than the Emperor of Ming Qi.

The crowd could not help but burst into exclamation. It was conceivable that after Shen Miao’s grand marriage today, one feared that no one in Ming Qi could surpass such a scene.

There were some young females that were of the age to marry in the crowd, not to mention those officials’ daughters that came to top up the dowry, that were looking on with red eyes. Which female did not look forward to a grand wedding? Females were always somewhat vain.

However who could have guessed that Shen Miao, that stupid one in the Shen family, who was not comparable with one’s own Tang Older Sisters, was always ridiculed and always dismissed by Prince Ding, would be married so well?

Everyone knew that Fu Xiu Yi was indifferent to Shen Miao at that time but Shen Miao became even braver and she became the joke of everyone in Ding capital.

Therefore even when the old man on the frontier lost one’s mare, who could have guessed that it was a blessing in disguise? Who would be clear of things that would happen in the future?

Someone said, “At the beginning didn’t Fifth Shen Young Lady admired His Highness Prince Ding? One feared that she would feel fortunate now. Everyone knows that His Highness Prince Ding has always been simple and if Fifth Shen Young Lady married to His Highness Prince Ding, one feared that it would not even reach a hundredth of this procession.

These words were coincidently heard by Fu Xiu Yi, who was in the crowd. A trace of anger floated onto his face but it was quickly suppressed.

His simplicity was done for everyone under Heavens to see and it was all for the sake of having a good reputation. If he heard people spoke as such before, Fu Xiu Yi would be happy as this meant that he had succeeded but to hear it today that Fu Xiu Yi was simple, there was an angry feeling in Fu Xiu Yi. It seemed to say that he was far inferior to Prince Rui.

The investigator that he had sent out yesterday had not returned yet and Fu Xiu Yi knew that the matter was a failure. He instructed his people to look for the whereabouts of his subordinates and at the same time could not help but participate in Shen Miao’s marriage.

He also wanted to see how arrogant could this Prince Rui of Great Liang be.

He however did not expect that Prince Rui really dared to do so.

Using such a grand style, it would only make the Imperial family of Ming Qi seemed petty. This was none other than slapping the face of the Imperial family. The awful thing was that one could not say anything about it because Prince Rui was not Ming Qi’s citizen and Ming Qi’s regulations could not be used to manage him.

He looked back at the doors of the Shen mansion and saw Shen Miao walking out with the help of Luo Xue Yan and Mei NiangZi. Shen Miao was stepping over the braziers and carefully lifted her foot so as not to burn the dress.

Her action was very careful and slow as if she was extremely serious about this matter. The people surrounding were amazed at how this wedding dress was shimmering and swaying but Fu Xiu Yi felt a feeling that was difficult to specify in his heart.

He suddenly felt that this scene was very annoying to his eyes.

But why was this so? Towards Shen Miao, Fu Xiu Yi had a strange feeling in his heart. At the beginning when Shen Miao chased him, he hated stupid people but only thought of using the Shen family’s military power and thus used her. Afterwards there was suddenly a day when Shen Miao no longer chase him and Fu Xiu Yi then discover that he did not understand Shen Miao one bit at all. Shen Miao was not stupid and was very cunning.

The Shen family was also very peculiar. They were obviously a chess piece in his hand but one did not know from when onwards it had escaped from his hands and now at the other side of the board, facing against him.

But at this moment, Fu Xiu Yi suddenly had an impulse to kick the brazier over because he felt that this scene was incorrect, like something was wrong with it.

Just as he was somewhat unable to restrain himself from this unfathomable idea, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd. He turned back to look and saw that the crowd automatically parted to form a small road and the one leading at the front was a person with bright clothes and an angry horse.

That person pulled the reins, with bright red robes that were as hot as fire and galloped over from afar. The clothes were fluttering but it had an appearance of elegance and warmth, as if it could burn one’s eyes.

Everyone was in an uproar.

That person pulled the reins and stopped one step away from Shen Miao. When the horse slammed its hooves onto the ground, those people watching were shocked.

The young man sat high up on the horse and the silver mask was slightly tinted red due to the bring red robes. He did not say anything and leaned slightly forward on the back of the horse and extended a hand towards the bride.

He then opened his mouth in a lazy but irresistible manner.

“Here to marry you. Shen Jiao Jiao.”

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  1. To bad for Prince Ding. Since you were so calculative, the thing which could be yours have slipped away. You have no one but yourself to blame.

    I like XJX’s entrance. This would put all the wagging tongues in their place especially the Imperial Palace.

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  3. Thank you for the hard work! I hope nothing major spoils the wedding chapters’ progression and the couple can have a nice wedding night.

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  5. Weirdly enough, since we all knew the main couple would get together eventually, this all seems just a teensy tiny bit unfulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that the marriage is finally happening and all that, but for some reason I’m always having a nagging voice in the back of my head, reminding me of the many side characters that have romantic connections that are far less set in stone…

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      • I mean, the change of scenery to Great Liang and the address of issues by the author sound hopeful to me for closures. For any closures. The thing that I want to know the most is how Shen Miao is going to overcome her traumatic experiences and deep trust issues (no, I don’t think she’s fully trusting XJX yet at this point – her instinctual desire to shield her heart I’M CALLING IT THE GREAT WALLS OF SHENMIAO, still there).

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  6. My fave chapter so far.
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    • That was someone else, forgot who she was, but she was ranked 1st beauty in ming qi, became army prostitute and committed suicide in the army camp… Extremely sad if you ask me, hope everyone who was wronged in past life will find happiness in this life


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